Volume 8, Issue No. 11

July 2008

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Address of Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam
To the Celebration of Guru Purnima
By the Global Country of World Peace
By Global Good News staff writer

During the grand, global celebration of Guru Purnima on 18 July 2008 at the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Netherlands, following the global Puja, the traditional Vedic performance of gratitude to Guru Dev and the eternal Vedic Tradition of knowledge, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, invited Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam to address the celebration.

Dr Morris reviewed for everyone enjoying the celebration, which was broadcast live around the world on the Maharishi Channel, that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, had personally crowned Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam through the traditional Vedic performance of Rajyabhishek on 12 October 2000. Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam is first Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, and Maharishi lauded him as the representative of the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters now in this generation.

Dr Morris then quoted from Maharishi's address during the 2007 celebration of Guru Purnima, in which Maharishi said that the Vedic tradition of rulership comes from the Solar dynasty—from the life-giving Sun—which has been the source of the Vedic expression Yatha Raja tatha praja: 'As is the Raja, the ruler, so are the ruled'—the Raja maintains himself on that level of integrated, self-referral consciousness, the state of eternal Being, which is characterized by bliss, and that bliss radiates from the Raja to the whole population. The whole population then breathes in bliss.

'This is the example set by Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, that steady silence, which radiates total Natural Law and which is reflected in the life of all the people. This example is going to be the living reality in our world of all 192 countries,' Dr Morris said, quoting Maharishi.

The Trees are Very Strong and Healthy

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam then addressed the global Guru Purnima Celebration. He began by saying that for most of us Guru Purnima was something we never heard about, or if we did, we didn't really know the value of it.

'It was [through] Maharishi we came to know this very special day, the full moon in the middle of the year, the fullest of the moons, that is the day of the Guru [spiritual teacher]. We have celebrated Guru Dev and offered our Puja and ourselves to Guru Dev with Maharishi all these years.

'This is the first one without him. How much we would have wanted to offer to Maharishi our achievements. Everyone of us would like to say, ''Maharishi, you are our Guru, with Guru Dev, and now we would like to offer you all our achievements.''

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'The roots have been watered, flowers have grown, and the trees are very strong and healthy. And when we look to offer these flowers and these trees, we realize [they are] us. Maharishi has been watering them and he has been strengthening them, and today all we can say, Tvadiyam vastu Govinda tubhyam eva samarpaye—''That is not only what you have given us, that is what you have done with us, that is what you have created.'' It is not that we have a gift and we are returning that gift today. There is a difference. We have been that gift and we are offering ourselves.

'We offer ourselves to Guru Dev in keeping with the tradition that it is Guru Dev that Maharishi upheld. . . . Even as Maharishi left his physical body, he has given us a tradition, and we always feel in his presence with us that we would do what he would want us to do. That's how we keep that tradition and keep our Guru Dev as our Guru Dev, and Maharishi as the light of life that brought Guru Dev's reality to the world, and made us live Guru Dev in our Being, and understand Guru Dev in our life.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said, 'Of course you felt something in my voice, I couldn't hide it,' but as he was looking at everyone assembled today, he could feel many were feeling a 'back and forth feeling' of missing and sadness, and something happening—'yet the bliss that Maharishi has taught us to live and has given us is stronger. Why? Because we can't escape that feeling that if Maharishi is sitting here, he wouldn't want . . . sad people, because he has taught us that life is naturally full.

We are Made Out of Bliss

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam quoted in Sanskrit and then in English the Vedic expression, 'We are made out of bliss, we live in bliss, we came from bliss, we go to bliss, we exist in bliss.' This is our reality, he said, and if we want to offer something to Guru Dev, it has to be 'fully blossomed, proud, happy, colourful flowers and trees.

'That's why we have to accept to leave behind us that feeling of missing or loss, and we have to accept to be at the level of the message that Maharishi has given and the creation he has created.

'In these beautiful days of celebration we have chosen a theme, and that is the theme of celebration of Maharishi's contributions to the world. That is the offering Maharishi was always offering to Guru Dev, and we have great delight now, not in one day but in many days, to offer to Guru Dev in the memory and through our stories and contributions, to offer these beautiful achievements, which are tremendous. We will hear from our Rajas and our Ministers and it should be a delightful story of joy and bliss.

'If I have to contribute some of the basic contributions of Maharishi—and since I am the first to speak about this, I'll take the advantage to be the first to say it—Maharishi's contribution to the world is absolute.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam spoke about Maharishi's revival of the true value of Veda, Total Knowledge, and the value of silence.

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said that Guru Dev's message was, 'Life is naturally full, life is naturally full.' So many traditions of spirituality, of religion, of knowledge, have sung the glory of human life and upheld man in the image of God, and that the angels bowed down when man was created.

'With time, people have forgotten that reality or never understood what it is,' Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued. 'Taken into daily activities of life, the mind [becomes] small; [it] gets into smaller and smaller things, and the Reality is forgotten. Even in the Vedic Tradition, Maharishi said, the dust of time covered the true value of the Veda, and as revealed in the deeper texts of the Veda, we see that the great incarnations and great revelations of great saints and divine beings have always been to revive the Veda, to revive and to bring back Total Knowledge.

'Thanks to the Vedic Pandits, the tradition in India, that knowledge has been maintained from generation to generation, father to son, on the level of chanting. It started to be translated and became almost a philosophy, even I would say, a religion. On the level of the meaning, it has had great contribution to society, but it lost its true full effectiveness, its true full essence. That comes from very slight misinterpretation. One little angle, one little tiny angle, and it just goes in a different direction . . . .'

At the Beginning was the Seed

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam used the example of the expression, 'In the beginning was the Word,' and said, '[But] what was at the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, and before the beginning? Before the word was the sound, the sound, AA [the first syllable of Rk Veda]. One sound.

'That was the vibration of Natural Law. But before the sound was the silence. That very simple contribution from Maharishi through Guru Dev sounds a very interesting thing to realize, but on the cosmic level, on the level of the achievements of life, on the level of where life is based, the roots of life, that makes all the difference.  

'Because if we say at the beginning were the branches or the fruits, we would just rush after the fruits and we forget the roots. At the beginning was the seed in the field, which is silent, and then the roots, and then the tree and the branches and the fruit. [If] we forget to water the root, we don't get the full fruit.

'Such a simple message Maharishi gave us, such a profound message, and when he explained to us who Guru Dev is, what Guru Dev is—he is silence, Maharishi said, complete pure Being, complete total silence. From the age of 11 to the age of 70, [Guru Dev was] in deep forests, in silence—silence that was so strong, so grounded, that it came out with full dynamism to create Heaven on Earth that is Maharishi in the world.

'So Maharishi's contribution is a revival of the understanding of Natural Law, revival of the understanding of Brahm, of Totality, as Nirguna nirakar Veda, as Nirguna nirakar Brahm: Nirguna, ''without qualities, abstract''—but also Saguna sakar Veda, which means ''with qualities''.

'So there is the unbounded field of pure Being, the silence, that is the reality of everything in creation. In fact all of creation is nothing but the story of silence. When we think we read the Veda and then there is sound and silence, sound and silence, sound and silence— we say the silence between the syllables, the silence between the words punctuates the sound.

'So we have sound and then a silence, sound and then a silence, as if the sound is important and the silence is just a transition where the sound collapses and another sound emerges so that creation can take place—because life is an ever-growing change and transformation, and every change and transformation goes [through] that collapse and emergence; collapse and emergence.

'That is one reality of understanding. The true truth of the story, the secret of life—all about life—is only one thing: to tell the story of silence. To tell the story of the Absolute. You can imagine, if you like, the Absolute was feeling too lonely and wanted to be entertained, so it told its story in creation.

'So if we see life as anything else, we can get in the wrong path, in the wrong understanding. Life starts there and goes back there over and over again, telling the story of silence. If we have that silence within us, we have the total story of life; we have everything. That is the reality of the true and simple teaching of enlightenment that Maharishi has given to the world.'

The Total Story of Life

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam spoke about silence: 'Life starts there and goes back there over and over again telling the story of silence. If we have that silence within us, we have the total story of life. We have everything. That is the reality of the true and simple teaching of enlightenment that Maharishi has given to the world.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued: 'That's the secret and that's the totality of the secret. With this intellectual knowledge, it's beautiful, it's grand, but in order to achieve it, Maharishi also gave a technology.  

'So it's a science of life, it's a philosophy of life, it's a religion of life, it's totality of life on the level of knowledge and understanding, and it's also a technology of how to understand the true meaning of life and be able to live it, by experiencing it directly.

'It's so incredible, Maharishi's contribution: the first transcendence that we all had—no matter what reason we came to Transcendental Meditation—just the first moment of transcending, and our life is completely different. It's just completely transformed.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam then spoke of his experience as a young man, when 'everyone starts to want to understand the universe' and decide their vocation, and what is the best one can do for oneself; and one is exposed to all kinds of possibilities. He decided he wanted to be a saint, 'because they talk to God, they live with God, they experience God, they seem to be so happy and so blissful. From so many traditions, sages in India, saints and sages in Buddhism, saints in Christianity and other religions, it sounds so great.'

Maharishi Adhiraj Raja Raam realized there were different ways to become a saint, but he did not seem to be ready for it. He knew from one scripture, that it was said to be necessary to leave all one's attachments 'and follow me'. This sounded very beautiful, but he could not do so. He wanted to become a scientist, a doctor, and accomplish many things.

Then he learnt Transcendental Meditation and the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and came to be with Maharishi, feeling 'completely in possession of the world, nothing being left behind'. He had not left anything. Maharishi said one should enjoy 200% of life 'and I was feeling to live that 200% of life, absolutely fully in great joy and bliss.

'Yet [this] was the path towards that reality that one dreams about, to whatever extent we have achieved it, for whatever reason we have been on that path. Those of us who kept the eyes open, the ears open, the heart open, and the mind open, and the experience clear and the understanding continuing—all these were steps of evolution, growth, progress, and development into a greater and greater experience of the true reality of life, and to greater enlightenment.

'Therefore, on the level of practicality and not just the beautiful unbounded knowledge, complete total knowledge of life from every aspect—the intellect, the feelings—that Maharishi has given us, we have on the level of technology, we are taken by our hand with just a simple technique twenty minutes morning and evening—and are allowed to follow the steps of evolution towards the highest possible goal. That is Maharishi's understanding and teaching and technology.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam told a story about a man walking on the beach, and finding a small boy taking a little water and trying to empty the ocean into a small hole he had dug on the beach. The man turns into an angel and tells him he cannot put in his small brain and awareness the totality of the understanding of the universe. Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam enjoyed this story when he first heard it, but considering the small hole and the big universe, wondered how it could be possible to get there.


Make the Hole as Big as the Universe
and Take the Universe In

What Maharishi does,' he continued, 'is to make the hole as big as the universe and take the universe in—awaken us to our true reality of who we are truly on the level of consciousness, to realize that we are the Absolute. We are the Absolute. We merge with it, we are it, there is no hole and an ocean, and a small being and a big reality. Every being is Totality. Everyone is absolute, pure, total existence. Everyone is wholeness. Ayam Atma Brahm, Tat tvam asi, Sarvam khalvidam Brahm, Aham Brahmasmi [''This Self is Brahm, Totality'', ''Thou art That'', ''This whole universe is Brahm'', ''I am Brahm, Totality''].

'That is the teaching of Veda; that is the teaching of Guru Dev, and the teaching of Maharishi. We are that absolute reality and we have the knowledge and the technology to create it, to live it, to experience it, to be it. That is the completeness from every side of Maharishi's knowledge.

'And as if it were not enough, when he told us that on the level of consciousness we are wholeness, we are Totality, Maharishi stopped and said: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Not just your consciousness, no, no. Not just on the level of experience in the mind, no— it's not only on the level of your consciousness that you are everything; it's on the level of even your body, in your physiology. Your body is wholeness, your physiology is Totality.

'Vedo'ham, ''I am the Veda'': that is not just some imagination or beautiful exaltation about some human quality of life. It's a reality on the physical level that Maharishi has guided [us to] and we have been able to scientifically verify that the physical, human physiology is an exact replica of Totality. That is why that physical exact replica of wholeness is actually able, in a physical body, to uphold wholeness . . . . The human being lives God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and Brahm Consciousness in the physical body.

'In the physical reality we can live totality of Brahm. How profound and incredible and unique is the gift of having a human body, and the gift of a Master who lets you know and live in the human body the totality of all that there is, and all that exists or ever existed—in one human physiology.

'That is the path that we have all been going through. That is the reality that Maharishi has cultured in us; that is the gift that we can offer to Guru Dev today—Maharishi's beautiful gift that he has created, and that he has allowed us to sit here and be able to offer ourselves to his divine Master, full of bliss and joy and gratitude to Maharishi.'

Maharishi's Administration

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam then spoke about the administration Maharishi created 'that is fulfilling its name, its definition. We are all in that administration. [There is] the knowledge. The Guru is Guru Dev*—and will forever be. The guide, the luminary, the Guru who brought Guru Dev to our awareness, is Maharishi, and will always be. We are administrators of his knowledge; his knowledge is complete.

'Before Maharishi left he said, ''My work is done.'' He gave us that responsibility of upholding infinity and creating Heaven on Earth, and that is what we hope we can offer him on 12 January or the next Guru Purnima. That should be our goal, no matter how it can seem that it's too soon and a few months—but at least in our minds and our hearts we want Heaven on Earth today, tomorrow, and that's how we want to think and act.

'For that we have very, very powerful realities that Maharishi has created, and this is where I would like to salute the Thousand Headed Purusha Programme** and the Mother Divine Programme.'***

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said that the Maharishi Purusha Programme and Mother Divine Programme 'are the custodians of total silence on the silence level. Purusha have their attention fully on silence. They are nourishing the sap all the time. Their silence is so deep.

Maharishi Purusha Programme

'Of course, it always has the two qualities of [silence and] dynamism, because there is no silence without dynamism. But we have the Purusha group in Uttar Kashi [in India], to whom I send my admiration and greetings today, who are totally in that state of silence, and even physically in that place [as everyone heard in the historic videotaped address by Maharishi, explaining the story of how his worldwide organization was founded] around these three rivers, beyond which ''everything is mud''.

'Purusha are sitting there, upholding that holistic, total, pure reality, and they have all our support and all our admiration. We want to make sure they are there maintained in bliss, in the bliss of Being, uninvolved with us here in the ''mud''—creating lotuses, but still moving around in the reality of the changing world. They are completely and totally there in Uttar Kashi, blissfully staying there.

Vedic Pandits

'We have the Vedic Pandits of India, who are a type of Purusha, but with a special physiology. Their physiology has been tuned by Nature, and their DNA is so special and so specific. When we chant or say something Vedic, it does sound the same; we can understand the meaning. But the full profundity of the effect of that pure sound in pure silence comes from those pure vocal cords of that pure tradition of the Vedic Pandits of India.

'They are also our profound, deep, precious part of our global administration, to be protected and upheld and nurtured; and Maharishi's gift to the world—to give us the chance to do everything to maintain the Vedic Tradition, the Vedic Pandits, and all the great Vaidyas, Gandharvans, Sthapatis,**** and all the knowers of Reality who come from that pure tradition to uphold our world and maintain it.'

Global Mother Divine Organization

Speaking about the Global Mother Divine Organization,*** Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued: 'It's a blessing for humanity that Maharishi has created the Global Mother Divine Organization to uphold that truth of pure Being—totality of life—on that very tender, very special, very profound level of existence.

'And every lady in the world—for her it's a chance that somehow we don't have—but we have in a different way—to be able to experience the Mother Divine Programme, participate in the Mother Divine Programme, and to cherish and uphold the Mother Divine Programme.


'It's a great blessing—no matter if we are sometimes here, sometimes there—if we participate in this, we participate in [that]—it's my strong recommendation for every lady of the world to participate, to help, to be part one way or the other, and experience that glorious programme that we have in the Global Mother Divine Organization.

'We have our administration, which is on a global level, which as you have heard from Maharishi and our Rajas and Ministers, administers different aspects of life in all fields of life to bring life to wholeness and Totality. We are all together—one body, one brain, one heart, with different hands—different wings that are together, to create Heaven on Earth.

'And in our perception of reality, we really feel that the time has evolved to a very large extent moving into Sat-Yuga [Heaven on Earth]. Just the creation of the Global Mother Divine Organization for me was a sign of Sat-Yuga, a sign that now Mother Divine is coming somehow to be interested in the world, to be interested in life on the manifest level.

'That is an indication that life on the manifest level has evolved to a large extent so that Mother Divine—the tender, profound, delicate level of Nature —most silent, most hidden, most hiding from the world—now accepts to look at the reality of the world. 'So that's a great, great evolution and progress in our life and understanding of how we are and where we are going.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued: 'Of course we do not forget that in the same way as many of us came to Transcendental Meditation for any reason, could it be for blood pressure, or for sleeping better, or for improving one's grades at school, or for feeling more fullness or more greatness in life—we have come with all these different angles, so that the story of that man who is told to leave everything and follow does not get recounted again, because every man, every woman, always has a chance to start on the path.

Our Administration is Open to
Every Potential Individual

'Wherever you are you start on the path, and one follows one's Dharma and one gets to the goal. As the Bhagavad-Gita says, ''The Dharma of another brings danger,'' so one follows one's Dharma, one follows one's steps of evolution and one gets to the goal. Therefore our administration should be open to every potential individual who wants to get on the path, who wants to get on the train. The train should be able to give him the possibility to join in and move ahead.

'The path of evolution is full of compassion and it takes everyone and gives him Totality. . . . Wherever you are, whether pure or impure, whatever is your state, you can get on [the train]. As you light the light, the darkness disappears. And in that sense, we don't want any of our administrative processes or high goals of our organization to prevent anyone, or be seen as too difficult a step to make in one's progress of evolution.

'This is where we have all possibilities open, all freedom to join any of our hands, to participate in any of our wings, in any of the angles that one likes: through health we can participate; through Global Corporate Development Program we can participate; through science and knowledge of the Unified Field, which we should mention here as a great asset of the understanding of modern times of the reality of life.'

Raja John Hagelin, Every One
of Our Rajas, and Our Ministers

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said, 'We uphold so highly our great Raja John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace', for his participation in bringing out the supreme knowledge of the Unified Field with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace—'his dynamism, and his great focused purpose in bringing out knowledge and administration to offer this knowledge to everyone.

'Therefore in togetherness, oneness, we will be able to uphold all the teachings and truly create Heaven on Earth. I'd like of course to mention every one of our Rajas and say how much they have been diligently and deeply and profoundly working together to make sure the knowledge is available in its purity and totality, and can reach everyone in their situation and whatever their interest and whatever their need.'

Maharaja said that he would like to highlight Raja Harris Kaplan, Raja of India, 'who really has a specific, very important role because of his connection with the land of the Veda, with India, and his one-pointedness in ensuring that the Vedic Pandits are maintained properly, working with the leaders in India, with Brahmachari Girish Varmaji, our dear Prakashji, and with all the leaders in India, and led on the Gyan [pure knowledge] level by our great Brahmachari Nandkishoreji, who is a true incarnation of Gyan, knowledge and experience from Maharishi, and a great gift and asset to our administration.

'I would like to mention absolutely everyone. When I look around I see all the Rishis [sages] sitting here with the Indians, all our people who have been so many years with Maharishi, diligently working and still maintaining the purity of the knowledge, and going through all kinds of situations and circumstances, but maintaining the fort and holding it strong.'


Maharaja also lauded several other groups and individuals: 'All our Ministers that are absolutely on top of the world in the maintenance of the purity of the knowledge and the purity of the teaching. All our Vedic Pandits of course, whom we have mentioned and had the joy to listen to; and Kuberji's [Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace] great focus on planning and . . . ensuring there is great wealth in order to achieve these great programmes to reach everyone in the world.

Our Great Prime Ministerji

'But it is also my great joy to highlight, and it's very dear to me, because all these five, six months where we have faced the reality without Brahm living in a body, and we have to do with whatever we could and gather ourselves and create unity in diversity—[he has been] upholding every branch and every wing, yet ensuring the strength and oneness and the awakening to the unity of life is always available; yet dealing with details and complicated delays. I'd like ideally to give a big cheer to someone who has been most delicately alert, most delicately together, a great administrative energy and strength, at the same time great wholeness of knowledge and respect to Maharishi's guidance and to Maharishi's administration—and that is our great Prime Ministerji, Dr Bevan Morris.

'Tvadiyam vastu Govinda tubhyam eva samarpaye ['My Lord, I am offering you what you have bestowed on me'; 'Whatever you have offered to me, I am offering to you.'].

Jai Guru Dev

Purusha: Maharishi has explained that Purusha means the Self, the quality of infinite silence of the Unified Field of Natural Law. Maharishi designed the Maharishi Purusha Programme for single men wishing to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution and creating world peace, through the extended group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying.

Mother Divine Programme: In the Vedic Tradition, 'Mother Divine' refers to the allnourishing, evolutionary power of Natural Law lively within all of creation and within the silent consciousness of everyone. The Mother Divine Programme, inaugurated in 1981, is an advanced programme to allow ladies the opportunity to deepen their experiences of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programmes and enliven 24-hour bliss in daily life; and to create large, permanent coherence-creating groups to radiate a powerful influence of harmony and bliss throughout the world.

Global Mother Divine Organization: The goal of the Global Mother Divine Organization is to develop the all-nourishing quality in every lady, every mother, in our world family to create healthy, happy, heavenly homes in every country. To achieve this, the Global Mother Divine Organization is being established in 192 countries of the world to offer programmes in five areas of knowledge: Development of Consciousness and Total Knowledge Based Education, Health Care, Culture, and Music.

Vaidyas: Physicians of Maharishi Ayur-Veda, Vedic health care and the science of life and longevity; Gandharvans: the musicians, singers, and performers of Maharishi Gandharva Veda music; Sthapatis: the experts of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, Vedic Architecture.

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