Volume 8, Issue No. 7

March 2008

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Dr Bevan Morris reviews travels in India
after Maharishi's departing rites ceremonies

(1 March 2008) Recently on the Maharishi Global Family Chat, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, reported on the blossoming of initiatives that Maharishi had begun many years earlier in India.

Dr Morris said that after the departing rites ceremonies for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Allahabad, India, he and his delegation travelled to various parts of the country.

They visited the famous marble rocks and thundering waterfalls of the Narmada River. 'Much to our surprise there was a cable car that went across the falls over the canyon, where the river is about 100 feet deep,' Dr Morris said. 'Maharishi always loved cable cars,' Dr Morris commented, 'and even in Rishiskesh in 1969 . . . he wanted to put cable cars across the Ganges river from Rishikesh to the Academy. And also in the Brahmasthan [geographic centre] of India, Maharishi wanted to put cable cars from all the little hilltops, so people could go around for several kilometres, looking down and seeing the whole Maharishi Sthapatya Veda complex of Vedic Pandits and hearing from a distance the quiet roar of Pandits chanting.'

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Dr Morris explained that later, Dr Girish Chandra Varmaji, Director-General of the Maharishi Global Capital of Raam Raj at the Brahmasthan of India, on hearing the story, noted that Maharishi had organized for the purchase of 52 acres at the top of the waterfall, and that this would be an ideal location for a health centre—overlooking the falls.

Dr Morris commented that this was an example of another of the countless projects that Maharishi was quietly administering. 'We will find as time goes on that there were so many things Maharishi was doing . . . as he was always thinking and organizing for the whole world.'

'I want to finally say that Maharishi once made the beautiful statement that ''It is my joy to make the difficult simple'', and he has made transcending simple, sanyama simple. He has made the creation of world peace simple. He made Raam Raj, or Global Administration through Silence, dawning in the midst of Kali Yuga, simple; not only simple, but fun. It is all just joyful and sweet and easy to do, much less than to bear the terrible times that have afflicted the world for thousands of years'.

Maharishi's contribution to the Vedic Literature of India.

'One of my very favourite things is how Maharishi made the Ved and Vedic Literature simple for us,' Dr Morris remarked. 'Through his guidance of Maharaja Adhiraja Raja Raam, he made it clear to us that we are made of Ved. Vedo'ham, ''I am the Constitution of the Universe.'' He took all the essential expressions of the Vedic Literature and taught us the essence of each one.

'I would like to mention a few of these expressions for us to remember and enjoy, because the key for us all now is to take care of our own Self, to take care of Atma and to experience our own reality, our own blissful reality.'

Dr Morris then highlighted several examples of Maharishi's elucidations of Vedic knowledge. For example, Nistrai-gunyo bhav Arjuna, 'Be without the three Gunas.' In other words, transcend, come to that undivided state of our own Being.

'Then in the Rk Veda: Nivartatwam, ''Retire, transcend.'' Transcend is the injunction, Maharishi said, of the Ved. And ''Established in transcendence, perform action''—Yogasthah kuru karmani. And as the result of that, Yatinam Brahma bhavati sarathih, ''For those who are established in the Self referral reality of their own Being, the totality of Natural Law carries out their desire.''

'So what is important in life, Maharishi said, is the reality of Shivam shantam advaitam chaturtham manyante, sa Atma, sa vigyeyah, ''That reality which is Shivam, infinite silence; which is Shantam, infinite peace; which is Advaitam, the undivided, is said to be Chaturtham, the fourth.'' It is beyond the three states of consciousness, waking, dreaming and sleeping,' Dr Morris explained. 'The fourth is the Self. And ''That Self—Sa Atma, sa vigyeyah—that is to be known''. That is the injunction of the Ved, Maharishi said.

'And this reality, the nature of our existence, Maharishi stated, is pure bliss, which is the injunction of Vedant Sutra: Ananda-mayo'bhyasat, ''Through practice, bliss becomes blissful.'' Living on that blissful level we will rise to the status where we will find that which is beyond all speech is our true and complete home. Yato vacho nivartante tad dhama paramam mama, ''That field from where speech returns, that is my supreme abode.'' '

Maharishi's conclusion to all these expressions, Dr Morris said, is Sarvam khalw idam Brahm, 'All that there is, is Brahm, the Totality.'

'And Neha nanasti kinchan, ''There is nothing other than consciousness, nothing other than that Unity.'' And Aham Brahmasmi, ''I am that Reality.''

'The reality of a world in which even a small number of people are living on that level, even a few hundred in each nation, is Raam Brahm paramarath rupa,''Administration from the reality of Raam, which is Brahm itself, Totality itself.'' And then Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa, ''Where Raam is the administrator, where eternal silence administers life on earth, then there is Raam Raj, where Dhuk, suffering, is no longer present on earth.''

'All of this is because of the Guru [spiritual teacher]. Guru Dev has given us the techniques to live all this reality. Na Guror adhikam, ''There is nothing greater than the Guru,'' nothing greater than Guru Dev.'

Dr Morris concluded, 'Maharishi, through the essential Vedic expressions, has revealed everything that there is to be known for any human being, now or in any generation, and how it is possible for a handful of us to bless the human race with the dawn of Raam Raj, with the silence which administers the universe, to bless every citizen on earth with enlightenment and every nation with invincibility.'

Celebrating the achievements of
the Prime Minister of
the Global Country of World Peace,
Dr Bevan Morris

(4 March 2008) During the celebration in his honour, broadcast globally by satellite and Channel 3 of the Maharishi Channel, Dr Bevan Morris expressed his wishes for Maharishi's global family at this new time in the history of Maharishi's Movement.

Dr Morris expressed his deep appreciation that Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam had addressed the celebration and given the thrilling news of his great work of unfolding the reality that Ramayan [one aspect of the Vedic Literature] is the perpetual function of the human physiology of every human being. It is 'wonderful news for the whole human race that this great work is now going to be offered to the world,' Dr Morris said.

Dr Morris thanked all those who had spoken, especially his mother, who, 95 years of age and still in good health—'full of bliss and power and energy and wisdom'—had telephoned to bless the occasion.

Dr Morris said he felt that over the last few weeks, our already unified world family of Maharishi has come even closer together. 'We all feel together, we are most fortunate that somehow through some miracle of our life, we were able to actually experience Brahm [Totality] itself speaking its own story in the world, and teaching itself to us. We don't know how such a thing could be possibly deserved by us but it happened, and we are so grateful that we have had that experience in our life.'

'Reflecting upon the grandeur of our good fortune,' Dr Morris said he would like to make a very specific wish for all of Maharishi's global family—for all of Maharishi's dear children of all the nations of the world who are connected [over the Maharishi Channel].

'To all the Rajas, the Ministers, the National Directors, the Directors, to all levels of each nation—to all of the greatest enlightened of the world who are attending in this event in Maharishi's Global Family Chat day after day—I would like to express to you a very specific wish—and that is that everyone in our world Movement is happy.

'I wish very strongly that the happiness and peace that we [are] living this moment today, should expand and expand and expand—day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, without limit, into the future of our lives: that our lives rise to just be infinite bliss 24 hours a day in every instant of life.

'And that we all live as Maharishi wished us to live—on the level of Madhuchhandas, the first seer of the Rk Ved, who experienced the intimate silence of his own Self flowing in the infinite dynamism: that we all live this experience and live in ever expanding waves of joy.'


Dr Morris reflected that Maharishi had taught everyone in a single expression of Brahma Sutra: Ananda-mayo'bhyasat, 'Through practice, bliss becomes blissful.' 'This is the key for all us,' Dr Morris said, 'and this is my wish to every one of us in the world: the key for all of us is the practice that Maharishi bestowed upon us from Guru Dev.'

Dr Morris expressed his wish that in the coming days everyone has 'a look at your total routine of life on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, and set your ideal routine, as described by Maharishi, for the rest of your life—for your abstract bliss to become blissful in every instant of life, and more and more and more as we progress in the higher and higher values of consciousness to Brahmi Chetena.

Dr Morris then laid out the ideal routines for life, given by Maharishi so that 'Every one present in this event this evening, and connected around the world . . . lives a long a time. We should live a long time and bring up not only one more generation of leadership on the level that Maharishi has offered in the world, but two more levels while we are all living in the world, to be absolutely strong for all times, for the continuation of all that Maharishi blessed the world with.'

Dr Morris reminded every one that Maharishi had said with great happiness in the last weeks of December that 'We are digging the foundation of the Movement very deep now,' and that is by being together and going deeply into knowledge.

'One way that we can always go deeply into knowledge is by teaching it,' said Dr Morris. 'When we are teaching the courses, when we are offering Raja Hagelin's lectures . . . as we teach we will gain more and more absorption in the Totality of Knowledge. We will become more and more awake in our intellect, in the reality of unity in diversity, we will be living Brahm Vidya*** more and more by teaching the knowledge. This is our joy, our chance in the world to teach this knowledge.'

Dr Morris said he would like to wish that in a weekly routine, that once a week, there is a quiet day for everyone: a day that strengthens and deepens us in our evolution and in our mastery of knowledge and the evolutionary power of the awakening of our intellect, along with the awakening of our deep experience through our long group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme.

'Every day should [have] a group programme, as it is so much more powerful for the depth of experience,' said Dr Morris. He requested that we also have at least one day in every week for extended progamme with more time to absorb knowledge.

Dr Morris recommended watching the wonderful video tapes of Maharishi and 'also read Maharishi's books. In Maharishi's books we have a resource of infinite value—so precious, especially in the footnotes! Maharishi said that the text is for the beginners and the footnotes are for the serious students.

'If you read Maharishi's book, The Constitution of India Fulfilled Through Transcendental Meditation, in the footnotes you will find a level of Brahm Vidya* that has not been expressed, certainly not in thousands of years, in that level of richness and lucidity that Maharishi expressed.

'And the books of Maharaja Adhiraja Raja Raam— . . . read his books. Now we have yet another new book on the Ramayana [the story of Raam, the embodiment of Total Natural Law] in the Human Physiology.'

Dr Morris encouraged everyone listening to take advantage of the Maharishi Channel.

'And yet another thing we could do on that day of rest, as time permits, we have a whole channel for Rudra Abishek and for Puja [Vedic performance of gratitude]. Why not take some time each week and enjoy this gift of the Maharishi Channel.'

Dr Morris joyfully offered the wish that everyone practicing Maharishi's programs assemble in each nation on a regular basis, and that there also be global assemblies. 'Let us all be together and celebrate the reality of Maharishi's teaching, together in experience and understanding.'

Dr Morris concluded by emphasizing the importance of maintaining the policies and guidelines that Maharishi established to uphold Administration through Natural Law for the whole world, for the present generation and for generations to come. 'I think that also I would like to wish that we all collectively recommit ourselves to the purity of the teaching and the purity of the administrative principles that Maharishi laid out for us . . .

'We don't need to do anything new. We don't need anything new. Maharishi gave us every programme, every principle, every practice and technology. He gave us absolutely everything that we'll ever need to create Sat Yuga, to create Raam Raj [Heaven on Earth]. We don't have to do anything else except just do the things he taught us to do. And just do them purely and faithfully and completely and consistently, and we will have an absolute complete success.

'But it is very important for us all to really deeply commit everything in the name of Guru Dev [Maharishi's master], which is to say also in the name of Maharishi . . . And everything under the leadership of Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, the first Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, set by Maharishi in the line of our Vedic Tradition of Masters to lead us in the unfoldment of Raam Raj for the whole world.'

The Prime Minister's wishes fulfilled

(5 March 2008) Maharaj Adhiraj Raja Raam, first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, fulfils the wishes of Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country.

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said that the words of Prime Minister Ji are very deep, very sincere. 'Indeed we feel very blessed that he has made these wishes on this day. . .

'Let therefore all his wishes be supported and upheld by the entire Global Country of World Peace. Let us all today decide that from the 1 January until the 15 January every year, will be those two weeks that Prime Minister Ji has wished for, starting with the usual silence that we had traditionally with Maharishi, and completing with knowledge and celebrations of Maharishi's 12 January.

'Let us also have two weeks around Guru Purnima, the full moon showering us with blessings every year. This will change in terms of dates, but let them be completed on that full moon day of each year of Guru Purnima, the glory of Guru Dev and Maharishi.

'Let us also have one day every week: one day of knowledge and rest, and one day of experience.

'We don't want to call it a day for God or the God's day because every day of the week is for God. Therefore it's not a religious day, it's not a prayer day, it's not a meditation day, because every day of the week has this character for us. It's only a day where we take more rest, more knowledge, and more deep experience as Prime Minister Ji has suggested. . .

'One day occurs to mind, and that is the day that most people in the world seem to decide to take a day off: then it will fit in with the general dates of quietness in the world. And it happens to be Suryavar, like Sunday, which also gives that connection with the tradition of the sun.

'We can also have Guruvar, the day of Guru [spiritual teacher], like Thursday, but we can have any other day. . .'

'Let all the wishes of Prime Minister Ji be fulfilled, and we look forward to more of his wishes.

'[It is a] great day for everyone. The great blessings of Maharishi are flowing from everywhere, and beautifully shining through this day and through the world of Prime Minister Ji; and the beautiful expressions of everyone who spoke today, and all the thoughts of everyone who is listening, because we know everyone is in one unbounded pure thought like the unbounded field of pure Being in motion. Jai Guru Dev.'

Global Good News will feature the talks of other speakers in the coming days.

Maharaj Adhiraj Raja Raam addresses
the global celebration in honour of
the Prime Minister of
the Global Country of World Peace,
Dr Bevan Morris

(5 March 2008) In his first major address since returning from the Vedic Ceremonies in India in honour of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, and successor in the Vedic Tradition for us, spoke of this time of moving into the new reality in the functioning of infinite silence and infinite dynamism.

'Silence is the basis of action,' said Maharaja Adhiraja Raja Raam. 'Infinite silence is the strength and the power at the basis of successful fulfilling activity.

'Maharishi has blessed us with the knowledge of silence and dynamism. Maharishi has given to the world the secret of perfect administration: the secret of holistic achievement and fulfilment. Maharishi is with us today in infinite silence, and through his administration and programmes, he is with us in infinite dynamism.

'After what we have had to experience in the past month in terms of silence taking a different way of being with us—a different type of being present with us—we have been immersed in that new reality, and trying to adjust ourselves to that way of functioning in keeping that perfect being totally in every one of our thoughts, desires, and in all [fields] of our structure of administration and plans of action.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said that it is difficult to break out of silence on the level of speech—as if purity of Unity, unboundedness, likes its own infinite symmetry and its own infinite peace.

He said he had been together with the leaders of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace, planning, and looking at all the details of what we have and what we have to administer—yet a permeating feeling has been that of only inward stroke. And in our feelings and thoughts the outward stroke is still being prepared, and as if waiting for the right time to feel that it has really started.

'And suddenly we have a birthday. And it's the birthday of our Prime Minister—a leader in dynamism and strength and knowledge based on infinite silence—the supreme guardian of Maharishi's purity of teaching and purity of purpose.

'And that became for us a feeling and a thought that the time for the outward stroke has started. Infinite silence is coming out into activity yet remaining in silence, by taking the structure that Maharishi has created and acknowledging its two values— silence and dynamism—infinite silence and infinite dynamism.

'And it's so befitting that the thought and feeling comes to us on such a great day, the day where we celebrate the birth of the embodiment of infinite silence and dynamism guiding and giving strength to all the Ministers, all the Rajas, and all the aspects of the global administration of the Global Country of World Peace.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said that he has had such infinitely blissful time working with Maharishi on Ved and physiology for hours and hours, months and months; its preparation and its discovery and its details; and then its publication, its [texts], and its presentation to the world.

'I've also had the great luck and bliss to work on the Ramayana* with Maharishi. And the Ramayana has been completed in human physiology. Totally.

'We know every character in the Ramayana, every event that has happenend through the travels of Raam and through the different encounters and enlightening parts of the Ramayana —how they actually are an expression of the human physiology: how our body is the story of the Ramayana.

'Our physiology is the story of the Ramayana, taking place every moment, every minute, every hour, every day, every cycle of days and months and years. We have the story of the Ramayana repeating itself over and over and over again.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said that Maharishi was delighted to be hearing this and discussing this and understanding the physiology and how it relates to the Ramayana; he was guiding the specific events and blessing them. But he had not published it. 'And I was wondering for a long time, ''Why is it that it is something he seemed to like so much, that he has made tapes with me about, and he thought it was wonderful, and we should print it, but he never really asked to have it done?''

'Then suddenly some two three weeks ago the same thought occurred to me, and then an answer came. And I felt [it] was to give me the chance to give out something in this new style of functioning of silence and dynamism that he has given us and decided that we should assume since one month ago.

'And since Maharishi has always brought to us so many wonderful things—he has always had something hidden in his bag that he could always bring out. We never knew what is new again that can happen? Even though Maharishi was feeling he was always speaking the same thing it was always new, always fresh, always great waves of new knowledge that make us all run around and get organized and make projects, and bring them out to the world—all around this very simple one point—consciousness, pure Being, [which] is everything, and ''Thou art That.''

'Unity consciousness is the reality. Everything else is an illusion. That pure Being, that Natural Law, perfectly unmanifest in the pure Self of everyone, is the same Natural Law that manifests in the being and existence of everyone.

'And how to get there and establish it and bring it out and promote it and let the people understand it from scientific perspective, from its application, and astronomy, astrology, and housing—Sthapatya Veda—and Ayur Veda—all these different aspects of Natural Law are only the expression of that one, pure, infinite Being.

'Yet Maharishi was able to bring them out in so many different ways with so many different grand programmes.

'And the thought that I had was that, maybe, we would feel—all of us—after this new transformation, what programme can we bring that can be something on the same level of refreshing newness and the same perfect eternal knowledge that itself doesn't change and doesn't need to be itself seen in a new way, yet for the world of change it has to express itself? And since change means something new is coming out, then it has expressed itself always in a new way: Navo navo bhavati, which means ''Always new and new and new again, yet always the same.''

'Therefore that feeling came that the Ramayana and the physiology would be one thing to bring out, because it's a beautiful total knowledge of Natural Law expressed in our own human physiology. It gives that relationship of matter and intelligence, of consciousness and physiology, of pure Being and manifest existence. And it brings it in a very nice joyful, full-of-events way.'

So Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam said that he would like to announce on this beautiful day that this is something that is going to take place: that this book is going to be published.

'And this is probably, I would consider, my first announcement of a project that we like to bring out in this new style of Maharishi's presence with us, Maharishi's continuity with us—and continuing to fulfill his goal that he has already achieved, but that he gives us the joy to think that we are actually doing it.

'What a joy. We have to do nothing. He has done it all—yet we get the fulfillment that the fruits are due to our action.

'And I thank Prime Minister Ji for being next to Maharishi all these years; for the strength he gives to the entire family of the world; to the global adminstration, Raam Raj [Heaven on Earth]; and to give us the strength to see that silence is dynamism and that it's the time to feel projects coming up; to organise ourselves to create and continue to achieve the creation of Heaven on Earth in every field of knowledge—of health, of administration, of defence, through all our ministries, and through the sovereign great rulership of the Rajas, and Raj Rajeshwaris, and the Global Mother Divine Organisation, so that our world knows pure Being, lives in pure Being—which is infinite Unity, infinite bliss and infinite level of achievement and fulfillment—for every kind of life, for every kind of existence, for every race, for every belief, for every nation.

'Natural Law, when it expresses itself, has many different aspects that it enjoys to see itself through: infinite ways that it manfests through. And all these infinite ways rejoice in one thing—that they are many, yet they are one.

'The One, just one, the only Being—existence—is infinite unbounded level of types and forms and shapes, events: different types and shapes of Being. Oneness is infinity, and infinite differences are all one—and one only—reality of pure existence.

'What a bliss to have that knowledge—even on the intellectual level—given to us by Maharishi. What a fulfillment. What a life that brings Totality and really brings the dignity of living to its complete, full value to be able to know Aham Brahamsmi, ''Thou art That''. We are the same. Everything is that reality— unbounded pure Being—live that and experience that.

'And that's the day today that reminds us of all this.

'We wish for our Prime Minister that his desires and thoughts get fulfilled for all mankind, because we know they are the thoughts and desires of Maharishi. Jai Guru Dev.'

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