Volume 8, Issue No. 6

February 2008

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Maharishi's Physical Form to
His Last Destination

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Maharishi In Mahasamadhi 2008

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On Friday morning, February 8, 2008, Maharishi's body was taken from Vlodrop to India, arriving there on Saturday, for the preparation of the funeral rites that will start on Monday 11 February, 2008.

The Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, presided over the ceremony, along with Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, the Rajas, Ministers, other great leaders of the Global Country of World Peace, and many practitioners of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and well-wishers from over 100 countries.

The press also attended, and the proceedings were broadcast nationally on Indian television and globally through the Maharishi Channel.

The Shankaracharya presided over all the planning and the entire sequence of the ceremony—what and how everything was to be done according to the Vedic tradition.

The government of India honored Maharishi with a state funeral, which was attended by senior officials together with a platoon from the military. It is the first time a spiritual teacher has ever been honored in this way. The Indian military lowered their weapons to the ground instead of firing a traditional salute.

A helicopter flew overhead and rained down flowers. It was a beautiful sunny day, Dr Swan said, and people's deep inner experience of the divine quality of destiny unfolding was very uplifting to everybody.

The photos here below have been collected from several sources.

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Arrival to Allah-Abad
(The City of God)


Maharishi in Mahasamadhi at His Ashram

In a Crown of Flowers

a closer view

Thousands of People
From All Around India and
From All Over the World



Vedic Farewell Fire Ceremony

From the Ashram to the ceremony location

a closer view

Covering the Holy Body - Sandalwood and Mango Logs

The preparations are done

Back to the five elements of nature

The Ashes of
Maharishi’s Mortal Remains
Scattered in the


Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, the Rajas and
Maharishi's close family members carefully took up
the ashes and placed them in brass vessels,
covering them with new white cloths and flowers.

At the Sangam river and amid Vedic Recitation,
the ashes were scattered in a festive holy moment

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam:
Maharishi's Grace is Everywhere

Later that afternoon, when everyone had returned from the Sangam, after scattering the ashes of Maharishi's holy body, Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam met with everybody who was there, and said, 'Maharishi has told us that his work is done; and Maharishi is Brahm, Totality. And Totality is everywhere. And our experience is that Maharishi's grace is everywhere, and more powerfully than ever—Maharishi's grace is everywhere—in our hearts, all the time, day and night.'

Jai Guru Dev
Brahamananda Saraswati Vijayante taraam,
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vijayante taraam,
Maharaja Adhiraja Raja Raam Vijayante taraam

The Last Celebration on the 13th Day
Uthawala and Brahman Bhojan

On February 20, 2008 under the auspices of the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, successor to GURU DEV on the Shankaracharya Seat of Jyotir Peeth, Himalayas, the last celebration is performed in Prayag at Maharishi Ashram in Arail

According to Ayurveda all experiences should be metabolized fully so that no residues (ama) remain back. The end result of full metabolization of food to their most refined state is Ojas or Soma. But experiences must also be fully metabolized in order to produce bliss as their end-result.

Now we all had the chance to fully metabolize our beloved Maharishi's full transformation (even of the little leshavidya = veil of avidya or ignorance that the restriction of the body somewhat represents) to Brahman and Maharishi-jis ascent to Heaven and that means everyone should feel now fully at home with the ever blissful - most intimate to our own innermost self - nature of Maharishi's divine presence now.

He is always with us and having participated in all the ceremonies now we know that even the sanctified remains of his body flow now in the veins and arteries, i.e. rivers of ´Ved Bhumi Bharat, our Motherland India and from there into all the oceans of the world and all the rivers of the world, so that the morsels and atoms of Maharishi's body this way travel into all the rivers, i.e. veins and arteries, of all the 192 countries of the world.

What remains is Bliss! - Jai Guru Dev

Preparation of the food

Sharing all together

Sandhus, or Hindu holy men, participate in a ritualistic feast

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