Volume 8, Issue No. 2

October 2007

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Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge

High School for Leadership

(2 October 2007) Speaking recently on Global Family Chat, broadcast live daily via satellite and over the Internet by the Maharishi Channel, Dr Kingsley Brooks, Raja of New England for the Global Country of World Peace, spoke about the latest developments with Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge—High School for Leadership.

Dr Brooks showed a very beautiful aerial photo of the site for the campus, which is in Antrim, New Hampshire. The view looks out to the north and to the east, and Dr Brooks said that you can see the very beautiful Franklin Pierce Lake, situated on the eastern and northern side of the campus.

They are continuing to make great progress in establishing the Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge, which is a prep school for boys, grades 9-12. There will be 400 students, who will be the basis for creating coherence for North-East Vedic America, which includes the New England states.


Dr Brooks said that this is the number of participants collectively practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program that is required to create invincibility for New England; he also noted that 'Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, has said that the Total Knowledge Curriculum will be so attractive that the students will be ''rushing to our school . . . .'' This Total Knowledge curriculum will be so attractive, and we will be thrilled with the rush of the students coming for this very precious knowledge, Maharishi told us.'

We have 'cutting edge knowledge in every field of learning,' continued Dr Brooks, 'with state-of-the-art electronic displays and exhibitions with learning on the mental level, so that they can see with their eyes, and hear with their ears the value of Total Knowledge—as well as experiencing twice daily the profound field of Total Knowledge, unfolding Total Knowledge in their awareness.'

The Maharishi Academy website is now up and functioning, and Dr Brooks encouraged everyone to look at this new website. It has 45 pages containing all of the elements of the school, with a beautiful Photo Gallery to scroll through and see all the features of the surrounding area, all the beautiful elements of the campus, and how it is going to be designed.

Dr Brooks had just come from a meeting with the engineers and they are moving very quickly to develop the site plan and to gain city and state approval.


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Belgium Plans Invincibility

(19 October 2007) Dr Lucien Mansour, Raja of Belgium for the Global Country of World Peace, analyzed his country's political stalemate and enumerated the steps he and the country's Teachers of Transcendental Meditation will take to remedy it—with or without governmental action.

Even months after Belgium's federal elections, there is still no agreement to form a new coalition government, Dr Mansour explained, due to the lack of coherence in the national consciousness. 'We sent Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's message about the Absolute Theory of Government—that the government is a reflection of the collective consciousness, and if they want a successful government they need to put Maharishi's programs into place . . . and create 355 Yogic Flyers.'

He said they are not waiting for the government. In the capital city of Brussels, they plan to create their own school for 200 students and a Towers of Invincibility for another 200 students. 'These two schools will create the super-radiance effect in Belgium,' he explained [an influence of coherence and harmony in the whole national consciousness once the threshold number of Yogic Flyers practicing in a group is attained].

Dr Alarik Arenander, director of the Brain Research Institute at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, has arrived to speak at a five-day education conference in Belgium that is the largest in the country, with some 25,000 parents, headmasters, and other educational professionals expected to attend. He will present live demonstrations of increased brain wave coherence of a person practicing Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation (TM) Technique. Local Teachers of the TM Program will use posters, brochures, and press articles about government and private support for Maharishi's programs to educate conference participants.

The National Leader of the Global Country of World Peace in Belgium is also sending a letter to all of Belgium's Yogic Flyers, charging them to practice in large groups for individual enlightenment and for creating invincibility for their country.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's
Inaugural Address for the ten-day Coronation Ceremony of six New Rajas - Vijaya Dashami

(22 October 2007) During the first session of Sunday's grand, global celebration of Vijaya Dashami, the auspicious Victory Day in the Vedic Calendar, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, inaugurated the ten-day Coronation ceremony of six new Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace.

The entire ten-day Coronation ceremony is being broadcast live on the Maharishi Channel beginning today. Following is Maharishi's address from this morning's inaugural session:

'In what connection all this is being studied to create an ideal administration, to create an ideal administration. . . . Our Prime Minister has kindly translated the first, we could say, the first out of the ten, coronation ceremonies that were held with Raam. Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa. We have with us the Rajas who have started to be crowned from the Puja to Guru Dev on the Vijaya Dashami Day and followed by the Puja, with Puja we got the total blessings.

'And total blessings for the Coronation of our Rajas—a fortunate thing for us. This is the one thing whereby we are going to establish Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa—suffering belongs to no one. We have the ceremony of Coronation for the Rajas here (in MERU, Holland), in America, and Vedic Pandits are chanting from India. So the whole ceremony is going around the globe.

'Very fortunate to have this on the first day—Vijaya Dashami—Coronation of Raja Raam. This is how we are going to establish a very solid foundation, not only the foundation, but the working of the administration of Natural Law, which involves the whole of the Constitution of the Universe—whole of the Veda. We are very fortunate to have had this day Puja to Guru Dev and with the blessings from him we are coronating Rajas. And we would continue the ceremony for ten days.

'Dr Feldman (Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace), brief everyone, introduce all the Rajas who are being coronated and will continue the ceremony for ten days. It is a very fortunate time for us, time for Raam Raj. Times have changed. Kali Yuga departed, Sat Yuga stepping in. And all the Rajas are there from so much in the past.

'And today's coronation ceremony we are very fortunate to witness, and have the introduction of the Rajas. And all the Rajas are here full of blessings for the new Coronation for the new Rajas, welcoming them to complete, so to say, the galaxies of administrators of the world on the basis of the most ideal administration of Raja Raam.

'Our ceremony is blessed by the presence of the greatest scientist of today who has assumed the role of administrator to the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda. Veda is what has expressed itself in different species, and ultimately the supreme quality of mankind. Just a few people in every country, from this Vijaya Dashami Day, a few people in every country, hundred, two hundred, five hundred, one thousand, two thousand, depending on the population. A few countries acting on themselves—Self-referral rule. It is Self-referral rule. It is a Self-referral rule being established by the Vedic hymns.

'All the Rajas are here. They are all full of light of the rays of Raam, which is spontaneous, because Raam being omnipresent is present everywhere. So the Kingdom of Raam is a spontaneous phenomenon of perfect order. We have been desiring for this day in life and we feel we are blessed. Great blessings from Guru Dev.

'And Dr Feldman, bring the blessings of our first ruler of the Age of Enlightenment—Maharaja Nader Raam. And bring his blessings to all the Rajas and the forthcoming Rajas who are being coronated today. Great blessings of Guru Dev. Pandits from India are thrilling the atmosphere of the globe with those supremely endowed with the natural ruling power in the world. We are sending forth today and from the past so many years, all the Rajas (who) are reigning in their territories with their most natural, perfect, supreme order where suffering belongs to no one.

'Very soon, very soon, the history of the world will be different. We are blessed for this occasion. And the Finance Minister, the great planning and Finance Minister will beautifully plan for the perpetual rays of silence, peace, integrated national consciousness in every country—the reign of Raam.'


Invincible Peru Through Young Students Practicing Yogic Flying in Schools

(21 October 2007) On Vijaya Dashami, the day of Victory in the Vedic calendar, Dr Jose Luis Alvarez, Raja (Administrator) of Latin America for the Global Country of World Peace, informed the world of the great achievement of invincibility gained by Peru as 530 young students become Yogic Flyers.

Dr Alvarez said that 'all our world family is witnessing these days an unbounded level of blessings—beyond our mind, our brain, our imagination, just happening day after day, unfolding so naturally.'

Dr Alvarez explained that Raam Raj, the time of rule of Raam, the rule of Total Natural Law, embodies itself in each nation as a new administration, and this new administration is just self rule by a few hundred individuals who have the ability to align themselves with the Constitution of the Universe. As an example of this, Dr Alvarez said, 'It is a great joy today to announce that the country of Peru has today reached enough Yogic Flyers on a permanent basis for national invincibility.'

This has happened in Peru on the basis of the implementation of the Yogic Flying activity in the schools of the nation, Dr Alvarez said. Peru is a country with a population of 30 million, and requires 530 Yogic Flyers. In the last month a lot of activity, led by the National Leader of Peru, Dr Javier Ortiz Cabrejos, has fulfilled a very special situation for that nation.

'In the highest peaks of Latin America, in the Andes, near the supreme and holy Lake of Titicaca, the highest and holiest lake of Latin America, the city of Puno, a city of 150,000, has already 3,000 meditators. Out of these now, the students of the three schools and a university have taken very seriously the opportunity of self-rule through the Yogic Flying.

'We have the special news that 500 of them have become Yogic flyers today,' said Dr Alvarez. 'There are 150 already flying, and there are 150 more going to learn. So among these 800 Yogic Flyers who go every day to school and fly together at the same time, they can create the effect of invincibility for the nation on a stable basis as a part of their activities in the school.'

When hearing about this, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, said that 'from the highest peak of the world, a clarion call of invincibility on Victory Day is a victory to all mankind.' This is the blessing of Vijaya Dashami, the day of Victory, said Dr Alvarez.

There are three great principals of these schools, who have to be praised today for their efforts. One of them, Padre Francisco, is a very simple and intelligent man of deep Catholic view, who had the experience that Transcendental Meditation was valid for their school.

Under the inspiration of their students and the local TM teachers, he introduced the practice of the TM-Sidhi Program in the school as a part of the school day. This has now culminated today in the implementation of Yogic Flying, two periods a day in the school, morning and afternoon. So all the students have the possibility of flying together in this school.

A private school has also implemented Yogic Flying for 60 students. The owner of the school is practicing the TM-Sidhi Program herself, and soon another 50 students will start.

In another school there are 150 more Yogic Flyers. The director of this school is also practicing the TM-Sidhi Program. So this community of Yogic Flyers has created the national effect.

There is a school where about 700 students have learnt Transcendental Meditation, and now about 600 of them are doing the TM-Sidhi Program. Another school will maintain their program through a Tower of Invincibility.

'The experiences of the children practicing Yogic Flying are very special,' said Dr Alvarez. 'They are feeling and experiencing, in very simple words and expressions, how a nation receives the blessings of Maharishi: the Kingdom of Raja Raam [administration through total Natural Law] wakes up in the nation from within the heart of the students in the schools. This wake up call, the clarion call of Peru today, in the hearts of the children flying today, is the news that we want to share with all of our global family.'

Peru feels that this knowledge is very natural to them, because it is a very old culture, deeply rooted in the knowledge of the Incas, and when the National Leader of the Global Country of World Peace in Peru explained to Maharishi over the years about the tradition of the Incas, their knowledge is deeply rooted in the Vedas.

'So naturally, from that connection, invincibility—the reign of Raam Raj—could blossom very easily in Peru,' Dr Alvarez said.

Dr Javier Ortiz, the National Leader of Maharishi’s Movement in Peru, also spoke on this occasion, saying they are very happy today. It is an amazing thing that has happened here in their country, Peru, he said. They have a large flying hall and they are very proud that in the three groups now flying together, the students are having clear experiences of Yogic Flying.

Dr Pedro Ojeda, TM-Sidhi Administrator and National Leader of Maharishi’s Movement in also expressed his great joy with the experiences the students are all having.

With great feelings of happiness, Dr Alvarez congratulated all those who are accomplishing this in Peru, Dr Javier Ortiz, Dr Pedro Ojeda, all the TM Teachers, Yogic Flyers, meditators, and all the school principals who have given Peru this precious gift from Maharishi, have taken it to heart, and made it happen.

On 30 October Dr Jose Luis Alvarez described the beautiful way Peru has risen to invincibility through Consciousness-Based Education. Peru needed 530 Yogic Flyers to become invincible. Thanks to the addition of Consciousness-Based Education in a large school and in two other schools, the country now has 700 Yogic Flyers.

Dr Alvarez reported that in just a week or ten days after learning Yogic Flying, these children are having wonderful experiences, right from the very beginning of their practice. 'When I learned TM it was the happiest day of my life,' one student said. 'I was within, and I felt Maharishi had lighted a torch inside me. Now my heart is filled with happiness. . . . and the last ten days have been like ten years of happiness.' Another said now he just wants 'to become a TM Teacher'.

Dr Alvarez showed slides of 600 children, now Yogic Flyers, in the red uniforms of their school, meditating together in very large groups, and 'flying high in the high peaks of Peru'. He said, 'Perhaps it is because they are very high in the mountains and very near to heaven, that they hear the clarion call of heaven'—echoing the recent comment of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, on learning that Peru's students had raised the nation to invincibility (please visit the Global Good News article: 'Invincible Peru through young students . . . ').

Dr Alvarez quoted another student, 'Today I can clearly experience that I felt the whole universe within me; and still it was small, and I was bigger than it.' Yet another reported feeling very protected. Others said, 'I feel I love my parents much more'; 'I feel a deep connection with Nature, that everything is part of everything else'; 'I feel love for everything and every one within myself'; and 'I can only feel infinite gratitude to Maharishi for all he is teaching us.'

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