Volume 8, Issue No. 1

September 2007

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Celebrating the Day of Clearing
the Obstacles to Invincibility
in National Life

(5 September 2007)
Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. We have performed Puja to Guru Dev in celebration of Ganapati. Today is the day of Ganapati. Ganapati is the Devata to eliminate all obstacles. Where are the obstacles? Between Jiva and Brahm—if there are obstacles that separate Jiva and its own potential Brahm.

Complexities eliminated to enjoy steadfast existence in field of Brahm

‘The entire Puja to Ganapati today took us from the very gross through all the subtle levels of travel between a mixed-up world of diversity to pure unity. Step to step, from complications to purity, complexities were eliminated in order that we could begin to enjoy our steadfast existence in the field of Brahm.

‘Through the Puja today, one Puja, Ganapati clears the passage of all that exists between Atma and Brahm. It is a great day for us. From the world of conflicts and uncomfortable complexities to the world of purity—the field of Being—from the field of becoming to the field of Being, all the obstacles were cleared today.

‘It has been a great day for us with the Puja to Guru Dev. This is the Vedic Calendar of Veda Bhumi Bharat.

Our passage is from gross multiplicity to subtle levels of purity

‘With all the obstacles that are on the way to pure transparent Being, we are reminded of our passage from gross multiplicity to subtle levels of purity. Ganapati has brought us to the field of pure Being.

‘Today we are having the day of clearing—clear, clear, clear—through the whole field of Veda, Pure Knowledge, to the end of diversity, ruled by the Devatas that are all the way through the Veda to Vedanta, from multiplicity to Unity.

‘It was a very special performance and the Pandits from India have helped us. It is like when you sit in the train and the train helps you get from one station to the other, from one station to the other. Like that, all the Pandits chanting has been just like a travel from the present level to the destination level of the whole passage.

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Today has taken us from complexity to simplicity

‘The glory of today, has taken us from complexity to simplicity. All the obstacles that make the whole path complex and rather long and diversified have been cleared by the chantings of the Vedic Mantras, by Ganapati. The very name of Ganapati, Devata Vigneshwara, means the Devata of eliminating all the obstacles. That takes us directly from here to here, not from here to there, but from here to here.

‘The passage is through the Veda. And where is the Veda? Veda is in the Atma, from “A” to “Ma”, and “Ma” to “A”, just this area—from “A” to “Ma”, from “Ma” to “A”—Atma, Atma, Atma.

The long journey from infinite diversity to absolute unity has been cut short

‘So today has been the day of clearing the passage, and the long journey from infinite diversity to absolute unity has been cut short. By whom have the obstacles been eliminated? By the Devata of purification, Ganapati.

‘Devatas are like various aspects of transforming agencies. At every step, innumerable performances are necessary to cross beyond the ocean of diversity. And that happens with the help of, with the Grace of, with the kindness of Vigneshwara, the Devata of eliminating obstacles.

The destiny of mankind is being cleared so that all national life shines in invincibility

‘It is a great day for our aspirations to establish Raam Raj, the rule of Raam. It is a beautiful day of clearing the destiny of mankind so that the quality of all national life everywhere shines through invincibility. All Glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.

‘We continue our march, free from obstacles through the Grace of Ganapati, through the Grace of Guru Dev. All Glory to Guru Dev. Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati, Vijayante-Taram. Vigneshwara Vijayante-Taram. Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati, Vijayante-Taram.’

Celebrating the Second Month of
Global Invincibility for Every Nation

(26 September 2007) Speaking on the day of the full moon, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi celebrated the second month of global of Raam Raj, invincibility for very nation, which was established on the full moon in July.

Maharishi attributes all his achievements to his Master, Shri Guru Dev*, the most illustrious embodiment of Vedic Wisdom in the eternal tradition of Vedic Masters. Maharishi said that by the next full moon we will offer to Guru Dev our complete readiness, in principle and in practice, for global administration, which is in line with the administration of the ever-expanding universe.

Maharishi: 'Jai Guru Dev. We are blessed today by performing Puja to Guru Dev. This is the Puja of the second month of the first year of invincibility to every nation.

'Our administration of Maharaja Nader Raam [first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace], has been physically established in these two months, and now today, we are offering to Guru Dev, so that we are capable of administering the world from the level of invincibility to every nation.

'Today's Puja has given us a physical structure of the global administration of the Government of World Peace. The coming month for us is to lay out all the practical principles of administering the universe from the level of invincibility to the whole family of nations.

'[During] this time, these few weeks and months, we will have laid out physically the structure of global administration, as it is available in the mechanics of administration of the universe on the basis of the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda, as it is the reality of the Atma of everyone, the Self-referral state of Being of everyone.

'We are blessed today to have floated our boat of global administration on the lines of the universal administration, which is Veda, which has the reality of Brahm, total Natural Law, vibrant in its structure.

'Maybe in a few days more, a few weeks more, and by the time we celebrate Vijaya Dashami [the Vedic celebration of Victory Day in November] in the coming weeks, we will really be offering, in the Puja to Guru Dev, our preparedness, our complete readiness in principle and in practice, for global administration to be on the lines that the administration of the ever-expanding universe is laid out.

'We are all, with one voice, wanting to be warmly basking in the sunshine of Guru Dev's blessings.

'Kuberji, Minister of Planning and Finance [of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Benjamin Feldman], open the doors of your treasury for that highest level of administration of the Global Country of World Peace, which is defined in the Vedic terms ''Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa'' [in the reign of Raam, suffering belonged to no one]. We offer all our wishes, our devotion, our duty to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.'

Following Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's address in celebration of the second full moon of global Raam Raj, Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace, laid out the plans and activities for the Directors of the Global Country over the four weeks until the next full moon.

Having reviewed Maharishi's address, Dr Feldman said that it was a great honour and privilege to open the doors of the infinite treasury that have been opened already by the blessings of Guru Dev*, bestowed on the world by Maharishi through the Global Administration of Maharaja Nader Raam, his Ministers and Rajas, and all those who have used the knowledge of total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda in their own Self, their own Atma. The world has been blessed with the unbounded treasury of knowledge that has given us today the opportunity of performing Puja [the Vedic ceremony of gratitude] to Guru Dev.

Dr Feldman said that the gift of this second month of the first year of invincibility to every nation is the orgnization of the structure for global administration. He said that even on the level of the surface communication, we have achieved automation in administration. He then explained the details of the activities of the Directors of the global administration for the next few weeks.

Dr Feldman said, ‘These first three weeks until Vijaya Dashami will be the preparatory performance to launch the full-fledged programme of invincibility for every nation. Immediately after Vijaya Dashami, the Directors will come out fresh and vital, reverberating in the waves of invincibility.

‘We feel so fortunate to offer salutations and congratulations to Maharaja Nader Raam from everyone around the world, for giving us the third month of the first year of invincibility for every nation.

'We are feeling the warmth and the softness, the safety of Raam Raj emerging in the world. We are feeling the level of administration of the Global Country of World Peace, defined as “Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa ”[in the reign of Raam suffering belongs to no one].

'It is our greatest, miraculous fortune of everyone in the world today, to be able to offer with Maharishi all our wishes of devotion and our duty to Guru Dev.

'With this bubbling up of the treasury of Maharaja Nader Raam for the millionaireship of the Governors, Sidhas [Yogic Flyers], the Directors of global administration of invincibility to every nation, we offer our gratitude.’

On behalf of the Rajas of Maharaja's global administration, Dr Feldman then invited Dr Harris Kaplan, the Raja of India and Canada, ‘to express the blessings of all the Rajas, for the coming month, which will bring us the possibility of offering in Puja to Guru Dev next month, our complete readiness in principle and practice to have a global administration on the lines of that administration of the ever-expanding universe—without a problem, on the basis of the Constitution of the Universe.

Unified Field-Based
Health and Medicine

(10 July 2007) In his address to the Global Press Conference on Unified Field-Based Health and Medicine, Maharishi commented on the brilliant presentation by Dr Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. Maharishi made the very profound point that the health of the environment is improved due to the influence of people practising the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Transcendental Meditation for the health of the environment

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev, with great interest, I have been hearing your words, Dr Hagelin. In answer to this, from my side, I want to present one argument. If the world knows the influence of the environment on the health of everyone—this is the main point—if the world recognizes that health is influenced by the type of environment, then Transcendental Meditation is a direct means of reducing the ill health of the whole environment. A stressed man is always stressful to his environment. A peaceful man, a blissful man, always has bliss to offer in his environment.

‘People who have been practising Transcendental Meditation have experienced that the environment becomes more positive, more happy, more integrated. And this is one argument—very simple, without any need of proving it.

‘On the basis of the environmental security, we would say, we are offering to the world invincibility through Transcendental Meditation. A few people together—100, 200, 500 people, depending on the population of the country—is all that is needed to make the national consciousness integrated. And integrated national consciousness means all positivity, no negativity, lack of ill health, lack of all negativity, and presence of all positivity through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

‘[This is] one argument. Dr Hagelin, comment on it—what your Unified Field says about it. Transcendental Meditation changes the environmental value and makes it more coherent, more integrated, more blissful—without much argument. If the environment has something to do with the health of the person, then Transcendental Meditation is a way to achieve good health, better health.’

How the world will be without ill health

In this Press Conference, Dr Bevan Morris, the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, also emphasized that when the history of this time is written, it will be clear that the greatest contributor to the health of the human race, is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is currently implementing Unified Field-Based Medicine, to create a perfectly healthy world.

‘People will look back on our age with amazement, that there was so much preventable sickness and suffering in the world,’ said Dr Bevan Morris. ‘In the future of the human race, sickness will be almost non-existent, thanks to the Unified Field-Based Medicine approach to medicine. . . .

‘The key word for this new golden age free of sickness, is “prevention”— prevention of sickness before it arises, before the suffering ever begins. And the key to that is in Consciousness-Based Education.

‘The children of the world are now going to be educated, in all 192 nations, so that they do not fall sick. How this is to be accomplished is seen in the Vedic definition of health: Health is Swastha. Swa means the Self and Stha means established. So the word “health” is, in Vedic terms, to be established in the Self, not the individual, small ego-self, but the Universal Self. . .

‘This Universal Self, or Atma is to be experienced by everyone, as part of their educational routine, practising TM and Yogic Flying in the morning before class and in the afternoon after class. By virtue of students gaining the experience of the Self, they experience the reality that they are an eternal, immortal field of consciousness, the Unified Field where all the laws of nature exist in their seed form.

‘What this effectively means,’ said Dr Morris, ‘is that students who are functioning from their own Self . . . are automatically in harmony with every natural law, they do not make mistakes, they do not violate the laws of nature, and they do not create misery, suffering, and sickness for themselves.

‘As of today, students in every school in the world will rise in this way to higher states of consciousness, be established in the Self, in the state of perfect health, or Swastha, and will never do anything to create sickness, any time in their lives.

‘Because of their education, students will be awakening the intelligence that conducts DNA, every cell of their body; and all the organ systems of the body as a whole will be fully awake on the level of its inner intelligence.

‘Students will grow up with their whole body functioning on this level, giving perfect balance, and therefore complete prevention of all imbalance, all sickness.

‘There is a saying, in the Vedic Tradition: Chinne mule naiva shakha na patram.’ Dr Bevan Morris explained that it means ‘There is no leaf and no branch in the absence of the root.’ That is, the surface of life can never be healthy, while the root of life is neglected in the education of children as they grow up in the world.

Dr Bevan Morris concluded, ‘Everyone needs to be reconnected to the root of all life in the Unified Field, and this is the key point for the future health of the whole human race, as of now.’

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