Volume 7, Issue No. 11

July 2006

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Unified Field-Based Agriculture

‘It is huge. It is a complete
Vedic Science of perfect agriculture.'

13 June 2007) In this talk broadcast from Global Financial Capital of New York, Dr John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, offered a new Unified Field-based approach for organic agriculture to produce healthy food for the whole population.

Dr John Hagelin: Welcome to this global press conference on Maharishi’s Unified Field-Based Agriculture.

‘Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is Unified Field-Based Agriculture—agriculture based upon the most profound scientific understanding of the Laws of Nature and their practical application to the field of agriculture. We will see that Maharishi's Vedic Science of Agriculture, Unified Field-Based Agriculture, is a complete science to produce the healthiest, most nourishing crops for the benefit of human health and human life. It is a very sophisticated science of planned development that nurtures the development of the plant at every stage of unfoldment in the life of the plant.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture has many aspects

‘Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture includes many different facets and is a complete agricultural setup for the life and health of the farmer. It removes imbalances from nature so that the rains and seasons come on time. All aspects of planned development of agriculture, of soil preparation, of erosion prevention—all of this—are in this organic approach to agriculture which is more than chemical-free, more than simply free of the toxic side-effects of high chemical-input agriculture. It is not just free of toxins, but agriculture that produces crops that are maximally nutritious, maximally nourishing, maximally health and life promoting for the individual and the world.

‘We will hear from a great expert in the field of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, Raja John Konhaus, who is spearheading agricultural projects of Maharishi Vedic Agriculture throughout the world and is really the most trained expert in the world about the deep principles and practical approaches of Maharshi's Vedic Organic approach to agriculture. We will see also in this context that Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is a tool to eliminate poverty in the world by producing highly profitable, nutritious, organic crops which can be imported by the food-importing nations of the world and used as an income stream to eliminate the poverty and promote the prosperity of the billions of people on earth who live in abject poverty today by utilizing the untapped, unused agricultural resources of every country. Millions of hectares of unused agricultural lands are put to productive use in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture to benefit the people of that country, by promoting the health and wealth of the people of that country while promoting the health and happiness of the people in the world.

‘So extremely comprehensive is Maharishi's Vedic approach to agriculture that touches upon every aspect of the life of a farmer, of the life of a plant, of the life, and the health and the prosperity of every nation. We will be touching upon all of that in a very concise way during the course of today's brief conference, which will serve as an introduction to this important field. . . .

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Definition of Maharishi Unified Field-Based Agriculture

‘Let me begin by defining the term and describing the meaning of the term, "Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Agriculture". Vedic Agriculture is Unified Field-Based Agriculture, because it is based on the fundamental knowledge of the unity at the basis of the diversity of all the Laws of Nature that uphold the universe, the Unified Field. . . .

‘Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, Unified Field-Based Agriculture, is an understanding of plants and plant development that is far more profound than is prevalent in the world of agriculture today. In the world of botany today, the world of agriculture and plant-science today, the understanding is based upon the cellular level of plant development and, at best, on the molecular level of plant development in the field of plant genetics. But no real systematic understanding of the plant and the dynamics of its development has been available at the subatomic levels, nuclear, electro-weak, or grand unified levels, let alone a Unified Field theoretical understanding of the science of botany, the science of agriculture.

‘Now this is fully available in Vedic Science of Maharishi. It is called Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, because the word "Vedic" actually means pertaining to Total Knowledge, the totality of knowledge or the holistic knowledge of all the Laws of Nature at the foundation of the universe, at the foundation of physiology, at the foundation of botany, chemistry, physics, all the sciences.

‘Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is Unified Field-Based Agriculture, which is a far more delicate, profound, and powerful level of knowledge of plant development. . . . Ultimately at the very core of everything in the universe and at the core of every plant is the Unified Field, the field of total Natural Law. . . . That level of nature's functioning, the super unified level of nature's dynamics, is the foundational level of nature's functioning upon which all the other levels of the diversified levels of nature's functioning are based and from which they can be systematically and sequentially derived.

A Unified Field-based understanding of plants

‘Of what significance is a Unified Field-based understanding of plants? Certainly in principle we can see that the Unified Field, the most fundamental level of plant dynamics, is the most profound level of understanding of the structure and function of a plant. It provides, in principle, tremendous benefit over a more superficial level of understanding in botany.

‘I want to understand with you now in some detail of what value the Unified Field-Based Agriculture is to the science and practice of agriculture. And for this we need to understand more of the mechanics of plant-development or, specifically, the mechanics of transformation in a plant from one stage of development to the next stage in the sequential unfoldment if the life and development of a plant. A plant begins . . . as a seed, which is one extremely compact level of the total knowledge, total blueprint of the plant.

‘From that very abstract structure of the seed, where the details of the plant abstractly exist, but cannot be easily discerned, the plant will begin to sprout under the appropriate conditions and circumstances. That would be the next stage—the swelling of the seed—in the presence of moisture. Then there is the breaking of the seed and sprouting of the plant, and the bifurcation of the original sprout into several main branches or trunks, the subsequent bifurcations and smaller branches, the formation and emergence of leaves and fruits and ultimately seeds, which provide the basis for the next generation of plants, and so forth.

‘All of this is transformation; all of this is plant development. What Maharishi's Vedic Organic Agriculture provides, what Unified Field-Based Agriculture provides, is the ultimate science of transformation, which is both profound and practical, a science of transformation which we will see allows, in principle, the ability to transform anything into anything! Let us see how this is.

The science of transformation in modern physics

‘According to the unified, quantum field theories of modern science, the Superstring Theory, the whole universe, all the particles and forces, and everything comprised of particles and forces are just the vibrational modes of the Unified Field, the so-called energy eigen states of the superstring. . . . [Dr Hagelin explains the physics in great detail.] And thus all matter and energy, all particles and all forces, are ultimately nothing but sounds, specific, reverberant frequencies of the Unified Field. . . .

‘The important conclusion of this is that all of matter, including the human physiology and the physiology of a plant, including all objects in the universe—elementary particles, atoms and molecules, crystals, macroscopic, astrophysical, cosmological objects, everything in the universe—are just different states of vibration, different sounds of the Unified Field, different reverberant frequencies of the Unified Field. [Dr Hagelin shows another chart to illustrate this point.]

‘These stable, reverberant frequencies, the so-called fundamental frequencies of the Unified Field correspond to the fundamental particles and forces of nature, in particular the so-called three super fields—gravity, gage, and matter super fields—which at a somewhat more superficial level of observation appear as five fundamental spin-types . . . and from these five fundamental spin-types . . . the whole universe gets built up as more and more complex packages of sound—so-called fundamentals and harmonics and chords. This is a term we borrow in physics from musical theory. "Chords" simply are defined as a simultaneous presence of more than one frequency of the Unified Field. . . . In this way we understand precisely that all of the nuclei, all the atoms, all the molecules—the building blocks of the universe—are just the different chords or combination of sounds. So, the whole universe is really just a symphony of consonant sounds, a symphony of fundamentals and harmonics of the Unified Field.

‘That is important, because having understood that everything in the universe—all matter, every expression in the universe—is nothing but sound, we can understand that the science of transformation that we are seeking to derive here must ultimately be a science of sound. This is true in modern science, and we will see it is true in Maharishi's Vedic Science. To transform anything into anything is to transform one package of sounds into another package of sounds. Transforming sound into sound. The science of transformation is just the science of sound. . . . [Dr Hagelin gives technical examples from physics.] The science of transformation of elementary particles is really the science of transformation of sound.

The science of transformation in chemistry

‘Let's look at the same thing in the more familiar context of chemistry. Here we have a chemical transformation combining sugar and oxygen to yield carbon dioxide and water. This is a very important process, because this process liberates energy which fuels the metabolism of the human body. In other words, this chemical interaction fuels the human physiology. So it is a very important interaction in organic chemistry. We start with a sugar molecule . . . and we need to add six molecules of oxygen . . . to produce just the desired initial conditions to produce the final state, carbon dioxide and water vapour. But now we understand, based on our analysis from Unified Field quantum field theory that these initial state molecules are nothing but sounds. These are stable reverberant frequencies of the Unified Field. The whole universe is just a symphony.

‘To get to this initial state sound, to get this sugar molecule into the desired final state of carbon dioxide and water vapour, we need to add just the right initial ingredient. And that particular ingredient is oxygen. That is why the body breathes—to take in oxygen that gets supplied through the red blood cells to all the cells in the human body, so that oxygen can be combined with stored sugar to fuel the cell, to produce the energy that drives the cell.

‘Now we understand that the sugar molecule is just a vibrational mode of the Unified Field. And the oxygen molecules that we add are also just a state of sound of the Unified Field. So this very familiar and important chemical process behind cellular metabolism is nothing but the chemistry of sound, the science of transformation of one set of sounds to another. So now we understand and the conclusion of this argument is that all transformations are really based upon the science of sound, whether we are talking about modern science or, as we will see in a few moments, in terms of the Vedic Science of Maharishi as applied to agriculture or any field.

‘But there is one more principle of sound from the modern science, from elementary particle physics and Unified Field theory, that I think will be very important or helpful when we look to the Vedic mechanics of sound. This chart shows a very important principle, and that is, the more profound the science of transformation, the more profound the science of sound. The more powerful a transformation is at the finest level of application of the science of sound, we can transform anything into anything. [Dr Hagelin used a chart to explain the transformations of chemistry on molecular, showing the transformation of sound into sound, of sugar into carbon dioxide.]

‘This chart is transformation of sound into sound, of sugar into carbon dioxide. In the leaf of a plant is a rather superficial level of the application of the science of sound, a superficial level of the science of transformation, because here we start with a certain number of carbon atoms—C6, six of them—a certain number of hydrogen atoms—twelve of them, H12—and a certain number of oxygen atoms—six plus twelve equals eighteen. When the chemical reaction is all said and done, and the sugar has been transformed into carbon dioxide and water, we still have six carbon atoms. We still have twelve hydrogen atoms and eighteen oxygen atoms.

‘So, in this transformation, this chemical transformation, all we are doing, really, is rearranging the atoms into different molecules. The number of atoms and the species of atom remain untouched in a typical chemical transformation. It is because it's a very superficial level of transformation—transformation at the chemical or molecular level.

The science of transformation in elementary particle physics

‘Whereas, when there can be a more profound science of transformation, for example when we go from initial state electrons, which is one specie of elementary particle, into final-state muons, which is another specie of elementary particle. In this deeper level of application at the particulate level electron, one species is being actually transformed into a whole new species, muons. And yet, the initial particles are leptons, and the final particles are still leptons. Initial particles are fermions, and the final particles are still fermions. So, there is a certain inflexibility even at this level of elementary particle physics restricting our ability to transform one specie of particle into another.

‘When we go to deeper levels of application of sound at the electro-weak unified level, at the grand unified level, at the super unified level, at the level of the Unified Field. . . . , we can transform anything into anything. At the grand unified level, we can transform quarks into leptons—a miraculous feat that could not be accomplished at any more superficial level. At the super unified level we can transform fermions into bosons, particles into forces. This is yet another level of miraculous transformation, transforming opposites into opposites: bosons into fermions, fermions into bosons. At that level, in terms of elementary particle physics, we can absolutely transform anything into anything.

‘So, the transforming power depends upon how profound is the science and application of sound—superficial molecular, deeper atomic, deeper at the elementary particle level of the atomic nucleus, electro-weak unified, grand unified, super unified. All bring new levels of power of transformation, each at a more profound and fundamental level of the science of sound.

The science of transformation at the level of the Unified Field

‘Now, Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technologies of Consciousness is a science and technology of the Unified Field and the science of sound at the ultimate level. . . . Maharishi has revived the eternal Vedic Science of consciousness, which is a science of the Unified Field. He has revitalized and revived that complete science in this scientific age as his Vedic Science of Technology and Consciousness, which is the most comprehensive revival of the Vedic wisdom in the long history of Vedic Knowledge. It is, in a sense, a far more sophisticated science of the Unified Field than that which has emerged from the Unified Field theories of modern physics with their highly mathematical and rigorous approach. . . .

‘All of that is good, but the Vedic Science is actually more comprehensive and complete, in terms of giving the complete science of unity and the mechanics through which the fundamental sequentially gives rise to the surface diversity of the universe. Vedic Science is in a very different language; it is in the language of sound, the language of the flow of speech, not the static language of numbers, which are fixed and rigid and do not change. . . .

‘The language of Vedic Science is the language of the Veda. "Veda" means knowledge, holistic knowledge, Total Knowledge. And the Unified Field is the field of holistic knowledge, the field of Total Knowledge. And the Unified Field by its nature, we have seen, is a field firstly of consciousness—very important. This point has been largely missed, I would say, by most physicists in this scientific age. The Unified Field, the field of the super string, in the language of modern science, is fundamentally the field of consciousness, universal consciousness, unified consciousness. That is simply due to its properties: intelligence, dynamism, self-awareness or self-referral, and so forth. These are the defining characteristics of consciousness.

‘It is very interesting to conclude that the objective approach of modern science, which has been exploring the material creation at deeper and deeper levels has pierced through the material to discover the non-material. It has systematically explored the atomic and nuclear and sub nuclear levels. At each stage of this inward exploration of both fundamental levels of natural law, the material substance of the systems under investigation has basically disappeared. And what is left is the field of intelligence. Quantum mechanics is the dynamics of intelligence; it is the mechanics of pure potentiality. And deeper levels of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, unified quantum field theory, superstring theory—all this—is all deep within the non-material realm of infinitely dynamic, self-aware intelligence, the field of pure consciousness. This has been glimpsed through the objective, material approach of modern science.

Vedic Science and the science of transformation

‘It is quite a tribute to modern science to have probed nature at its depth and discovered the non-material source of the material universe. But the Vedic Science is ab initio [from the beginning, Latin] a science of consciousness and therefore, is ideally suited as a science of the Unified Field, which is a field of consciousness. Consciousness, by its very nature is one, self-referral, self-aware, one without a second, a completely indivisible wholeness of existence, the unity of knower, knowing and known. But being a field of consciousness, self-aware consciousness, it is aware of itself in that abstract, self-referral state of self-awareness.

‘Being self-aware, it has within itself the potential to be the knower and the known—knower, knowing, and known united in the structure of self-knowing. The emergence of these three, or the perception of three, or the intellectual discernment of three within the field of unity, opens all possibilities for innumerable relationships among those three. And those relationships sequentially build up to become the diversity of relationships in the universe in a very sequential way, as Maharishi unfolds in his Vedic Science of Consciousness. [Dr Hagelin shows a chart on the structure of the Rk Veda as the science of sound.]

‘Consciousness knowing itself is consciousness reverberating within itself. And it knows itself really as the flow of sound—sound and silence, sound and silence. This is the flow of consciousness within itself. This has been eternally reported and preserved in the Vedic Literature of India. In the Rk Veda, which is the foundational aspect of the Vedic Literature, these primordial sounds of self-knowing, the self-interacting dynamics of unity, are perfectly preserved.

‘The first sound of the Rk Veda is "A", the wholeness of consciousness or Atma, the Self—with capital "S"—the universal Self of everyone. That "A" is completely self-contained, unified, self-referral, one without a second, wholeness, represented by the wholeness or fullness of the letter, "A". The flow of sound within itself as consciousness awakens to itself and sequentially fathoms is own diversified, eternal structure. The flow of sound becomes diversified as syllables and silence, syllables and gaps between the syllables, expressed in the language of the Rk Veda, “Agni Mile Purohitam Yagyasa Devam Ritvijam”, and so forth.

‘The flow of the Vedic Sound is nothing but consciousness flowing within itself, the Unified Field reverberating within itself. We have already identified these reverberations as the universe. All the elementary particles and forces, the so-called building blocks of the material universe, are not material building blocks after all, as we have seen. They are just the reverberant sounds of the Unified Field, the frequencies of the Veda, the vowels and consonants and syllables of the Veda.

‘The Vedic Science of Maharishi is a complete science of sound. . . .The flow of "A" into "Ak" into "Akni Mile Purohitam", which is called the first Pada or eight syllables of the Rk Veda, into the next twenty-four syllables of the Rk Veda or the first Richa of the Rk Veda, and then into the first Sukta of the Rk Veda with its one hundred and ninety-two syllables. That is the sequentially unfolding, diversified structure of unity. This is sequential symmetry breaking, the emergence of apparent diversity from fundamental unity in the language of Vedic Science. [Dr Hagelin shows a chart showing the precise mathematical correspondence between the structure of the Rk Veda and the Lagrangian of the superstring.]

‘This shows the reverberant structure of the Unified Field in the mathematical language of modern science. The structure of the superstring unfolds from one to eight, from eight to twenty-four, from twenty-four to 192 in exact correspondence to the sequential unfoldment of the sounds of the Veda. They are the same! The languages are different—mathematics, from the standpoint of physics, and the flow of sound, from the standpoint of Vedic Science, which is a complete science of sound.

‘Therefore, Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technologies of Consciousness are first and foremost a science of unity, a science of the Unified Field experienced as sound, where the self-interacting dynamics of unity, the progressively diversified expressions of the complex universe, are really just the sequential flow of sound and silence in the hierarchically emerging structure of the Rk Veda.This is a complete science of sound, which includes not just the intellectual understanding—for which we have a parallel in modern theoretical physics in the superstring—but also includes the technologies of sound. Firstly, the technologies of the direct experience of the Unified Field are the Transcendental Meditation programme of Maharishi, and the TM-Sidhi programme of Maharishi, including Yogic Flying—all techniques to take the attention directly to experience this Unified Field at the basis of mind, at the basis of physiology, at the basis of the whole universe, and to experience the sound of silence, to experience the reverberations of consciousness, the Vrittis of Atma, which are the frequencies of the Veda and are also the elementary particles and forces of nature. The building blocks of the universe are just these fundamental sounds.

‘Maharishi has gone into great depth, into beautiful, exquisite depth, into the fine, fine mechanics of the science of sound and the science of transformation of sound. This is important, because, as we have understood already, the science of transformation of anything into anything—molecular, atomic, nuclear, anything—is a science of sound. Maharishi has delved into these mechanics of the science of sound, the mechanics of transformation, in great depth, as we will see here.

‘This is very important. Maharishi comments here on the detailed structure of the Veda and the flow of the Vedic Sounds, as one sound transforms into another. He has elaborated the science of transformation of sound. As we see here, one syllable, one audible sound of the Veda, collapsing into silence, which simply represents the gap between two spoken syllables, the gap between any two sounds. That gap is a point of silence. And the silence results from the collapse of the previous sound.

‘That collapse in the Vedic Science of Maharishi is called, Pradwamsabhava, a state of collapse, leading to the absolute silence of Anonybhava, which means total annihilation, absolute, unmanifest, self-referral, transcendental silence of consciousness. But the silence of consciousness is, after all, the silence of consciousness. It is not the silence of inertia. But it is an alert silence—self-aware. And that dynamics of self-awareness has its own transcendental structure of three in one, as we have seen, and ultimately all the relationships among those three. So within the silence of Anonyabhava is the dynamism of Atyatabhava, which means unmanifest in transformation. The mechanics of unmanifest dynamism, the unmanifest in transformation, is crucial, because that is the organizing intelligence, the computational intelligence, that leads to the emergence of the subsequent sound, which is the final stage in this transformation process or Pragbhava, the sprout of the next sequence, the next syllable of sound.

‘We have here the fourfold mechanics of transformation—something I believe no other scholar, certainly in modern history, has ever unfolded. This is extremely important for many reasons. This point-value of the dynamics of sound is where all the potentiality, all the power, all the intelligence resides. It is the silent mechanics of transformation in the syllables of speech that allows the emerging syllable to logically follow the preceding syllable. If the gap between syllables were a gap of inertia with no intelligence, then one syllable would just stop, and the next syllable, if it emerged at all, would be completely random with respect to the first, and speech would be unintelligible.

‘So, it is true for human speech that the mind silently computes between the spoken words. It is true of Vedic speech on a much subtler level that the Vedic syllables as they collapse into silence, the mechanics of transformation within the silence, is the mechanics which leads to the emerging syllable of the Veda. In that silence at the point-value of transformation is all the intelligence and all the power. Because as we said before from the standpoint of modern science. . . at the deepest level, at the level of the Unified Field, we can transform anything into anything. Not at a more superficial level of transformation where at a molecular transformation the atomic numbers and species remain unchanged, at a grand unified level of transformation fermionic content remains fermionic content, bosonic content remains bosonic content, and never the twain shall meet, but at the super unified scale where we can transform bosons into fermions, fermions into bosons. We can transform anything into anything at that level of sophisticated science of sound. . . .

‘Maharishi's science of sound is an absolute science of sound that includes not just the collapse of a syllable, but the collapse to a point and unravels the point to discover the dynamism within the point, the intelligence of the Unified Field— self-referral, self-aware intelligence, the ultimate level of intelligence, the Constitution of the Universe we've called it before, from which anything can be computed, from which the universe is governed flawlessly and without a problem. . . .

Black holes and the science of transformation

‘The same understanding is now emerging in the context of quantum gravity. This is simply a picture of a black hole. A black hole is the collapse of a star to a point, to a mathematical point. It happens in the late stage evolution of a star when a star has consumed its nuclear fuel, and therefore runs out of internal heat and pressure, which normally holds a start apart in the face of its own gravitational self-attraction. Absent that nuclear power, the star will collapse and collapse to a point. [Dr Hagelin shows a chart] The so-called black hole in the centre is really just a mathematical point of no size. . . . .

‘Black holes have in the past been quite a mystery. Early theories of quantum gravity were a little less sophisticated. They describe the collapsing star as a mathematical point of no size, and hence assumed there to be no internal structure. It's difficult to conceive of internal structure, when there is no size whatsoever. So in the absence of any internal structure, black holes were actually very simple. It didn't matter what fell into a black hole—blue star, red star, big star, and small star—you ended up with a black hole! They were all the same, really only differentiated by a few simple things: their mass, their electric charge, and their spin. . . . There was nothing you could say about a black hole—everything was absolutely destroyed in the state of Anonyabhava, total annihilation. Therefore, it was without memory. This is what was thought.

‘A black hole has no memory, the so-called "no hair theorem of black hole physics" introduced by Stephen Hawking. The black hole had no memory because it had no size. If it has no size, it has no structure. If it has no structure, it has no capability. There are no details about it. There is no capability to store any information.

‘That has changed. With superstring theory, we know that within the point-singularity is structure—the unmanifest structure of the Unified Field interacting with itself. This is where the Lagrangian of the Superstring takes over. This is the self-interacting dynamics of unity, the cu. It is a rich, a remarkably rich structure, and it has perfect memory. Now we understand that whatever falls into a black hole, whether it's a blue star or a red star or a hundred planets that may follow the star, all collapsing to a point, in that point singularity is perfect memory—perfect memory of what went in. What come out when a black hole explodes is no longer random, as it was once thought to be in the absence of memory, in the absence of structure. In the presence of memory of a Superstring black hole, everything is remembered. What comes out is absolutely new, it's absolutely fresh, it's absolutely revived, but it does depend on what went in.

Vedic Sound is Unified Field-Based Sound

‘Just as in speech, as in this picture of the flow of the Vedic Sound, what comes out depends on what goes in, even in the midst of a state of total annihilation of a completely unmanifest gap. So "A" gives rise to "Ni'" as "Akni". This is a very sequential flow of the Veda, and that is Smriti of the Veda, memory of the Veda, the memory of the unmanifest, remembering what goes in to compute what should come out. This is the eternal flow of the Veda. It's a perfect science of evolution; it's a perfect science of transformation.

‘The whole Veda is Brahm, but there is Mantra and Brahmana. Mantra is Veda on the level of sound. Brahmana is the organizing power of the Veda, and the seat of the Brahmana is in the gaps between the sounds. So the real science of transformation, the real science of sound, the real science of Veda, as Maharishi explains, is the science of the gap of Anyantabhava and Anonyabhava. So it is a Unified Field based science of sound. The Vedic Science of sound is Unified Field-based sound, sound of the gap. From the point-value, the ultimate level of the science of sound, as we have seen, we can transform anything into anything.

‘Whereas this is true in principle from the standpoint of modern science, it is true in practice from the standpoint of Maharishi's Vedic Science as applied to many, many different fields. But today we are just going to focus—one last remark—on agriculture. In agriculture, as I mentioned, a plant goes through formative stages in its development from seed, to swollen seed, to sprout, to branches, to leaves, to fruits, to seeds again. Every one of these stages of transformation is extremely delicate. When one branch splits into two, this is called a phase transition in physics—an extremely delicate phase of growth. This is a phase where the correlation length, because it's a phase transition, is infinite. What does that mean? It means the sensitivity to environmental influences is infinite. So at that moment of bifurcation, it is extremely vital that the plant is exposed to the right environmental influences.

The science of transformation applied to plants

‘The science of transformation, which is a science of sound, as we have seen, is like the transformation of a single sprouted plant to a bifurcated sprout, is one sound into another sound. That science of sound, science of transformation, is perfected in the Veda. In Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, the appropriate environmental circumstances, the appropriate environmental conditions, are created to maximally nourish the transformation of one stage of plant growth to another.

‘How is that done? Through the application of sound. Vedic Mantras are particularly especially chosen for a plant at different times in the development of a plant. Remember the chemistry of sound: To transform one sound into another, you need to add the appropriate sound. To transform glucose into carbon dioxide, you have to add the appropriate sound, the sound of oxygen. To transform an electron into muons you have to add the appropriate sound, the sound of a positron. To transform one stage of plant growth into the next stage of plant growth, you have to add the appropriate sound.

‘What is that sound? The Vedic Literature prescribes it. Maharishi has revived it—the particular sounds, or Mantras, necessary to enrich and nurture the transformation of the development of a plant. So, as a result of the application of sound—the particular Mantras at particular times—Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture brings maximum nutritional value of the plant.

‘The nutritional value of a plant is in terms of its proteins. And the proteins are very complex and are precisely programmed in the DNA of the plant. But the whole mechanics of what is called "gene expression", through which the proteins are synthesized in the cell is a very delicate process, because these proteins in turn will transform a single-stem plant into a multi-celled plant and will bring out the leaves, flowers, and fruits. The process needs to be protected against negative environmental impacts. It needs to be protected against chemical fertilizer, protected against chemicals, pesticides, and all that can disrupt the proper process of gene expression in protein synthesis.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture supplies missing knowledge

‘That Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture protects is first and foremost. It is organic, free of chemical toxins that could disturb the plant and, of course, later disturb the eater of the plant. But more than just the absence of toxins, Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture adds the element of Vedic Sound, which is that sound required by the chemistry of sound, by the science of transformation, to take one stage of plant to the next desirable stage of development of the plant. It is highly precise. It is age-old, time tested, and scientifically demonstrable in terms of the remarkable nutritious value of the Vedic Organic foods and the exquisite taste of the Vedic Organic foods. The nourishing quality, vitamin-density and protein-richness, of the Vedic Organic foods is verifiable by science. . . .

‘I wanted to mention this is one, very important aspect of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture among many aspects, which will be unfolded by Raja John Konhaus. And I wanted to emphasize that Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is not just an addition of new elements to the science of organic agriculture, it is an entirely profound foundation to agriculture that has been missing before. What has been missing from organic agriculture is Veda—that means knowledge of the total plant, knowledge of total Natural Law, knowledge of the Constitution of the Universe, knowledge of the perfect Vedic Science of sound. That having been restored, now we have not just the hope, but also the actual proven capability of really deriving the most from agriculture.

‘It will be extremely interesting to see how this basic principle, which we could call Unified Field-Based Agriculture, is practically applied in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture in so many ways. In so many ways Maharishi has captured exactly what is needed to bring agriculture to a state of real fulfilment—that means a fulfilling life for the farmer, a fulfilling life for all those who eat the food and derive maximally nutritious, evolutionary benefit, and a fulfilment for the entire country, where the wealth and prosperity can be profoundly enriched through the profits that are generated by Maharishi Vedic Organic Agricultural projects.

‘It is huge. It is a complete Vedic Science of perfect agriculture.'

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