Volume 7, Issue No. 6

February 2007

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Inauguration of six-point program
to raise the fortune of every country

Presenting the new six-point program to be implemented by the Global Financial Capital of New York and its affiliated national Financial Capitals in 108 countries, to raise the fortune of every country in favor of life.

Six-point program announced by the Global Financial Capital of New York, a recently created organization based at 70 Broad Street, New York:

  1. Crowning the nation with invincibility

  2. Reconstructing the world (the built environment)

  3. Creating high-level medical colleges (based on prevention-oriented medicine)

  4. Establishing new universities, colleges and schools in every country

  5. Producing healthy food through promotion of organic agriculture in every country

  6. Eliminating poverty in the world

Project Number 1: Crowning the nation with invincibility

The sovereignty of any nation is meaningless without invincibility. The freedom of any nation is always under threat without invincibility. Therefore, invincibility is most essential for the sovereignty and freedom of any nation.

If the national consciousness of any country is not coherent, conflicting tendencies prevail.

Therefore, invincibility is vitally important for every nation if it is to breathe life in freedom, peace, prosperity, and happiness.

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Project Number 2: Reconstructing the world (the built environment)

People are generally unaware of how much suffering, anxiety, sickness, and negativity is due to the wrong orientation of buildings. The program to reconstruct all homes, working places, and government buildings in the world is very necessary for peace and happiness.

Project Number 3: Creating high-level medical colleges

The prevailing system of health care in every country is completely inadequate to prevent disease, and even to cure disease. Modern medicine is famous for its harmful side-effects. Therefore, it is vital that a new and healthy system of health care is promoted. For this, it is vitally necessary that we undertake to establish high-class medical colleges, offering training in prevention-oriented side-effect free medicine, and production facilities for healthy medicines in every country.

Project Number 4. Establishing new universities, colleges and schools in every country

The modern system of education, like modern medicine, has been recognized to be inadequate because it does not create an enlightened individual and this is a loss to life everywhere.

Being in possession of total knowledge of the Unified Field of Natural Law, we are inspired to open new fields in education through universities, colleges and schools that provide Total Knowledge of Natural Law to every student and develop full enlightenment in every growing generation in every country. The power of Total Knowledge will allow everyone to know everything, do everything, and achieve anything that he would like.

Fortunately, now we are in possession of the knowledge of Total Natural Law in the unified field, which has been discovered at the basis of physiology through modern scientific research.

Project Number 5: Producing healthy food through promotion of organic agriculture in every country

The value of organic agriculture has been realized worldwide and it has been recognized that non-organic food often contains toxins and is less nutritious. Instead of nourishing life, non-organic food damages life.

So it is very vital that all efforts are made to stop non-organic agriculture and promote organic agriculture in favor of healthy life in our world.

Project Number 6: Eliminating poverty in the world

Removal of poverty is a project that is promoted by our deepest sentiment – that the nature of life is bliss, but so many people in the world are experiencing scarcity and suffering. It puts us to pain and shame that half of our dear world family is living in dire poverty.

Therefore we, for our part, and even on behalf of the existing wealth in the world, are inspired to make efforts to eliminate poverty and raise the standard of living of poor families in our world. The path to be adopted is to give to the poor education and training about the nature of life. It is not to give them "minimum wages" but a fairly good level of wages (at least corresponding to the middle income bracket), so that they can live in proper homes, have proper clothing, healthy food, and sufficient means for the education of their children.

For this we have planned to employ the poor and give them the skills for starting organic agriculture in their country.

There are more than 40 million hectares of unused, fertile, agricultural land in the world. This gift of God is available on Earth, and by making use of it we can eliminate poverty in our world.

BUDGET: First phase of the project is estimated to cost two billion US dollars.

Fulfillment of these six projects will be a joy to every man of good will and competence, and will open for mankind a new fortune of peace, prosperity and happiness, and all good in the Light of God.

An Extremely Significant Study
Transcendental Meditation Reduces Congestive Heart Failure

Dr. John Hagelin(28 February 2007) Dr John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, interviewed special guest Dr Robert Schneider, the foremost preventive cardiologist in the world. Dr Schneider is a professor of Physiology and Health and the Director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention. He is the author of scientific research papers, many of which have been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), on the health-promoting benefits of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and other aspects of Maharishi’s Vedic Medicine.

On February 28, the results of an extremely significant study, funded by the NIH, were announced in a global press release by the University of Pennsylvania and, simultaneously, by the journal 'Ethnicity and Disease', a top publication in the field of heart health. The title of the article was 'Transcendental Meditation Reduces Congestive Heart Failure, a New Study Shows'.

The study shows the tremendous effect of the Vedic Approach, the holistic approach of total Natural Law-based medicine, Transcendental Meditation, in preventing the number one killer in the world—heart failure. Every year, in America alone, nearly 300,000 Americans die of congestive heart failure, over 2.5 million people are hospitalized from the disease, and half a million new patients are diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Despite advances in conventional treatment, the number of deaths from congestive heart failure has increased in the past decade.

Congestive heart failure is the end result of all heart diseases, the most common of which is coronary artery disease, hardening of the arteries. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, and poor life style cause hardening of the arteries, which restricts flow of blood in the heart. When the heart muscle does not get enough blood flow the muscle itself fails. When the action of the heart fails, the heart cannot pump enough blood. People get tired easily, cannot walk far, and cannot do normal activities. The failing heart is prone to become the dying heart; the five year mortality rate of people with this condition is about 50 per cent.

Dr Robert SchneiderDr Schneider described the results of this carefully controlled study showing marked reductions in heart failure simply as a result of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation. The people in the study had been hospitalized and were in advanced cases of the disease—they had already been stricken by and were living with the results of heart failure. The group practising Transcendental Meditation showed significant improvement on the ‘six-minute walk test’, as well as reduced depression, improved quality of life, and fewer re-hospitalizations.

Dr Schneider said that earlier research that he has conducted with other collaborators around the world has shown that the Transcendental Meditation practice can reduce risk factors of heart failure like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, and stroke, and thus can reduce measures of heart disease, such as hardening of the arteries, as well as change the brain basis of heart disease. This is the first time that anyone has looked at the end result of all heart diseases—the failing heart—and has shown that even in this very advanced condition, a person can be saved and further progression can be prevented with mind-body intervention alone, not using drugs or surgery.

About a year ago, Dr Schneider conducted another study on death due to heart disease. This study showed an increase of survival rate over five years in people suffering from heart disease. There was a 50% drop in cardio-vascular mortality in subjects who added Transcendental Meditation to their daily routine. This was compared to the result of using drugs. For example, the drugs used for hypertension, reduce cardio-vascular mortality by about 25% after five years, and the cholesterol reducing drugs that are being widely prescribed now reduce mortality by about 30% after five years. The study demonstrates that this holistic intervention using the body's own internal pharmacy in an integrated, comprehensive way based on the Unified Field of health, at the basis of the physiology, was more effective than modern therapies. In addition, it had no harmful side-effects, and in fact, holistically improved the health of the body, as well as the quality of life and emotional well-being of the practitioners, which is completely beyond the capability of modern approaches to health.

In this press conference, Dr Bevan Morris, the President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Maharishi University of Management, USA, and the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, also spoke about the role of Maharishi Central University in solving the world's problems. He described the details of the establishment of this new university of Total Knowledge in the USA.

Maharishi has been repeating that it will not take a long time for the complete transformation of the world now. The time has come, and the time is here for the press to observe what has happened, what is happening, and how quickly the history of all negativity is changing to all positivity. The economy and every other phase of life is going to be better and better. This is Maharishi’s admonition to the press today: watch out for all of these changes that will be occurring day by day from now on and report those to the world. This will be a great joy for the world press and a great achievement for the world press.


One Month Panchakarma Technician Training Course
For Ladies, 19 August – 18 September 2007
Maharishi Heaven On Earth Capital
Seelisberg, Switzerland

Maharishi Vedic University invites students interested in the programs to bring Perfect Health and well-being to society to become Maharishi Ayur-Veda Technicians / Therapists and get positions in the Maharishi Ayur-Veda, Maharishi Vedic Health Centers or Maharishi Peace Palace Spas around the world.



Application procedure:
Please use the standard application and recommendation forms (will be sent to National Office or the local TM-Centre under request), and send them back to Maharishi Ayur-Veda Administration - Course Office, including a certificate of no contra-indication.

Criteria for eligibility:

  1. Practice of TM: required

  2. No smoking, no drinking of alcohol.

  3. Very good health, physical and mental. A certificate of no contra-indication signed by an independent medical doctor is required.

  4. Having a friendly, open and flexible attitude, being capable of taking care of other people and of cooperating with other Technicians, are some of the qualities expected of a Maharishi Ayur-Veda Technician.

  5. Upper age limit: 50 years

  6. Commitment to working full-time in a Maharishi Ayur-Veda or Maharishi Vedic Health Centre, or Maharishi Peace Palace Spa after the course (a recommendation from the Director of the Maharishi Centre is required).

  7. Having had a taste of Ayurveda massages or treatments, e.g. abhyanga/shirodhara/basti (recommended)

  8. The course is held in English. If translation is needed, it has to be organized by the participants on the level of their language group (compensations not covered by MVU).

Course fee: (payment instructions will be sent separately to approved candidates)

  • Tuition fee: 2000 EUR

  • Room and Board: starting at Sfr. 1950.- for 30 days.

  • Additional fee for translators: room & board
    Deadline for applications : 31 July 2007

Note: The 30 days' training does not include training in the special “Beauty treatments” offered in Maharishi Spas. That training requires 3-4 extra days. It can be organized as an extension of the 30 days’, or locally in the Maharishi Spas.

Looking forward to receiving many applications
Jai Guru Dev

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