Volume 7, Issue No. 3

November 2006

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America Is Rising
to Invincibility


Group of 1500 Advanced Meditation Experts in Iowa
Is Creating Coherent National Consciousness


Wall Street Booms, Energy Prices Plummet 25%,
 Unemployment Drops, Consumer Confidence Soars,
Hurricane Season Passes without a Whimper,
and Washington, D.C., Is Transformed


“This is just the beginning—with a permanent group of Yogic Flyers
in America, all good will continue to come to the nation”—Maharishi

(November 16, 2006) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proclaimed this week that his Invincible America Assembly, now in its seventeenth week at Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa, is quietly transforming the nation and raising the country to a permanent state of peace, prosperity, and invincibility.

Since the Assembly began on July 23, the Dow has soared to 17 all-time highs, consumer confidence is now at its best in almost five years, unemployment is at its lowest levels in five years, oil and gas prices have dropped 25%, inflation pressures have subsided, the feared hurricane season has passed without a whimper, and the political atmosphere of Washington has been completely transformed.

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Rigorous statistical analysis shows that the upsurge of positive trends—publicly predicted in advance—started when a group of 1200 experts in the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, assembled in Iowa from across the U.S. and around the world to create coherent collective consciousness—the basis of the national transformation. (See for preliminary research findings on the Invincible America Assembly.)

“We expected to hear good news coming from the Invincible Assembly—and now we are enjoying receiving it every day from the world press,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi emphasized that this national transformation is just beginning. “With this group of Yogic Flyers permanently established in America, all good will continue to come to the country—a bright new sunshine is dawning right now for America and the world.”

Extensive published scientific research documents the Maharishi Effect

Dr. John Hagelin, a world-renowned quantum physicist and director of the Invincible America Assembly, is leading a team of scientists and physicians who are monitoring the effects of the group practice on national economic, social, and even climatic trends. He said the positive developments created by the Assembly are consistent with prior studies.

“Extensive research published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals documents reduced negative trends, including reduced crime and violence, and improved economic and social trends—when as few as the square root of one percent of a population practice Yogic Flying together in a group,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Scientists named this phenomenon the “Maharishi Effect” after His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the renowned Vedic scholar who founded the Transcendental Meditation program, and who predicted the beneficial impact of group meditation on social trends as early as 1975.

Dr. Hagelin said research also indicates that the Invincible America Assembly dramatically reduced the number of predicted hurricanes this season.

“The ‘non-linear partial differential equations’ governing the weather obey the characteristics of chaos theory. As a consequence, weather patterns are sensitive to infinitesimal changes in initial conditions—a phenomenon popularly known as the ‘Butterfly Effect.’ Even minute changes in people’s behavior can precipitate—or prevent—a hurricane. The Invincible America Assembly is raising the quality of collective consciousness—and of behavior throughout society—to be more harmonious, more life supporting. And Nature is responding more positively,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Group of 2000 Yogic Flyers needed to make the nation invincible

Dr. Hagelin said that the number of Yogic Flyers in the Assembly recently increased from 1200 to 1500—further intensifying the positive effect for the nation. And when the number of Yogic Flyers reaches the square root of one percent of the U.S. population (about 2000), there will be an even more dramatic improvement in national trends, and any lingering problems in the country will be quickly resolved.

“This is not wishful thinking,” Dr. Hagelin said. “This is hard science that has been field tested for over 50 years and documented through more than 600 studies conducted at over 250 independent universities and research institutes throughout the world.”

Dr. Hagelin added that groups of Yogic Flyers are now being established in a total of 40 countries to create a “Ring of Invincibility” around the globe and quickly raise the whole world to a state of permanent peace.

The Invincible America Assembly is being funded by an annual $12 million grant from the Howard and Alice Settle Foundation for an Invincible America.

Press Conference Highlights
1 November 2006

Continue to watch the growth of harmony, happiness, more positivity, freedom from conflicts and difficulties in the world, better health of the people

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. We have been speaking to the world press all these years—all these fifty years. All the time we have been saying, “Now watch; now watch; now watch.” The same thing I have to say today, “Continue to watch the growth of harmony, happiness, more positivity, freedom from conflicts and difficulties in the world, better health of the people. Watch the growth of positivity in the world consciousness now, gradually, gradually, gradually.”

‘By now, many hundred thousand, maybe million, people are practicing Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying. Yogic Flying is a phenomenon that cannot be manipulated in any way. It is a very natural phenomenon of mind promoting a thought from the source of thought. The source of thought is experienced in Transcendental Meditation. The procedures are there to arrive at self-referral Transcendental Consciousness, and this has been experienced for thirty, forty, fifty years.

‘Now, for the last five, ten years, it has been found that the bigger the group of Yogic Flyers practicing together, the bigger the influence of coherence of the consciousness in the environment. This has been found with just a few hundred people in a small country—just a few hundred people—practicing Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying, particularly Yogic Flying, where the body lifts up in the air and has control over gravity. The lifting up of the body is not a phenomenon that can be manipulated by anyone. One takes one’s mind to transcendental, self-referral consciousness. From there, in his wide-awake alertness, he is able to promote a thought of flying. He thinks, “I want to fly.” There are specific words that he pronounces, and immediately he gets control over gravity and the body comes up in the air.

‘This is a phenomenon that has been demonstrated in so many World Peace Assemblies, as we used to call them. Many, many countries have been holding World Peace Assemblies. People come together, and they fly together—we call it flying, Yogic Flying. The body lifts up in the air and hops around. The lifting up of the body is the crucial event. The mind is completely withdrawn, on its own level in Transcendental Consciousness. The mind is awake in Transcendental Consciousness, fully awake, and when it thinks, “I want to fly”, then suddenly the body comes up. As the body comes up, it is the function of deep silence in action. Deep silence is self-referral consciousness, self-referral Transcendental Consciousness, and there, one promotes a thought and gets control over gravity. Getting control over gravity is getting control over Total Natural Law—over the power of Total Natural Law that rules the universe.

‘It is the force of gravity that rules the universe. All the galactic worlds here and there—one is attracted to the other. This is the force of gravity. And this force of gravity, the attraction and repulsion power, gets stimulated by the mind when the mind is in a completely settled state, self-referral state, completely settled. The mind is fully awake on that junction point of silence and dynamism. . . . Thought on that level releases the force of gravity, and that fulfills the desire to lift up in the air and move forward—Yogic Flying.

‘It is a great phenomenon, in whatever language we speak about it. It does not matter what language we speak. We can talk in religious language, in the name of God; we can talk in the scientific language, in terms of the physiology and brain functioning and heart palpitations and all. We can talk in any terms, but the net result is the command over gravity which rules the universe.

‘Where is the seat of this supreme power? The seat of this is in deep silence, the field of the unmanifest—unmanifest reality. The world is full of manifestations, this and that and that and that, but underlying all these diverse manifestations, there is uniformity of silence. That is the basis of creativity.

‘The mind trained in transcending gets to a field of self-referral intelligence. It’s the total field of Natural Law, absolute silence. They call it Samadhi in the language of Yoga. In the Vedic Language, it is Samadhi. Samadhi is the settled state of intelligence, all by itself. Any desire from there is the desire of Total Natural Law.

‘Some laws of nature govern the sun; some others govern the moon; some others govern the darkness; some others govern the light. But Total Natural Law is the commander. It is the basis of all silence and all dynamism. To have our conscious awareness on that level through the practice of Transcendental Meditation makes a man creative. Hundreds of advantages have been discovered through scientific research—research in the social field, in all the fields. Also, there is research on how the brain functions, how the heart functions—all the research scientists have been expressing today.

‘Dr Hagelin has sorted out all of this and has come out with a formula. It is a bold formula in the language of science. The time of the Dark Ages is over. This is the time of the discovery of the Unified Field with the technology of the Unified Field. It is seen from the level of Vedic expressions, from the language of the Veda—the huge amount of Vedic Literature, the four Vedas and Vedangas and Upangas and Ayurveda—and all the different fields of sciences, all the scientific experimentation, the system of realizing that thing. The net result of it is all recorded in the ancient language of the Vedic Knowledge.

‘Total Vedic Knowledge is available in Transcendental Consciousness. So getting to Transcendental Consciousness is actualizing all that is written out and is available through the families of the Vedic Pandits in India. They have been performing what are called Yagyas, the system of performance through the mind, in order to achieve any result.

‘Now what we want is the result, that the society should not have to suffer. People do not have to be unhealthy, and they do not have to be sick and suffering and cry. People do not have to be unsuccessful. They should have all success—pleasant, bliss consciousness. Life should be bliss.

‘ “Life is bliss” is declared in the Yogic Literature, in the Vedic Literature. It is declared in the literature of action—how to act. The Bhagavad Gita, which is part of the Vedic Literature, prescribes one simple formula: “Yogasthah Kuru Karmani”—three words, “Yogasthah Kuru Karmani”—having reached the state of Yoga, having reached the state of balance in the mind, perform action.

‘This is the formula of action, how to act. Take the mind to a state of deep silence, to a state of Samadhi. Take the mind to where the mind is awake within itself, and then perform action. This is the formula of action. This is the formula of action where action is accomplished through desiring. This is how to desire for action. This is how to perform action, in deep silence. Then action will be instantly realized. Whatever we want will be delivered to us because we are promoting the action on a level of self-referral intelligence. Our attention is on that level where all possibilities are clear—all possibilities. All possibilities means all possibilities. You can accomplish anything; you can accomplish anything.

‘That is the basic culture of the Vedic field, Vedic Culture, the most ancient culture of the world. All the wise people throughout the ages have been quoting from field of the Vedic Culture just this message of these three words, “Yogasthah Kuru Karmani”, establish yourself in Yoga and then, established in Yoga—that means established in harmony, established in self-referral intelligence—perform action. And “perform action” means desire anything. Desire from the source of all action, desire from deep silence, desire from the state of Being. This is the knowledge of Natural Law put to practise.

‘We want our people to not get into the muddle of suffering, not get into failures, not get into any conflicts in their nation. It is a shame to human life, when conflicts are there and quarrels are there and one country says, “My country”, and the other says, “My country”. For how many years “my”? Twenty years or a hundred and twenty years or a thousand years, and “my” is gone; the country remains as it is.

“Vasudaiva Katumbakam”—the world is my family—is the power of the Vedic Civilization. The world is not only my family, separate from me, but I am the world. “Vedaham”—I am the knowledge; “Aham Vishvam”—I am the universe; “Aham Brahmasmi”—I am Totality. “I am Atma, I am Self”; “Thou art Self; all this is Self; everything is the Self; there is nothing else than the Self”—all in terms of grand unity. This is the dignity of the human civilization we speak of. Apart from this, the world has been in the Dark Ages. Now is the time that the Vedic Civilization is awake.

‘Life is life. Man was made in the image of God from the level of religion. Everywhere, whatever religion—this religion, that religion—the essence is, “Man is made in the image of God.” Some take this to be the name of God; some take that to be the name of God. All the names are the names of God, actually. So if we talk in terms of religion, “Man is made in the image of God”, man is to live the Light of God.

‘This is religion: man is to live Total Natural Law. This is science: man is to live Total Natural Law. Total Natural Law is the ruler of the universe, the Constitution of the Universe. In one word, it is the force of gravity. You can call it anything in different mathematical equations—whether arithmetic or trigonometry or whatever expression we use. If it is the total expression, then it is saying the same thing.

‘Utilize Total Natural Law in the daily affairs of everyone. Children have to be given the knowledge of this. Bookish knowledge, informatory knowledge, knowledge gained through lectures is very superficial knowledge. All our Vedic Universities give the experience of the fourth state of consciousness. So the word has gone around about Consciousness-Based education. Consciousness generally is not in education. Then education is a promotion of ignorance. So education is not education; it is the promotion of darkness.

‘This is a time when we are open in the world. It is nothing new that we are saying. We have been saying this for years, and we will continue. Now, it is not even a matter of saying it, enough people are practicing Yogic Flying. And in every country, the number is increasing. And it will increase. We will see the number of Yogic Flyers increase. When it reaches the threshold needed for the population of the country, the country will become coherent—all positivity. Then negativity will not have any chance to enter into the country from outside or from inside. There will be no enemies to life. Differences will not matter. What will matter is unity—unity will matter. Natural, common love will prevail. Conflicts will disappear; conflicts are disappearing now. It is not a matter anymore of “will”. Now, today see conflicts disappearing.

‘Dr Hagelin has already said that in Europe and in America this change is happening. Universal changes are happening—they are happening. Positivity is rising in the world, integration is rising in nations. Government will be administering nations through—I want to use the words—“automation in administration”. You can imagine a world where the students from 10 years to 20 years of age will practice Yogic Flying. And in every country those students from 10 to 20, 30 years of age will create integrated national consciousness. Those students will create a platform for government to have automation in administration.

‘This is my offer to the world. The government will have that integrated national consciousness created by the boys of 15, 20 years of age practicing Yogic Flying. Every country has boys in the schools, only they have to be taught Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying. The government will see that their administration will become prevention oriented. The police will not beat the people here and there. There will be nothing wrong happening.

‘And who will do this? Not the man-made law of the constitutions of the present governments, but the Constitution of the Universe. And it is going to happen. It is now happening. It has started to happen. It is not a matter of “will”; it is not a future matter. It is now and now and now.

‘Take the world. This is our offer to the world. This is the offer from the Vedic Tradition, the eternal tradition of Vedic Masters, who have been preserving this knowledge of Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying, all in the name of Yoga Sutras, Nyaya Sutras, Vaisheshika Sutras—different aspects of knowledge. All aspects of knowledge are centralized in one word: “Yogasthah Kuru Karmani”—“Established in Yoga, perform action”. And this is a truth. The technique is available; all the science is available. The technology, food is available. Those who will eat, they will be strong; those who will not eat, it is their choice—do not eat, suffer.

‘So the is from human choice. Joy is from the choice of the Creator. So better do what brings joy and do not worry about this or this or this, because when you are living the isolated level of life in terms of yourself, yourself, yourself, you are like a fish out of water. And when you are in the Will of God, you are a fish in the water, not out of water. Life is bliss for you. Life is bliss for you from the scientific angle, from the religious angle, from the agnostic level, from any level worthwhile.

‘This is my offer. Nothing more to say, now you see. Instead of us saying, now everyone sees. There is a choice; there is a choice. If you do not take to it, you do not take to it. Then you choose—you choose your way of life. If you close your eyes and spend a few minutes morning and evening in Transcendental Meditation, as a lot of people in the world have done and are doing—they are experiencing the joy of it—then the world is set in motion on the lines of bliss eternal.

‘Go by what Dr Hagelin is saying. He is the greatest scientist, and he has a heart—he has a religious heart and a scientific mind, and a very human element in that he wants to see a Peace Government. He is creating a Peace Government just by a few hundred people flying here and there and there. And all these different kinds of logic and scientists are coming to explain, “This is what happened in the brain, and this is what happened in the heart, and this is what happened in the lungs and all that.” This is all right—to know what actually happens through this miraculous practice of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. But have the practice and have it every day, morning and evening, so that one stops suffering—that is all. Stop suffering.

‘All glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. And all thanks to Dr Hagelin, who is bringing this from every angle—from the angle of science, physiology, and from every angle. And His Majesty Raja Raam has created a world; he has created a Global Constitution for everyone to not remain restricted to the physiology but go to the basis of the physiology. Raja Nader Raam’s discovery in the world is the discovery of the Vedic Physiology, which is the field of consciousness, bliss consciousness, which is the center of all activity.

‘Take your attention to that, and enjoy life. With a few hundred people flying together in every country, the country will be coherent, the country will be positive, the country will be free from negativity. We will be free from suffering, we will be free from diseases, we will be free from pains and cries. Come on to live in a world like this. It is available to you. It is your choice.

‘All glory to Guru Dev. Choose the life you can have. Now you have this life. It does not matter in what words you describe it, but you can have your life in bliss. It is open to you. If you live it, live it. If you do not live it, it is your choice. Jai Guru Dev.’

Effect of Large Groups of Yogic Flyers

We just quietly see the changes and smile

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi. this question certainly seems to be on the mind of the press. This is a big day today. Election results are being released. The question is: do we have any reflections on the surprising changeover of leadership in the United States? What impact do we see that large groups of Yogic Flyers may have on the destiny of the nation?’

Maharishi: ‘What we know is one word about it, “change” and then change, and then change, and then change, until it comes to a point that change will be less and less frequent, and stability, Totality, sameness will be more and more pervading. So in our estimation, we do not actually mind what happens in the field of politics, in economics, in society, in all that—no. We just quietly see the changes and smile. We just see the changes and smile. All these changes and all that—we expect them, because it is our creation. We are creating a more and more integrated national life in every country. So the country has to become more and more affluent, more and more healthy, more and more positive.

‘We just hear what is happening, and we smile: “Yes, yes. Yes, yes. We expect that to happen; we expect that to happen.” But we do not participate in opinion making, because it is sometimes this, sometimes that. Overall it is better and better and better and better, better, better. These are all natural phenomena. That is why we do not participate in all these things. Ours is a very steady pace of prosperity and happiness and coherence and goodwill. Conflicts must end as we become more and more prevalent in the world, more and more adopted in the world.

‘All good is going to come out. We have started to see for the last about two, three months what we have been saying and predicting and all that. Now is the time for us to see what is happening, for the world press to see what is happening. And not let it come to us to inform, but let others inform others, “This is happening, this is happening.” And we smile over this, “Yes, very good”.

‘Like that, these changes will continue until a time comes that Total Natural Law becomes a living reality in the life of the individual, in the life of society, in the life of the nation, in our world family. We do not mind what was thousands of years ago or yesterday or what. We do not mind. A bright rising sun is ahead of us. We enjoy and invite the press to see what is happening and tell us that this has happened here and this has happened there. That is the work of the world press: “In this country, this happened; in that country, that happened.” And with a smile, we will receive them and will say, “Yes, yes, yes”. We know the cause and, therefore, we expect that to happen—that is all.

‘But something nice is going to continuously come out in the world. That is our quiet, successful vision of what we have been doing for all these years.’


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