Volume 7, Issue No. 1

September 2006

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Pressing the Button of Enlightenment

I have only to gather in each country two hundred,
three hundred, four hundred people practicing
Yogic Flying together

(September 13, 2006) Maharishi starting his weekly press conference: ‘Jai Guru Dev. I have only to express the first syllable of “press" conference. I have pressed the button, and the light is on. I have only to gather in each country—in each of the forty countries—two hundred, three hundred, four hundred people practicing Yogic Flying together. They will be practicing for a high level of enlightenment in their own consciousness. They will be pressing their button of enlightenment in their own self-referral consciousness. This is what they will be practicing.

‘What are they practicing? They are practicing controlling the enormous power that controls the universe—the power of gravity. These are the practitioners of the process of controlling the process that controls the universe—the unified "versified" state of the globe—the "versified", diversified, value of the “verse”. The "verse" is made worthy of something nice by “uni”. Unifying the "versified" value makes the “verse” worthy of being a living place.

‘This practice of Yogic Flying is what transforms the “verse” of the universe into a unified "versified" state. That which was lived in the "versified" value—all these kinds of dissensions and disagreements and disorders and confusion and negativity—is going into a unified state. The “verse”, the "versified", is going to be unified—a unified world.

‘This is what the world situation has been in the field of all the affairs of the world, whether they belong to economic range or political or social or any. Now the button has been pressed. And when the button has been pressed, the light is on. The light of unification in a "versified" world is on. The light is on.


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‘Now, every nation, which was haunted by all kinds of conflicts and divisions and disorders, is going to breathe life in a unified state. A unified value of Natural Law is going to dominate the administration of the different nations in the world. It will take maybe a few weeks or one or two months in order to build proper housing. When misfortune was being lived, the housing conditions were not very healthy for unity, for order, for peace, for happiness.

‘The press button for peace, happiness, integrity, and invincibility overall was pressed yesterday, and every day the light is on. Once the switch has been pressed, the light is on, the light is on, the light is on. To enjoy nations have to restructure their living, because so far living was structured in terms of fear, in terms of disease, in terms of difficulties, in terms of failures. But now, life on earth will be structured by peace, harmony, health, integrity.

‘The task has been done. The fruit has begun to be enjoyed by the people of the world, and that has been the joy of the age-old tradition of mankind, the joy of the Vedic Tradition. That tradition of knowledge has started in the world in forty countries.

‘I was talking to Dr Feldman, the Finance Minister, about how the forty countries’ finances will be in favor of all positivity, success, and health. I would like him to tell you the story in two, three minutes—just a glimpse—if he is not yet busy organizing something. If he could be made available for five minutes, he could tell you how he has organized the global treasury. He divided it in four parts—north, south, east, west—and that global treasury is going to eat up all the scarcity of the world.

‘Now it is a matter of reorganizing the living of life on earth, which was long lived through fears and all kinds of difficulties and suffering to the extent that suffering has even been accepted by the people. But the Vedic Tradition has always been giving a call to the time, all the time to every time that comes—year after year, century after century—that life is bliss, and it must be enjoyed in the waves of bliss. So the time has come now.

‘Let us hear from the Prime Minister. You can invite Dr Feldman, if he is available, to give us his most recent thoughts today: how he is organizing the world treasury to be in favor of a new time.

‘Time’s switch has been pressed. The night was there, and the switch of light was pressed, and the day has dawned. It is really something so happy for us. Until yesterday, we were living in a world of chaos and confusion and controversies and difficulties. Lack of success was everywhere and sickness and all that. But now, from today, the light of pure knowledge has dawned.

‘With the light of pure knowledge, which is the Light of God, everything will be available to the world of God, as it is available to God Himself. God has created man in His image, and the Light of God should be enjoyed by all that come in His image. So let us be thankful to God.

‘We are only the instruments in the hand of the world’s destiny. And the world’s destiny now is open to the Light of God, the Will of God. Bliss has to be enjoyed by everyone now, now, now.

‘See, day by day, how the forty countries rise in coherence. And with forty countries rising in coherence, within two, three, four weeks together, the whole world will be sanctified. Just as when the candle light is lit in one place, the one-inch-high-and-wide candlelight lights up the whole hall. That is going to be the situation in the world.

‘Now the Light of God will be enjoyed by everyone. All glory to God. All glory to the Holy Tradition of Masters, which is representing the Light of God in every generation on our world.

‘Prime Minister, you could invite your Finance Minister to describe his plan for benefiting the world from the field of finance—the field of economy—which is directly connected with the field of politics and everything.

‘Jai Guru Dev. And all glory to Guru Dev. The world press will have more and more light to report and less and less botheration of darkness to report. That is the glory that has dawned since yesterday.

‘Today we have more plans more concretely. Every day, the Light of God will become more and more concrete—a living reality everywhere on earth. And that will be through the different channels of the eight Ministries of Raja Raamji—the eight Ministries of the first, glorious administration of Raja Raam.

‘Glory to God. Glory to Guru Dev.’

The Cycles of Time

Dr Morris: ‘Maharishi, is the change of time to a “new dawn of a good fortune for all humankind” an automatic aspect of the cycles of time? Is it happening just as an expression of the cycles of time? Could it have been predicted hundreds of years or thousands of years in advance that such a change would happen at this moment in human history?’

Maharishi: ‘Yes, a big yes. Everything is all ordained. Everything is all predicted. The history of the universe is the history of the universe. It is the universe—it is all unified versification. So it is all predictable. It is all predicted what will happen. It is all predicted.

‘It is all in the Vedic Literature. It is all predicted—the time of Sat Yuga, Kali Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga: four big magnitudes of time. There is an all good time, a fifty per cent good time, a twenty-five per cent good time, down to zero per cent or at least one or five per cent. Zero per cent is everyday at night. Just as night and day are in twenty-four hours, similarly there is multiplicity in one's awareness—fifty per cent of it or five per cent of it, like that.

‘It is all predictable. There is Vedic Mathematics, Jyotish, which predicts everything that is going to happen from one point . Jyotish is that mathematical calculation which takes the birth point—the time somebody is born—and then takes out the long history of all the one hundred, two hundred, or thousand years one has to survive. So everything is known from one point. In the Vedic Mathematics nothing is obscure; absolutely nothing is obscure. Jyotish is the name of that system which unfolds anything and everything from the knowledge of one little point—the the point of birth time. The point of the birth time lays open the whole history of the thousand or five thousand years or five years—as long as the life is there.


‘Everything is predictable. It is a matter of how much one knows in a particular direction. It is a matter of knowing—what one knows and in what direction. There is that system of building the houses—Sthapatya Veda. You can build either fortune-creating houses or the other way: misfortune-creating houses. If you go by Vastu calculations for the architectural drawings, you can create a fortune-creating house; or if you falter in your calculation here and there, you will be creating a misfortune-creating house. It is all predictable.

‘Anyone in the world—this is a broad outline for the press—living in a house with a southern entrance will always be in difficulty. Anyone living in a house facing east will always be healthy, happy, have good relations and everything nice, nice, nice. Anyone living on a southern slope or western slope will be facing misfortunes, quarrels, and all that.

‘It is all predicted. If people know, they do not live in houses on a western or southern slope or with a south or west facing entrance—no, they do not. They always prefer to be facing the rising sun. The entrance of the house must face east, and if there is a slope, it must be to the east. Otherwise there is misfortune—that is all. If there is water and it is in the south, some river nearby in the south, there will be a misfortune-creating home. It is all written down; there is nothing new about it. Only, if the man knows it, he follows it, he enjoys it. If he does not know, he gets into misfortune. He does not know how or why all his children are fighting together, all his relations are fighting together, all the neighbors are fighting together. He does not know.

‘But the lack of knowledge of law is no excuse. Whether you know or not, if you put your hand in fire, it will burn. You cannot say, “I did not know that the fire would burn my hand.” If you behave like that, you will be burned—that is all. If you behave the other way, you will have other consequences. Everything is set, set, set. Nothing is by chance in life; everything is set. One winds up with one’s own karma. Even in English we have the phrase, “As you sow, so shall you reap,”—that is all. “As you sow, so shall you reap”—that is all.

‘The press knows we are bringing out that new knowledge which will make people live their right to enjoy. Life is bliss; everyone has to be blissful—that is all.’


Law and Order Without Fear

Dr Hagelin: ‘If you would like, Maharishi, there is a theoretical question on the subject of invincible nations. People look to the government to maintain law and order in society. Unfortunately, the longstanding tradition of many governments has been to try to impose law and order by fear of punishment through the police and the military. How will the effects of the Invincible America Course or Invincible Holland Course or any other Invincibility Course promote law and order in society without instilling fear of punishment in the people?’

Maharishi: ‘It is not fear that can promote law and order; it is love. When love prevails, the unifying quality prevails in society so that one cannot be subject to the diversifying quality. This is the unifying quality. Love is more effective than fear, yes?

‘Love is more effective than fear. Love is more natural than fear. Fear arises when love is defeated. In this case, the promotion of love is with the experience of bliss. It is the experience of bliss that unifies society through Yogic Flying.

‘There is a phrase that “Absence of the knowledge of Natural Law is no excuse.” Someone may say, “I did not know what would happen; I did not know; I did not know what would happen.” But he has put his finger on the fire, and the finger must burn. It is cosmic law: the finger must burn. It is cosmic law. If one does not follow Natural Law—if one follows one’s own imagination—then one is going to get into the ditch.

‘Now we have adopted a few countries, and they are rising up. I said any one millionaire can do this. Now I am saying, “Let the millionaires be fond of their wealth in the bank, and let the bank be looted or be burnt.” Now I am also giving a call to those who are not billionaires, who are not millionaires, but who are simple people earning their bread serving someone. Five hundred or one thousand people in any country, who are not very rich and are just maintaining their life, can come together, form a society, take a flying hall, fly, and create invincibility in national life—just simple, ordinary people. These are the choices for the citizens of every nation—rich or poor.

'Now, I am giving another call. The parents know which of their children has no learning memory. Collect those who do not want to learn, those who cannot learn, and give them the practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced technique, Yogic Flying. They will radiate an influence of harmony, an influence of unity. Let simple people who do not want to study, because they cannot learn, be together—five hundred, one thousand—and let them fly. The moment they fly as a group, they are a government of Nature.

‘The government is governed by the collective consciousness of the nation. I have adopted four or five. They are coming up, and even in their infancy, they have created something in Europe, something in America. Some one country here, some one country there is quantitatively and qualitatively creating coherence in the world economy, in world trade, in the collective operations of the world. The effect is being shown.

‘The time has come for every country to have a crown. One person can take the credit to symbolize the parental role for the whole population of the country. Or a group of people may come along. There is a choice.

‘There have been world wars for the aspiration, “I want to rule you. You cannot manage your people; I will do better, I will do better”—these Alexanders, Hitlers. Even in the modern times, there has been the aspiration, “I will kill you—I will kill you because you are not doing right. You do not know how to live.” All these aspirations are from a barbarian age, as we call it.

‘Now is the time of the scientific age, where the most secret weapons of ordering, harmonizing and integrating are known to some few people. How many are men like Dr Hagelin, scientists? Very few in the world. And how many are the singers of Total Natural Law, Vedic Pandits? Thousands of them, but they are not practicing. They are vocalizing the Constitution of the Universe, but not putting it for life to be lived according to those laws—Natural Law, Total Natural Law, the Unified Field.

‘The Unified Field in modern science is Yoga—the system of Yoga, the system of unifying. Yoga Sutras, are the ancient script of scientific derivation of how unity functions, how unity administers diversity, how the Will of God handles the variety of creation, all different levels of creation.

‘So those who want to have power in the world are openly invited. You can rule. You can rule your nation; you can rule your units of the nation. You can rule the world; you can virtually rule the world.

‘The crowning ceremony will be done by the greatest scientist of this time and the greatest educator of this time. The greatest educator is the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace. The greatest scientist of today, of quantum mechanics, Dr Hagelin, is the custodian of that powerful ministry, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. The entire administrative body is ready to crown the administrators of the country. One or many, they will be crowned.

‘The crowning ceremony—I will think in a few days and announce it. There will be a crowning ceremony that will be done. I see fifteen countries growing up in this way, and forty countries are in line. So there will be a crowning ceremony someday. That we will announce very soon.

‘All glory to Guru Dev. All glory to the Vedic Tradition, which has preserved this knowledge of invincibility throughout the thick and thin of time for thousands or millions of years. Now is the time to open the door of Total Knowledge and give everyone in the world that royal rulership of life, where Total Natural Law will be the guiding light of all thought and action.

Jai Guru Dev.

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