Volume 6, Issue No. 12

August 2006

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Wall Street Soars!

Posts Record Gains During First Week of Invincibility Course

Group of 1200 Yogic Flyers in Washington, D.C., and Iowa
Creating a Coherent, Invincible Nation

“We Are Transforming America Before the Eyes of the World—
Watch What Happens Tomorrow”

(July 29, 2006) The good news is now in from the first week of the Invincible America Course.

The stock market soared this week, posting its highest weekly gain in 14 months, and the price of oil dropped sharply as the U.S. mobilized international support for a Mideast ceasefire.

Credit for this sudden and unexpected upsurge of positive news goes to the 1200 peace-creating experts assembled in Washington, D.C., and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, who have been practicing Yogic Flying together in groups for the past week to create coherent national consciousness—the basis for a more positive, invincible America, according to world-renowned quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, who is leading the Invincible America Course.

Rising stock markets and declining oil prices are strong indicators of growing optimism and confidence in the country’s economic future. Experts predicted that the upheaval in the Middle East would depress Wall Street and send oil prices skyrocketing. To the surprise of most economists, the opposite occurred. “This unshakeable national psychology is due to the stabilizing influence of the Yogic Flyers on the collective consciousness of the nation,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Dr. Hagelin said the good news was predicted publicly in advance based on 30 years of published scientific research on the collective effects of the Transcendental Meditation program and its more advanced Yogic Flying technique.

“The research proves that as little as the square root of one percent of the population of a country practicing Yogic Flying together in a group is sufficient to reduce negative trends and strengthen positive social and economic tendencies throughout the entire population,” said Dr. Hagelin, who serves as the Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

Dr. Hagelin explained that the number of Yogic Flyers required to produce this coherent effect for the United States is 1730. However, he said, the initial group of 1200 experts is more than enough to create a calming, stabilizing effect in national consciousness.

“As the number of Yogic Flyers rises to 2000 in the coming days, the world press will be reporting better and better economic and social news. We are transforming the nation before the eyes of the world. I urge the press to watch what happens tomorrow,” Dr. Hagelin said.


Billionaires Invited to
Make Their Nations Invincible

Employ 500 to 1000 Yogic Flyers to
Create Coherent Collective Consciousness
for a Problem-Free, Sovereign Country

“You Will Be Crowned as the
True Ruler of Your Nation”

(August 25, 2006) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week invited the world’s billionaires to make their nations invincible by employing 500 to 1000 people in the country to practice Transcendental Meditation and its more advanced Yogic Flying technique, and thereby create coherence in collective consciousness—the basis of true freedom, sovereignty, and invincibility for the nation.

“Here is a beautiful invitation for any billionaire to transform the nation from problems and suffering to affluence and peace through the science and technology of total Natural Law. Here is an invitation for any billionaire to be crowned as the true ruler of his country,” Maharishi said.

Extensive scientific research published in the world’s leading journals has found that group practice of Yogic Flying by a small number of people in the country (as few as the square root of one percent of the population) is enough to reduce negative trends, including crime and violence, and promote positive economic and social tendencies throughout society.

The cost to train and employ the group of Yogic Flyers in the country will be a tiny fraction of what any government spends on its military in a single day.

Maharishi’s approach to invincibility is in sharp contrast with the conventional military approach. “Our approach does not require the government to sacrifice the youth for the sake of the nation—because when the youth are killed in war, then for whom is the nation?” Maharishi said.

Maharishi emphasized that even if no billionaires immediately accept the invitation, there are two additional viable approaches to make the nation invincible:

1. Five hundred to a thousand ordinary citizens in a country can be trained in Yogic Flying. They can then lease a hall and practice Yogic Flying together every day to raise their nation to invincibility.

2. Parents with children who are having difficulties with conventional learning can have their children trained in Yogic Flying, and through their group practice of the technique, the children will create integrated, invincible national consciousness.

“Now the wealthy citizens or the ordinary citizens or the children who do not enjoy learning can raise their country to invincibility,” Maharishi said.

Groups of Yogic Flyers are already engaged in creating coherent national consciousness in 15 nations, including Holland and America, where both countries are enjoying a dramatic and sustained upsurge in positive economic and social trends. Similar invincibility groups will soon be under way in 40 more countries.

“The time has come for every country to crown one person—or a group of people—who will assume the parental responsibility to raise the nation to invincibility,” Maharishi said.

Highlights From Press Conference
August 2, 2006

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. There are always two things: one is heating and the other is cooling—heating and cooling. We have the program for cooling. If the cooling program is not powerful, then the heating program is powerful.

‘All these destroying capabilities are there when there are not enough people to favor saving, which we have found in the words our Dr Eike Hartmann uses: “Peace-creating homes, fulfillment-creating homes, health-creating homes, positivity-creating homes, integration-creating homes”. All these different qualities, which are desirable and which help life to enjoy, all are in the words “fortune-creating homes” and “unfortune-creating homes”.

‘A great majority of the population of the world, ninety-nine per cent, does not know that the houses that they live in have a quality of life to offer to them—to their children, to their relationships, and all that. So we have a plan to reconstruct the world—for reconstruction of the world. As long as the people in the world are living in non-Vastu buildings—that means misfortune-creating buildings—then the influence of the building that they live and work in will have that effect: of creating misfortune. So whatever they do, they are surrounded by the influence of misfortune.

‘What can they do? Their father built a house, and they are living in that. It is such a beautiful house with all nice things about it. But the quiet character of the layout of the house is non-Vastu. “Non-Vastu” means it is not certified by Natural Law: Natural Law does not certify that house for those who want to have a fortune-creating character in their life. Either fortune-creating or misfortune-creating—as long as they are living in a misfortune-creating house, misfortune will be at their door. You can put yourself in the flame, and there will be the result. Or you can put yourself in the cool air, cool water, cool this, cool that. So, from Nature’s side, there is an option. It has given you the freedom to choose. You choose what you like.

‘In a country, it is not one man; it is the collective consciousness of the country that creates whatever is happening somewhere on a collective level—the decisions of a country. Now, in this case, the decision of anyone—what he says—is because he is a spokesman of the collective destiny of the nation, the collective influence of the nation. He is a spokesman for that. So it is not the individual; it is the collective consciousness.

‘How is it the collective consciousness? Obviously we know, so we can say what the cause is. The cause is that people are living in uncertified buildings—uncertified by Natural Law. Natural Law certifies those buildings which have a proper orientation—north, south, east, west—and entrances all in the east and north. These are the laws. If one does not obey the laws, then lawlessness is always a punishable offense by Natural Law. There is no negotiating, no persuasion. It is the reality of life and living. On one side, we have the whole perspective of life: life is infinity, unboundedness, Totality, Brahm. Life is that. On the other side, it is the opposite to that. Both things are there. One chooses.

‘We know we want to reconstruct life on earth. Life will not be reconstructed just by anything or anyone—all sorts of people are there. The basic things for life are the mind, the body, and the house one lives in. And the laws are there. With regard to the house, if you construct the house one way it will be fortune-creating. If you distort the original design, it will become misfortune-creating. Just by a wall on this side or on that side, a door on this side or on that side, it can become a fortune-creating home or a misfortune-creating home.

‘Without the knowledge of the totality of Natural Law, life is lived in a very hodgepodge manner. The mind is not trained to function properly. The body—eyes are not trained to see properly, ears are not trained to hear properly. All this training is not there. That means beastly life. All the beasts—hundreds of species on the earth, in the water, in the air—live that part of life; they live that part of life, either in water or in air or on earth or in the forest. This is how they behave.

‘For the world to have a fortune-creating character, houses have to be reconstructed—period. The mind has to function from the transcendental, self-referral level, where it can accomplish its purpose. The mind, when it does not accomplish its desired goals, becomes frustrated, and creates a nuisance in the atmosphere. So the mind has to be good; the body has to be perfectly healthy; behavior has to be holistically soothing to everyone. Behavior should be health creating, freedom generating; then it will be coherent in character.

‘We have the knowledge. We have developed it. Fortunately, we have the tradition of knowledge. The knowledge is there, only we are not using it. Now, we want to use it. We want to open schools and colleges for the training of the mind and the training of the body for a healthy body and a healthy mind where the thought will be quickly materialized. We will build fortune-creating homes.

‘Dr Eike’s department in our Global Administration is to provide fortune-creating homes—period. There is nothing much to discuss. Either one would live in a fortune-creating home or continue to live in a misfortune-creating home. And a misfortune-creating home will lead you to all kinds of rubbish in life—to a negative life—for yourself and all your followers and all that. It is not just the individual; it is the whole society.

‘We have adopted the formula of a few people—a few hundred or one thousand somewhere, depending on the population of a country. “Country” means governed by the culture of the area. We must build five hundred homes in each country, which will be very easy to do, and we have started to do it. And we are satisfied that, slowly, slowly, things are coming up—the expected results are coming up. When we transfer a man living in a misfortune-creating home to a fortune-creating home, suddenly he sees the darkness of the night is over. Good days are coming; he is blossoming every day; his business is better; his family is healthier. Everything is better and better and better.

‘The practice of Transcendental Meditation is to have the mind at the full capability of man’s mind. And man is made in the image of God, capable of functioning in the light of God. And the light of God is always affluence, fulfillment, bliss, no suffering—absolutely no suffering.

‘So this is what we are doing. And we see even a thousand people in some country shifting from non-Vastu buildings to Vastu buildings, changing their homes from being misfortune creating to fortune creating—just this. A thousand people are just nothing. A small country is four million people, but this is nothing for a thousand people to begin to live. So that we have adopted.

‘It is very easy to have self-referral consciousness become a living reality of daily life with school children. Children of eight, ten, twelve, fourteen years: they will just learn what the parent will teach. So parents will teach them how to experience inner happiness, which is the source of all activity. So we will open schools and let the children experience that for the two, three, four, five, six years of the children’s elementary or secondary or whatever level of school they go to. Then the next generation will be a fortune-creating generation, a healthy generation—all automatic, complete.

‘Just as it is easy to bring the light to a dark room by just lighting the candle—simply lighting the candle—like that it is easy to transform the misfortune-creating situation of the people into a fortune-creating system. The same country which is a destroyer today will become a savior or a helper tomorrow.

‘Regarding a nation, if a government, decides something, it is not one man who decides; it is the national consciousness which speaks through one man. So any country that is a destroyer today will always remain a destroyer of life, as long as we have not changed the living conditions. Give them fortune-creating homes to live in, and they will begin to be fortune creating. As long as they are living in misfortune-creating homes, they must be fighting with each other.

‘In all those countries where the people are fighting, or the government is fighting, if you look to the homes, each home member or family member has a bitter feeling inside about his brother, about his sister, about his mother, about his father, about his neighbor, about his teacher. They are critical inside. So the whole thing has to be redone. And that will be redone through our education programs for the children, our program for providing them fortune-creating homes, and our program for developing higher states of consciousness.

‘They should know in which direction to sit, in which direction to live. They should know there are etiquettes: how to behave with father, with mother, and with this and this—they are all there. We must teach them holistic knowledge, Total Knowledge, and give them proper homes to live properly in, fortune-creating homes—just these two words, “fortune-creating” homes. For the mind, the body is the home. A misfortune-creating body is a sick body, unhealthy body, suffering body. These are all the different aspects of knowledge. We have enough knowledge.

‘Anyone who expects light, he would expect the light to come from some man who holds the torch—who has the light. Therefore, if we have the light, we are expected to bring an end to the darkness. As long as there is darkness, we are at fault, because are not radiating light. If we have the light, we should radiate the light. This is what our Movement has been doing around the world for the last fifty years.
‘This fifty-year old foundation is quite enough for a wealthy, very healthy, very progressive, very divine, very fulfilling, very integrated, very invincible life of human society. This is what we are going to do. We are going to do; we are going to do; we are going to do. And lots of evidence is there that we are on the right path. We continue to do, continue to do. And soon we will be able to build four hundred, five hundred, one thousand rooms somewhere for people to live and practice Transcendental Meditation in. And the success of that is in body lifting up in Yogic Flying.

‘Yogic Flying is not just a phenomenon which can be ignored. Here is the evidence that the mind has become so powerful that one spur of the mind can take the body up in the air—directly in the air. It means something; it is not just nothing. This is not gossip. We are not playing with gossip. We are playing with cosmic facts. The lifting up of a body is not a joke.

‘The lifting up of a body is by what? By nothing, except the fine spur of the mind. This is Yogic Flying. A fine spur of the mind throws the body up. That is the proof that the mind is capable of managing anything that it likes. The Yoga Sutras are for flying—through the flying impulse. The desire is, “The body should fly.” Immediately the body flies up. This kind of fulfillment of desire is completely available to everyone, and we have been shouting this from our housetops for years. Those who hear it, they take it, and they are better off. They will be better off, and they will make a better world.

‘Like that, we are now focusing on countries, and collecting small groups of flyers—two thousand somewhere, one thousand somewhere, five hundred, two hundred, four hundred, depending on the population of the country. And those countries will be better off.

‘We have a turnkey operation. Wherever we are turning the key, the door opens. Our turning the key depends on a few people doing what we say. We say, “Close the eyes,” they close the eyes. We say, “Open the eyes,” they open the eyes [laughter]. It is a simple thing.

‘But all is now on one thing—on the fate. What is your destiny? You can go to hell or go to heaven; both are open to you. You have a turnkey operation for hell on one side; you have a turnkey operation for heaven on the other side. Our advice to the people is that you are born at a time where Total Knowledge is up. We have teachers of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced technique, Yogic Flying. These are the different administrative passages for us to administer society so that nobody has any misfortune to face, that is all. That is going to be our world; that is going to be our family of nations. And that will be soon.
‘It is not going to take much time now. As long as it has not happened, as long as fortune-creating homes are not available to everyone—as long as they are living in misfortune-creating homes—they must fight and must suffer and must die and must cry, that is all. So it must happen.

‘Dr Hagelin, in your advice to the world press, to the people of the world, you speak the language of science. I have been speaking the language of Transcendental Meditation, which is the language of the Constitution of the Universe. But gradually, gradually, during the past years, the physical sciences have come to explore the holistic value of Natural Law—the wholeness of Natural Law. Then the language of science started to repeat the language of the Vedic Science. “Vedic Science” means science of knowledge.

‘Today, that expression of the transcendental, self-referral value, which is beyond words—”transcendental” means beyond words—the Constitution of the Universe, is written out in the language of the Veda, which is the language beyond words. It is a language beyond words, because it has both things together: yes and no together, multiplicity and unity together. It is holistic. “Holistic” means holistic, the total thing—total thing together.

‘It is good we are spending some time on this. We absolutely know that these talks of ours are not going to rebuild the world. Our world will be rebuilt by the influence that we cherish amongst ourselves in our own self-referral consciousness during our own morning and evening practice. That is our field from where the world will be nourished.

‘The world will not be nourished by the press people reporting, “This is happening; this is happening; this is happening.” It is a waste of energy for the press. It is a waste of energy from our side. We say it is beastly. It is a beastly habit; it is a beastly performance. We know it is beastly. They think, oh, they are wise; they are wise to destroy the evil. The whole thing is very interesting.

‘Those who are press writers today, were not even born fifty years ago when the Movement was born. But we keep on educating them, and keep on creating these effects. We are in an effect-creating phase—effect-creating phase. Give them houses to live in, perfect fortune-creating homes, fortune-creating minds, and a fortune-creating body.

‘The body is the home of mind. The house is the home of the body, and if it is not in accordance with the divine character of reality, then it is not divine. We do not want to say anything more on that. We are going to reconstruct the world, and very soon it is going to happen. Tell the world.

Jai Guru Dev

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