Volume 6, Issue No. 10

June 2006

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Maharishi’s Call to the World Press:
“Record the Rise of Invincibility in Holland”

For 56 Days, a Group of 400 Yogic Flyers in Holland
Has Been Creating Coherent National Consciousness—
Generating an Upsurge of Positivity in the Nation


Now, Germany and Other Neighboring Countries Are
Establishing Their Own Coherence-Creating Groups


(June 1, 2006) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week renewed his call to the world press to record the unprecedented national transformation that is now taking place in Holland, where for the past 56 days a group of 400 Yogic Flyers has been quietly creating coherence in the collective consciousness of the country—generating a powerful upsurge of positive economic and political trends and raising the nation to invincibility.

“With the rise of coherence in national consciousness, Holland is rising in positivity and harmony,” Maharishi said. “Each day, Holland is growing brighter and brighter—the Holland of today is not the Holland of yesterday. And soon, Holland is going to burst out into the bright light of the midday sun.”

In the eight weeks since the group of Yogic Flyers assembled at Maharishi European Research University in Meru, Holland, on April 12, the nation has enjoyed an unexpected and unprecedented upsurge of positive economic news and political harmony, according to Dr. Paul Gelderloos, Prime Minister of the Peace Government of Holland. (For a daily record of the good news from Holland, visit

Maharishi said the world press has a crucial role to play right now in recording the good news coming from Holland. “There is a very short period of time during the transition from the dark night to the light of day,” Maharishi said. “If the transition in Holland is properly reported by the world press, this historical record will inspire all future generations to prevent the world from ever again falling into this kind of muddle—it will avert the danger before it arises. Otherwise, after some time, the world will forget how the transformation happened.”


The influence of coherence spreads beyond national boundaries to the whole world

Maharishi described the coherence generated by the group of Yogic Flyers as “infectious”—and said that the coherence is spreading beyond the borders of Holland and inspiring Peace Government leaders of Germany and other neighboring countries to establish their own coherence-creating groups. “These groups will raise their nations to a high level of invincibility, self-sufficiency, and true sovereignty—free from dependence on foreign powers,” Maharishi said.

The names of the additional countries where groups of Yogic Flyers are being established will be announced within a few weeks.

The Unified Field is the intimate ultimate reality of everyone and every nation

Maharishi explained that a group of Yogic Flyers in a country transforms the life of the nation by enlivening within individual and collective consciousness the evolutionary power of the Unified Field—Total Natural Law—which promotes the progress of everyone and everything from point to infinity in the ever-expanding universe. “The Unified Field has been discovered by both the modern physical sciences and the eternal Vedic science as the ultimate reality of all existence,” said Maharishi, who then emphasized: “The Unified Field is not far away. It is the self-referral field of consciousness—it is the intimate ultimate reality of the life of every individual and every nation.”

Maharishi said that when the Unified Field is fully enlivened in national consciousness, then the government will enjoy the same flawless administration as the Government of the Universe, which administers the universe with perfect order. “We have been saying for the past 50 years that perfection in life is a possible, practical reality for every individual and every nation. Now is the time for us to produce that effect in one nation—Holland—and then very soon, in every other nation in our dear world,” Maharishi said.

The bright sunshine is being experienced now—not in the distant future

Maharishi concluded by offering supreme gratitude to the tradition of Vedic masters for the gift of Total Knowledge which is creating a new destiny for the world. “The dawn of a bright new destiny for all mankind is being experienced now—not at some time in the distant future,” Maharishi said. “And as world consciousness rises day by day, in country after country, the life of every individual and every nation will be supported by the invincible power of the Unified Field—the Constitution of the Universe—and the whole world family will enjoy permanent peace and prosperity—Heaven on Earth, now and for all generations to come.”

It Is Not Going To Be a Very Long Time
Until the World Will Be a World of Bliss

(June 28, 2006) Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. Water the root to enjoy the fruit—this has been the slogan for the last fifty years, ever since the Transcendental Meditation program was given importance in the daily life of the people. This enormous boon to life on the relative level has emerged from the people taking their attention to the finest field of life, and even beyond the finest field of life, the transcendental field of life. The attention, reaching that level, enlivens that level of intelligence which is in its own right, and always, eternally self-referral. The self-referral level of intelligence, from within its own value, creates the laws—a system of administration of its own value—that, from the unmanifest value, multiplies itself into the whole creation.

‘Secret knowledge—this is called secret, because it is always on its own level, on the level of the transcendental field. When the awareness goes to that level through transcending and constantly transcending, transcending, transcending, and getting to Transcendental Consciousness, the attention enlivens that in the human awareness. “Enlivening in human awareness” means simultaneously enlivening in the human physiology, and then enlivening that supreme intelligence in the field of behavior and in the environment. That is how the behavior and environment are surcharged with Total Knowledge, which is the knowledge of the administrative principles and programs of self-referral consciousness. That is how it came out to be so simple to transform the value of the surface, relative life and bring in the order and symmetry, stability, that belongs to the transcendental field of consciousness.

‘The Constitution of the Universe, Total Natural Law—we take joy in calling it “the Will of God”, the omnipresent, omniscient, almighty Will of God in human awareness. And because it is omnipresent and omniscient, the influence of it does not remain isolated within the boundaries of space and time. It is the Will of God; it is the Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe which is at the basis of all creation, which is the creator of all diverse values from within its own unified state. It is a beautiful program that we got from Guru Dev, the tradition of Vedic Masters—Masters with the custody of the Veda.

‘Veda, the field of Total Knowledge, the field of total creativity, infinity, eternal stability dawned in human awareness through so many people in the world practicing Transcendental Meditation for so long. And, it could not remain in the isolated areas of individual meditators.

‘Some people began to meditate in groups, and it was found that the whole area became surcharged, so to say, with coherence, with positivity, without any conflicts—freedom from problems. It was found, during the past years, at so many World Peace Assemblies—assemblies of the groups of Yogic Flyers—that they created in their environment, in their cities, very concrete examples of positivity, freedom from crime, and fewer patients in the hospitals. All kinds of positive features were found growing in society where groups of people were practicing Yogic Flying.

‘It is an enormous upsurge of the brilliant destiny of mankind. All positivity, all affluence, and peace and harmony came out on the surface of human society from the attention going through the program of transcending—attention going to Transcendental Consciousness, the field of Total Natural Law, which is silently dynamic. “Silently dynamic” means it spreads and spreads. And it spreads without resistance.

‘And what does it do? Just as light does to the field of darkness—the light spreads. It spreads, it spreads, it spreads, and the darkness disappears, disappears, disappears, disappears, completely automatically without anyone knowing who is eliminating the darkness and eliminating all the difficulties that arise in the field of behavior, in the field of darkness—such a beautiful thing.

‘All the ages have been trying to improve the quality of life in their domain through government. One man was able, and he became a king. He tried his best to make the people happy, and he did not succeed. Another man took him over; a third man took over the second man; a fourth man took over. Even wars were waged. They felt that “I can administer those poor people, and this government is torturing them. This government is not able to eliminate poverty. This government is not able to stop sickness and suffering. This government is not able to give them proper education. This government does not have this and this. I will do this, and I will do this.” So each one thought that he could do better. And then, for that, they fought and fought and fought wars. The whole history of mankind is the history of fire—these wars. And we do not want to describe it more; it is enough everyone knows it.

‘Then came a field of knowledge the attention could really reach. That area is bliss—just bliss—fulfillment, bliss. And the flow of bliss and the flow of fulfillment was found to create coherence in the collective consciousness of a village or of an area or in a family. So this coherence was positively experienced in the field of the behavior of the people, in the field of the thinking of the people, in the field of the health of the people, in all the fields of human interest.

‘But one hundred percent success was not there for any one area, or for any action to be called successful action. There were always barriers; there was always incompetence. But the technique came which could take human awareness to that level of administration of life from where nothing is negative, everything is positive. And that, being so laudable, is the goal of the wise throughout the ages. That was thought to be the supreme goal.

‘We found a formula from the tradition of perfect knowledge, from the Vedic Tradition, that could take human awareness presently to investigate into the reality of the bliss. The individual found it in himself. Groups began to find that they could radiate that to a larger area, to a larger area. It came out to be that with a few hundred—or a few thousand, depending on the population of the country—it is possible to create waves of bliss, and then to characterize the whole area of one’s territory in terms of fulfilling activity, bliss.

‘Bliss has a characteristic quality to flow. All the knowledge of flowing is Sama Veda. The transformation of Totality into the flow—the transformation of wholeness, silence, into flow—is in the language of Yajur Veda. The faint, faint values where the transformation of one value into the other takes place—faint, faint values where the transformation of one Veda into the other Veda, from one value into the other value takes place—is the science and technology of Atharva Veda.

‘This is all human awareness attending to different levels of reality, different levels of law, and finally attending to the finest level of law. The finest level of law, transcending boundaries, is omnipresent; it is omniscient; it is omnipotent; it is the total possibility in itself. This is so pleasantly achieved that it became possible to have a few people together in a group, who will make the national consciousness coherent.

‘When I found this, so many years ago, I gave the message to the individuals. Some individuals took it. I gave the message to the governors—very wise people in the government. But they told me they were very practical people; how could they close their eyes for some time? That means the government people did not listen to it.

‘When I found out I wondered why the government people, who are the representatives of the masses in their country and supposed to be very intelligent, very wise people—they are representatives of the whole people—were not taking it up. Throughout the world, it was the same situation: government people did not move on it. Then I found that government people can only do and think what they are doing and thinking. They are not in a position to do anything new, because their thinking is guided—their doing, their working, is guided—by the collective consciousness of the nation. And therefore, they can only do what they are doing. They are doing whatever is being initiated in their awareness by the collective consciousness of the nation.

‘I wanted to improve the countries in the world—the situation of life in the world. I wanted life to be free from all negativity and suffering and all that. I wanted everyone to be healthy. So I was thinking, “What to do?” When I knew the governments were not in a position to do it because they were governed by the collective consciousness of the nation, I thought, “Now how I can improve the collective consciousness of the nation?” Then the formula came out that by groups practicing Yogic Flying together, they create an effect of positivity that radiates all around unrestrictedly.

‘So when I realized this, many “World Assemblies of Yogic Flyers”, as they are called, were held during the past twenty years. And it was noticed that each World Assembly had created a positive influence around it. Then it became clear that to have a few people come together and practise this technology of creating coherence in the atmosphere will change, will transform, the quality of collective consciousness of the nation. And this will then change the governmental ability, and then the government ability will be all for this program, which will bring fulfillment to all the aspirations of every government.

‘Every government has the desire to do everything for the people so that no one suffers, no one meets with any resistance and all that. But it is necessary to adopt this program of creating the groups with ordinary people—we say ordinary people. They practice Yogic Flying, and they create coherence. The word “coherence” is very important—that integrating influence in the world consciousness. And when the world consciousness is more integrated, more coherent, more positive, more fulfilling, then the action of the government and the laws of the government, will all be in favor of Transcendental Meditation for all the people. And once it is integrated in the schools, forever the national consciousness will continue to be coherent, season after season, year after year, month after month, day after day.
‘This is the story that has led us to this, and which has led us to let at least one country, Holland, rise to invincibility from this tender point of view. It has been created, so we have a model for all countries to copy. We have created a model. And now, only today, I was telling the Prime Minister that now is the time to ring the bell of Eureka for the world.

‘This has been the quest, the search, of all the wise throughout the ages: something for everyone, so that no one gets into the channel of suffering in any way. No one suffers; no one is without perfect health. Administration, the government as a whole, will be prevention-oriented, problem-free government.

‘The proclamation of the Movement today is that every government is to rise to invincibility. The flag of every nation, the freedom-bearing flag of every nation, is to rise to real freedom in fulfillment, coherence, freedom from sickness and suffering, freedom from negativity. No country will have an enemy in the neighborhood or far away. No country will be negative to anyone. This was the search of the wise throughout the ages, and that search has now been brought to everyone within his own nature. So it is not very far.

‘Therefore, it is not going to be a very long time until the world will be a world of bliss. A world of bliss, just because now we see, every day, that the government of Holland is bursting out with new waves of joyfulness—all that Dr Hagelin has described in the reports from the press of Holland. This is just one country, and now, the neighboring countries are seeing what can be done by a few people. The young men of Germany are coming to make Germany invincible. Young boys of Belgium are coming up to make Belgium invincible. The same in Ireland. If Holland can rise to invincibility, why cannot we rise to invincibility? A beautiful fortune of the world is in the air. And it is very fortunate that the whole message is being taken up by the scientists and artists and educators and all.

‘It is just such a joy for me to watch and smile. It was for this that, fifty years ago, the Movement was started to remedy the world. And now, it has taken fifty years. I had expected it much earlier—but it does not matter—fifty years is good enough. And the world has stepped on to a beautiful level of human destiny—a beautiful level of human destiny on the lap of almighty God.

How Yogic Flying Groups Improve All Aspects of Life


Dr Hagelin: ‘Jai Guru Dev. Thank you very much, Maharishi, there are a few good questions from the press, whose attention has been drawn by the transformation of events in Holland. This is quite a nice question about the mechanics of the transformation of the destiny of that country. This person writes: I read all about Maharishi’s program to make Holland invincible. Maharishi is using the group practice of his Yogic Flying in the country to create coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation and thereby improve the economy and make the government better. My question is: I think I can understand how meditation techniques practiced in groups could make a country more peaceful. But how does it improve the economy? And how does it make the government function better?’ 

Maharishi: In the same way as when the root is watered, all expressions of the root, all the tree’s branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits—big, sweet fruits—come out. How do they come out? Because there is a continuous flow of nourishment from the source—the source, which gives rise to the plant which becomes the tree.

‘Transcendental Consciousness is the source. When the attention goes to the source, it is enlivening the source. This is the theory of attention. Wherever the attention goes, the attention does something to the point which it strikes. It is natural; it is natural. So the phenomenon of transcending is getting away from the gross value of life and, in so doing, all the levels of the gross values are nourished. This is the scientific theory of attention. Wherever the attention goes, it enlivens creativity there; it enlivens life there.

‘That is how the influence radiates throughout the world. It radiates throughout the world from the field of the transcendent, not from the field of any relative, because the relative has boundaries, has limitations. This is from the unlimited value of life, unlimited, from Transcendental Consciousness, the Veda, the level of Transcendental Consciousness.

‘The language of the Veda is the language of Transcendental Consciousness. It is not the language of the relative value, where words are stuck up—no. It is a frictionless flow. The attention reaches the level of life which is frictionless flow. That means the attention goes, and enlivens the totality of Being, totality of life in oneself—this field of pure life. That is why we say this is the flow of the Will of God. This is the light of God, the supreme administrator of the universe—Total Natural Law, which governs the universe, the unified-versified value of life.

‘It is beautiful. Attention, attention, attention must go there. And the Transcendental Meditation Program takes the attention systematically from the gross to the subtle to the subtle to the subtle, and takes it to the subtler and subtlest. . . . Within the subtlest, it is left only with the memories of everything. Get to the storehouse of all memories; from there, enliven all expressions of life.’


How To Participate in Creating Invincible Holland


Dr Hagelin: ‘Just an exquisite answer—beautiful, beautiful answer. Such profound, rich principles of Total Knowledge, and so beautifully expressed. . . . Here is a question from the youth of Holland. They are asking: Maharishi has said that it will take just four hundred people practicing his meditation and Yogic Flying techniques to create a peaceful, invincible Netherlands. But what can other students and citizens in Holland do outside of this group of four hundred if they want to create peace—if they want to participate in Maharishi’s efforts to create an invincible Holland?’

Maharishi: Dr Gelderloos is the Prime Minister of the Peace Government in Holland. And he is organizing that the teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Program are found all over. He told me that he has about twenty-five or so teachers in different parts of the Holland. And they can go to learn—that is all.

‘Everyone must learn. Those who do not even bother about the country, they should bother about themselves, about their family, about their own body, about their own mind, about their own intellect, about their own ego. Their ego will not be fulfilled. They will be hopping around, all around; they will never settle down, unless their ego comes to absorb the reality of the cosmic ego.

‘Men have that potential. That is why they want to be more and more and more. Always, there is chance of more. And through the grace of the Vedic Tradition of knowledge, through the Vedic Knowledge, it is now very, very easy for everyone to find fulfillment in life on every level—fulfillment in life. This is why we are establishing the Vedic Universities, the Vedic Schools, Vedic Colleges, and Vedic Medical Colleges everywhere. All these teaching institutions are being established everywhere with all the scientific background, so that they know that they are faced with something real—something real to guide them.

‘So the teachers are available everywhere. And now the effect of coherence, the effect of integration, the effect of harmony in the environment, will automatically lead them to start Transcendental Meditation and take the advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, and take the technique of Yogic Flying—practice Yogic Flying—and take their life to real fulfillment, a real level of fulfillment in the field of knowledge and health and all that we have been talking about.

‘It will be good to invite the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace to speak. The Global Country of World Peace has been created to transform the lethargic state of every government to the royal status of fulfillment—peace. The Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace is organizing the people of every country, as his own family members, to make their own government completely problem free and on the way to fulfillment. All these programs that we have are unique programs. And the world is not going to be the same downtrodden, fear-stricken, negative world of terror and wars. Whatever the situation today, gradually it is going to go out.
Jai Guru Dev.’

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