Volume 6, Issue No. 9

May 2006

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“The World Is Awake
A Bright Fortune Is Dawning
Now For All Mankind”

Group of 400 Yogic Flyers Established in Holland—
Creating Coherent Collective Consciousness
and Raising the Nation to Invincibility

Similar Groups Are Being Established in
Every Country to Make Every Nation Invincible     

(May 17, 2006) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proclaimed that a “bright new fortune” is dawning for all mankind right now—and Maharishi alerted the world press to watch for the good news that will be coming soon from all parts of the world.

Maharishi’s declaration follows the recent announcement that a coherence-creating group of 400 Yogic Flyers has been established in Holland and is raising the nation to invincibility—with more such groups of Yogic Flyers now being established in countries throughout Europe—including Switzerland, Germany, and Austria—and around the world.

“The darkness of the night is coming to an end—and a bright new sun is rising,” Maharishi said. “It’s not going to be the same old problem-ridden world anymore. The world is awake. We are ringing the Bell of Invincibility for every nation.”

Maharishi said the press in Holland is already reporting concrete signs of decreasing negativity and problems, and the good news of rising harmony, positivity, and invincibility in the life of the nation.

“It’s happening in one country—Holland. It’s happening right now—today—not sometime in the distant future. And soon it will happen everywhere because all countries are going to have a coherence-creating group of Yogic Flyers and rise to invincibility,” Maharishi said.


Yogic Flying enlivens bliss in individual consciousness
and creates coherence in collective consciousness

Maharishi said that Yogic Flying enlivens the field of bliss—the Unified Field—in individual consciousness, and creates coherence in collective consciousness, which is the basis of prevention-oriented, problem-free administration in the nation. Extensive published scientific research has found that a small number of experts practicing Yogic Flying together in a group are sufficient to reduce negative trends and strengthen positive tendencies throughout the whole of society. The number of experts required depends upon the population of the nation.

Maharishi’s announcement follows his recent grand inaugurations of the new World Capital of Peace in the Brahmasthan (geographical center) of America in Washington Township, Kansas; the new Maharishi University of World Peace near Washington, D.C.; and the new Global Financial Center near New York City.

These inaugurations have been highlighted by the presence of a historic assembly of Global Ministers, Rajas, and other international leaders of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace.

New Global Financial Center near New York City will
provide a fortune-creating base for the world economy

In response to a press question, Maharishi explained that the new Global Financial Center near New York City will bolster the world’s economy and eliminate global poverty—and thereby alleviate pervasive political problems. “We will provide a new fortune-creating base for the world economy—and thereby eliminate the problems and weaknesses that plague politics in every nation. We will integrate the whole world family into one united Global Country of World Peace—and fulfill the aspirations of the wise throughout the ages,” Maharishi said.


“Dr. Hagelin will administer the world in permanent peace”

Maharishi offered high praise for Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist, President of the US Peace Government, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. “Dr. Hagelin is an enlightened scientist with deep insight into the knowledge and technology of Total Natural Law—with the ability to achieve whatever he wants to achieve. And what Dr. Hagelin wants to achieve as a ruler is: all good to everyone, and non-good to no one,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi added that ever since Dr. Hagelin inaugurated the World Capital of Peace in the Brahmasthan of America a few weeks ago, the “fortune-creating” qualities of Natural Law have awakened in the collective consciousness of America and the world. “A beautiful, fortune-creating destiny for the whole of mankind is quietly being designed by Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order. Dr. Hagelin will soon administer the world in perpetual peace,” Maharishi said.

“All credit for this global transformation
goes to the glorious tradition of Vedic masters”

Maharishi concluded by offering gratitude to the tradition of Vedic masters. “All credit for this global transformation goes to the glorious tradition of Vedic masters, the custodians of the Constitution of the Universe, who are raising every nation to invincibility in our dear world family—bringing good fortune to all children in our generation and all generations to come,” Maharishi said.

Holland Is the First Nation
TO BEGIN RISING to Invincibility


Newly Established Group of 400 Yogic Flyers in Holland
Is Creating Coherent National Consciousness


First Signs: The Economy Is Booming and
 the Government Is Making Better Decisions

(May 24, 2006) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week issued a urgent global alert to the world press to watch carefully—and report in depth on—the dramatic improvements that are taking place in Holland now that a permanent group of 400 specially trained experts has begun practicing the powerful, coherence-creating Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying program at Maharishi European Research University in Meru, Holland.

Maharishi said the rise of coherence in the collective consciousness of Holland is creating marked improvements in the government and economy of the nation—and in the life of the people—as reported by the Dutch press. The group was established on April 12. (See for a day-to-day report of the good news from Holland.)

“For 50 years we have been talking about creating invincibility for every nation as the basis of permanent peace in the world. Now, with the establishment of this group of 400 Yogic Flyers, we are raising the first country to invincibility: Holland,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi added that similar coherence-creating groups will soon be established in 23 more countries. “Then the coherent influence will not remain restricted to those 24 countries: the effect will spread throughout the whole world,” Maharishi said.

Extensive published scientific research has shown that just a small group of Yogic Flyers in a nation is sufficient to raise the collective consciousness of the whole country to a high level of coherence and integration, which is the basis for prevention-oriented, problem-free administration—and invincibility for the nation. The size of the group—from several hundred to several thousand experts—depends upon the population size of the nation. Research shows that 400 Yogic Flyers is the required number to influence the entire population of 16 million people of Holland.

Maharishi concluded the news conference by congratulating the world press. “The world press has long been burdened with the job of reporting the bad news of a problem-ridden world—but now the world press is in the fortunate position of being able to begin to report the good news of a world in transformation,” said Maharishi, who then emphasized: “This global transformation is not a hopeful dream of some distant future; rather it is a day-to-day phenomenon that began several weeks ago in one country—Holland—and is ongoing today. Our world of stress, struggle, and strife is being transformed into a world of peace and harmony. It’s the dawn of a new time for mankind where all the people will be able to enjoy invincibility rising in every country.” 

Unmanifest and the Field of Total Knowledge


Dr Hagelin: ‘Jai Guru Dev. Maharishi, on the theme of education, there are two questions on this subject of Total Knowledge, which is quite a fascinating concept for the press. Maharishi has said that Transcendental Meditation leads the mind to the source of thought, the field of Total Knowledge. What is the relationship between the source of thought, which seems to be transcendental and devoid of content, and Total Knowledge, which would seem to be a field of all content? Why is the unmanifest source of thought also a field of Total Knowledge?’ 

Maharishi: Take one little example of the hollowness of a banyan seed. The whole big banyan tree has its emergence in the hollowness of the banyan seed. This hollowness of the banyan seed is a big emptiness, a big zero, a big nothingness—the reality of the unmanifest. If the Totality has to be everywhere, it cannot remain in any isolation in space and time; it cannot be divided in isolation in space and time. It has to be on a holistic level.

‘The answer is that the basic source of all manifest creation is the field of the unmanifest, the self-referral field of intelligence, which has been unfolded through quite a lot of logic and investigation, and is beyond any doubt now. The Unified Field is self-referral, not object-referral. And because it is not object-referral, it is referring to itself.

‘It is just the situation of zero-point reality—nothingness, unmanifest, total unity—made of total diversity in the state of unity. It is complete, just like that simple example of the hollowness of the banyan seed, which is the source and course and goal of the whole huge banyan tree. In the same way, the entire creation emerges through that complete, unmanifest, self-referral reality.

‘Your equations, Dr Hagelin, which you laid out in the mathematical calculations from all arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry—all the different aspects of verification—show that the whole thing is, in its unmanifest state, a total reality of all times. The process of creation is also in the nature of the unmanifest. And the basis of creation is also that unmanifest—the nature of the unmanifest.

‘Transcendental Meditation came out to be a brilliant stroke of genius. We just close the eyes and it takes you to that source of all creation. It takes you to a place where when you want anything, that will come to you there. Wanting and getting—there is no time difference in the two processes. Desiring is getting. That is the self-referral dynamism of the unmanifest field.

‘The whole reality of the tree is in the hollowness of the seed. It is very obvious; it does not need much logic; it is simple. You see there is the whole tree, and you see the tiny seed. How did the whole tree come out from the tiny seed? You can ask your gardener. The gardener says, “You eat the fruit. Why worry about anything? It happens all by itself. Concern yourself with the fruit. Do not worry about how it comes and all that.”

‘Be the gardener of life. Be the savior of yourself. That is what has been the clarion call from all the wise throughout the ages. Be in the light of God. It is there with you. It is there at the basis of you.

‘These surprises are not surprises. They come as a surprise to us because we became too engrossed with the boundaries. So we lost the grandeur of owning the unmanifest—owning that which is nothing, just nothing.

‘I think it is beautiful. You have already inaugurated Invincible America, and here the Rajas of your administration are all expressing the same thing. Day after day, the European countries are waking up to be invincible. Your voice of invincibility is now reaching every home.

‘Everyone is going to rise to invincibility. It is such a beautiful thing. It is a reality now. It is a reality of today, tomorrow, this morning, this afternoon, this evening. It is not a thing of any future—no, no. It is all happening now.

‘You tell them what is happening here, on a very concrete level, in this country where I am—Holland. Four hundred Yogic Flyers have assembled here, and they are practicing Yogic Flying. Their flights are modifying the trends of national life in Holland. Yesterday, I heard that the awakening of Holland had reached Berlin also; the German youth have come up to declare invincible Germany. Today I heard that it is reaching Switzerland, and Austria is waking up also.

‘Raja Willem and his Prime Minister are so proud of their Yogic Flyers.
What is Yogic Flying? Bliss—the experience of bliss on the individual level and coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation. On that level, in the past month, there have been modifications of all the wrong tendencies and problems which have been faced by society; they all get sorted out in a very natural way.

‘Our Prime Minister of Holland is every day issuing articles from the Dutch press that indicate the rise of coherence and positivity in the country, and the lack of disharmony. All those negative things are going out—like the darkness going out—and the brightness of the dawning sun is being experienced by the people all over. In one country, Holland, it is happening. The world press is rejoicing and reporting all that is happening nicely.’

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