Volume 6, Issue No. 5

January 2006

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New Year 2006
The Year of Reconstruction of the Whole World
 To be Heaven on Earth

First Year of Sat-Yuga

On 12th January, in Vlodrop, The Netherlands, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi presided over a three-day worldwide inauguration to usher in 2006 as the Year of Reconstruction of the Whole World to be Heaven on Earth, First Year of Sat-Yuga.

On this occasion, Maharaja Nader Raam, First Ruler of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace, issued Royal Decree Number 21.

 Maharishi declared that this decree has set the royal road of activity for Maharishi's Worldwide Movement for the coming year, and it will always be the guiding light of activity of every generation. Maharishi said this decree has uncovered the new destiny of mankind and has opened the gateway of reconstruction of the world as Heaven on Earth—reconstruction of the physical world, of the mental world, and the intellectual world, to that exalted state of the spiritual value of life which is bliss eternal.

Also on this auspicious occasion, distinguished Vedic Pandits of India, leading scientists of the world, honoured Ministers, and illustrious Rajas of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace, and National Leaders of Maharishi's Worldwide Movement, inaugurated the Capital of Peace in the Brahmasthan of India, centre of India, which is being developed as a grand city devoted to the creation of world peace.

Global Country of World Peace

Royal Decree Number 21

Welcoming the Year of 2006

In the light of Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, total Natural Law, the Will of God, it is my pleasure to celebrate the dawn of a new fortune for all mankind on this day of inauguration of this new year 2006.

I wish to express my satisfaction for the achievements of the last years. Let this year 2006 be known as the Year of Reconstruction of the Whole World to be Heaven on Earth, first year of Sat-Yuga, emerging from the Vedic knowledge and enlivening all fields of education, health, agriculture, architecture, science and technology, music and arts, commerce and industry, law, justice, and invincible defence.

Every government of our world will enjoy real freedom in invincibility and the whole family of nations will breathe life in peace, happiness, harmony and invincibility. All these good fortunate results will bring appreciation and credit to all the brilliant leaders of our global activities.

What is coming to us through our programmes of the year 2006 is the fulfilment of the aspirations of the wise throughout the ages and the fulfilment of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement started 50 years ago by our guide, His Holiness Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, and fulfilment of his one-pointed dedication to his spiritual master, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, the embodiment of Vedic wisdom, the light of the Constitution of the Universe, the light of Sanatan Dharma, the light of Vedic India.

Today, at this auspicious time, we are inaugurating the World Capital of Peace in the Brahmastan of India, centre of India. The distinguished Vedic Pandits of India and leading scientists of the world like Dr John Hagelin and Dr Volker Schanbacher, accompanied by the illustrious Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace, are inaugurating the World Capital of Peace at the Brahmastan of Veda Bhumi Bharat, the centre of India.

Today, the voice of India, the clarion call of our world is:

Brahmananda Saraswati Vijayante Taram

Brahmananda Saraswati Vijayante Taram

Vedic Vishwa Prashasan Vijayante Taram

Vishwa Viapi Ram Raj Vijayante Taram

Glory to the great Masters of the Vedic Tradition

Glory to the Constitution of the Universe

Glory to God

Glory to God

Glory to God

Issued under the seal of Maharaja Nader Raam

His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam

January 12, 2006

Congratulations to the World Press

11 January 2006 Press Conference Highlights

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. Congratulations to the world press. The time has come that the world press will not be required to report negative things. Soon, the problems of the world will be transformed into solutions. Very soon the world will witness a unified character in the administration of every country. Every government has been governing from the man-made constitutions of their countries. Now, all the man-made constitutions of every country will have the support of the Constitution of the Universe.

‘The Constitution of the Universe is the law—the Natural Law. From the level of total Natural Law, the universe is governed by total Natural Law. Total Natural Law is not man-made. Therefore, it does not have human weaknesses and human failings. It is divine. It is the Light of God, which has been sung throughout the ages by the devotees of God, written in the textbooks of every religion, and pursued by individuals and groups throughout the ages.

‘The time has come now, in this scientific age in our world, that total Natural Law has been found to be functioning within the life of everyone singly and within the nation’s structure in a collective way in every country’s administration, every country’s government. The time has come. The time has come for the world press to be ready to enjoy layers and layers of information of the good will, happiness, and rising positivity in world consciousness—very soon, very soon.

‘Today, after the silence of the first week of this 2006, we are preparing to inaugurate the activity of the year of 2006. We said the other day that the arrow has left the bow and will be hitting the target everywhere. It is a very good time for the world. Peace will prevail; all good is going to happen.

‘We congratulate the world press. They should continue in their mood of rejoicing, welcoming the new year of 2006. In this year, we will very thoroughly and firmly establish the support of the Constitution of the Universe for the constitution of every nation. And our life on earth will be unified life—as unified as the structure of the administration of the universe.

‘The universe is a vast, diverse universe, but functioning with such coherence and order that one marvels, “Whose order, whose administration, is this?” And now, that administration will be on the conscious human level. It is consciously being worked out on the practical level of life.


‘Tomorrow, we will declare our program of this year. That program will be motivated by the Constitution of the Universe. That means that program will be the program of every year to come in the future because the Constitution of the Universe does not change. It does not change. It is eternal; it does not change. That non-changing Constitution of the Universe is going to be consciously available in our world in the groups of people owning it in their conscious awareness. World consciousness—world consciousness as a whole—will be lively in terms of Cosmic Law, total Natural Law, the almighty Will of God.

‘Glory to God and glory to our teacher, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, the lighthouse of Vedic wisdom, whose blessings we are enjoying all the time, and whose blessings are going to create a new world of peace, prosperity, and happiness. All glory to Guru Dev and all glory to the Constitution of the Universe and all glory to God.

‘The Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace is a competent upholder of this knowledge of total Natural Law, and I would congratulate him. And we are always grateful to Maharaja Raja Nader Raam for the scientific discovery he has given to us—that the physiology is the expression of consciousness. Veda is the expression of consciousness. So between consciousness and physiology is the Veda, the law that keeps the unity of consciousness in perfect attunement with the diversity of the physiology.

‘This discovery of the great scientist of our age, Maharaja Raja Raam, is our treasure house. It is our textbook of the Constitution of the Universe, which is intellectually expressed Natural Law and is experienced through the technique of consciousness given to us by the Vedic Tradition. Vedic Science of the ancient day and modern science of the present day are the two sciences, the two themes of knowledge— the ancient and the modern—which are unified together in such a way that this unity conforms to the unity that prevails in the administration of the diverse universe. It is enormous. It is beautiful. It is just to enjoy.

‘I must congratulate everyone in the world and every head of state—every government. I must congratulate them that the time that is coming tomorrow is the light of life for everyone. And we will forget about the past dark ages. Jai Guru Dev. Glory to Guru Dev.’

Relationship of Cosmic Consciousness,
God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness
to Waking, Sleeping, and Dreaming States
of Consciousness

18 January 2006 Press Conference Highlights 

Dr Morris: ‘Maharishi, a question has come in from a neuroscientist who is studying higher states of consciousness. He was very intrigued by Maharishi’s address to the conference in Geneva about the seven states of consciousness and the relationship of Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness to waking, sleeping, and dreaming states of consciousness. He found this to be a new understanding about these higher states of consciousness, for example, the relationship that Maharishi made between God Consciousness and dreaming. He asked if Maharishi could further clarify this. Is this actually a different analysis than that given earlier in the history of the Movement, when Maharishi said that Cosmic Consciousness was that state where Transcendental Consciousness is there along with waking, sleeping, and dreaming? Or is this just a further and deeper elaboration of those same principles of the higher states of consciousness that Maharishi brought out earlier in the history of the Movement?’ 

‘Right from the beginning, higher states of consciousness has meant seven states of consciousness. There is sleeping, dreaming, waking, and Transcendental Consciousness—the fourth state of consciousness. Then there is Cosmic Consciousness—the fifth state of consciousness. “Cosmic” means the fourth state, Transcendental Consciousness, along with the other three, because all the other three are influenced by the experience of the fourth state of consciousness. Then comes God Consciousness, which is a very special state of consciousness where the supreme quality of relativity is brought into consideration. Of course Unity is very clear. Unity is the unity of all diversity. “All diversity” means two values—all values of knowledge and all values of action—all diverse values completely unified. So it is a holistic value—Unity.

‘It was the same thing right from the beginning, the same thing. The expression became clearer and clearer as the experiences became more clear. The explanation came as the experiences of the people related to those values could be seen. Intellectually and behaviourally, it could be seen conforming to these different states of consciousness.

‘It is a very beautiful thing that the enlightened individual is asking. We start from sleep state, and below that we put dreaming, and below that we put waking. Then we have Transcendental Consciousness. On the right side, we start to raise the pillar. On the left side, we brought the pillar down from sleep state, dreaming state, and waking state to the fourth state. Then, starting from the fifth state, you raise the pillar: fifth state, sixth state, seventh state. So the seventh state will come parallel to deep sleep. The sixth state will come parallel to dreaming state. The fifth state will come parallel to waking state. It is in the sequence that it develops. It is very realistic. “Realistic” means it conforms to the intellect; and it conforms to the basis of the intellect, which is Transcendental Being.

‘Beautiful question. It is the same thing that was being talked about and experienced from the beginning of the Movement. Now, because there are so many people who have experienced this, the effect of that has influenced the whole world consciousness—the whole collective consciousness of the world. Now, it is possible to have that administration which is the administration of the galactic universe—universe—versified unity.

‘Prime Minister, you have beautifully described the vision of the Veda by Rishi Madhuchchhandas. He saw the total Constitution of the Universe in the first syllable. Then, in the second syllable he saw unity and the whole field of diversity within the nature of unity. So unity is none other than diversity. Diversity and unity—both are the same thing, but intellectually they are two different things. The difference is only in the perception, only in the angle of vision.

‘This is expressed in the Vedic Literature; the thing is on the level of perception. In reality, it is eternally the same. “Eternally the same” means always it is unity and always it is diversity, and always it is unmanifest and always it is manifest. That is the reality of it, but to talk about it, differences are there.

‘It is a beautiful thing—a new destiny for mankind. This definition is from the Geneva Conference—“a new destiny of mankind”. What is going to shape the destiny of mankind? The Prime Minister has already defined it in his introductory lecture; it is in the field of construction. Physical houses have to be according to what will satisfy Natural Law, according to Cosmic Law. Education has to unfold Cosmic Law in the awareness. Health should conform to that which is continuity.

‘All these beautiful things will bring a new destiny to mankind. It is such a beautiful phrase, “new destiny to mankind”. That is the technology born of Vedic Science and Technology. It is Vedic Science and Technology that is eternally the same, non-changing, the science and technology of the Constitution of the Universe. It is very beautiful.’  

Vedic Education and Shiksha—Unfoldment

25 January 2006 Press Conference Highlights

Dr Morris: ‘Maharishi has been speaking in past press conferences about Shiksha as education, and that Shiksha means “unfoldment”. It is an interesting point that the word “education” in English actually does mean something like that. It is from the Latin “to draw out”—to draw out all that is hidden. What is the difference between the Vedic Education of Shiksha, of “unfoldment”, and what has gone under the name of education in all these past centuries from the Western countries and is spreading around the world? What is Shiksha—Vedic Education—and what does it unfold, actually?’ 

‘In one word, we can say the totality of knowledge is unfolded in the fragmented field of knowledge. In one word, totality of knowledge.

‘Now we can define what is Totality, the totality of all the ingredients of knowledge. What is knowledge? The knowledge of silence, knowledge of dynamism—total silence, total dynamism—Totality unfolded. Partial is already unfolded. People are living relative life; they are already living this. What they are missing is the unmanifest field of life, the silent field of life.

‘It is the silence, the unfoldment of silence. Otherwise, ordinarily only the relative values are unfolded. But in Vedic terms, the Totality is unfolded. It is the Unity Consciousness unfolded in the midst of the waking, dreaming, sleeping, in Transcendental Consciousness.

‘In all the relative states of consciousness, some absolute value of consciousness is unfolded. That is Vedic, and this is the relative. In the relative also, there is a lot of unfoldment. But with the unfoldment of Totality, Totality, Totality, then we have done it, then we have done it. And soon, it is going to be wholeness of life will come as a living reality. It is very good.’

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