Volume 6, Issue No. 1

September 2005

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Maharishi Offers United Nations
Proven Approach to Promote Global Unity
Enliven the Unified Field to Resolve All Differences

“Grievances Will Never Be Resolved through Talks”

(September 7, 2005) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week offered the United Nations and all other governmental organizations a practical, proven approach to peacefully resolve differences and promote harmony in the family of nations. Instead of attempting to resolve grievances by talking about them, Maharishi advised members of these governing bodies to create coherent collective consciousness—the basis of global unity and permanent world peace.

“Sit quietly together in the hall, close your eyes, and enliven within your own self-referral consciousness the field of unity—the Constitution of the Universe—which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order. From there you will create coherent collective consciousness to resolve all differences and create a real United Nations,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi spoke in response to a press question about the United Nations, which marked its 60th anniversary last week—and which is mired in a series of scandals.

The UN is failing because of
its limited approach to promoting peace

Despite their noble aspirations, Maharishi said the United Nations and other international governing organizations have failed to transform the world into “a beautiful mosaic of differences” because of their limited approach to promoting peace. “It is a fool’s paradise to think you can resolve differences through talks,” Maharishi said. “It is not by talking from the intellectual level that human weaknesses can be eliminated. It is only by enlivening the field of Being at the level of Transcendental Consciousness within everyone that you can create harmonious collective consciousness and prevent all problems.”

Maharishi acknowledged that it may be difficult for government leaders to comprehend his words because of their stressful lifestyle, which creates “functional holes” in the brain. “These leaders have been educated in schools and universities that do not develop the full potential of the brain; they are eating poisonous, chemically grown foods; they are taking medicines with harmful side effects that create new diseases; and they are living and working in improperly laid out buildings that promote disorderly thinking and create problems and misfortune for the occupants,” Maharishi said.



Global Country of World Peace to offer
Vedic knowledge to the whole population

To raise life above the reach of problems, Maharishi said his Global Country of World Peace is now establishing in every country large groups of peace-creating experts. Through their practice of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, these experts are enlivening the Unified Field and creating coherent collective consciousness—the basis of prevention-oriented, problem-free administration in every nation.

Maharishi said that the Global Country of World Peace is also establishing in every city Vedic schools, colleges, and universities to provide the whole population with the complete knowledge of Total Natural Law—Vedic knowledge—to raise every individual to enlightenment and every nation to invincibility. This includes complete knowledge of: 

• Vedic education to promote the total brain functioning of every student so that all thought, speech, and action are supported by the evolutionary power of Total Natural Law for a mistake-free, problem-free life in fulfillment

• Vedic health care to prevent suffering and disease for all people

• Vedic organic agriculture to grow healthy food without chemical pesticides and fertilizers to promote perfect health for everyone

• Vedic architecture to build fortune-creatingTM buildings that are properly laid out in harmony with Natural Law to promote health, happiness, and prosperity for the whole population

• Vedic technologies for prevention, including Jyotish, Yagyas, and Grahashanti, to detect in advance—and effectively neutralize—any negative influence that is due to come to the nation.

Parliaments of World Peace to fulfill the aspirations of the wise

Maharishi concluded by announcing that Parliaments of World Peace will soon be held in every city in every country. “The Parliaments of World Peace will fulfill the aspirations of the wise throughout the ages for an organization on earth that functions as effectively as the Constitution of the Universe,” Maharishi said. “Members of the Parliament of World Peace in each city will sit quietly together in a hall, close their eyes, and experience within their own self-referral consciousness the unseen field of Total Natural Law. From there, they will enliven the light of God. From there, the light of God will spread throughout the world. In this way, all the conflicts and suffering of today’s world will soon disappear, just as darkness disappears with the onset of light.”

Destructive Governments
Will Soon Fall from Power

New Peace Governments to Administer
Every Nation through Total Natural Law

“A New Age of Peace and Prosperity Is Dawning for All Mankind”

(September 24, 2005) Destructive governments will soon fall from power and new peace governments will quietly emerge to create a new age of harmony, happiness, and prosperity for all mankind through the knowledge of Total Natural Law, which administers the universe with perfect order.

This was the powerful message delivered to the world press by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during his recent global news conference.

Maharishi said this unprecedented global transformation will take place within the coming months. “Very soon—within a few months—the world press will report on the automatic fall of corrupt governments and the rise of new governments in the world. These new governments will quietly fulfill their parental role for the people and raise their nations to invincibility through the knowledge and programs of Total Natural Law,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi said this peaceful transformation is coming from India—the land of the Veda, Total Natural Law—where large numbers of Vedic Pandits are performing Vedic Yagyas and Grahashanti to enliven Total Natural Law and create coherent world consciousness—the basis of invincibility for every nation and permanent world peace.

“These Vedic Pandits are going to radiate peace, prosperity, and happiness to the whole world,” Maharishi said. “And it won’t take long because whenever a lamp is lit, the light spreads—and we are gathering more and more lighted lamps. Then, just as darkness disappears with the onset of light, the intensified light of coherence will spread throughout the whole world to quickly—and permanently—put an end to all negativity, problems, and suffering for all mankind.” 

The Role of the Rishi of the Veda

A question to Maharishi during
the press conference on September 14, 2005

Dr Hagelin: ‘This question, Maharishi, has to do with the significance of the name of the Rishi, such as Madhuchhandas. Maharishi describes the process of cognition of the Veda as “the Veda knowing itself”. If the Veda alone can know itself, then what happens to the individual Rishi who is cognizing the Veda?’

Maharishi: ‘At the beginning of the Vedic recitation, he was just an innocent seer—just a seer. He did not have anything in mind. He just waited to see what he sees. What he came out to see was the first syllable of the Veda. In that first syllable, when he continued to see, he saw something more stirring up. Deep within, he saw layers of something positive—more and more and more.

‘What happened? In the journey of more and more, he came to a point. He started with infinity, “A”, infinity. Then he came out to investigate into “A”, into “Ma”, point. What he saw was from wholeness to the point, from Totality to the point. From Totality to the point was the journey of his sight. His process of seeing traveled from infinity to its point. So he saw, inside the infinity, the details of it there. And in the end, what he saw was points. What he saw was infinity was made of points. Infinity was made of points.

‘He saw each point in succession—now, this is a matter of joy—each point in succession came out to be a commentary of the previous point. Each following point that he saw was not just anything, nothing; it was a commentary. It was a further elaborated explanation of what the previous point was.

‘There are countless points in the flow of the Veda, starting from one point—starting from Rk Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda—the whole Vedic Literature. He traveled all these stages and saw sequentially evolving values. In each time, he saw a commentary of the previous, a commentary of the previous, a commentary of the previous. Then it came out to be a point. And within the point, what he saw was a big, absolute zero—nothingness. “Nothingness” means unmanifest. He started with the unmanifest Totality “A” and ended with a point which had within it the same infinity “A” in the unmanifest state.

‘What Madhuchhandas saw was manifest infinity to unmanifest infinity. What he remained within was infinity. One value of infinity was unboundedness; the other value of infinity was point. The cognition of Madhuchhandas came out to be the cognition of Totality—infinity and point.

‘Infinity and point, there is a lively connection and there is the flow, the sense of flow. We say “the sense of flow” because it is a flow, but it is the flow within the state of non-flow, like the wave within the ocean. One can imagine a wave starting from here and there, but all these waves are within the ocean.

‘Madhuchhandas’ cognition expressed the Totality comprehended, but in the comprehension of Totality, what was comprehended? Totality of infinity and totality of point. So totality of infinity, totality of point: the relationship with each other was in terms of both values together, infinity and point. That means Total Knowledge together. That is called Veda—Total Knowledge in one glance. That is Veda—Total Knowledge in one glance. That is the Veda.

‘The government that we are establishing in the world is the enlivenment of that Veda—Total Knowledge. Where is that found in the individual? It is found in the individual at the source of thought. Thought is like a wave. The source of thought is like the ocean. Infinity and the point was the cognition of Madhuchhandas, and that came out to be the Totality, Totality, Totality.

‘Now the Totality is not devoid of individuality. It is many, many individualities, and one grand wholeness of infinity. This was Totality in silence and in action—two things—the silent field of knowledge and the action field of the application of knowledge, which is the technology. So Veda is science and technology—same thing.

‘Something more is that which is science and technology together. The relationship of science and technology together creates a scientist and a technologist in one person. Veda is science, total science, and total technology. The creator is a scientist also; he is a technologist also. So the Veda is completely self-sufficient total science and total technology. This is the nature of the Self of everyone.

‘Vedic science and Vedic technology are capable of knowing anything, capable of doing anything. This is the Vedic scientist and the Vedic technologist. That came out to be the vision of Madhuchhandas. He saw the Totality in it. If you have time, you can sit and count from the first letter to the second letter to the third letter and fourth, and their divisions, one way—the Padas and the Richas and the Suktas and the Mandalas and the Vedas and then the four Vedas and the six Vedangas. The whole sequential development of the Vedic Literature is just the expression of different values of Total Knowledge. All that is accumulated in the first syllable of the Veda, “A”.

‘The Veda is total at every step of evolution, and partial also in every step of evolution. It is partial, and it is total. It is partial, and it is total, because each following letter is a commentary of the previous. We say Veda is its own commentary. Veda is its own science; it is its own scientist of the science; it is the technologist of the application of science. This is what we say is the Constitution of the Universe.

‘The Constitution of the Universe is not a principle which has to be adopted by someone to work. The Constitution of the Universe itself is functional in every stage of creation, from point to infinity. We call the whole thing “evolution”—action according to evolution. Evolution of what? Evolution of knowledge—from infinity to point, from point to infinity—contains all values in one and one value in all. That is the Constitution applicable—at the same time suitable and authentic—for everyone singly and every group collectively.

‘This is Vedic science and technology. This is Natural Law’s administration everywhere, no matter where, and not only in human species. It is applicable to animal species, to birds, to insects, to mosquitoes, to monkeys, and elephants—to everything. There are many species—not only the human species—and they all naturally follow the evolutionary trend of life.

‘This is the cognition of the Veda by Rishi Madhuchhandas. This is the cognition that is the innate capability of everyone’s awareness, because everyone’s awareness is as much a feature of his own Atma or Self as it is with the Self of Madhuchhandas or any Rishi or any Devata or any Chhandas. That is why “I am the Totality; I am Brahm; I am everything. I am able to be, and I am able to do, I am able to know”—that is all. It is a state of fulfilment of life. We say “enlightenment”.

‘We are going to establish educational institutions in all these countries very soon—Vedic Universities, Vedic Colleges, Vedic Schools, Vedic Medical Colleges, Vedic Engineering Colleges, Vedic Political Colleges, Vedic Economic Colleges. Everything is going to be Vedic, Vedic, Vedic, Vedic. That is our plan—to start doing it on a very practical level.

‘Total Natural Law cannot be contrived. Make a note of this. Total Natural Law—thought according to total Natural Law, action according to total Natural Law, knowledge of total Natural Law—cannot be contrived. It cannot be imagined, no. It is a spontaneous quality of life; it is a spontaneous reality of life at every stage. That reality of life we want to establish in the world. It is going to be. Now it is a matter of a few days, a few weeks, a few months—that is all—nothing more.’

The Nature of the Ultimate Reality of Life

A question to Maharishi during
the press conference on September 21, 2005

Dr Hagelin:
‘Maharishi, there is a deep question based on something you have said before: Maharishi often uses the terms “emptiness”, “hollowness”, “nothingness”, or “a big zero” to describe the ultimate, unmanifest reality of life. But to be honest, Maharishi, these descriptions do not inspire feelings of happiness in my heart. To me, these descriptions suggest that life is hollow and empty at its core. Where is the bliss in life located when the ultimate reality is a field of nothingness—a big zero? Could Maharishi please clarify my understanding and help me feel better about the ultimate reality of life?’ 

The ultimate reality of life is the whole of life. And you cannot imagine what the whole of life is when you are stuck up in a grain of life—a part of life—in the thorny little, little holes of life. That which is wholeness is bliss—what you want. Bliss is not isolated in space and time. Bliss is universally available to everyone in every space and time. That is bliss.

‘What you know to be bliss is that someone is smiling at you—“Ah, bliss. There is concrete bliss.” But that little bliss [laughter] is a small kind of nothing. It is not bliss. What you know to be bliss is some little sweet sugar or, if you like, some grain of salt or something sweet, but this is not bliss.

‘You compare bliss with your standard of bliss—that for which you are searching. You are searching for bliss in the drops of rain. What is bliss? The ocean of innumerable drops—that is bliss, not a drop of bliss. You are searching and you are calling bliss what you can see, some nice thing; what you can hear, some nice melody; what you can touch, some nice thing. These are isolated values of bliss—very fragmented—very, very, very fragmented fields. We do not call it bliss, no. This is sensory sensation—through the senses—very isolated.

‘If you are a meditator, and if you have experienced what inner self-referral consciousness is, you would know what bliss means. These isolated things, which you call bliss and which you call happiness, are misnomers of happiness. Life is taken up by these little, little, little, little waves of—not temporary bliss [laughter]—but feeling temporary phases of happiness. It is a different world. You have to practice Transcendental Meditation, and with regular practice you will see that which is, in one phrase, “emptiness, nothingness, hollowness, unmanifest” is the totality of everything. It is Atma, Brahm. That is my Self; that is bliss. That is bliss.

‘The time is coming in my reign, in the reign of the Global Country of World Peace now the time is coming, where the whole atmosphere of life will be in the waves of bliss. Life will be an ocean of bliss. It is going to be very soon now. It is going to be soon now.’

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