Volume 5, Issue No. 11

July 2005

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Global Reconstruction Program
 For Permanent World Peace

Raising the world’s population from problem-ridden life to
problem-free life—life in accord with Total Natural Law—life in
enlightenment, perfect health, affluence, invincibility, and peace.

Invitation to all the builders of every nation,
so that reconstruction of the world
is simultaneously and quickly achieved.
Time and tide wait for no one.

Builders will share one-third of their profit in this Global Reconstruction Project with the National Peace Fund in their country and another third with the International Peace Fund (Paid as license fees and royalties so that these amounts are counted to be expenses of the project) so that the whole world peace program is rapidly fulfilled.
All developers, builders, architects, engineers, suppliers of materials—everyone—is fondly invited to uphold this project in their area and achieve the goal as soon as possible by building only ‘Vastu®’ buildings—healthy, fortune-promoting buildings laid out according to Natural Law.
They will be relieving their area from a great amount of negativity and disharmony—problems of health, behavior, and other misfortunes.
Every government has a kind program to construct housing for the poor. All governments are invited to construct only Vastu buildings as well. (For the advantages and disadvantages of living or not living according to Vastu principles, please see details in the following pages.)
Governments should never build houses that violate the Vastu principles, because such housing will bring more misfortune and difficulties to those who live in them.
Not knowing that violation of Vastu principles in the layout of buildings is the basic cause of many kinds of problems and suffering in life, individuals, societies, and nations are passing time in the waves of suffering. Now in this scientific age we can raise human life out of this predicament.


Global Reconstruction Program
Invitation to Builders and Developers

to Build Maharishi Peace Colonies

The dawn of a new fortune for everyone in every country

It has been found that the buildings where people are living and working throughout the world have not been built in conformity with Natural Law.

For that reason a great deal of negativity, ill health and conflict prevails in families, communities, city life, national life, and on the international level. People have suffered and experienced negativity of many kinds, not knowing that the design of the home itself was the cause of their suffering.

It needed a scientific age to probe into the betterment of every area of life, and from that came this conclusion that unless the people of our world family live in homes built according to Sthapatya Veda (Vastu) peace will always remain a question mark everywhere.


To correct the wrong that has prevailed for centuries our program of Global Reconstruction is being initiated in every big city of the world. We are inviting developers and builders in major cities of every country to materialize these ‘Fortune-Promoting Buildings’ built according to the knowledge of Vastu®—Sthapatya Veda®—Vedic knowledge of construction in harmony with Natural Law, starting with the construction of sample ideal Vastu Colonies of a few hundred acres each in the North, South, East, and West of every major city of every country.

Colonies can be built according to this ideal Vastu building system, and, as people see the elimination of their problems and more creativity blossoming by living in these newly built ‘Vastu Houses’, the old cities will be rebuilt very quickly and developers and builders will fulfill their role of providing more healthy and more fortunate homes for the population.

Let us start. Let every developer and builder everywhere step on to this really fortunate and blessed global enterprise and fulfill his ambition of doing something really good by participating in this global program for reconstruction of the world.


The Cosmic House

The knowledge of building according to Vastu principles is vested in the visionary of our time—the
great scientist who is the First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam. In 1998 His Majesty was weighed in gold for his historic scientific research that demonstrated that every human physiology, and every physical structure, is the expression of Total Natural Law, the Veda. He discovered that the field of consciousness structures the human body and the galactic universe in reality, physiology is consciousness.

The research of His Majesty has revealed that every individual physiology has two aspects of its reality, individual and cosmic. It is exactly the same with housing—a house also has two aspects to it, individual and cosmic. There is the individual house of so many feet long and wide; and there is the cosmic house, so many billions of light years long and wide. Just as there is a set science and technology of how the individual body is raised to live its cosmic status, there is likewise, a definite set science and technology of how the house in which one lives and works can be fully aligned with the structuring intelligence at the basis of the vast cosmos. This science and technology is Maharishi
Sthapatya Veda—the knowledge of Vastu, which provides the simple principles by which any building can be perfectly attuned with the intelligence that organizes the galactic universe.

Unfortunately, the science and technology of consciousness has been missing in life for so long that people everywhere do not know how to awaken the relationship between the individual and cosmic aspects of life. They do not know how to awaken their physiology to its cosmic status and they do not know how to build their house so that it is properly aligned with the cosmic house.

It is very necessary that the delicate relationship between the individual and his cosmic status is carefully maintained and lived in daily life. So let us now, in this scientific age, take full advantage of His Majesty’s scientific research, so that both the human body and all buildings are perfectly set in their relationship to the cosmic—to the house of the universe, the unlimited unbounded field of consciousness, the one reality that structures both the body and all physical structures of the universe
on the basis of Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda Sthapatya Veda or Vastu).


Building for the Fortune

Developers are busy developing in their areas and builders are busy building in their areas anyway, so why not build in a way that the building does not shadow the fortune of its occupants. All the big builders are advised to invite small builders in their localities and inform them of the importance of building homes according to Sthapatya Veda. Let us be of maximum service to all those who put faith in us that we will build only useful, and not harmful, buildings for them. Those who contract with us expect that no aspect of the building will be in any sense harmful to them.

Our policy is to provide maximum facilities for everyone to begin to live in ‘Ideal Vastu Buildings’ as soon as possible. Life will be better, healthier, happier, and in every way satisfactory— life without problems. In order to make it easy for everyone to live in a Vastu home and work in a Vastu building our plan is to give a wide range of financial choices to everyone. It will be possible to buy or rent these buildings. A purchase can be completed in 1, 2, 3 or 4 installments during construction, or through financing for 10, 20, or 30 years. From our side every option is being programmed for everyone to make their choice and quickly come to live in a more healthy home. Our program is to use marble in the exterior and interior of these homes, expressing the sanctity, purity and dignity of living, while still remaining within reasonable cost. Our only wish is to see this achieved today, tomorrow, this week, or this month for every city of our dear world.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Effects
of the Orientation of Buildings

Direction of entrance is very important

  • Entrance facing North - Auspicious - Influence of prosperity and happiness

  • Entrance facing North-East - Inauspicious - Influence: Extinction of family

  • Entrance facing East - Auspicious - Influence: Enlightenment, affluence, fulfillment

  • Entrance facing South - Inauspicious - All negative influences, problems and suffering

  • Entrance facing South-West - Inauspicious - Influence: Quarreling

  • Entrance facing West - Inauspicious - Influence: Poverty, lack of creativity, chronic diseases

  • Entrance facing North-West - Inauspicious - Influence: Mental inconsistency and instability 

  • Entrance facing South-East - Inauspicious - Influence: constant fear

All houses should be properly aligned in the north-south, east-west directions, with an auspicious entrance towards the east, the direction of the rising sun.

The auspicious and inauspicious effects shown in these pages are the predictions from the textbooks of Sthapatya Veda, Vedic Architecture. Along with these values many other factors, such as the condition of the individual’s stars and planets in his horoscope, also have to be considered; so if one finds that one is not influenced by the predicted results from Sthapatya Veda—even though the building’s situation is topsy turvey— then one should understand there are other features working in his favor. Otherwise, this is the standard rule in nature that orientation of house produces these effects.

Our Global Reconstruction Program is based on architecture in harmony with total Natural Law—UNIFIED FIELD of all the laws of nature from modern science, the Will of God, the Will of the omniscient, omnipresent, almighty God, from all religions

Auspicious and Inauspicious Effects
of the Slope of the Land

Direction of slope is very important

  • Sloping North - Auspicious - Prosperity in all walks of life, good health and fortune

  • Sloping North-East - Very Auspicious - Happy home, children, comfort, fortune, longevity, prosperity

  • Sloping East - Auspicious - Good progress, fortune, reputation, good health, excellence in education

  • Sloping South-East - Inauspicious - Enmity and quarrel, financial loss, ruin, fear from fire

  • Sloping South - Inauspicious - Financial loss, ill health, poverty, destruction of family, disease and death

  • Sloping South-West - Inauspicious - Chronic disease, ruin of wealth, ruin of next generation (no offspring)

  • Sloping West - Inauspicious - Endless sorrow, financial loss, poverty, loss of issues

  • Sloping North-West - Inauspicious - Unknown fear, sorrow, loss of female children, criminal tendency, indigestion

To be auspicious, the slope should be down towards north, east or north-east, or the land should be completely level.

Level ground, without slope, is auspicious and brings all–round prosperity and success. A concave shaped site, which is lower in the center, is most inauspicious and brings great misfortune.


Auspicious and Inauspicious
Effects of Water Bodies
in Different Directions of the Building


City Planning According to Sthapatya Veda

The right side of the above illustrations shows the corrected layout of the cities, with all roads in the cardinal directions. All buildings are located in auspicious positions with reference to the rivers and water bodies. Gardens fill the inauspicious areas.

As the sun is rising in the east and setting in the west it generates different energies. The placement of rooms in the building—kitchen, fire place, master bedroom, dining hall, living room, guest room and meditation or prayer room—should correspond to these different energies, so that Natural Law always supports our daily activities. When the whole building inside and outside is designed according to
Vastu, our thoughts, feelings, and actions are spontaneously flowing in the evolutionary direction for harmonious and peaceful living—life in accord with Natural Law.

A Wide Gate of Peace, Prosperity and happiness

We have successfully put together modern science and ancient Vedic science and the pursuit of God realization from all religions—ancient and modern. We feel humble. Our desire is to open a wide gate of peace, prosperity and happiness to everyone in our dear world. The world reconstruction program is one of our undertakings.

Another program is in the field of education, to provide full enlightenment and total education to everyone through con­sciousness-based education in Maharishi Vedic Universities, Colleges and Schools, so no one makes mistakes or creates problems in his life.

The third program of ours is to open Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Medicine and hospitals everywhere to offer prevention-oriented health care programs without side effects.

Another program is to open Maharishi Agriculture Universities with the knowledge of Vedic Organic Agriculture for healthy and nourishing food.

Another program is to open Maharishi Uni­versities of Management, Politics, Economics and International Trade; for success in every profession.

All this is possible because we have the knowledge of total Natural Law from all levels of approach: modern science, ancient Vedic science, and from the holy books of modern and ancient religions.

Scientific Research

In support of all these beautiful values in the life of everyone there are more than 600 scientific research studies on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi program that have been conducted over the last 35 years at over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 32 countries.

Many of these studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals around the world. This research has demonstrated profound benefits in all fields of life—health, education, administration, defense, business and industry, criminal rehabilitation, and crime reduction—to actualize permanent world peace.


With all these fields of knowledge at our disposal
we feel supported by total Natural Law, the Will of God.

Lord of the Universe, Let Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it Is in Heaven


An Open Invitation

We are starting our activities in all the big cities of the world. Major national and international developers and builders are invited to join hands in this Global Reconstruction Program.

Businessmen doing business in any field are invited to do business in this field of construction also and thus to participate in this world peace program.

Contact our International Offices of Global Reconstruction Program through:
New York • Toronto • Washington DC • Maharishi Vedic City • Beverly Hills • Auckland • Sydney • Tokyo • Shanghai • Bangkok • Delhi • Moscow • Johannesburg • Bonn • Amsterdam • Paris • Sao Paulo

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