Volume 5, Issue No. 10

June 2005

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Maharishi Proclaims Satisfaction with
Progress of Global Peace Program

Peace-Creating Experts in India Promote
Coherence in World Consciousness through
Vedic Technologies of Total Natural Law

World Press Reports Rise of Positivity
in India, Different Areas of the Globe

Maharishi to train world’s top scientists in Total Knowledge
of Natural Law to lead Peace Governments in every country

(June 2, 2005) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week proclaimed satisfaction with the progress of the first eight weeks of his program to create permanent world peace through his Vedic technologies of Total Natural Law. At the same time, Maharishi pledged to utilize new peace-creating Vedic approaches to more quickly create a bright future for the world family. 

Maharishi’s pronouncement came during his May 25 global news conference, which was broadcast live via Internet webcast and satellite from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Two months ago, Maharishi announced that he had launched his global peace program. Maharishi said that large numbers of peace-creating Vedic Pandits had been established in India. Through their practice of Yogic Flying and Yagyas, Maharishi said, the Vedic Pandits would enliven Total Natural Law and create coherence in the collective consciousness of India and the world—which is the basis of invincibility for every nation.

Since then, world press reports have documented a dramatic rise of positivity and harmony in India and in different parts of the world (see For example, press reports show increased harmony and a more rapid pace of progress towards peace between formerly hostile nations—and potential nuclear flashpoints—as seen in these recent stories:

  • India and Pakistan: “Peace Process Is Irreversible”: “After nearly 60 years of hostilities and three wars, the peace process has suddenly gained momentum and no government or extraneous force can stop it—the peace process is irreversible.”—The Hindu, May 26, 2005

  • Israel and Palestine: “Wind of Peace Blowing Over Middle East”: “There is a new wind of peace blowing over the Middle East and no one can stop it. No one can change history.” —Agence France Presse, May 21, 2005

  • China and Taiwan: “Ending 60 Years of Hostilities”: “The two civil war enemies closed the book on six decades of hostility. It is clear that the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait want peace.” —Reuters, April 30, 2005


The world will soon rise to a new level of positivity and coherence

Maharishi acknowledged that even with this global rise of positivity, areas of negativity remain in the world. “The world press is reporting signs of harmony in some parts of the world and patches of negativity in other parts of the world—and this is what we expected,” said Maharishi, who likened the process of purifying world consciousness through his Vedic technologies to washing a dirty cloth with soapy water. “If you wash the cloth once, some of the dirt comes out, but some spots remain. However, with a few more washings, all the spots will go,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi said that he will utilize new Vedic approaches to even more quickly create coherent collective consciousness. “Then the whole world will rise to a new level of positivity, coherence, and fulfillment that is free from problems, sickness, and suffering,” Maharishi said.

Training course for the world’s top scientists in Total Natural Law

Maharishi also announced that he will soon begin a course to train the world’s top scientists in the Total Knowledge of Natural Law to become leaders of the Peace Government and create ideal administration in their countries. The scientists are being invited to the training course by Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist, President of the US Peace Government, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. The training progam will be held via the Internet.

Maharishi said the Peace Governments will restore balance in existing governments, which have been overwhelmed by the power of dynamism—and, as a result have been overcome by stress and problems. “There is huge dynamism in the administration of every nation,” Maharishi said. “However, dynamism emerges from the Unified Field—the field of silence—which quietly administers the universe with perfect order. The Peace Governments will utilize the Vedic technologies to enliven silence—the Unified Field—within the self-referral consciousness of everyone. This will create coherent collective consciousness and raise every manmade constitution—with its human weaknesses and human failings—to the level of the flawless administration of the universe.”

 “With the blessings of the tradition of Vedic masters,
we will bring the light of God—Total Natural Law—to earth”

Maharishi concluded by declaring that heaven is dawning on earth as a gift of God—a gift that has been made manifest by the tradition of Vedic masters. “With the blessing of the tradition of Vedic masters, we are bringing Total Knowledge to purify world consciousness and materialize the brilliance of the light of God—Total Natural Law—on earth,” Maharishi said. “And as the speed of our achievement grows faster day by day, our world is growing brighter day by day.”

Maharishi Offers Knowledge and Expertise
to Raise Every Nation to Invincibility and Every
 Individual to the “Rulership of the Universe”

His Majesty Raja Nader Raam,
First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace,
Inaugurates Peace Governments in 108 Countries
and the International University of World Peace
in 8 Locations Worldwide

“We are offering the knowledge of invincibility
out of a parental compassion for the whole world family”

(June 8, 2005) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week offered to every government the knowledge and expertise to bring fulfillment to the supreme need of every nation to rise to invincibility and the supreme desire of every individual to rise to the level of rulership of the universe.

At the same time, His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, established the “working structure” of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace during an historic inauguration of Peace Governments in 108 countries. The Peace Governments will maintain peace in the whole world family of nations on a permanent basis.

His Majesty Raja Nader Raam’s inauguration of the Peace Governments took place on June 7 at the “Highest Point of Holland” in Vaals, The Netherlands—which is the seat of the newly inaugurated International University of World Peace. Maharaja Nader Raam also appointed the President of the Peace Government in each of the 108 countries. Each President will, in turn, appoint Governors with responsibility for the provincial level in their countries.

“Governments founded on the democratic process are changing all the time,” His Majesty Raja Raam declared during the inaugural ceremonies. “Peace Governments will be peacefully established on the level of evenness, of permanency, since they will not change.”

Maharaja Nader Raam was accompanied at the inaugural ceremonies by his Rajas and Ministers.

Maharaja Nader Raam also inaugurated the International University of World Peace on June 6 in Bonn, Germany, and at seven other locations spanning all continents—the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India, Japan, and New Zealand. And on June 5, Maharaja Nader Raam inaugurated the Capital of Invincibility for the European Union during a grand foundation-stone-laying ceremony in Dilbeek, Brussels, which will also serve as the International University of World Peace.

Only the Constitution of the Universe will bring satisfaction to all the people

Maharishi’s announcement offers new hope at a time when the European Union is coping with the results of the two referendums of the past week—and when every government is gripped by problems and no one in any country is satisfied with the administration of his nation.

Maharishi explained the reason for such widespread governmental failure and public dissatisfaction is because every constitution, including the European Constitution, is manmade—with human weaknesses and human failings. As a result, Maharishi said, every constitution is too small, too narrow, and too ineffective to properly administer the nation—and is therefore incapable of bringing satisfaction to the people. “Only a constitution that has no human weaknesses and no human failings will satisfy the cosmic aspirations of everyone,” Maharishi declared. “And that is the Constitution of the Universe, which promotes the evolution of everyone and everything, from point to infinity, in the ever-expanding galactic universe.”

Maharishi said that modern science has located the Constitution of the Universe in the unmanifest Unified Field of Natural Law. And Maharishi explained that through his Vedic science and technology, the Unified Field—the field of invincibility—can be enlivened within the self-referral, silent sea of consciousness deep within everyone.

Peace Governments will raise every nation to invincibility

Maharishi said the Peace Governments will raise every nation to invincibility by establishing a group of a few hundred to a few thousand people—the number depends upon the population size of the country—whose daily practice of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying will enliven the Constitution of the Universe and create coherence in collective consciousness. “Then the nation will be governed by that abstract, transcendental field which administers the galactic universe with perfect order. This will raise every government to the level of invincibility—the level of the most efficient, effective, problem-free, eternally fulfilling administration of the universe,” Maharishi said.

The nature of invincibility in man is all-powerful and all-nourishing

Maharishi acknowledged that the word “invincibility” has a horrible meaning in today’s world. “We know the word ‘invinciblity’ is associated with Hitler and Alexander and other destroyers of the world. But that kind of invincibility—the power to crush people—is brutal and belongs to the nature of animals,” Maharishi said. In contrast, Maharishi said, the nature of total invincibility within man is absolutely fluid, absolutely powerful, and absolutely nourishing. “Such total invincibility is in some way like how a loving parent is to his family, his community, his nation, and his world.”

“Through Consciousness-Based education, everyone can rise
to enlightenment, invincibility, and lordship of the universe”

Maharishi concluded by inviting everyone to fulfill his cosmic aspirations and rise to the level of rulership of the universe on the level of his own consciousness—and Maharishi cited His Majesty Raja Nader Raam as the perfect example. “Maharaja Nader Raam has Unity Consciousness—with his authority on the level of Total Natural Law, the will of God. He is the embodiment of the government of the universe—the invincible rays of intelligence, creativity, authority, and dignity radiate from him,” Maharishi said. “And now, through Consciousness-Based education offered through the International University of World Peace, everyone can rise to the supreme level of enlightenment, invincibility, and lordship of the universe.”

Maharishi Delivers Keynote Address
during Grand July 4 Celebrations

US Peace Government Launches

“National Campaign to Rebuild America
in Harmony with Natural Law”

Campaign Will Reconstruct Buildings and Cities
in Accord with Vedic Architecture to
Promote Peace and Prosperity in the Nation

(July 4, 2005) The US Peace Government’s bold “National Campaign to Rebuild America in Harmony with Natural Law” will fulfil the aspirations of America’s founders to create a healthy, prosperous, and peaceful nation—and in so doing, is opening the door today to a bright future for the whole world.

This was the proclamation delivered by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during a grand Fourth of July celebration and global news conference held at American University in Washington, D.C., to launch the national Rebuild America campaign. Maharishi spoke live via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Top architects, developers, and city planners being mobilized to construct
healthy buildings and cities according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Dr. Hagelin, President of the US Peace Government, announced that top architects, developers, and city planners througout America are being mobilized to rebuild all residential housing, commercial offices, and government buildings—as well as cities and towns—according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture. “Maharishi Vedic Architecture utilizes the ancient and time-tested knowledge of orientation, placement, and proportion to create healthy, stress-free, life-supporting buildings and communities—to promote life in harmony with Natural Law,” Dr. Hagelin said.

According to new published research—and a track record that dates back thousands of years—such buildings can prevent sickness and crime and promote orderly thinking, success, and peace for the occupants of the building.

Dr. Hagelin is also calling on mayors and planners in every city to incorporate into their building codes and zoning ordinances the health-promoting design principles of Vedic architecture to prevent disease and problems and promote the peace and prosperity of all citizens.

One city in the United States—Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa—has already been constructed according to Vedic architecture under the leadership of The Honorable Mayor Dr. Robert G. Wynne, the Raja of Vedic America (see

US Peace Government’s National Construction Project to build
 2400 Peace Palaces, Vedic Universities, and Peace Colonies

Dr. Hagelin also announced that his US Peace Government has already launched a National Construction Project that includes plans for

• 2400 Peace Palaces built according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture to provide the whole population with knowledge and programs in education, health, agriculture, architecture, etc., that will promote life in harmony with Natural Law

• Vedic Universities built according to Vedic architecture in major cities to provide students with Total Knowledge to rise to higher states of consciousness and promote invincibility for every nation

• Peace Colonies built according to Vedic architecture to surround every major city and serve as ideal residential communities

Builders from the U.S. who wish to participate in these national construction projects should contact Raja John Konhaus at, Raja Robert G. Wynne at , or Raja Dean at Builders from other countries should contact .

US Peace Government to bring prevention-oriented,
problem-free administration to the nation

Dr. Hagelin’s Fourth of July launch comes exactly two years after his inauguration of the US Peace Government, which was founded to bring prevention-oriented, problem-free administration to America, and to promote peace and harmony throughout the world (see

“This knowledge-based Peace Government is composed of hundreds of America’s top scientists, medical researchers, educators, architects, and other leading experts who are familiar with the most advanced, scientifically proven principles of governance—the discovery of the Unified Field and its practical applications,” Dr. Hagelin said. “The Peace Government is completely competent—with its profound knowledge and practical, proven programs—to prevent and eliminate the most intractable social problems. And now, through our National Campaign to Rebuild America in Harmony with Natural Law, we are literally laying the foundation for a problem-free nation according to Sthapatya Veda, the Vedic Science of Architecture. Now, 229 years later, we are fulfilling the aspirations of America’s founders to create a nation in harmony with Natural Law.”

Washington will guide the world to a bright future

Maharishi concluded by calling on builders and developers worldwide to quickly demolish all the old houses, offices, and government buildings in their countries—and to construct new buildings according to Vedic architecture. “When everyone lives and works in a proper building, then everyone will be supported by Natural Law—and everyone will enjoy enormous good fortune in his life,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi then added a special charge to builders and developers in Washington: “Start now to rebuild Washington. Make it the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace. Then all the citizens of Washington will be shining stars to guide the destiny of the whole world family to a bright future,” Maharishi said.

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