Volume 5, Issue No. 1

September 2004

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Maharishi’s Message to Lebanon and the Middle East
I am prepared to train the people to create peace in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere.

The Middle East

Our program for every individual and every nation is to enjoy the grace of God

Our teachers in Lebanon will inform the people that what we are offering is very real

(September 2, 2004) Through all parts of the world, our program for every individual and every nation is to enjoy the grace of God. And the grace of God is enjoyed in gaining the support of Natural Law. Natural Law is the will of God. All religions, all systems of prayer and all systems of worship are throughout the ages geared to get the support of Natural Law, the blessings of God, and God is the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent power of life.



Whatever faith one has, one will find something
that we may call in terms of prayers: “heard by God”.

When seen in the context of religion, our program for world peace through the peace of the individual is a program to bring fulfillment to everyone on every level of life, bring fulfillment to everyone. Whatever faith one has, in whatever religion one is, whatever prayers one practices, in whatever worship one believes, one will find through our program something that we may call in terms of “prayers heard by God”. We have our religious people everywhere and different are the ways of approaching God in different languages, through different wordings, but through all the ways, the objective is to reach the realm of God, which is omnipresent, transcendental. The experience of the Transcendent is what we are teaching to the people, the experience of bliss consciousness. Transcendental Meditation is the way for experiencing bliss consciousness and in this, one gets the support of Natural Law. So, whatever religion one believes in, whether Christianity, or Islam, or Buddhism or any Hinduism, or any Chinese, or any Russian, or any American... These differences in the words do not make a difference in the Grace of God that one gets. It is completely within our reach.

I would like the press to tell everyone, and every government, and every priest, and every religious faith… Inform them that I am prepared to train the people, even a thousand people, just practicing this program to create peace in the collective consciousness of any country, either Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere.


Ring the bell of eureka on the courtyard of God

A thousand people could be employed by anyone, and they will have sometime morning and evening to practice the program and have a relaxed life. They will read their own religious texts, but would practice transcendental meditation and the program that we have to create peace on the atmosphere, our program of what we call “yogic flying”, yogic flying program. We have teachers in Lebanon; we have very good teachers, very enthusiastic teachers, and with all of that, the Lebanese national consciousness should be so full of the grace of God, full of harmony, full of happiness, that all these difficulties, all these negative things, all problems will not arise. Our teachers in Lebanon will inform the people that what we are offering is very real and is not anything that is segregated from any one religion. This is the fulfillment of all religions. Whether Christians pray, or Muslims pray, or Buddhists pray… Whosoever according to their system of prayer, they will ring the bell of eureka on the courtyard of God, this is how we can say.


The science and art of praying from
the transcendental level of consciousness

It is very necessary that all the countries in the Middle-East where money is enormous, they can hire 1000-2000 people such as they hire the people in the military thinking that they would go and wage a war against another country, that may not be necessary. Give them comfortable life and we will train them in the science and art of praying from the transcendental level of consciousness, which is the realm of the light of God. I am so surprised: Christians are very faithful Christians in the world, Muslims are very faithful Muslims in the world, but destruction is very prevalent in the world! That challenges us on our religious faith. What is our religion? What is the Almighty God to whom we are dedicated? What is it? We are not even able to save ourselves. 


I would like to see the light of God
giving shelter to all the people

Therefore, I take this challenge in all humbleness, in all humility. A thousand people, engage a thousand people, any government or any religious head. Any religious head or any government could engage a thousand people and we will have beautiful harmony and peace in the Middle East. I would like to see this light of God giving shelter to all the people. Let the heads of state be informed by the press that running away with their wealth and going to America or going to Switzerland or going here or going there... Do not think that money will be able to save life. It is not money, it is the mind, and you do not have to be, you do not have to do it, you can hire the people and they will serve for you. All glory to my master, and I’m ready to help in every way, through any religion. I’m not converting the people to any religion. Christians will remain Christians, Muslims will remain Muslims…


The prime minister of Lebanon can
engage 1000-2000 people to create coherence
in the Middle-East consciousness

I hear that the prime minister of Lebanon is a billionaire. Let the press inform him that the society is aware of his huge wealth and the society is aware that he has the power of being a prime minister of Lebanon. And the people in Lebanon and in the world know that every country one after the other is ready to be devoured by a big fish. That should be enough for me as a challenge, as a remark, or as a humble suggestion, because he knows what war means as a prime minister. And as a billionaire he can absolutely engage 1000-2000 people, give them a good life and put them on the daily routine whereby morning and evening they will practice the special program that will create coherence in the national consciousness, in the Middle-East consciousness, and in the world consciousness.


Royalties are being swallowed by the big fish

My invitation is to the press of Lebanon, to the intelligent people of Lebanon, to the royalties of Middle East. It is not a matter of talking anymore, everyone sees that one after the other, royalties are being swallowed by the big fish, there is no hiding place. Face the reality. But here is a chance of eliminating the darkness forever.


All glory to the masters of this wisdom of life. All glory to all the religions of the world, which lead the people to the realization of the merciful God.


Jai Guru Dev

Maharishi Invites Builders to Construct
Peace Palaces in Every Major City

Calls for Government Buildings to be
Reconstructed According to Vedic Architecture
to Promote Harmony and Success

“Don’t delay—start building immediately”

(September 22, 2004) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi invited builders throughout the world to begin to construct immediately in every major city Peace Palaces built according to Vedic architecture in harmony with Natural Law. “The Peace Palaces will provide total knowledge to raise the whole population to enlightenment,” Maharishi said. “They will radiate peace throughout the world in the same way as a lighted lamp radiates light and eliminates darkness.”

Maharishi also called on government leaders to rebuild their residences and offices according to Vedic architecture to promote administrative harmony and success.

Maharishi’s message to government leaders and builders came during his September 22 global news conference, which was broadcast live to the world press on all continents via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland. Maharishi will hold his next global news conferences on September 29 and 30.

Start building Peace Palaces right away

Maharishi urged the builders to start building Peace Palaces right away. “Don’t wait for anyone to place an order to build. This is a global undertaking that must be done simultaneously in every country. Consult with the Department of Global Reconstruction of the Global Country of World Peace for the proper orientation and dimensions of the Peace Palaces and then construct the buildings,” Maharishi said. “Do it quickly because all the Peace Palaces will be occupied immediately.”

Maharishi said the builders will earn money for constructing a Peace Palace just as they do for any other development project—but they will also gain something more. “They will gain the benefits that come from creating a proper home for peace-creating experts who will radiate peace throughout the world,” Maharishi said. 


Maharishi’s peace plan calls for Peace Palaces
in the world’s largest 3,000 cities

The construction of 3,000 Peace Palaces in the world’s largest 3,000 cities is a key element in Maharishi’s program to create permanent world peace. Maharishi’s global peace plan also calls for the establishment of Vedic universities, colleges, and schools to be affiliated with each Peace Palace. The initial phase of the project is now under way to build the first 300 Peace Palaces. 

Each Peace Palace to be constructed according
to Vedic architecture with the entrance to the east 

Maharishi explained that each Peace Palace will be constructed according to the building codes of Vedic architecture—vastu vidya. According to Vedic architecture, all buildings should be oriented on a north-south axis with the entrance to the east. “This is not a matter of faith,” Maharishi said. “Examine the buildings with an east entrance and you will find the residents enjoy more peace and prosperity, more cordiality and friendship. Examine the buildings with a south or west entrance and there will be quarrelling and conflict, negativity and failure.”

For this reason, Maharishi said, the whole world needs reconstruction. “The six billion people of the world must be provided with proper buildings in which to live and work,” Maharishi said. “All homes and offices for government, education, health, and business and industry should be built according to Vedic architecture as soon as possible. Otherwise, negative thinking, behavior, and relationships will always continue in all areas of life.”  

Proper orientation is a secret of government success

Maharishi said that proper orientation is a secret of government success and urged leaders to reconstruct their buildings according to Vedic architecture. “Government leaders should examine whether their residences and offices are properly laid out according to Vedic architecture. If not, we advise them to follow the principles of Vedic architecture to promote greater success in all government undertakings.” 

Peace Palaces to offer total knowledge in the language
of modern science, Vedic science, and religion

In response to a press question about what people will learn at the Peace Palaces, Maharishi said the whole population would receive total knowledge in terms of modern science, Vedic science, and religion. “We will teach total knowledge of the Unified Field in the language of the physical sciences, total knowledge of consciousness in the language of Vedic science, and total knowledge of the light of God from the religious point of view,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi emphasized that he is prepared to train teachers to bring total knowledge to every area of society—all that is required is for builders to take responsibility to construct Peace Palaces. “With proper homes for total knowledge, everyone will begin to enjoy life in bliss, and our dear world family will be free for all times from problems, sickness, and suffering. So build the Peace Palaces quickly,” Maharishi told the builders. “Don’t delay.”

Maharishi Issues Strong Challenges
to World Leaders, America—
and the World Press

 Governments must rise to invincibility now through
total Natural Law—or be “hooted out” for incompetence

America must know: “As you sow, so shall you reap”—
If you destroy someone, someone else will destroy you


The world press has not done its duty

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi issued a stern challenge to governments to rise to invincibility through his technologies of the Unified Field—or else be “hooted out” of office for incompetence. Maharishi also urged America to immediately halt its destructive policies because such actions are guaranteed to bring destruction back to the nation. And Maharishi admonished the world press for failing in its duty to bring his message of permanent world peace to responsible leaders throughout the world.

Maharishi’s pointed comments came during his September 15 global news conference, which was broadcast to the world press on all continents live via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

The news conference was held following the third anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. In response to a series of press questions about the origins of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Maharishi said that America should look to its own past actions. “America has been destructive to other countries and therefore other countries are destructive to America,” Maharishi said. “‘As you sow, so shall you reap’—this is an eternal truth. If you destroy someone today, someone else will destroy you tomorrow. If America wants to be in peace, America should radiate peace to others.”

Maharishi added that the citizens of destructive nations, such as America and Britain, are free to choose their own destiny, but warned: “If they continue to support this kind of destructive leadership, fine—but they are digging their own graves.” 


Governments must learn something that they do not already know

Maharishi proclaimed that governments now have the opportunity to rise to invincibility, but they have to learn something that they do not already know. “Leaders don’t have the knowledge to prevent problems and satisfy the people through their administration.”

The new knowledge needed to promote ideal administration, Maharishi said, is the knowledge of total Natural Law—the Unified Field—which administers the universe with perfect order. “The technology of the Unified Field enlivens total Natural Law and creates coherence in individual and collective consciousness—the basis of invincibility for every nation,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi defined invincibility as a state of supreme intelligence, power, and capability that is above the reach of weakness and cannot be challenged or defeated by anyone. “An invincible government will be stable and never change,” said Maharishi, who added that such an approach stands in sharp contrast with democracy, which Maharishi called a poison to the nation. “The integrity of the whole nation is torn apart by divisive party politics. It is a shame in the name of administration.”

Governments urged to take up Maharishi’s offer of invincibility

Maharishi urged governments to quickly take up his offer and have a group of citizens trained in the technology of the Unified Field. “Every nation has the resources to prevent enmity and rise to invincibility because every nation has custody of the Unified Field within the self-referral consciousness of its people. So when the technology is available, why not use it?” Maharishi said.

Sending people to die for the nation is cruel and inhuman

Maharishi said that the alternative to his peaceful approach—attempting to maintain order in society through force, destruction, and fear of punishment—is unacceptable. Maharishi also condemned as inhuman the military approach to peace. “It’s cruel for any government to give salaries to people and feed them today so that tomorrow they can be sent to die in an open massacre. It is inhuman, animal-like, and devoid of intelligence,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi targeted faulty education as the cause of all government problems. “Today’s education is isolated and incomplete—it doesn’t awaken the total functioning of the brain,” Maharishi said. “The solution is Vedic education because it develops total brain functioning and higher states of consciousness so that every citizen will think and act from the level of the Unified Field—and enjoy the support of the total potential of Natural Law to fulfill his desires.”

Maharishi’s strong words for the world press

Maharishi had particularly strong words for the world press who have failed to deliver his message to responsible leaders in their nations. “The world press is not doing their duty—otherwise our message would have reached those for whom it was meant,” Maharishi said. “The press should feel their responsibility and—for their own sake and the sake of their nation—bring this knowledge to their leaders to create a world without suffering and problems.”

“We have the torch and we are prepared to show the light”

Maharishi concluded with reassurances that his plan to create permanent world peace by establishing groups of 8,000 peace-creating experts will succeed—with or without the support of the press. “With the grace of the Vedic tradition of masters, we have the torch of total knowledge and we are prepared to show the light,” Maharishi said. “We will raise every government to invincibility and create permanent world peace now and for all times to come.”

Success of M.U.M.’s
National Conference on Creating Peace

One of the most significant events in the recent history of Maharishi University of Management — an event which shows great promise for the future of our University — was the “National Conference on Creating Peace” held last Sunday. Organized by “Students for Peace” with the guidance and support of the US Peace Government, the event showcased Maharishi’s programs to create permanent world peace. An estimated 650 people attended the all-day conference, including 400 non-meditating participants who traveled from as far away as Florida and California. News of the conference was carried nationwide by CNN, Associated Press and National Public Radio, as well as by many local newspapers and radio and television stations, including the Des Moines Register.

Highlights included an inspiring address by Dr. Robert Muller, the former assistant secretary general of the United Nations and founder of the UN University of Peace in Costa Rica. Dr. Muller is known throughout the world as one of the truly great visionaries of our time and a powerful force for peace. Dr. Muller opened his address by acknowledging that the two most important influences in his life in the past 10 years have been his wife, Barbara, and the profound wisdom of Dr. John Hagelin, President of the US Peace Government. Dr. Muller urged people to work beyond just trying to stop war but to work to create what he called “Paradise on Earth.”

Dr. Hagelin followed Dr. Muller’s address with a commanding speech on Maharishi’s program to create world peace. His lucid and compelling presentation included deep principles of quantum theory, Maharishi Vedic Science of consciousness, and the mechanics of creating peace through group practice of the Transcendental Meditation® program and Yogic Flying.



Next spoke David Lynch, award-winning film director, MUM. trustee, and a dedicated peace advocate who has traveled to dozens of countries to present Maharishi’s programs to heads of state and other government leaders. Mr. Lynch was bold and direct, calling conventional approaches to peace “mere fluff — a trash.” “Only Maharishi is offering a true solution to war because only Maharishi’s programs enliven the field of unity at the basis of diversity. If someone offers you a peace plan that does not eliminate negativity, then that is not a true peace plan — just as if someone offers you a light bulb that does not eliminate darkness, then that is not a true light bulb.”

Another wonderful highlight of the Conference was a special discussion session between students of Maharishi University of Management and members of the audience. The students spoke boldly, powerfully and with great wisdom about the effectiveness of Maharishi’s programs to create permanent world peace and the crucial need for Consciousness-Based education to be offered to students throughout the world. Hearing these inspiring students from the University gave everyone great hope for the future of America and the world.

The incredible success of this Peace Conference, and its potential to attract many new students, has inspired the University to launch a series of national conferences to highlight Maharishi’s solutions to all areas of society. Indeed, next week, on Friday, October 8, the MUM. Institute for Maharishi Vedic Architecture will hold the first national conference on “Vedic Architecture in Harmony with Natural Law,” to introduce architects and builders to the principles and practices of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design. Interest in the conference is spreading rapidly around the globe, with top architects, developers, and builders registered to attend from throughout the United States and the world.

It is clear from the attendance at these conferences and the remarkable response from the press that the world is ready and eager to hear Maharishi’s knowledge — and willing to travel large distances to do so! This bodes very well for the future of Maharishi University of Management and the future of Maharishi’s movement.

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