Volume 4, Issue No. 8

April 2004

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Maharishi urges every individual
to wake up to the light of God within


“Transcendental Meditation is the
 only hope for this barbaric world”


Calls on governments, religious leaders, and
the wealthy to establish on every continent
groups of 1,000 to 2,000 peace-creating experts

(April 6, 2003) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi denounced today’s conflict-ridden world as “cruel and barbaric” and said that God’s precious gift of human life is being “abused and wasted in ignorance.” Maharishi said the only hope is for everyone to “wake up to the light of God within themselves through the universal practice of Transcendental Meditation.”

Maharishi then invited governments, religious leaders of all religions, and the wealthy to establish groups of 1,000 to 2,000 people practicing Transcendental Meditation together and probing deep into the holy scriptures of their own religion on every continent to spread the light of God and create peace on earth—everything is there in the text of every religion.

Maharishi’s pronouncements came on Wednesday during his weekly global news conference, which was held at the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland. Maharishi’s next news conferences will be held on April 9 and 10 and will be broadcast live via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call (see page 3 for details).

The only hope for a better world

Maharishi described the infinite potential of human life and contrasted it with the current pitiable state of religion, politics, economics, education, medicine, and defense. “It’s not worth living in today’s world,” Maharishi said. “The only hope for a better world is on the individual level. We are offering every individual the knowledge of the almighty, omnipresent reality of life—the light of God—which is beyond the boundaries of space and time. And we are offering Transcendental Meditation so that everyone can experience the light of God within themselves on the basis of the holy scriptures of their own religion—and spontaneously radiate this light around them.”

Leaders have failed to deliver on their promises

Maharishi rebuked government, health, and economic leaders for failing to deliver on their promises to bring the world out of problems, sickness, and poverty. Maharishi said that religious leaders have also failed to deliver on their promise to bring the light of God to the people.

“Where is the light of God? It is hidden within everyone. It has to be brought to human awareness,” Maharishi said. “It is like a house that is wired for electricity, but if you don’t press the button you remain in darkness. Inside everyone is the light of God, which is the goal of seekers of all religions. Fortunately, it is easy for everyone to realize this omnipresent light of God through Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying.”

Groups of 1,000 to 2,000 on each continent to radiate the light of God

Maharishi then addressed the threat of global conflict and said that conventional approaches, such as negotiations and treaties, have failed to prevent war.

“Peace is not based on words. The only way to create lasting peace is to enliven the light of God in world consciousness,” Maharishi said. “Here is a clarion call to governments, religious leaders, and the wealthy: Practice my peace programs and gather groups of 1,000 to 2,000 people in every continent. My teachers will train the people, in their own language, how to be effective by accessing the transcendental field of life. Then these groups will spontaneously enliven the light of God in their own consciousness and in the collective consciousness of the world.”

“Wake up or remain as you are”

Maharishi concluded the news conference by challenging everyone to make the right choice—and not waste their life. “Wake up or remain as you are—choice is yours, and life is yours,” Maharishi said. “It does not take much time for you to dive deep within yourself to that transcendental field through Transcendental Meditation. Then you will enjoy the light of God—and radiate harmony and happiness to the whole world. Then you will be a guiding light of peace on earth.”

Maharishi pledges to raise the
world to permanent peace

 Inaugurates Parliament of World Peace in New York
 to bring light of peace to all governments

 “We have the knowledge to create peace—
 it must soon be applied on a large enough scale
to produce tangible effects”

(April 13, 2003) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proclaimed anew his firm resolution to raise the world to permanent peace through the complete knowledge of Natural Law—the light of God—which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order. And Maharishi inaugurated the Parliament of World Peace in Livingston Manor, New York, to bring this light of peace to all individuals, organizations, and governments throughout the world.

“There are no obstacles on our path,” Maharishi declared. “We have the scientifically validated knowledge and programs to create peace. It is now just a matter of applying it on a large enough scale so that peace and harmony are enjoyed by everyone in our dear world.”

The Parliament of World Peace will soon start training peace-creating experts in different countries in local languages.

Administrative center of world peace

Maharishi announced that the Parliament of World Peace will serve as an administrative center of world peace and a place of pilgrimage for peace-loving people around the world. It is being established on a beautiful 400-acre site with a 300-room facility on Lake Shandelee in the Catskill Mountains. The knowledge and programs of the Parliament of World Peace will reach the world through a permanent global satellite and Internet network of television and radio broadcasts.

The five-hour grand inauguration featured in-depth presentations on Maharishi’s Vedic science of consciousness and its applications to prevent problems in all areas of society and can be watched at Presentations included a special address by His Majesty Raja Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, as well as speeches by His Majesty’s Cabinet of Ministers and other leading scientists and educators.


Unity in diversity

During the news conference and the inauguration, Maharishi explained that his confidence in creating a bright new future for the world is based on (1) the scientific discovery of the Unified Field of Natural Law—the field of unity that underlies all diversity in the physical universe; (2) the scientifically proven effectiveness of his Vedic technologies of consciousness to enliven this field of unity in the self-referral Transcendental Consciousness of every individual; and (3) the extensive scientific research showing that when individuals practice these technologies together in groups,
a powerful influence of coherence and harmony spreads throughout the whole population, neutralizing negative trends and promoting peace and harmony in society.

“It is possible for us to create a permanent state of world peace in which the diversity of every nation will breathe life in the unified wholeness of the Unified Field of Natural Law,” Maharishi said.

Groups of peace-creating experts

To create permanent world peace, Maharishi is establishing on all continents groups of 8,000 peace-creating experts in his Vedic technologies of consciousness, including a larger group of 40,000 experts in India. In addition, Maharishi is establishing 3,000 Peace Palaces in the world’s largest 3,000 cities, each of which will be home to 100 to 200 experts. “It won’t take much time, because just a few people are needed to become peace-creators and carry the load for the whole population of the world,” Maharishi said.

Global Country of World Peace

Maharishi explained that for nearly 50 years he focused on bringing enlightenment to millions of individuals around the world through his Transcendental Meditation technique—and now many people are rising to Unity Consciousness, the supreme level of human development. Then, two years ago, Maharishi established his Global Country of World Peace to set up an example of administration for the people of higher states of consciousness and bring the effect of positivity, harmony and peace to every government.

“The current administration of every country—in education, health care, economy, defense, agriculture—is ineffective and childish because it is based on man-made constitutions with their inherent human weaknesses and failings,” Maharishi said. “We established the Global Country of World Peace as an ideal system of administration that is based on the Constitution of the Universe, which promotes the evolution of everyone and everything, from point to infinity, in the ever-expanding universe. The Global Country of World Peace will engage this supreme organizing intelligence of the universe to bring success to every government and create prevention-oriented, problem-free administration in every country.”

Ideal administration for all generations to come

Maharishi emphasized that only the Global Country of World Peace will be suitable to administer a world in which the whole population is destined to enjoy Unity Consciousness. “Such enlightened individuals will spontaneously engage total Natural Law—the light of God—in their every thought, speech and action, so they won’t make mistakes and create problems for themselves or for others,” Maharishi said. “This is the world we are going to create now through the Parliament of World Peace. This is the ideal administration that the world is going to enjoy for all generations to come.”

Funds being raised to establish a group
of 16,000 peace-creating experts in India

Global influence of coherence
will create basis for lasting world peace

Donations should come in time
to save “a beastly world”

(April 20, 2003) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proclaimed that with a pinch it is being possible to establish a permanent group of 16,000 peace-creating experts in India. Their collective practice of Vedic technologies of consciousness will create coherent world consciousness and lay the foundation for harmony in the family of nations.

“Now is the time to ring the bell of ‘Eureka’ for a bright new future for mankind,” Maharishi said.

“It is not a democracy—it is a dictatorship”

At the same time, Maharishi had strong words of condemnation for U.S. government leaders and their military offensive in Iraq. “You ignore the United Nations and world opinion. You kill whom you want to kill because you have weapons. This is not a democracy—this is a bloody dictatorship. I say plainly: ‘Damn the democracy.’ Remember what happened to Hitler and all the other invaders. This is going to happen to you and your country. America today is a wild, beastly civilization.”

However, Maharishi assured the press, “Whatever it is, it is our world, and we are going to improve it. We just need a few peace-creating groups here and there and we will have a better world. We light a few lamps and light will be everywhere.”

Support from a few generous donors funds the 16,000 group

Maharishi’s announcement of funding for the 16,000 group comes after appealing to the wealthy to create a $1 billion world peace endowment fund for a permanent group of 40,000 experts in India. “Now, with a pinch, there is enough money for about 16,000 experts. This is a modest start for creating world peace,” Maharishi said. He added that a philanthropist could step forward at any time with more money to employ more experts to make the group bigger and intensify the coherent influence in world consciousness.


Maharishi’s program to create permanent world peace

Maharishi’s program to create permanent world peace calls for a group of 40,000 peace-creating experts practicing Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying in India and additional groups of 8,000 experts in every other continent. Maharishi’s plan also calls for the establishment of 3,000 Peace Palaces in the world’s largest 3,000 cities, each of which will be home to groups of 100 to 200 peace-creating experts. “Through their daily performances, these groups will enliven total Natural Law in collective consciousness—and support the administration of every country with the administration of Natural Law, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order.”

Extensive research, published in the world’s leading scientific journals, has shown that groups of these peace-creating experts can promote harmony and peace in the world consciousness.

Proper education will create world peace

Maharishi said, “Every government has schools, colleges, and universities to educate the growing generation. By adding one period a day in the study of consciousness and the practice of Transcendental Meditation to develop a student’s full brain physiology, the whole country will rise to coherent national consciousness.”

Maharishi said that coherent collective consciousness is the key to creating prevention-oriented, problem-free administration and lasting world peace. “With coherent national consciousness, people won’t quarrel with each other and create problems for themselves or for others. With coherent national consciousness, all the good religious values, such as ‘help thy neighbor,’ will spontaneously blossom in the behavior of everyone. This is ‘administration through education.’ This is the basis of a bright new future for our dear world,” Maharishi said.

Consciousness-based education
will create prevention-oriented,
problem-free administration


Schools should add one class a day
 in Transcendental Meditation—

Students will develop their full brain physiology,
promote coherent national consciousness


(April 26, 2003) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi declared that every government will create prevention-oriented, problem-free administration when its educational system adds one class a day for students to rise to higher states of consciousness pleasantly and naturally through Transcendental Meditation, which develops the brain physiology. The coherent influence generated by the students’ daily practice of Transcendental Meditation will promote coherent national consciousness and prevent the problems and conflicts that grip every nation.


Culturing the full brain physiology through consciousness-based education


“Instead of providing students with employment-oriented education, governments should provide consciousness-based education, which cultures the full brain physiology to function in every thought, speech, and action,” Maharishi said. “Then every thought will be projected in an evolutionary direction by total Natural Law, which administers the infinite diversity of the universe without a problem. Then there will be no frustration, no stress, and no problems for any government because every desire will be fulfilled by higher intelligence of Natural Law, the Will of God.”


Transcendental Consciousness is a field without boundaries


Maharishi explained that the full brain physiology is enlivened only during the experience of Transcendental Consciousness. “Transcendental Consciousness is a self-referral field of unbounded intelligence that is deep within everyone. It is a delightful experience of harmony and freedom. Only this abstract experience, gained during Transcendental Meditation, enlivens the full brain physiology. Otherwise, as neuroscientists tell us, the brain is only partially used during ordinary mental and physical activity.”


The effectiveness of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation has been validated by nearly 50 years of experience teaching the technique to millions of people worldwide, as well as by hundreds of scientific studies documenting its benefits in all areas of life.


Everyone born on earth has the natural ability
to develop their total brain physiology


“Everyone born on earth has this natural ability,” Maharishi said. “It is so simple to develop the total brain physiology. It only needs one class per day—half the class will be spent in the practice of Transcendental Meditation and the other half in the study of the Science of Consciousness, which includes the textbooks of modern science, the textbooks of all religions, and the Vedic literature of total Natural Law.”


Maharishi said that when students utilize their total brain physiology they will create coherent national consciousness, which is the basis of successful administration. “It does not matter what the system of administration is, it will be successful when individuals are using the full creative potential of their brain physiology and creating coherent national consciousness. Then every nation will enjoy prevention-oriented, problem-free administration,” Maharishi said. “That is why we hope parents and government leaders will quickly incorporate consciousness-based education in every school, college, and university so that soon we can have a happy, harmonious, unified society in our dear world.”

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