Volume 3, Issue No. 2

October 2002

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Maharishi declares prevention to be the only solution
in a world shrouded by conflict and problems
“Our scientifically proven, consciousness-based programs
will create a peaceful, problem-free world”

(September 30, 2002) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi presented his global plan to create a problem-free world, saying that his prevention-oriented programs “will end the long history of conflict and suffering, and usher in a new time of permanent peace and happiness in the family of nations.”

Maharishi’s declaration came during his weekly global news conference held on September 25 in Meru, Holland, and broadcast live to media on all continents via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call.

Maharishi’s Global Plan

Maharishi outlined the two main aspects of his global plan:

• Establishing throughout the world groups of experts in his peace-creating Vedic technologies of consciousness to promote coherence in world consciousness and to eliminate the acute social stress that fuels problems and conflict. Maharishi’s plan calls for one large group of 40,000 Vedic experts in India, another group of 8,000 experts in the United States, and 3,000 smaller groups of 100 to 200 experts in the world’s 3,000 largest cities.

• Incorporating his proven, consciousness-based programs in every area of society, including defense, education, health care and agriculture; to prevent and eliminate problems and to bring the life of the individual and nation into accord with Natural Law.

Maharishi said that his global plan was assured of success, but added that how quickly the world is transformed will depend upon the response to his programs.

“If people respond right away, it could happen as soon as next week. But if no one responds, then it could be thousands of years of suffering,” Maharishi said. “It’s a matter of lighting the lamp. When enough lamps are lit, there will be no darkness anywhere.”

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“Our profession is prevention”

Throughout the news conference, Maharishi emphasized the key role of prevention.

“We want to establish in our dear family of nations prevention-oriented administration, which is the administration of the Natural Law,” Maharishi said. “Natural Law governs innumerable galaxies in the universe with perfect order. Why should governments ignore this huge, cosmic, infallible administration, which promotes the evolution of all of life?  It is a tragedy to human life to ignore it.” 

Education is key

Maharishi said that the key to creating problem-free administration is proper education.

“Since government has the responsibility to educate the people, why can’t government provide complete education to every individual and enliven the cosmic creative potential within his consciousness? Such education will train the people to live spontaneously in accord with Natural Law, which means that all thought, speech, and action will be in the evolutionary direction. Individuals will grow in higher consciousness, so they will behave in the spirit of ideal citizenship. They will not create problems for themselves or for others.”

Sowing the seeds of prevention

When a reporter asked Maharishi to comment on the Iraq crisis, Maharishi deferred, saying, “I am not fond of commenting on such events; I am fond of correcting the basis of all events.”

Maharishi said that the basis of all events—of everyone and everything in the universe—is the deepest level of Nature’s functioning, the Unified Field of Natural Law. This is the field of consciousness—the consciousness of the individual and the collective consciousness of society.

“It is this field of consciousness that we want to purify, that we want to harmonize and integrate, through these groups of people practicing Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying in all parts of the world. Then, in the light of higher consciousness, problems and conflict will not sprout anywhere in the world. We are working from that deepest level of consciousness—sowing the seeds of prevention from crime, prevention from conflict, prevention from all negativity.”

Complete insight into consciousness

Maharishi said that problems in every area of human concern would soon be prevented and solved through his consciousness-based approach.

“Our insight into consciousness—Total Natural Law—is complete,” Maharishi said. “So now we are coming out in the world with Consciousness-Based Education to promote ideal education—to develop the total brain functioning of every student; Consciousness-Based Health to promote perfect health through both prevention and cure; Consciousness-Based Defense to create coherence in world consciousness and prevent the birth of an enemy; and Consciousness-Based Agriculture to grow healthy, organic food, which is a nectar for the people, not a poison.

“It is on the basis of this complete science of consciousness—of Total Natural Law—that we are going to create prevention-oriented administration. We will raise man-made constitutions, with their inherent human weaknesses and failings, to the supreme level of efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe.”

A very good destiny for the world

Maharishi concluded the news conference by assuring the global press that “the world has a very good destiny—and it’s not a destiny that is far off in the future, but it’s quite near. It’s possible for our world family to be free from stress, strain, sickness, problems and conflicts. It’s possible to transform the world. And that is our profession, that is our hobby, that is our joy.”

Maharishi proclaims a new era
of permanent peace dawning in the world
Announces plans to establish large groups of Yogic Flyers
in India, the U.S., South America, Western Europe, and Russia
“The time of struggle and strife will soon be over”

 (October 14, 2002) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi offered the problem-ridden world a bright new future, and presented his global plan to establish around the world large groups of coherence-creating Yogic Flyers who will usher in a new era of peace, prosperity, and happiness for the whole family of nations.

“We know how to light the lamp, so we don’t mind the darkness,” Maharishi said. “It doesn’t matter what the world has been in the past because we know how to create peace. The time of struggle and strife will soon be over.”

Maharishi’s bold pronouncement came during his weekly global news conference, which was broadcast live to media on all continents via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call on Wednesday, October 9, 2002.

Maharishi emphasized throughout the news conference that his proclamation of a dawning “Age of Enlightenment” is not based upon mere conjecture or sincere intentions. Rather it is based on the application of the most complete scientific knowledge of Natural Law.

The key to transforming the world

Maharishi opened the news conference with an in-depth discussion of Natural Law and its application for transforming the world. He defined Total Natural Law as the deepest level of Nature’s functioning—the Unified Field of Natural Law—which administers the universe with perfect order. He said that all problems are due to the inability of the individual to access this Transcendental field of life—and that all problems can be solved by fully enlivening it.

Maharishi explained how the field can be enlivened: “Total Natural Law is fully awake—eternally humming—in the self-referral consciousness within everyone. Through Vedic technologies of consciousness, including Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, the supreme administrative intelligence of Nature can be enlivened in human awareness.”

A few thousand people can create peace

Maharishi cited extensive scientific research showing that only a few thousand people, out of the more than 6 billion people on earth, are needed to practice these Vedic technologies together in groups to enliven Natural Law in world consciousness and create a universal effect of harmony and positivity.  “A small bulb can light a big hall,” Maharishi explained.

Global Country of World Peace

The Global Country of World Peace, which was founded by Maharishi two years ago to bring prevention-oriented administration to the world, has launched a global undertaking to establish several large coherence-creating groups. Plans call for groups of 8,000 Vedic experts in the United States, South America, Europe, and Russia—with a larger group of up to 40,000 experts in India. In addition, Maharishi said, 3,000 Peace Palaces are to be built in the world’s largest 3,000 cities—each Peace Palace with a smaller group of 100 to 200 Vedic experts.

The First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, is overseeing the global undertaking. Maharishi introduced His Majesty Raja Raam as “the greatest scientist of the world who has established the supremacy of consciousness over physiology. He has discovered that every physiological expression in the universe is the expression of the underlying field of consciousness.

Maharishi said that by establishing these groups, His Majesty Raja Raam will ensure that coherence and harmony are permanently maintained in world consciousness.


Total Natural Law for every field of administration

Maharishi also said that His Majesty Raja Raam’s administration will soon promote ideal administration in the world by offering the complete knowledge of Natural Law to prevent and solve problems in every field, including health care, agriculture, defense, and—in particular—education.

“We say, ‘ideal administration through ideal education’—education that trains everyone to use their full brain potential and rise to higher states of consciousness,” Maharishi said. “Then everyone will behave spontaneously in accord with Natural Law so they will not create problems for themselves or others.”

Man-made constitutions the cause of problems

Maharishi cautioned, however, that without the knowledge of Natural Law the world would remain in the grip of problems, because “human intelligence alone is incompetent to successfully administer society.”

Maharishi targeted man-made constitutions as a root cause of problems and suffering in the world. “There is no hope for a better world as long as man-made constitutions are administering nations. Over 200 countries are administered by man-made constitutions, and no one in any country is satisfied. This is because man-made constitutions are full of human failings and human weaknesses,” Maharishi said.

A new destiny of mankind

The solution, Maharishi said, is groups of Yogic Flyers. The impact of the groups will be immediate and clear. “A new destiny of mankind will dawn when Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe, the Divine Will of God—which is present in every grain of creation—rules the world of human beings as it rules the ever-expanding universe. Then the administration of every nation will rise to the level of supreme efficiency and effectiveness as the administration of the universe. Problems will simply disappear as darkness disappears with the onset of light.”

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