Volume 3, Issue No. 1

September 2002

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Maharishi offers potent solution to global violence:
Groups of coherence-creating Yogic Flyers in 3,000 cities
Says that 10% of his target to create world peace has been achieved  
Declares that education should teach students about the
 unbounded potential of life and develop total brain functioning

(AUGUST 8) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi yesterday delivered a forceful, compelling message to the world press that the crisis of violence—which could engulf the globe at any moment—will never be resolved through police or military might, or through peace talks. The only solution is to eliminate the cause of violence, which is the acute stress gripping individuals and the whole world. And that, Maharishi said, can be easily accomplished by creating groups of people practicing his peace-promoting Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying in cities around the globe.

Maharishi addressed an attentive audience. He was speaking to press who regularly cover violence in their own countries, including reporters from Israel, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, and India.

Maharishi’s message came during his eighth consecutive weekly global news conference. Scores of reporters participated via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call. A network of local news conferences was also held simultaneously in 41 cities worldwide.

During the 100-minute question-and-answer session, which ranged from politics and religion to science and education, Maharishi assessed the impact of his worldwide Transcendental Meditation movement over the past 50 years in creating a more peaceful world. Citing the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall as indications of growing global harmony, Maharishi said that he is now 10% of the way towards achieving his goal. How quickly the world progresses towards peace will depend upon how quickly people respond to his message.

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Press has a great responsibility

Maharishi clearly enjoyed the news conference and acknowledged the seriousness of the many questions posed by the press. He also charged the press with the responsibility of accurately reporting the changing times in the world—the shift from widespread negativity to signs of rising positivity, from destruction to dawning peace. “Through the power of your words you guide the people in their thinking. The press has a big role to play in the transformation of time—a very great responsibility,” Maharishi said.

Individual is the unit of world peace

In his opening remarks, Maharishi pointed to the individual as the key to creating world peace—
and said that all efforts to create peace must start there. “A stressed individual is the unit of a stressed world,” Maharishi said. “On the other hand, a healthy, fulfilled individual is the unit of a peaceful, healthy, affluent world. Our program—Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying—naturally unfolds an individual’s unbounded inner potential and eliminates stress from daily life. This is the basis for creating a peaceful family of nations.”

Two strategies of Maharishi’s peace plan

Maharishi then outlined the two strategies of his global efforts to create world peace: (1) teaching his Transcendental Meditation to students in schools to develop their total brain functioning, and
(2) establishing groups of people in every country and every major city to collectively practice his Vedic technologies of consciousness.

“Our objective is to create in each of the world’s largest 3,000 cities a group of 100-200 Yogic Flyers—and to establish one large group of 40,000 experts in India, which will serve as a powerful torchlight of positivity for the whole world consciousness,” Maharishi said. “Creating coherence is the only way to remedy the world’s problems.”

Deepest level of Nature’s functioning

Maharishi explained how the groups will generate peace. “They will enliven the deepest level of Nature’s functioning, the Unified Field of Natural Law—the Will of God—which administers the ever-expanding universe without a problem. Through their daily performances, these groups will create indomitable coherence in world consciousness, eliminating acute social stress—which fuels violence and conflict—and promoting peace and harmony in the family of nations.”

Maharishi said that not everyone in the world has to participate to create world peace. “Research shows that just a few people are needed to create peace. They will dive deep within themselves and explore their own unbounded ‘Atma,’ the Self. As a byproduct of this blissful experience, they will create a stress-free, problem-free nation. Their influence on the environment will be as concrete as turning on a bright light in a dark room,” Maharishi said. “Problems in the country will simply disappear, just as darkness disappears with the onset of light.”

Total brain functioning

Maharishi identified the source of the acute stress rising in the world to be inadequate education in every country. “Education today does not provide students with the experience of Transcendental Consciousness—the fourth major state of human consciousness—and therefore does not develop total brain functioning in the student.” And a partially functioning brain, Maharishi added, leads to narrow thinking, an unfulfilling life, and stressed, violent behavior.

“Study of the physical sciences—physics, chemistry, biology—does not touch the field of consciousness,” Maharishi said. “Education must be updated to become Consciousness-Based Education, which provides both the experience and the knowledge of consciousness. This will create ideal citizens who will spontaneously think and act according to the evolutionary power of Natural Law. They won’t make mistakes—they won’t create problems for themselves and for society.”

Maharishi said that when students in schools collectively practice these Vedic technologies of consciousness, “they will generate such a thick influence of coherence in national consciousness that the government will only administer rightly. Nothing will go wrong—there will be no crime, so the government will not be forced to punish anyone,” Maharishi said.

Government of Natural Law

Maharishi emphasized that the success of his program does not depend upon the participation of any government. “Coherence can be generated irrespective of the government—this is a great finding. Each group will bring support of Natural Law to their nation. In this way we will create a second, prevention-oriented Government of Natural Law that will complement the current national government. This will raise the country’s man-made constitution, with its inherent human weaknesses and failings, to the level of God-made constitution, which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order,” Maharishi said. “This is our formula to create Heaven on Earth.”

Additional highlights from Maharishi’s news conference

On why there is violence in the schools: “It depends on how a child is educated. Conflict and cruelty are the result of an undeveloped intelligence and mind. If the children are not properly educated, if they have not developed their full brain potential, then their wild growth will eat up the nation and themselves. That has been the situation in America for a long time.”

On what students should know: “That life is bliss. That they are born to rule the world, to have the light of God awake within them, and to be capable of fulfilling their desires. Let this education—this Vedic education—be given to the children, and the whole population will rise in the supreme dignity of life, which is urgently needed to ensure the safety and growth of the individual and of the nation.”

On the military: “I would like to see every country without a military. Period. This is because the military is not competent to defend the country against an enemy that cannot be seen, or against a missile that can come and put the whole society to ashes. The military is only competent to die and kill. And both are a sin: getting oneself killed is a sin, and killing another is a sin. It’s a very ignorant approach to defense. Prevention is the only way to defend the nation, and the only effective prevention is Vedic defense, which prevents the birth of an enemy.”

On selling arms: “The goal of warmonger nations like the U.S., Britain, and Germany is to create and maintain fear in the world and sell their arms. This is what is happening in Israel, in Northern Ireland, everywhere. Unless world consciousness rises in coherence, all this destruction will just continue. Selling arms is a shameful profession. Arms dealers tell defense ministers: ‘Your neighbor has this new fighter plane and that new missile, so you must have them, too, or your security will be jeopardized.’ Even poor countries go deeply in debt purchasing these weapons. It’s shameful for arms-sellers to live on the killing of others.”

On peaceful coexistence: “What matters to the world is the peaceful coexistence of all nations, and we are going to create that through our friendship with Natural Law, the Will of God. There is a God for America; there is a God for the Middle East; there is a God for China; there is a God for every country—and fortunately it came out to be the same one God for all of them. That is our strength.”

On the wisdom of the gardener: “When the gardener sees the leaves withering, he pours a bucket of water at the root. He handles the root, because it’s not possible to handle all the thousands of leaves. All problems can be solved by handling one’s own consciousness, one’s own mind. Transcendental Meditation handles the mind very beautifully. The world will be a better world when the individual—the unit of world peace—is properly educated. We are going to create world peace. We will produce peace through these coherence-creating groups—not by talking about it.”


Middle East crisis can be resolved overnight,
Peaceful approach will reduce ethnic and religious tensions that fuel violence

Maharishi to warn both sides of Middle East conflict:
“Killing is always a sin and the killers have an open door to hell”

(JULY 29) The Middle East crisis will never end through military force or brokered peace agreements. But it can be resolved overnight once the war-torn region has a “lighthouse of coherence”—a group of 800-1000 people practicing Maharishi’s Vedic technologies of peace.

Maharishi will deliver this message, and outline his plan to establish these groups in every country and major city of the world, during a global news conference to be held on Wednesday, July 31. Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, will also speak during the news conference. Dr. Hagelin will present the extensive scientific research, published in the world’s top journals, which demonstrates that group practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying reduces the acute ethnic and religious tensions which fuel crime and violence, and promotes peace throughout society.

In a recent interview with the Jerusalem Post, Maharishi dismissed the arguments justifying the bloodshed that have arisen on both sides of the Middle East conflict. Maharishi said, “Killing, for whatever reason, is killing—and killing is always a sin. That is the truth of every religion. Harm anyone and the gate of hell is open to you after life; do virtuous things and the gate of heaven is open. And if the president of a country says, ‘But I have to do this killing,’ fine: do it and the gate of hell will be open to you as well.”

Maharishi said the Middle East conflict is created by ignorant people, not by religious differences. “Deep within everyone is the light of God, which every religion has been teaching throughout time. But somehow the whole majesty of God’s grace fell into the hands of the incompetent leaders of the world who say, ‘This is my country, and if you enter into my country I’ll kill you.’ It’s barbarism—and the world has had this throughout the ages. Physiologically, all men are almost the same—and deep inside everyone is the same field of pure consciousness. Man is made in the image of God. The fight is not a religious fight: it’s the fight of absurd people,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi calls for TM in every school
and a group of Yogic Flyers in every city

“The only way to permanently stop crime and terrorism”

Announces Poverty Removal Program for 40 poorest nations     

(JULY 25) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi announced yesterday a simple, practical formula to root out crime and terrorism and create permanent world peace: Teach Transcendental Meditation in every school so that students develop their full brain physiology, and establish in every city a group of Yogic Flyers to eliminate acute social stress and crime and to promote positivity and coherence throughout the world.

Maharishi delivered details of the plan during a news conference with members of the world press that was broadcast live from Meru, Holland, via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call. The news conference followed a global celebration honoring the Vedic tradition of India, the custodians of the complete scientific knowledge of Vedic Science—Total Natural Law—the knowledge of the full potential of life that Maharishi has brought to millions of people around the world during the past 50 years.

The individual is cosmic

Maharishi opened the news conference by providing the Vedic perspective on the unbounded dignity of human life: “Inherent in everyone is Total Natural Law, the light of God. That means everyone’s inner intelligence is cosmic, and through Transcendental Meditation one can bring the cosmic value of one’s own inner intelligence into all aspects of life. It’s a very simple technique to develop higher states of consciousness and live perfection in daily life.”

In contrast, Maharishi offered a one-sentence description of the non-Vedic life: “They are the destroyers of the world—and there are many such destroyers in the world today.”

Maharishi announced that he will create in every country large groups of people practicing his Vedic technologies of consciousness to create a powerful influence of harmony and coherence in society, thereby neutralizing the negativity of the “destroyers” and creating a problem-free world. “We are out to create in every nation an atmosphere of peace and harmony, where crime and negativity are absent and where man-made constitutions will be supported by the God-made constitution—Total Natural Law.”

Maharishi commented on the ineffectiveness of national constitutions, saying, “Every government is administered by man-made laws, and because man-made laws are humanly conceived, they will always have human weaknesses and failings. This is why there is so much crime, punishment, and poverty everywhere. Through our program to establish groups of people practicing Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying around the world, we are raising man-made laws to be on a par with the supreme efficiency and effectiveness of God-made law—which administers the ever-expanding universe with perfect order and without a problem.”

Punishment is criminal

Maharishi then turned to a discussion of crime and punishment. He shifted the responsibility for criminal behavior away from the individual and put it on the government, calling the government’s policy of punishing offenders “sinful, criminal, and fraudulent.”

“If two people fight on the street, whose fault is it? Who is the criminal? It is the government’s responsibility because the government has not educated the people to not make mistakes. The people have inadequate, incompetent education, so they make mistakes—and then government punishes them! It is such a fraud,” Maharishi said.

Total brain functioning

Maharishi targeted modern education as the primary cause of criminal behavior. “Education today develops only partial use of the brain because it presents knowledge in a fragmented manner. Partial use of the brain means partial achievements in life, and with only partial achievements, a man will never be satisfied. He will keep creating problems for himself and for others.

“Only the experience of Transcendental Consciousness—the experience of the infinite, unbounded, unmanifest field of life—utilizes the total brain and thereby develops the brain fully,” Maharishi said. “Government already educates the people, so why not educate them to use their full brain physiology?”

Transcendental Meditation in schools

One reporter asked Maharishi how he would stop crime.

“Prevention is the only way to stop crime and terrorism,” Maharishi said. “You kill one culprit today, and there’ll be two more the next day. Governments have tried to stop crime through punishment throughout the ages, but crime continued in the past—as it will continue in the future if punishment remains. Crime can only be stopped through a preventive approach in the schools. You teach the students Transcendental Meditation, and right away they’ll begin using their full brain physiology—their thinking will be sensible and they will not get sidetracked into wrong things.”

Maharishi also responded to a recent news report from CNN showing that nearly one in every ten schools in America has been classified as a “failing institution.”

“Since I first came to the U.S. over 40 years ago, I have been saying, ‘Put TM in the classes. Put TM in the classes.’ I am still saying the same thing now—and if I live for thousands of years, I will say the same thing. But no one listened then, and now they are reaping the consequences,” Maharishi said.


Groups of Yogic Flyers in every country

In addition to teaching Transcendental Meditation in the schools, Maharishi said his plan calls for establishing coherence-creating groups in every country and every major city in the world. He said that he spent 15 years trying to convince governments to help but eventually realized that this was a waste of time—and has now decided to create the groups on his own.

“Government leaders could not understand our message—they are not knowledgeable about life; they don’t know how the brain functions; they don’t understand science or religion. So we are going ahead on our own—we are establishing large coherence-creating groups in India and everywhere in the world. These groups will purify world consciousness, and this will eliminate crime, conflict, and war. The groups won’t be involved with the day-to-day man-made administration of the country. They will simply create the desirable level of coherence in the collective consciousness, and that will make things right and positive in the country.”

In the U.S., facilities are already under construction in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, for 8,000 Vedic experts—primarily students and retired people—who would move there from around the country to practice Maharishi’s Vedic technologies of consciousness together in a group, develop their full brain physiology, and, as a side benefit, create a peaceful world. In addition, Maharishi plans to establish in every major city one or more smaller coherence-creating groups, from 20-30 people to 100-200 people. He is encouraging local “well-wishers” of peace to support these groups. “If these groups are established, the country will grow in prosperity and peace. If they aren’t, I don’t know what will happen to the government and the future of the country.”

Poverty Removal Program

For the 40 poorest countries in the world, Maharishi announced a new program that not only will establish a permanent coherence-creating group but also will eliminate poverty. The Poverty Removal Program of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace calls for the cultivation of unused agricultural land in these 40 nations to produce the world’s healthiest foods through Maharishi’s Vedic organic agriculture—and with the profits, sustain a group of Yogic Flyers in the country.

“The group will create coherence in the national consciousness—and the first beneficiary will be the government, which will have more law-abiding, sensible citizens. The God-made constitution will support and enrich the man-made constitution—bringing automation in administration and prosperity and peace to the whole nation,” Maharishi said. “From my experience of 50 years in the world, this is the most sensible solution to the global problems of poverty and negativity.”

“A long stretch of a very good time on earth”

Maharishi concluded the news conference by answering a reporter’s question as to whether the knowledge and technologies of Vedic science had ever flourished on earth—and created an ideal society.

“The history of Vedic knowledge records a very long stretch of time of ideal life on earth,” Maharishi said. “I am following those same footsteps. I am going to create a long stretch of a very good time on earth. And I invite the press to take the message of peace and happiness to every corner of the globe.”


World is in transition from destruction
to peace, Maharishi proclaims

“Long bloody history of war is coming to an end”

Honors the Vedic tradition of India for the knowledge that is transforming the world

After teaching his Transcendental Meditation technique to millions of people around the world for nearly 50 years, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi clearly sees the effect: “Purity in world consciousness is rising and a new time of peace and prosperity is dawning.” Adds Maharishi, “I am aware of the long bloody history of wars, but that is coming to an end. The world is now in a phase transition from destruction to invincibility—to permanent peace.”

Maharishi celebrated the achievements of his worldwide Transcendental Meditation movement during a special global news conference on July 24 to be broadcast live via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference

Maharishi will honor the Vedic tradition of India, which has safeguarded the profound wisdom of life—the knowledge and technologies of the Vedic Science of Consciousness—which Maharishi is implementing throughout the world to create permanent peace on earth.

“I have in my possession from the Vedic masters of India the complete knowledge of Veda—the deepest level of Nature’s functioning, Total Natural Law—and the practical, proven technologies to apply this field to bring perfection to life,” Maharishi said. “I am establishing ‘lighthouses of coherence’—large groups of people who will practice Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, to enliven Veda, Total Natural Law, in world consciousness, and thereby create health and happiness for every individual, and peace and prosperity for the world.”

Maharishi emphasized that his peace effort is global: “Even if one country remains stressed and without a group, world peace will be shaken—just as a little thorn can throw off the balance of the whole body.”

Dismissing the challenges to peace posed by “warmongering nations,” Maharishi said, “Our strength is that darkness does not have to disappear first before light comes. We create light and darkness goes away. We create peace and the warmongers disappear. We create groups in every country—we place a lamp here and a lamp there—and that is how we will build up harmony in world consciousness and put an end to all these stupid, destructive practices.”    


Bush and other destroyers have
an open door to hell,” Maharishi warns

Says prevention is the only solution  

(JULY 22) On the eve of a global celebration honoring the Vedic tradition of India for the peace-producing knowledge that is transforming the world, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi issued a stern warning to the leaders of arms-producing, warmongering nations: “You create destruction, and then after life you have an open door to hell.”

With President Bush threatening war against Iraq and promoting first-strike capability against any country his administration deems a menace, Maharishi said, “The president is openly promoting destruction: ‘Whoever comes across my way I will kill him.’ It shows a lack of knowledge of science, a lack of knowledge of religion. It is wild thinking.

“Prevention is the only solution in this world of destruction created by these warmongering nations,” Maharishi said.

Maharishi to create world peace

Maharishi announced last week that he would create world peace on his own and no longer seek government support for his plan. He is establishing in every country “lighthouses of coherence”—groups of people practicing his Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying—with a very large group in India.

“Through their daily practice, these experts will enliven the deepest level of Nature’s functioning—the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Veda—and radiate positivity, coherence, and harmony in world consciousness,” Maharishi said. “With the rise of purity in world consciousness, problems will disappear as darkness disappears with the onset of light.”

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