Volume 2, Issue No. 11

July 2002

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Maharishi Says Bush Pushes World Towards Destruction

US Forces Destruction Effect - The B52 in Afghanistan

Urges Leaders to Adopt Peaceful Vedic Approach to Defense

(JULY 2) – U.S. President George W. Bush, Jr. is pushing the world towards destruction with his ill-conceived fight against terrorism, and heads of state should not follow his lead, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi will announce during a special global satellite news conference for India on Thursday, July 4, at 3:00 p.m.

Maharishi will urge government leaders to instead adopt prevention—“the only solution to crime and terrorism”—and utilize his peaceful Vedic approach to defense which “promotes coherence in national consciousness and prevents the birth of an enemy.”

Maharishi says Bush’s strategy of bombing and killing will never create peace; rather, it just fuels fear and incites retribution. And now with the widespread availability of deadly new weapons, Maharishi says that no country is safe from destruction. “One missile dropped on a country and everything is in ashes—and the military cannot stop it.”

“Killing is sin and the killer will be destroyed”

 "Killing is sin,” Maharishi says. “It doesn’t matter who is doing the killing—a head of state, a businessman, or a laborer. Killing is sin and the killer will be destroyed. This is not me saying that, this is in every religion. ‘As you sow so shall you reap.’ And killing by the military is a much bigger sin because it will come back on the whole country.”

Maharishi also deplored the lack of competent leadership in the world and the chaotic national administrations that are based on deeply flawed, humanly conceived constitutions. He says that the authority of rulership must be based on the deepest level of Nature’s functioning—“the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, which governs the universe with perfect order and without a shadow of ignorance.”

Acknowledging “so many bloody wars in the long history of ignorance,” Maharishi says that now, however, the world is in the midst of a phase transition from destruction to invincibility: “A new time of peace and prosperity is dawning.”

Creating coherence in world consciousness

Locations for performing YagyaMaharishi says he is establishing several large groups of Vedic Pandits throughout the globe who will practice Vedic Yagyas, Transcendental Meditation, and Yogic Flying to create indomitable coherence in world consciousness.

“Ignorance will simply disappear as darkness disappears with the onset of light,” Maharishi says. “The constitution of every nation will rise to the level of the Constitution of the Universe—the Constitution of the Will of God. No one will make mistakes, no one will commit crimes—and no government will be forced to punish anyone.”



Maharishi Promises
 “Bright Future for the World”

Says he will create world peace himself, and not try to convince governments to adopt his programs

Praises President Bush for his recent message of peace

(4 JULY) – His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi delivered a compelling message of hope yesterday, promising that a “bright future for the world lies ahead”. And he announced that after trying for 20 years to persuade governments to help, he is going to create world peace himself.

Maharishi’s comments came during a global news conference on 3 July, broadcast live via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference from the World Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland.

Maharishi emphasized from the outset that his message of hope is not based upon what the world is now, saying that from my point of view, “the world is in a mess”, but rather, what the world will soon become through his program to create peace.

Maharishi announced that he is now establishing throughout the world several large groups of Vedic Pandits—“lighthouses of coherence”—experts from India in the Vedic Science of reducing social stress and creating harmony and coherence in world consciousness.

“These groups will create peace by enlivening the deepest level of Nature’s functioning, the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Will of God,” Maharishi said. The largest group will be established in India, which Maharishi described as the “home of Total Natural Law in the world”.

Maharishi said it will take only a small number of Vedic Pandits to eliminate the negativity that is gripping the world, because “in a big hall it only takes one bright bulb to eliminate the darkness.”

Man-made constitutions at the basis of global problems

Maharishi said the reason why the world is shrouded in problems is because governments are administered by man-made constitutions with their inherent human weaknesses and failings.

“Humanly conceived systems of administration will never be ideal—there will always be problems, inadequacies, and complications,” Maharishi said. “This the situation of all governments today, whether dictatorship, monarchy, communism, or democracy. They all have man-made constitutions and they all have failed to create an ideal society.”

And while Maharishi said that governments certainly have good will to try and solve problems for their people, they lack something far more important, something far more fundamental: “They lack God’s Will, which manages the evolution of everything in the ever-expanding universe with perfection and without a problem.”

Natural Law is the Will of God

Maharishi said that Natural Law is the Will of God. “Throughout time, God has been sung as the merciful God, almighty God. Where is God’s almighty constitution to guide human life? It is not on earth. It is in the Transcendent, in the field of Total Natural Law, which is the Pure Consciousness, or Atma, of everyone.”

Maharishi said that his Vedic technologies of consciousness, including Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying, enliven the field of Total Natural Law in the awareness and the brain physiology of the individual. And, through his Vedic Science of Administration, Maharishi said, it is now possible for the field of Total Natural Law to be brought to the level of the administration of the nation.

“Groups of Vedic Pandits will practice their Vedic performances and radiate an invincible, unifying influence of peace and harmony to neutralize negativity and disorder throughout the world,” Maharishi said.

Positive Effects Will be Tangible

Maharishi also emphasized that when such a group is in a country it will not interfere with the administration of the government.

“You can have your man-made constitutions to govern your country,” Maharishi said, addressing his remarks to government leaders. “I will simply establish groups of people who will radiate coherence, the Will of God, the light of coherence in your country. They will not travel about; they will not preach; they will just produce the effect.”

The results will be immediate and tangible. “There will be less crime, less killing, less war, less hatred, less fear,” Maharishi said. “This will be the hallmark of a new time dawning on earth.”

Global Country of World Peace

To produce this peaceful effect throughout the world, Maharishi founded his Global Country of World Peace in October 2000 as “a country without borders for peace-loving people everywhere”.

Then on 23 June 2002, the world’s newest nation, Rika Shanti Rashtra (“Country of Peace”), was founded in the mountains of Costa Rica. The country became the first nation to establish a special “brotherhood of friendship” with Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace, which agreed to provide organisational and economic support to the new country.

Rika Shanti Rashtra—
A peaceful example for the world

His Excellency Dr Bevan Morris, Minister of Enlightenment of the Global Country of World Peace, who has been working in Rika Shanti Rashtra, told the press that the newly crowned king of Rika Shanti Rashtra, His Majesty Epe de Awapa Lisandro, has already:

formed a Royal Brotherhood with His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace

  • decreed that his new country will adopt as its national constitution the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God

  • decreed that his new country will adopt as its national currency the Raam, the global currency of the Global Country of World Peace, to stimulate economic development and take the country out of poverty

  • requested that a group of Vedic Pandits be set up immediately in his country to enliven Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, in his nation

  • requested that all the knowledge and programs offered by the Global Country of World Peace to create an ideal nation, including education, health care, community planning, agriculture, and defense, be offered to the people of Rika Shanti Rashtra

Dr Morris also reported that since the coronation of His Majesty Epe de Awapa Lisandro less than two weeks ago, the rulers of several other traditional peoples in Costa Rica and Panama have requested to join the Brotherhood of Nations with the Global Country of World Peace and to adopt the same decrees as the new king.

“Rika Shanti Rashtra is setting a beautiful, peaceful example of an ideal nation for the whole world. It will benefit and enrich all traditional peoples of the world, and all people of all nations everywhere,” Dr Morris said.

The phenomenon has started—the sun is rising

Maharishi said that the emergence of Rika Shanti Rashtra as the “Country of Peace” was a fulfilling milestone in his 50 years of teaching Transcendental Meditation, and a clear sign of a better time dawning in the world—for those who are awake.

 “Rika Shanti Rashtra is a bright star in the sky. Now the phenomenon has started, and more countries will follow. The sun is rising, and those who choose to adopt this knowledge will enjoy the light. Those who do not can stay in the darkness.”

Maharishi’s Independence Day message to America

Maharishi also delivered a message of support to President Bush and the American people for their Fourth July Independence Day celebrations.

“This is the day of freedom. The man-made constitution of the United States will rise to the level of God-made constitution, the Constitution of Natural Law, to administer the life of the nation with perfect order,” Maharishi said. “The United States is a mighty country, and now it is rising in fatherly care to ensure the coherence, peace, happiness, and affluence of the whole world.”

Maharishi also commented on President George W. Bush’s recent acknowledgement that he has been speaking too much of war lately, when in fact, the President said, he is a lover of peace.

 “I am comforted to hear that President Bush is realizing that now is the time to bring the message of peace, the message of light. I congratulate President Bush on his very genuine feeling,” Maharishi said.



Maharishi Confidently Promises
 to Create World Peace

Says “man-made” laws to blame for global problems,
will create groups of Vedic experts to enliven “God-made” law

Warns nations who promote war: “This is an open door to hell”

(JULY 11) – Speaking with an air of absolute authority and resolve, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi promised the press yesterday that he would create world peace, and declared that very soon warmongering and destruction will disappear from the face of the earth—just as darkness disappears with the onset of light.

Maharishi’s bold announcement came during a highly publicized news conference on July 10 that was broadcast live via global satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference from the World Capital of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

In his opening comments of a lively, two-hour, give-and-take with the press, Maharishi identified “man-made” laws as the source of world problems, and contrasted them to the perfection of “God-made laws,” which administer the universe.

 “Every country has a man-made constitution,” Maharishi said. “Some people sat together and conceived of the laws that would govern the nation. But a man’s thought is not perfect, so man-made constitutions will always have inherent human weaknesses and failings. They will always be incompetent to administer the nation—and that is why there is poverty, crime, and punishment everywhere.”

On the other side, Maharishi said, is God-made law, Total Natural Law, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe in perfection and without a problem.

“I have in my possession the knowledge of Total Natural Law from the tradition of Vedic masters in India,” Maharishi said. “I will establish groups of experts in this Vedic knowledge in every country, including one very large group in India They will practice Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying, and create peace—not by words or speeches—but by enlivening the deepest level of Nature’s functioning, which is Total Natural Law, the Will of God, and radiating the light of coherence throughout the world.”

Trying to convince governments is a waste of time

Maharishi’s decision to create world peace on his own came after years of trying to convince governments to adopt his programs.

“For 10 or 15 years I was saying to governments, ‘You should do this.’ Then I realized it was a waste of time. I will do what I know to be right, and I will let governments do what they know to be right. I will establish groups,” Maharishi said, reemphasizing his theme of the news conference. “These groups will uphold every nation by creating a peaceful, coherent national consciousness which will naturally support the administration of man-made constitutions.”

Strong words

Maharishi had strong words for U.S. President George Bush, and for nations who promote war.

“My program will prevent the warmongers from going to hell. Killing is sin. Countries who are waging war are criminal. They are creating destruction in the world now, but what happens after life? They have a straight open door to hell.”

Maharishi also had strong words for nations who pride themselves on their sovereignty but whose citizens live in poverty.

Shame on any country that has poverty. The parental role of every government should see that no one is poor, no one is without housing, without roads, without good schools, and without money.”

Maharishi announced that his Global Country of World Peace—“in its parental role to all governments and all people”—has a highly effective Poverty Removal program, and is willing to solve the problem of poverty in any country. “Here is an appeal to everyone in the name of life, in the name of humanity. I will take care of your poverty,” Maharishi said.

Solution is global

Fielding questions from around the globe, Maharishi said the solution to all problems is the same, whether terrorism in Colombia, corporate corruption in the United States, or weakening cultural values in India.

“People in every country have to create a group—and if they don’t we will,” Maharishi said. “My effort is global; we will create these groups everywhere. They will infuse world consciousness with harmony, cordiality, and positivity—then these problems won’t be found bubbling up.”

Maharishi also said that his strength is that “darkness does not have to disappear in order to bring in the light. We create coherence and disharmony goes away. We create peace and the warmonger will disappear—just as we bring in the light and the darkness disappears.”

Enlivening God’s law on earth

In response to a question about how Maharishi would implement God’s law on earth, Maharishi said, “God’s law, Natural Law, is already administering life everywhere. It is only the collective consciousness of every nation that has to rise to the level of Cosmic administration. These groups will enliven in world consciousness Total Natural Law, which is the field where God’s law is.”

Maharishi acknowledged that such concepts of “Natural Law” and “God’s law” may be difficult for some people to understand, but added, “It’s easy to produce the effect—everyone can experience it and create peace.”

Funding the groups

Maharishi said the groups of experts could be established from among the millions of people in 100 countries who have learned his Transcendental Meditation technique during the past 50 years. He said that financing for the groups will come from philanthropists who would support an endowment fund for permanent world peace, or from philanthropic investors who would like a return on a loan to create world peace. (For more information on the endowment fund, see

However, Maharishi said, even if such funds are not raised, it doesn’t matter. “There are enough peace-loving people in every country to sustain the groups,” he said, referring to the many thousands of successful business people within his own worldwide organization who could generate funds to support the groups through business enterprises.

Praise for Mayor Robert Wynne

Maharishi offered praise for The Honorable Robert Wynne, Mayor of Maharishi Vedic City, the newest city in Iowa, where all of Maharishi’s programs to promote an ideal society have been adopted. A campaign is now underway to establish a group of 8,000 experts in these programs in Maharishi Vedic City to create coherence for the United States and the world.

“I am aware that the administrators of U.S. cities are going through a critical time,” Maharishi said. “The man-made constitution and the chief administrator of their country are leading the nation to destroy the world. U.S. mayors have to follow Mayor Wynne. He will share his Vedic wisdom with all the mayors of the nation—and be a torchlight for the whole world.”

First city to adopt the Constitution of the Universe

Mayor Wynne said that Maharishi Vedic City is the first city in the world to adopt as its constitution the Constitution of the Universe, and he invited everyone to come for a visit, “even for a single day,” to experience the coherence and harmony in a city where everyone practices Maharishi’s programs to create peace. And he urged his fellow mayors to adopt these programs, saying, “If your administration is not ideal, then there are technologies to make governing your city as effortless and as effective as the government of Nature.”


Maharishi Criticizes Bush,
the Pope and Modern Education

Says American corporate scandals reveal deep flaws of capitalism

Showcases Vedic knowledge as means to stop conflict, promote peace

(JULY 18) With the safety and security of the world imperiled by the destructive policies of war-mongering nations, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi powerfully repeated his pledge made last week to personally create world peace, saying, “We can’t be a silent witness to the sinking ship. We have the power to save the ship of life from sinking into disaster.”

Maharishi’s announcement came during a candid and wide-ranging global news conference on July 17 that was broadcast live from Meru, Holland, via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference.

While acknowledging that his nature is not to criticize, Maharishi nonetheless offered frank assessments of U.S. President George Bush, the Pope, and modern educational systems that produce criminal minds.

Maharishi’s opening remarks were brief. He pointed out the inherent flaws of “humanly conceived constitutions with their human weaknesses and failings” which lead to problem-ridden administrations, and contrasted them with the “God-made constitution” which governs the ever-expanding universe with perfect order and without a problem.

A group in every country

“From the Vedic Tradition of India we have the knowledge and technologies to enliven the deepest level of Nature’s functioning—the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Will of God—to raise the administration of every nation to the level of the supreme efficiency and effectiveness of the God-made constitution,” Maharishi said.

The formula for governments is simple. “Every country must have a large group of Vedic experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying,” Maharishi said. “Research shows that through their daily performance these experts will eliminate acute societal stress—the underlying cause of conflict—and create coherence in world consciousness.”

Emphasizing the global nature of his peace effort, Maharishi said that if even one country remained stressed and without a coherence-creating group, then world peace would be shaken—“like a small thorn throws off the balance of the entire body.”

Maharishi also announced the availability of World Peace Bonds to fund the groups. “These bonds may be of particular interest to individuals, corporations, and pension funds who would buy the bonds, earn interest on their investment and create peace.” (See

 “Bush is an ignorant man”

From the first question, Maharishi made apparent his dissatisfaction with President Bush and his policies of destruction. “I see him as an ignorant man, who knows nothing of science or reason or religion,” Maharishi said. “That great country is being led to destroy the world by very wrong sentiments.”

Maharishi said that Bush and his advisors should look to the teachings of their religions to see the consequences of their policies of destruction—and then he offered his own counsel.

“Every religion has heaven and hell. Every religion says that killing is a sin. Sinners go to hell; only the virtuous go to heaven. The destroyers of the world can create ashes in human society, but they cannot escape the door of hell. Everyone has to pass away, but until he does, he’s advised to do right things—help thy neighbor and relieve the suffering of others. It’s a grave misunderstanding that the present destroyers think they are going to heaven.”

“I have forgotten about Israel”

A child killed in the Israel-Palestinian warTo a question about the Middle East and whether Maharishi planned any humanitarian gestures to create a group in Israel, Maharishi was equally direct: “Israel is a child of America. I have forgotten about Israel because when people are murderers, who can bother about them? All that is happening in Israel is the doing of America. Wherever there is destruction, it’s the doing of America. For the sake of politeness, one may not say that, but those are my thoughts.”


America’s corporate scandals

Maharishi commented on the rash of scandals and bankruptcies in corporate America, and targeted capitalism, which, he said, makes personal gain the sole motivator in life. “There is so much fraud in the way money is earned in a capitalist country—it’s quite ugly. And they are all involved in it—the president, the vice president—they are all involved. It’s a big muddle.”

But when asked what would happen to business dealings when a large group of coherence-creating Vedic experts is established in America, Maharishi offered an entirely different picture.

“Nothing wrong will sprout. Deceiving others will be absent. Harming others will be absent. Money mongering makes a man blind—it’s such great ignorance. One can be in the darkness and break one’s head or knees, but all that will come to an end with the onset of light. We will bring the light.”

The Pope

Maharishi was asked whether he would join forces with those who advocate prayer to create peace. “There is nothing in the world to compare with Transcendental Meditation,” he said, adding “We have heard the champions of prayer and the apologies of the Pope. They are praying to God to be excused for the misery and destruction and impurity that their organization has created throughout the ages. They are not peace-promoters. This is not the kind of prayer that we teach.”

Total brain functioning

Maharishi returned to the issue of violence, and cited inadequacies in modern education worldwide as the cause of crime and terrorism sweeping the globe.

“Education has been very damaging to life. You educate your children in a haphazard way and don’t train them to use their full brain, and then when they get older and they shoot someone on the streets, you say, ‘What is happening?’ But it’s your own doing. How you educate the students is how they will behave in society. The purpose of student life is to enliven the field of cosmic intelligence which is Total Natural Law, total brain functioning. The use of total brain functioning through Transcendental Meditation is real; it is not gossip, or a children’s story to be cast aside.”

Waking up the leaders

Maharishi reflected on his choice of words during the news conference: “I know I am using strong words, but I have spoken enough soft words. When a man is asleep and you want to wake him up, you gently move him. If he still doesn’t wake, you have to shake him harder. After speaking gently for so many years, now I have to shake the leaders and warn them: ‘You are opening the gate to hell for yourselves—and for all your supporters.’”

Convincing individuals and nations

Maharishi revealed what lies ahead in his effort to create permanent peace: “I started the Transcendental Meditation movement all by myself; there was no second or third person.  I had to convince individuals in one country after another, year after year. Now I have to do the same convincing, this time with nations. I have created the Global Country of World Peace, and many countries are coming to join the Global Country, but the process is slow. I hope the press will take this message of world peace far and wide, and very soon we will have groups in every country.”

Peace not based on the whims of the press

And while looking to the press to help deliver his message, Maharishi questioned their autonomy, saying they are paid to promote their governments. He also said that he is not dependent on their assistance. “My success does not depend on the press, even though I want the press to publicize good things. But world peace is not going to depend on the whims of the press. It’ll be on the basis of the effectiveness of coherence in world consciousness. “

Declaring that coherence in society is not an intellectual concept, but something real, Maharishi said, “Coherence produces a positive effect on the environment. Either you walk into a dark room or a lighted room. Like that is the effect of coherence.”

Fulfillment of religious prayers is near

Maharishi concluded by answering a reporter who asked whether the coherence-creating groups would bring fulfillment to religious prophecies.

“The prayers of all religious groups will be fulfilled as world consciousness becomes purer and purer. This is great news for them—the time is coming for the fulfillment of their desires, hopes, and prayers. The Will of God will be on earth as it is in heaven. It doesn’t matter what the world has been in the past. We are bringing the light, and darkness will simply disappear. Fulfillment can be seen at a distance, but it has come into vision. Now it will come nearer and nearer,” Maharishi said.


Maharishi’s Message to the United States:

TM in every school and a group of Yogic Flyers in every city
“The only way to permanently stop crime and terrorism”

Announces Poverty Removal Program for 40 poorest nations

(JULY 25) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi announced yesterday a simple, practical formula to root out crime and terrorism and create permanent world peace: Teach Transcendental Meditation in every school so that students develop their full brain physiology, and establish in every city a group of Yogic Flyers to eliminate acute social stress and crime and to promote positivity and coherence throughout the world.

Maharishi delivered details of the plan during a news conference with members of the world press that was broadcast live from Meru, Holland, via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call. The news conference followed a global celebration honoring the Vedic tradition of India, the custodians of the complete scientific knowledge of Vedic Science—Total Natural Law—the knowledge of the full potential of life that Maharishi has brought to millions of people around the world during the past 50 years.

The individual is cosmic

Maharishi opened the news conference by providing the Vedic perspective on the unbounded dignity of human life: “Inherent in everyone is Total Natural Law, the light of God. That means everyone’s inner intelligence is cosmic, and through Transcendental Meditation one can bring the cosmic value of one’s own inner intelligence into all aspects of life. It’s a very simple technique to develop higher states of consciousness and live perfection in daily life.”

In contrast, Maharishi offered a one-sentence description of the non-Vedic life: “They are the destroyers of the world—and there are many such destroyers in the world today.”

Maharishi announced that he will create in every country large groups of people practicing his Vedic technologies of consciousness to create a powerful influence of harmony and coherence in society, thereby neutralizing the negativity of the “destroyers” and creating a problem-free world. “We are out to create in every nation an atmosphere of peace and harmony, where crime and negativity are absent and where man-made constitutions will be supported by the God-made constitution—Total Natural Law.”

Maharishi commented on the ineffectiveness of national constitutions, saying, “Every government is administered by man-made laws, and because man-made laws are humanly conceived, they will always have human weaknesses and failings. This is why there is so much crime, punishment, and poverty everywhere. Through our program to establish groups of people practicing Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying around the world, we are raising man-made laws to be on a par with the supreme efficiency and effectiveness of God-made law—which administers the ever-expanding universe with perfect order and without a problem.”

Punishment is criminal

Maharishi then turned to a discussion of crime and punishment. He shifted the responsibility for criminal behavior away from the individual and put it on the government, calling the government’s policy of punishing offenders “sinful, criminal, and fraudulent.”

“If two people fight on the street, whose fault is it? Who is the criminal? It is the government’s responsibility because the government has not educated the people to not make mistakes. The people have inadequate, incompetent education, so they make mistakes—and then government punishes them! It is such a fraud,” Maharishi said.

All knowledge in one brain

Maharishi targeted modern education as the primary cause of criminal behavior. “Education today develops only partial use of the brain because it presents knowledge in a fragmented manner. Partial use of the brain means partial achievements in life, and with only partial achievements, a man will never be satisfied. He will keep creating problems for himself and for others.

“Only the experience of Transcendental Consciousness—the experience of the infinite, unbounded, unmanifest field of life—utilizes the total brain and thereby develops the brain fully,” Maharishi said. “Government already educates the people, so why not educate them to use their full brain physiology?”

Transcendental Meditation in schools

One reporter asked Maharishi how he would stop crime.

“Prevention is the only way to stop crime and terrorism,” Maharishi said. “You kill one culprit today, and there’ll be two more the next day. Governments have tried to stop crime through punishment throughout the ages, but crime continued in the past—as it will continue in the future if punishment remains. Crime can only be stopped through a preventive approach in the schools. You teach the students Transcendental Meditation, and right away they’ll begin using their full brain physiology—their thinking will be sensible and they will not get sidetracked into wrong things.”

Maharishi also responded to a recent news report from CNN showing that nearly one in every ten schools in America has been classified as a “failing institution.”

“Since I first came to the U.S. over 40 years ago, I have been saying, ‘Put TM in the classes. Put TM in the classes.’ I am still saying the same thing now—and if I live for thousands of years, I will say the same thing. But no one listened then, and now they are reaping the consequences,” Maharishi said.

Groups of Yogic Flyers in Every Country

In addition to teaching Transcendental Meditation in the schools, Maharishi said his plan calls for establishing coherence-creating groups in every country and every major city in the world. He said that he spent 15 years trying to convince governments to help but eventually realized that this was a waste of time—and has now decided to create the groups on his own.

“Government leaders could not understand our message—they are not knowledgeable about life; they don’t know how the brain functions; they don’t understand science or religion. So we are going ahead on our own—we are establishing large coherence-creating groups in India and everywhere in the world. These groups will purify world consciousness, and this will eliminate crime, conflict, and war. The groups won’t be involved with the day-to-day man-made administration of the country. They will simply create the desirable level of coherence in the collective consciousness, and that will make things right and positive in the country.”

In the U.S., facilities are already under construction in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, for 8,000 Vedic experts—primarily students and retired people—who would move there from around the country to practice Maharishi’s Vedic technologies of consciousness together in a group, develop their full brain physiology, and, as a side benefit, create a peaceful world. In addition, Maharishi plans to establish in every major city one or more smaller coherence-creating groups, from 20-30 people to 100-200 people. He is encouraging local “well-wishers” of peace to support these groups. “If these groups are established, the country will grow in prosperity and peace. If they aren’t, I don’t know what will happen to the government and the future of the country.”

Poverty Removal Program

For the 40 poorest countries in the world, Maharishi announced a new program that not only will establish a permanent coherence-creating group but also will eliminate poverty. The Poverty Removal Program of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace calls for the cultivation of unused agricultural land in these 40 nations to produce the world’s healthiest foods through Maharishi’s Vedic organic agriculture—and with the profits, sustain a group of Yogic Flyers in the country.

“The group will create coherence in the national consciousness—and the first beneficiary will be the government, which will have more law-abiding, sensible citizens. The God-made constitution will support and enrich the man-made constitution—bringing automation in administration and prosperity and peace to the whole nation,” Maharishi said. “From my experience of 50 years in the world, this is the most sensible solution to the global problems of poverty and negativity.”

“A long stretch of a very good time on earth”

Maharishi concluded the news conference by answering a reporter’s question as to whether the knowledge and technologies of Vedic science had ever flourished on earth—and created an ideal society.

“The history of Vedic knowledge records a very long stretch of time of ideal life on earth,” Maharishi said. “I am following those same footsteps. I am going to create a long stretch of a very good time on earth. And I invite the press to take the message of peace and happiness to every corner of the globe.”

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