Volume 2, Issue No. 10

June 2002

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New Nation to Adopt Maharishi’s Vedic System
of Defense, New Global Development Currency


Maharishi Calls “Rika Shanti Rashtra”

in the Mountains of Costa Rica a “Model Nation”

 Declares the Military of Every Country a “Fraud” and Urges Prevention

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi today declared the military in every country to be “useless against an enemy that does not show its face,” and urged government leaders to adopt a new defense policy based on “peaceful measures of prevention.” Maharishi also announced that the world’s newest nation, the “Country of Peace”—Rika Shanti Rashtra—in the mountains of Costa Rica—would be adopting his Vedic System of Defense and utilizing the global development currency of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace. 

Maharishi’s comments came during the historic Coronation ceremony of the new king of Rika Shanti Rashtra, Epe de Awapa Lesandro, which was broadcast live over global satellite network and via Internet webcast. Rika Shanti Rashtra has established a special “brotherhood of friendship” with the Global Country of World Peace, which is offering its organizational and economic support to the new country. 

Acknowledging that the military “may have had a role in the past,” Maharishi said that in the twenty-first century, “prevention is the only means of protection. If a nation does not know how to prevent the birth of an enemy, that nation—no matter how large a military, no matter how many destructive weapons, no matter how many alliances it has with other nations—will be turned to ashes when the missiles fall on it.”

Maharishi described Rika Shanti Rashtra as a “model nation.” He said that the new country will soon have a group of “Vedic Scientists”—specially trained experts in the science and technology of reducing social stress and creating coherence and peace in national consciousness. He said that these experts will “perform their Vedic procedures, including Transcendental Meditation, Yogic Flying, and Yagyas, and very naturally they will create indomitable coherence and a shield of invincibility for the whole region.”

Maharishi said that the key to permanent peace is ideal administration through education—his Vedic approach to education which develops an individual’s full potential. “Education must enliven the total field of Intelligence in human awareness—the cosmic potential within the individual. We will soon have a world inhabited by such cosmic individuals. They will create coherent national consciousness, eliminate negative trends throughout society, and facilitate the success of the government. Then laws will improve and there will be a better system of justice—there will be peace and prosperity for all to enjoy.”



Maharishi Offers G-8 Leaders Solution
to Crime and Terrorism

G8 Summit in Canada 2002

But Says Heads of State May Be Too Stressed to
Grasp New Solutions to Global Problems

Calls for “Vedic Education” to Produce Better Leaders
and a New Era of Peace

Dismissing the world’s leaders as displaying "children’s intelligence," and declaring modern education to be responsible for the perilous wave of global terrorism, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi today called for "a profound new approach to education that will promote a more competent generation of leaders and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity."

And in a special message directed to the heads of state meeting in Canada for the G-8 summit and looking for ways to prevent terrorism, Maharishi offered his Vedic Science of Administration to bring every nation into accord with Natural Law. He said that the same Natural Law, which administers the universe without a problem, can be harnessed to peacefully stop crime and terrorism in the world.

However, Maharishi said, he held out little hope of these leaders accepting his offer.

The reason: The stressful life of every head-of-state, combined with their lack of advanced scientific knowledge, have produced government leaders who are incompetent to understand the new solutions required to address global problems.

"I have been informing leaders for the past 10 or 20 years of these solutions—how to bring their governments into accord with Natural Law. But now I am convinced that it is a waste of time. These leaders, with their stressful lives, have what neuroscientists call ‘functional holes’ in their brains. Their brains do not function properly so they cannot understand this knowledge."

Maharishi said that another problem is that the leaders are not scientists. "Their education did not include the most up-to-date knowledge of the ultimate reality of life—the Unified Field of Natural Law—nor did it include the knowledge of how apply the Unified Field to create peace and harmony in the world."

"No one, no human intellect, is competent to put everyone on the path of evolution, where no one makes mistakes and no one commits a crime. Only Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—which promotes the evolution of everything in the ever-expanding universe, can do that." 

Maharishi said that modern education is the cause of problems of crime and terrorism because it fails to enliven "Total Natural Law" in a student’s awareness and to promote spontaneously fulfilling, life-supporting behavior.

"The secret of successful government is Vedic administration through Vedic education—education which develops the full, cosmic potential of the student and brings life into accord with Natural Law—the Will of God," Maharishi said.

Maharishi called on G-8 leaders and other heads of state to allocate one class period a day in their educational systems for students to practice Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying. This, he said, will "maintain a very high level of coherence in the country, so that no negativity will emerge in society and the government will not be required to punish anyone."

However, Maharishi said he will no longer wait for a response from government leaders. "If they respond, that is fine, but I am going ahead on my own to create the peaceful effect in the world."

Maharishi is establishing several large groups around the globe of "Vedic Pandits"—experts in the Vedic science of reducing social stress and creating coherence in collective consciousness. These experts will practice Vedic Yagyas, Transcendental Meditation, and Yogic Flying to create positivity, peace, and harmony in the family of nations.

With the "intense influence of coherence" produced by these groups, "all problems will simply disappear as darkness disappears with the onset of light," Maharishi said.

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