Volume 2, Issue No. 8

April 2002

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Local Assemblies of the Parliament of World Peace to be held in
3,000 cities of our dear world on Sunday, April 28, 2002

Local Session of the
Maharishi Parliament of World Peace

* Three thousand Peace Palaces have been designed to be constructed very soon in the seat of administration of every country--in the major municipalities of the world.

* A World Peace University will be Established to Educate Administrators in the Science and Art of Problem-Free Administration

Leaders in each profession and area of society are being approached to participate in this conference. Each profession in your city is cordially invited to make its special contribution to make the Parliament of World Peace a grand success.

The purpose of the Maharishi Parliament of World Peace is to eliminate the basis of terrorism, crime and fear in the world by creating an indomitable, invincible power of administration in every country through the Constitution of the Universe--the Constitution of Natural Law, which governs the universe with perfect order.

A great deal of knowledge of Natural Law is available to us through the discoveries of modern physical sciences--Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physiology, etc.--and knowledge of Natural Law has been proclaimed by all the old and new religions of the world in the name of the Will of the merciful, almighty God.

So the aim of this Parliament of World Peace is to take recourse to the scientific knowledge of Natural Law and religious doctrines, in order to establish the administration in every country in such way that the existing administration is quietly, peacefully, fully supported by the evolutionary power of Natural Law.

The present administration that exists in every country is through the national constitution of the country, which is the creation of human concepts--a man made constitution. Therefore we must realize that the national constitution in every country is not free of human weaknesses and human failures. That is why the administration is not satisfactory in any country. Therefore the Parliament of World Peace in every country will aim to bring enrichment and support to the existing man-made constitutions through the Cosmic Constitution--through the new awakening of Natural Law. Human intelligence will take recourse to higher intelligence and administer all aspects of life more efficiently.

Speakers in the Parliament of Word Peace to be held on the 28th will include great scientists, educators, administrators, lawyers, etc.

Three thousand Peace Palaces have been designed to be constructed very soon in the seat of administration of every country--in the major municipalities of the world.

The Parliament of World Peace will be held on Sunday April 28, at (time) in (place) in our City and hopefully in every country of our dear world.

There will be directors of world peace from each of the areas of society listed below:

1) Chamber of Commerce
2) Chamber of importers and exporters
3) Chamber of Industry
4) Builders Association
5) Lawyers Association,
6) Doctors Association,
7) Teachers Association,
8) Association of Presidents of Universities
9) Farmers Associations


* Organic Farming will be undertaken for providing healthy food
* Peace-Creating experts will be trained to quietly create an influence of peace in world consciousness

One hundred to one thousand administrators, (depending on the size of the city) will be trained to take recourse to Natural Law for the well being of everyone in the city. Participants in this training will be the youth of the wealthy, most creative families in each country, who aspire to be the leaders of prevention-oriented administration in all areas of society. They will give a lead to the youth of other economic levels of society in their country by taking recourse to higher intelligence.

They will be trained to handle all levels of administration and create a problem-free administration on all levels of national life in their own country, without interfering with the existing administration, and they will be the ideal of the youth of a peaceful world. Their activities will be quietly inspiring the element of coherence in society and this will directly inspire the evolutionary organizing power of higher intelligence in the administration of society. All advantages of this rising coherence in national consciousness will be enjoyed by the existing governments of every country

Therefore the youth is invited to apply for training in problem-free administration immediately after the local session of the World Peace Parliament on the 28th and join in the employment oriented world peace program; join in the ideal administration of the country after the first three-month training period and progressively obtain an academic degree in problem-free administration.

This will be a career in establishing problem free administration through the knowledge of total Natural Law supported by the findings of modern science and the old proclamations of the religious texts of all religions. The graduates will take recourse to the administrative skill of the Constitution of the Universe--Natural Law--the Will of God.

The Parliament of World Peace Held by
His Majesty Raja Nader Raam,
First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace

The Parliament of World Peace was held last week in Rota in the Pacific. The principles and programs that emerged from the Parliament of World Peace were discussed and accepted for implementation to create permanent peace on Earth. The voice of modern science in the Will of God was the chief theme of the Parliament of World Peace held in the presence of His Majesty, Raja Nader Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.  

The Global Country of World Peace has its constitution in the knowledge of total Natural Law--the Constitution of the Universe--suggested by

1) physics in the knowledge of the self-referral quantum field,

2) by chemistry in the knowledge of the self- referral transition state,

3) by mathematics in the knowledge of the self-referral state of the null set, and

4) by physiology in the knowledge of the unification of all physical creation on the ground of self-referral consciousness, a special contribution of His Majesty Raja Nader Raam.

Thus the knowledge of total Natural Law, brought to light by scientific research, presents the basic reality of life in the self referral level of reality, self referral state of consciousness¾the field of total Natural Law, the Will of God¾within everyone, expressed from time immemorial in such expressions as “Aham Bramhasmi” (I am totality); and “Analhak” (I am supreme)¾which can be experienced through Ziker (silent prayer), Transcendental Meditation, and the essential religious practices of all religions.

Therefore it is very clear that the solution for permanent peace, happiness and enlightenment of everyone is already within the lively field of every religion, supported by modern science. The solution lies in realizing the basic reality of religion; in the realization of the ultimate reality in the light of Natural Law as discovered by modern science¾the Will of God according to one's own religious traditions.

Every religion discards killing. Every religion discards punishment because every religion discards ignorance and embraces a way of life according to one’s own religion, according to the Will of God, according to Natural Law.

The Government of the Global Country of World Peace has been established in order to bring enlightenment to every country, and to make available to everyone the light of God through the knowledge of the modern physical sciences and the ancient science of religion, the science of Natural Law, the science of the Will of God.

So in this scientific age we are all blessed with the direct knowledge and program for establishing permanent peace, prosperity, happiness and enlightenment of our world family.

The Global Country of World Peace has a program to establish administration of this pure knowledge, of total enlightenment through the scientific approach of knowledge and experience in every country. We invite the free governments of our beautiful world to continue with their administration as they are administering their society through the man-made laws of their national constitutions¾but invite us to create another administration through the knowledge of total Natural Law from the scientific approach.

Our approach of establishing the administration of Natural Law will support, enrich and strengthen the administration of the man-made constitutions of every country and free the world from problems and suffering.

The first Parliament of World Peace that was held under His Majesty's guidance on Rota in the Northern Mariana Islands has summarized our principles and programs to achieve unprecedented level of harmony and peace through peaceful means.


Principle of Two Governments

Within a few months this almighty government of Natural Law can be established by training a few people in the science and art of every religion prevailing in every country. The influence of harmony and peace produced by this group will create a very strong positive influence in the national consciousness, minimizing the problems, headaches and negativity in the national administration of every country.

This will give to every government a complimentary government to balance and make the administration truly problem free and invincible.

Balancing democracy through two governments administering by “man-made” constitution and “God-made” Constitution of the Universe in order to satisfy the whole population of every country.

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