Volume 2, Issue No. 6

February 2002

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His Majesty Raja Nader Raam
Offers His Wishes and Gratitude from Japan
On the 12 January 2002 Global Celebration
The Maharishi's Year of Rām Mudrā


Everything is Brahman

As is the small parts, so is the big parts. As is the cosmos, so is the individual. As is any individual reality of life, so is any cosmic reality of life. Every thing is wholeness. Everything is totality. Everything is cosmic. Everything is Brahm. This reality, which throughout the ages, has been glimpsed by some great sages, foreseen by great prophets, messengers of divine nature, and proclaimed throughout time to be a reality, which should govern every aspect of human existence, had unfortunately not come up to its full value, except in very rare instances, throughout history, in local places of great enlightenment, in a very well preserved traditions of knowledge, in the Holy Tradition of our Tradition of Masters. In this age, this reality has taken a global proportion: Everyone in the world, everyone living, is able to understand, is able to grasp, is able to behold that reality if he wants to look at it, and the reason is Maharishiji had made it so simple


His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has taken a knowledge, which required lifetimes of devotion, lifetimes of waiting, lifetimes of expecting, to try to understand the reality of life in order to be liberated from the boundaries of daily existence. This knowledge, which often has been proclaimed to be given and to be able to be grasped only by the rare lucky individuals, this knowledge has been taken by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and made available to our world at every level. One can experience it, even a child, a non-educated person, educated highly philosopher, scientist can close the eyes and realize what they are: “Aham Brahmasmi - I am totality”. From the very first minutes of closing the eyes, that reality dawns in one’s awareness. This gift, this divine gift of Guru Dev to Maharishi, has been taken by Maharishi, and given its full totality, its global blossoming of possibilities, by making it a reality in every corner of this world.

The Reality of Life

Maharishi has taken this knowledge, even to its farthest possible levels of reality and covered it from every angle: on the level of feeling, on the level of intellect, on the level of experience and understanding so that, even though some people blocked by their intellect fathoming only small realities due to an education that has developed only a partial aspect of their capacity to understand, or due to a nutrition, which has allowed them not to fully grow in their possibilities in developing their full potential, even those people, they can look at the research, at the scientific findings and research discoveries, on the experimental level and theoretical level, and with minimal level of understanding, they can grasp the reality of life.


We Should Not Bother If the Darkness Exists

On this auspicious 12th January celebration, Maharishiji has proclaimed that those who have opened their eyes to this reality do not have to fear anything, and do not have to bother about anything, because they know who they are, they know what they are. They are Pure Being. They are infinite Pure Consciousness, and they know that from the direct experience that Maharishiji has given and from the research, that Maharishiji has inspired and guided and the discoveries that Maharishiji has made in this field. Therefore, today we feel a great sense of fulfillment. The reality is Brahman. The reality is Unity Consciousness. The reality is oneness, wholeness perfection, infinity of life. Those who know this and those who live this, those who have listened and tried and experienced the knowledge and technology and teaching of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, they can be in a state of peace. And today’s message of Maharishiji, clearly tells us that we should not bother if the darkness exists. It is part of this Natural Law, it is part of the cycles, and those who want to close the eyes, can be in darkness even during the day. And those who have their eyes opened to the infinite light of Pure Being, the light of Guru Dev, the light of Maharishiji, the light of knowledge of the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters, the light of Ved and Vedic Literature, those individuals can live in the light, even if it is dark outside.


The Devatas Administer Every Aspect of the Universe

Our human physiology is Ved and Vedic Literature in its divisions and its subdivisions. All the forty aspects of Ved and Vedic Literature are the blue print of every aspect of our reality, from the level of consciousness, intellect, emotions, feeling, mind, senses, to the level of our human physiology on its grossest levels of expression. That is the reality that we are. That reality we can know whether the cycles of day and night are crossing, going by bringing sleep, waking and dreaming. We maintain that reality of awareness and we maintain it, infinite, unbounded, untouched by change yet being itself the source and goal of all change and transformation and evolution. This reality sustains us at all levels, it sustains us from the environment and the cosmic flow of the rhythms of nature and the planets, all of whom and all of which are deep within us, all the organizing intelligence expressed in the Devatas that are responsible for bringing health, and wealth, and knowledge, and power, and wisdom and creativity, and protection from obstacles, and infinite dynamism, and infinite peace. All these realities responsible for administering every aspect of the universe, and who have names in the Vedic Literature that we know: Ganapathi and Shiva, and Vishnu and all the incarnations of Vishnu and Lakshmi, and Durga, Saraswati, Rām, and Buddha.

The Light of Life Is No More a Beautiful Inspiration

All these aspects of the reality of administering Natural Law, administering life from its different values, all are within us, within our selves. We are Brahman in its complete meaning, in the totality of the meaning of the word of “totality”. We are Pure Being, Pure Consciousness, in every fiber of our existence. That light of life that Maharishiji has given us in this scientific age, in a way that no one can discuss or argue about, because it is no more a beautiful inspiration or a thought of a philosophical nature. It is a scientific reality, which has been demonstrated in every level of science that exists today, and by the Vedic Science itself, which is a self-science of the subject, the subjective science, and all the objective sciences, and the Science of Consciousness has shown us, all have shown us through Maharishi’s organizing power that we are Total Natural Law, that we are the Unified Field, that we are Pure Being, we are Consciousness in every aspect of our reality. Maharishi has taken the Vedic Literature, which itself has been exposed and subjected to change of time, in terms of its interpretation on the surface level of its reality and has reorganized it as the perfect science of life. Today we have the knowledge for all generations to come, that we are Pure Being, we are Pure Consciousness, that Brahman is our reality, and that we can live that reality in daily life.


Brahman Is the Currency

This year with Maharishi’s guidance to the world, Maharishi’s inspiration to bring that reality even on the most inanimate aspect of existence even the level which by many people is seen as being a non spiritual reality, the level of money, which people say money is something physical, everybody is running after money and that takes you away from the reality of the spiritual self, even that extreme level of perception of what is called materialistic, today is being transformed in this year by Maharishiji into a level of the most spiritual reality. For Maharishi’s currency is called Brahman. Brahman is the currency; it is Rām, Rām Mudrā. In that golden coin is not just a value that can purchase goods, in that golden coin is a reminder that the most inanimate material metallic aspect of reality is also consciousness, is also Brahman. In the sounds of the coins, given by our great Minister of Finance Dr. Benjamin Feldman, to the Vedic Pandits, we can hear the beautiful ringing of Natural Law coming at the feel of the greatest tradition of Natural Law, the tradition of the Vedic Pandits, whom we cherish and adore as the custodians of Total Natural Law who are the true custodians in this age when Maharishi has really shown Ved in its full glory, in its totality of being the source, course and goal of everything, of being the blue print of every aspect of reality. And that symbolic move of the most material aspect ringing at the feet of the most profound spiritual aspect as Maharishiji has explained spirituality to be truly that level of self referral pure existence on the Unified Field level of reality, that seems to be a wonderful profound fulfillment of all the sages, the angels and the gods in heaven today, that the cycle of life is coming to a full level of blossoming and that this year will see in spite of mongers and rakshasas and possibilities of war and darkness outside, this year is going to see the ringing of Total Natural Law of Rām Mudrā from the most spiritual level of Pure Being, consciousness taking shape into a currency and raising people out of their suffering and their ignorance, their poverty and their weakness. For ignorance is all that there is in poverty. Ignorance is the basis of suffering. Ignorance is what creates pain. Ignorance is what creates loss of the self, is the basis of the loss of the self, which is the loss of one’s reality, and in that loss one experiences pain and suffering.


One Group in the Land of the Ved

We are infinitely grateful to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, for the total knowledge of Natural Law bestowed upon us and for this proclamation of this year where Brahman is going to circulate in that level of most materialistic expression and awaken happiness, prosperity in every corner of life, and that, through the awakening of total Natural Law by one group of Vedic Pandits in the land of the Ved that deserves all our attention, all our focus, all our work, to create that reality of a large group, so that even those who do not want to open the light, to open their eyes to the light, will have to have such a strong powerful light, that even eyes closed they will know the sun is shining, light is here. That is the reality that Rām Mudra will enliven through the creation of one group in the land of the Ved supporting that tradition of pure knowledge creating a large group of Vedic Pandits who can in their traditional chanting, their traditional performances guided by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi organized by him in a perfectly efficient and scientific way they can truly transform every aspect of existence from its level of ignorance back to the knowledge of its true reality.


Those Who Are Living in the Light Do Not Be in Fear

In Maharishi’s message today, we retain this most important point, “those who are living in the light do not be in fear”. All is Brahman. All is Pure Consciousness. Fear is non-existent on that level of Pure Being, of Unity Consciousness. Do not bother about the Rakshasas. Turn into yourself and let the light of your true self shine so strong that no darkness can withstand it. To do this we have a procedure that will help us and that is the creation of a group in India, and that will be facilitated and produced through Rām Mudra the beautiful Rām currency that will achieve the purpose from that material level which is required for the Pandits to be able to perform their daily programs in a comfortable way, in a way that will allow them to focus completely on their activity and not have to worry about anything else except the supreme tradition and the supreme goal that they have set by this eternal tradition of knowledge.



Everything Is Eternal Peace

All gratitude to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Guru Dev, and the entire Vedic Tradition of Masters that has given us Maharishiji in this scientific age to remove all darkness and efface every level of ignorance, and enliven every level of knowledge, in its true reality that everything is Brahman, everything is Pure Being, everything is Eternal Peace.

 Jai Guru Dev


Maharishi Announces New Formula to
Create Permanent World Peace Now


$250 Million in Contributions Sought

Maharishi to Host Special Course on Enlightenment in Vlodrop for Donors

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi today announced a practical plan to fund permanent World Peace, and to establish a perpetual seat of Peace on Earth. At this new, global Capital of World Peace in India, 40,000 Vedic Pandits will maintain purity in world consciousness and lasting peace through their group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, and through their Vedic performances of Mahayagya, Graha-Shanti, and Vedic Sanskaras.

In response to the urgent need of our time, Maharishi is calling upon Meditators throughout the world to collectively raise or commit $108 million dollars towards an initial goal of $250 million -- the amount needed to permanently endow the first 10,000 Vedic Pandits. This group will in turn act as a powerful magnet to  draw the additional funds needed for the larger group of 40,000. The $108 million sought today provides a crucial
START -- an amount sufficient to dynamically move forward with the creation of the first 10,000 group.

To honor the major donors, and to celebrate this global achievement of Peace on Earth, Maharishi has graciously agreed to host a SPECIAL, ONE-MONTH COURSE of profound knowledge and experience. "Enlightenment -- The Total Knowledge and Experience of Higher States of Consciousness" -- will be the goal of this historic, once-in-a-lifetime Course. The Course will be held once the first $108 million has been committed.

We urge all Meditators, Sidhas and Governors of the Age of Enlightenment with access to financial means to ACT BOLDLY, NOW, to fulfill the crucial need for Peace on Earth, and to take advantage of this precious and rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the profound knowledge and experience of higher states of consciousness.

This special course to honor those great benefactors of humanity who contribute $1 million or more* is scheduled to begin on the 21st of April, the day of Raam Navami. Construction of brand new, vastu-perfect residences for 108 course participants has begun on the campus of Maharishi University of Management, in Vlodrop, Holland.

To plan the course, we will need to know by March 1st whether we have succeeded in raising the requisite commitment of $108 million for world peace. We therefore request all potential donors to respond to this urgent call as soon as possible in Vlodrop at +31-47553-9653, or email us at

The choice is ours! Collectively, we have the means to create Peace on Earth! Let us take full advantage of this precious opportunity to bring Peace to the World, and to accomplish all that Maharishi, and we, have dedicated our lives to.

Jai Guru Dev


Dr John Hagelin Minister of Science and Technology


Dr Bevan Morris Minister of Enlightenment


Dr Benjamin Feldman
Minister of Finance


Dr Girish Varma Minister of Higher Education

*Donations can be sent directly to the Maharishi Global Development Fund, Bank of America, Boone, North Carolina, Account #000682990842, ABA #053000196. The Maharishi Global Development Fund is a tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) organization in the United States. Contributions are tax-deductible for US donors. All donors are encouraged to consult a tax advisor regarding their own tax considerations.


An Important Extra Point
n Maharishi New Formula
To Create Permanent World Peace Now

Here is an important new point for those who are planning to be one of the 108 to give $1 million to establish the permanent Capital of World Peace in India—with an initial group of 10,000 Yogic Flying Vedic Pandits performing Mahayagyas, Graha Shanti and Vedic Samskaras.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could formally express your intention to donate the $1 million—by e-mail to, or by fax to the following number: +31 475 53 9653. Please send this letter by March 1st.

However, please do not send the $1 million in for now. We will be keeping a record of the pledges and informing Maharishi as they come in. When we have reached the required 108 pledges, we will report to Maharishi that the goal has been reached.

Maharishi is very firm that he will only go ahead with the project in India if the full $108 million is raised. If we fall short of that number, then he will ask that you just keep the $1 million with you.

So please feel safe with your donation—that it will only be necessary to send it in once it is certain that the project in India will go ahead.

The moment it is evident that we have reached the goal of $108 million pledged, then we will send you word of this historic achievement immediately, and ask you to send in your donation so the project can begin.

At that point we will also contact you about the details of the special course on Enlightenment in Vlodrop to start on Raam Navami (April 21), where you will have the supremely liberating experience of spending a month privately with Maharishi going deeply into the reality of Brahmi Chetana day and night.

Thank you for your support for the whole human race to be free of war and terrorism, free from fear of destruction, free of all problems and suffering.

Jai Guru Dev

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