Volume 2, Issue No. 5

January 2002

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Year 2002 The Maharishi's Year of Rām Mudrā

It is becoming our habit in our International Movement that every year on the 12th of January, the day of Maharishi - Maharishi's birth day - and after going out of seven days of silence, and in a global celebration, Maharishi inaugurates the new year and give it a name correspond to the title of his annual plan. This year 2002, Maharishi named it as the year of Rām Mudrā - the Rāām Currency, and put a plan to build the capital of the Global Country of World Peace. The following is the message of Maharishi for the year.

The Year of Rām Mudrā

Today, after doing the Puja to Guru Dev and after filling the world consciousness with the Vedic anthem of the Global Country of World Peace, we desire to proclaim the name of this year as has been our habit to name every year of this very great transition in the world consciousness from negativity to all harmony and positivity, so we have been proclaiming the name of the year, so this year the name that comes in is, the Rām Mudrā, year of Rām Mudrā.

Group of Forty Thousand on The Ganges Banks

Mūdra is currency, currency of Rāām Rāj, currency of that administration in which problems do not arise; the problems not arising will be on the basis of intense influence of global harmony and intense peace in the world that will prevail due to one big group of forty thousand Vedic Pundits on the holy banks of the Ganges in India the land of the Veda, where throughout time Vedic traditional performances have been held in the custody of Vedic Pundits and they will be there forty thousand at least doing big and small yagyas to awaken the divine influence in the life as prescribed by the Vedic performances of yagyas, and mahayagyas, and graha shanti, and the system of life which requires purification year after year called sanskaras. Sanskaras are the systems of purification of physiology and its connection with the mind and its connection with the self, so the whole field of the transcendental self-consciousness at the basis of all different values of speech and material existence on earth. So this big group of forty thousand on the Ganges banks of India, we will organize with the help of Rām Mudrā. Rām stands for Totality of the Natural Law, Total Knowledge endowed with the Total Organizing Power of the Natural Law, and because this Knowledge is in the hands of the Vedic Pundits from times immemorial now is the time that the Blessings of Guru Dev, the Blessings of the Tradition of Vedic Masters have aroused in us the responsibility to create this one place on earth and preferably in the land of the Veda from where intense influence of harmony and peace will radiate in all parts of the world. And due to that it is like the intense torchlight, which will spread far and wide and will not leave any corner of the world in darkness, in ignorance.

The World of Peaceful People

So that is our undertaking of this year and therefore we name this year as the year of Rām Mudrā. Mūdra means currency, the currency of Rām. Rām is Brahm, totality of Natural Law. All the marketing of our world, our world means the world of peaceful people and not minding the other destroyers of the world who are growing in magnitude but we don’t mind. The scorpion will always sting, but God’s grace has always saved the world… so many Rakshasas have been in the past and we are witnessing the Rakshasa opinion everywhere: “I will kill this, I will kill this, bombing this, bombing this”. So all this has been continuing in the world and will continue, but our performances also will continue, the darkness has always existed and the candle lights and the torch lights also have existed. So we can cope with all the times, with all the destructive features of life on earth but we will be in light.

The Capital of Rām Rāj

Vedic tradition is an eternal tradition of Total Knowledge in which there is no chance of any darkness to come in. Therefore, from one place on earth, one place on earth, which we will call the capital of Rām Rāj, the capital of that administration in which the ancient record “that suffering belongs to no one”. Rām Rāj, in the reign of Rām, in the reign of Brāhm, in the reign of Total Natural Law, in the reign of peace and harmony, suffering belongs to no one. It is not a new world, Indian history records this world to be coming and going and coming and coming and going… Every day the sun shines and every evening the night takes over. So as light and darkness continues off and on and off and on, we enjoy both, we rest in the night, we work in the day. So we make use of both values. But we uphold the value of light, the value of harmony, of peace so in this year of Rām Mudrā, we will have harmony in the world and we will concern with ourselves, with our responsibility, with our responsibility. Our responsibility is to behave according to our nature. Our nature is Sat Chit Anand, Bliss Consciousness, on an eternal continuous basis. And in this, some dark patches come and go. So we have to mind ourselves, we don’t mind what others do.

Own Real Nature

So we will be focused during this year to establish one place on earth where such intensity of Sattva will be generated due to the daily routine of life of the Vedic Pundits that will radiate that harmony and happiness and peace and coherence in the world consciousness where problems will not arise, problems will not arise. So the message of today is to centralize ourselves in our own real nature which is divine, which is unbounded peace, which is Unified Field as measured and brought to light by all sciences all these mathematics, physics, physiology, and the great researches of consciousness at the basis of physiology of our dear Rāja Rāām who has proclaimed to the world that all physical matter is essentially a field of consciousness, unbounded still field of consciousness and waves of consciousness. So here is a materialization of the age old reality, which was thought to be a field of philosophy now is on the physical material level in this scientific age.

A Global World

So we are very well placed in the field of knowledge, all the eternal knowledge of the Yog, of the Ved, of all these forty values of the Vedic literature all this Ved, Vedang, and Bhakti, devotion, worship to God, all this very great and perfect way of life, and we have been giving out to the world a straight lighted path of evolution to engage the higher states of consciousness for every aspect of our daily life. We’ll continue on those very beautiful pleasant duties of ours assigned by our tradition of Vedic Masters by Guru Dev and certified and welcomed by the scientific research in the field of all physical sciences, so we are on a very solid ground of stability, of peace perpetual on earth, and now we have conceived of a global administration that will disallow the sprouting of any problem in any part of the world. The world will be a global world of every one concerned and globally, the whole world family will move together on the path of higher states of consciousness engaging higher intelligence and moving fast to achieve the supreme goal of life, realization of God, of Almighty grace of God, all harmony, all peace, Heaven on earth. Our beautiful target of all these years, now we have a global administration which will run by Natural Law, the Will of God and which will be helped by the currency of Rām to relieve everyone from stress and strains and all that all that. The world has drifted away from the real path of peace and happiness and we are resolved to create a capital of World Peace to create from that capital an administration of Natural Law where open gate to Heaven, direct evolutionary path of life for everyone. So it doesn’t matter how mistaken other people are functioning. We don’t mind others, we mind what we do, we mind what we are, we center ourselves in that infinite potential of divine grace, we live that field of life and let our example be followed by all other people but we don’t mind if nobody follows. We remain exalted and supremely fulfilled in every day life of ours and that is enough for us.

A Capital of Heaven on Earth

So this year, as always being regular in our programs, and we will focus our energy, and our intelligence and our resources to establish this one group of Vedic Pundits in India, which through their daily routine of Vedic life will create that permanent peace, influence of peace on earth, and the earth will be Heaven. So Heaven on earth, all these years we have been talking, now this is the time to establish a capital of Heaven on earth in India and our Minister of Finance Dr. Benjamin Feldman in cooperation with our Minister Dr. Volker and Dr. John Hagelin, the great scientist, we are all determined to create one place on earth the capital and three thousand places where peace palaces will be built in order to have some responsibility of generating influence of peace in all parts of the world. So one place on earth on the land of the Ved and three thousand places wherever significant mayors exist in these cities. Mayor is a small unit of administration, that administration will also be tinted in the influence of the Natural Law. The Natural Law is always evolutionary for everyone. So one place on earth and three thousand places in the world, the world will never get back to this kind of wrong influences and sprouting wrong values, like that like that. So we will mind our business, let others who want to destroy the world, let them destroy and we maintain more and more as we grow in strength all positive values will prevail more and more and all these wrong values which demoralize the people, which are not good.

Enjoy the Divine Responsibility

Today is a very great day for us to spread the message of real life in Bliss and Peace and Happiness. And today I can’t congratulate enough His Majesty Rāja Raam for His discovery of Consciousness at the basis of all physical values in the world and His determination to create an administration in the world exemplary of administration which will offer prevention to problems, “prevention oriented administration” is the determination of His Majesty Rāja Raam. So he deserves all thanks and support from everywhere in order to succeed; maybe this year he succeeds in establishing that capital of the Global Country of World Peace on the basis of Rām, Rāja Raam’s currency, Rām. It is a very good time for us to enjoy the idea, the thought, the divine responsibility that we feel has to be materialized by us and we will do so at the feet of Guru Deva.

Building a Capital of the World

At this time I want to float in those divine swings of the Swarn Jayanti song of Guru Dev and then throughout the day there will be messages from our Ministers who are spread all over the world in America, in America, in Russia, in India, in Japan, in Europe, everywhere. There is a great jubilation in the hearts and minds of all those who are a class of peace loving people on earth. So we should have this Swarn Jayanti song and throughout the day we will have words of Japan, words of India, words of Europe, words of America, words of Russia. Today is a great starting point we launch the program of building a capital of the world, which will administer the world affairs on the line of creating and maintaining Heaven on Earth. All Glory to Guru Dev and we bow down to our tradition of Masters, which we have as the source of our inspiration all the time.

All Glory to Guru Dev


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