Volume 2, Issue No. 4

December 2001

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His Majesty Raja Nader Raam
Issued His 1st Decree of
The Global Country of World Peace

Maharishi Global Financing

The Maharishi Global Financing Research Foundation of The Netherlands is the Treasury of the Global Country of World Peace.

On the auspicious ocassion of Vijayaa Dashami, Oct 26, 2001, the Day of Victory according to the Vedic Calendar, the Foundation issued the Raam, the Global Development Currency of the Global Country of World Peace.

The Raam will be made available by the Foundation to be used as a local currency to Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA; and to all the cities and countries of the world where it is welcome as a currency, in conformity with all the applicable rules and regulations of those countries.

The RAAM Currency

The RAAM currency is available in 3 paper denominations; the 10 Raams, the 5 Raams and the 1 Raam. Also the 1 Raam is available as a golden coin.

The face side of the 10 Raams

The back side of the 10 Raams

The face side of the 5 Raams

The back side of the 5 Raams

The face side of the 1 Raam

The back side of the 1 Raam

This is the face and back of the Golden Raam

The exchange rates of the RAAM

1 Raam=10 US Dollars
1 Raam=11.0827 Euro
1 Raam=1278.30 Yen
1 Raam=479.29 Rupees
1 Raam=15,080 Lebanese Pound

Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention

The Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention was established to scientifically investigate through multidisciplinary, collaborative research and demonstration programs, the most ancient and comprehensive system of prevention-oriented natural health care, Maharishi Vedic Medicine, for the prevention and treatment of the major chronic diseases of our time, with emphasis on cardiovascular health, aging and quality of life in underserved high risk populations.

Our latest research findings have demonstrated:

  1. the feasibility and efficacy of the Transcendental Meditation© program in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its associated risk factors especially hypertension

  2. improvement in well-being and quality of life
  3. prevention of aging and promotion of longevity
  4. reduced medical care utilization and expenditures

These studies have included related findings on behavioral and physiological mechanisms for the clinical outcomes investigated in our trials.

Many of these published studies have received wide-scale media coverage in hundreds of newspaper, magazine articles, and television and radio shows.

Ongoing collaborative research studies include the effects of the TM Program:

  1. in the primary prevention of hypertension in African Americans with high-normal blood pressure

  2. in the regression of atherosclerosis (coronary artery disease) in at-risk African Americans

  3. on pathophysiological mechanisms of coronary heart disease
  4. on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality rates in African Americans and medical care costs

  5. in improving survival rates and quality of life in older women with breast cancer

In addition to the above ongoing clinical trials, the National Institutes of Health / National Center for Complementary and Alternative medicine awarded Maharishi University of Management an $8 million grant to establish a Center of excellence for studying Natural Medicine in relation to cardiovascular disease in minority populations.

The major research projects of this Center grant include the effects of:

  1. the TM program on underlying pathophysiological mechanisms of coronary heart disease in urban African Americans

  2. traditional herbal antioxidants from Maharishi Vedic Medicine compared to antioxidant vitamin supplements (C and E) and placebo on reduction of coronary artery disease in at-risk urban African Americans

  3. the TM program on regression of atherosclerosis and improvement in quality of life in at-risk urban African American women

The Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention is the research division of the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine.

The Consciousness-Based Education Program in School:
Principles, Practice, and Results

 Awakening the Full Creative Intelligence of Student and Teacher through Experience and Understanding
of the Field of Total Knowledge Within Everyone.

Maharishi's Offer of Perfection in Education

This lively introductory course on Consciousness-Based education is for teachers, parents, and any interested participants. It presents the basic principles of Consciousness-Based education, and why it has proven to be so remarkably effective in institutions around the world. Other topics covered in the course include:

    * The different curricula and special teaching methods developed for these schools and programs;
    * The personal experience of teachers, administrators, and students participating in Consciousness-Based education throughout the world;
    * The extraordinary achievements and research findings on these students;
    * How Consciousness-Based education solves widespread problems in schools, including anti-social behavior and lack of interest in learning;
    * How to start a Consciousness-Based education program or school.

The lectures are given by experienced International Consciousness-Based education teachers, administrators, and researchers: H.E. Dr. Michael Dillbeck and Dr. Susan Dillbeck, Dr. Robin Rowe and Dennis Rowe, H.E. Dr. Bevan Morris, and Dr. Ashley Deans.  The course also includes Maharishi's historic keynote address on school and university education to the 1973 annual conference of the American Association for Higher Education in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

LENGTH: 16 lessons; 1 hour each. Twice a week

AUDIENCE:  This is ideal for educators, or anyone especially interested in promoting Consciousness-Based education.  Anyone who is interested may take this course. People can take it for their own benefit, or organize a group of educators to take it together.

ENROLLMENT: On-line enrollment is available at:


1. "Entire Course in the First Lesson: Development of Consciousness as the Basis for Successful and Fulfilling Education for the Student, the Teacher, the School, and the Nation"

2. "Fundamental Principles of Consciousness-Based Education: Developing the Students and Teachers Consciousness for an Increasingly Happy, Problem-Free Life, in Harmony with Natural Law"

3. "Maharishi's Keynote Address to the 1973 Conference of the American Association for Higher Education, Chicago, Illinois, USA"

4. "Scientific Research Validating the Benefits of Consciousness-Based Education"

5. "Developing Total Brain Functioning through Consciousness-Based Education: The Physiological Basis for Full Development of Creative Intelligence in Higher States of Consciousness"

6. "Scientific Foundation of Consciousness-Based Education: The Unified Field of Natural Law from the perspectives of modern science and Maharishi Vedic Science"

7. "Achievements and Experiences of Students Participating in Consciousness-Based Education around the World"

8. "Benefits of the Maharishi Transcendental MeditationSM Program for Teachers and Administrators: Professional Success and Inner Fulfillment"

9. "Consciousness-Based Curricula in the Schools: Opening Students Awareness to the Inner, More Precious Values of Life for Their Increasing Happiness, Health, and Progress"

10. "Instructional Charts Used in Consciousness-Based Education: Connecting the Parts of Knowledge to the Field of Total Knowledge Within Every Student"

11. "Maharishi's Principles of Ideal Teaching: Refining the Consciousness and Physiology of Students through Consciousness-Based Curriculum and Instruction"

12. "Solving the Problems in Education: Lasting and Proven Solutions Based on Systematic Development of Consciousness"

13. "How to Implement the Consciousness-Based Education Program in a School or Other Educational Setting"

14. "Schools as Sources of Coherence and Harmony for the Whole Society: Group Practice of TM-Sidhi Yogic Flying by Students and Teachers to Reduce Negative Trends and Improve Positive Trends Throughout Society"

15. "Vision of the Highest Goal of Education: Development of Higher States of Consciousness in the Individual, and Problem-Free Administration of the Nation for the Prevention of All Problems in National Life"

16. "Summary and Conclusion of the Course"

Dr. Richard Beall, National Director
Consciousness-Based Education Association
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535 Old Hampton Road, Boone, NC  28607

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