Volume 2, Issue No. 2

October 2001

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Maharishi's Proposal for Permanent World Peace

When the US Government, with the most powerful defense force in the world, and a defense budget of over $300 billion, has hopelessly failed to defend its nation against the attacks of the enemy, what hope is there for any nation to protect itself against its enemies through the use of arms?


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Two Approaches That Have Failed

Today we must wake up in our wisdom and take recourse to a more effective approach which will be better than the two approaches that have failed: 1) negotiations, and 2) use of destructive weaponry.

Since 1,000 B.C. there have been over 8,000 peace treaties, and each one lasted OB average no more than nine years.  The League of Nations was formed with the intention to create a forum for dialogue between nations so that misunderstandings between nations would not develop. Communication was thought to be an effective means to replace combat and the amassing of mil­itary power. The League of Nations was founded in 1920 to ensure that World War I was “the war to end all wars." Twenty years later, World War II erupted. The failure of the League of Nations gave rise to the United Nations. The United Nations was established in 1945 to end wars and conf1its between nations once and for all. Since then there have been 150 major wars.

It is clear that political negotiations, treaties, and the use of arms have never succeeded in creating a lasting state of world peace. What is the way out of this predicament? Maharishi says: "Only a new seed will yield a new crop. Only a new philosophy and new efforts based on new knowledge will fulfill the age-old dream or the wise for prevention of crime, terrorism, and wars, and maintenance of world peace on a permanent basis." It is obvious that world peace will be fragile if the element of relation­ship between nations is based on the man-made concepts of peace and harmony-negotiations to change the moods and whims of nations-as has been the case with the concept of the United Nations and all other so-called well-meaning organizations. The knowledge and experience of total Natural Law, which invincibly governs the infinite diversity of the ever-expanding universe provides the answer.

Let Us Take A Lesson From History

When negotiations and the use of arms have failed to maintain peace in the family of nations, it is not wise to continue to pursue the path of failure. It is completely possible for the USA to take revenge against terrorists and continue to crush terrorism, month after month, and year after year, but the net result will be a chain of destruction from both sides. Remember, the US government rose against Hiller in order to stop destruction. Is it wise now for the USA to play the role of Hitter and initiate a world-wide destructive program? We would never like to compare President Bush with Hitler. But if the World War starts from this, what else could be the interrelation? Every military chief who waged a war at any time put forward very valid reasons to wage war. But it is the act of war that is devastating to the world. It doesn't matter who plays the role of so-called bravery. In the beginning, when Hitler started his war, all of Germany was with him. Only the outside forces were there to counterbalance his wild fury.

There Is No Wisdom In Initiating A Continuous Theme
of Destruction in the Name of Protection

With the US government and the allies of NATO on one side, and the terrorists on the other side, life on earth - whether it is American life, Chinese life, Afghani life, or any life - will be burned in flames. Can brave Americans think how much of America and the allied countries will also be burned in this fierce competition of destruction from both sides? In this case, destruction will be the fate of both sides-terrorists and those who call themselves peacekeepers. Can the prevailing national defense system of any country save that country today from space-based warfare, chemical warfare, biological warfare, information warfare, guided missile warfare, suicidal attacks, and any other destructive system of warfare where the enemy is seen or unseen? If the government and people of the USA think they can destroy ter­rorism by starting to destroy terrorists, they should understand that any step in the direction of destruction will have destructive repercussions and will only help to create waves of destruction in time. This is a universal Law of Nature -action and reaction-"As you sow, so shall you reap." It is a matter of truthfully facing the facts. Thee President of the US and the people of all the NATO alliance countries should understand that any war, anywhere, by anyone, will make the reality of war per­petual, as it has been throughout the ages. Wisdom in this scientific age demands eliminating the cause of all wars. We are making these logical inferences because we have a solution.


The wise retaliation against terrorism will he to take a step which will completely root out terrorism forever-and this will be by creating a very strong influence of positivity and harmony in world consciousness so that any kind of negative trends do not arise. We have the knowledge and experience of that total Natural Law which invincibly governs the infinite diversity or the ever-expanding universe. With this knowledge of the invincible power of total Natural Law we can create an indomitable influence of positivity and harmony in world consciousness using the latest theories and technologies of modem science supported by the ancient Vedic Literature - the Science of Consciousness as brought to light by Maharishi .

Endowment Fund For Permanent World Peace 
$1 Billion Endowment Fund  

What is immediately needed is an endowment fund of USD 1 billion in order to permanently engage 40,000 young men from the traditional Vedic Families in India (at the rate of $100-200 per person per month), in the programs of enlivening the unifying, nourishing power of Nature's Intelligence, in order to create and maintain coherence in world consciousness and eliminate the basis of all negativity. There must be a few peace-loving billionaires in America who would understand our offer and who can immediately, in one day, create the required endowment fund to try this new peaceful angle of approach to establish permanent world peace. Due to the urgency of the situation it is being suggested that if someone is in a position to advance, rather than donate, one billion dollars, this advance will enable us to start the program immediately, and we will return this advance from the donations that are expected to follow. 

Invincible Defense Strategy
ultra-modern and ancient and eternal

At the basis of this proposal of permanent world peace is a vast body of scientific research conducted over the last forty years. More than 600 scientific research studies, conducted at over 200 universities and research institutes in 30 countries, validate the profound benefits of Maharishi's Technology of World Peace-the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying-in the areas of physiology and psychology, and society as a whole. We will organize a group of forty thousand experts in the know ledge of the Unified Field of Natural Law, who will put to practice the Technology of the Unified Field (from the angle of Physics); and the Technology of the Transition State and Junction Point (from the angle of Chemistry); and the Technology of the Null Set, the source of all sets (from the angle of Mathematics); and the Technology of Consciousness (from the angle of Physiology, whose structures and functions have been identified in terms of consciousness). All these values, from the angle of modem science have been found to satisfy, support, and authenticate the Technology of Consciousness as brought to light by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from the ancient Vedic Literature in terms of Vastu Shanti, Graha Shanti, and Yagya.

Creating Indomitable Influence of Positivity

The performance of these Vedic Procedures in conjunction with Maharishi's Vedic Technology of Consciousness - Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, the TM-Sidhi program including Yogic Flying – will create a strong influence of positivity, harmony, and integrity in world consciousness, and this will not allow the eruption of negative trends in the world, and will spontaneously result in a lasting state of peace and happiness in the world for all future time.


Invincibility Through Integrated National Consciousness

In our scientific age we should be wiser than the administrators of past ages, and we should be able to establish a highly integrated national consciousness where no negative trends could rise. It is obvious that if defense is to be meaningful, the only successful measure will be to do something -do something to disallow the birth of an enemy.


Better Late Than Never 

Many times in the past we made appeals to the wealthy. There was no answer to our call. Now a global war is hanging over our heads, and we are inviting the leadership of the world to create an endowment fund for a permanent group of peace creators-a group of 40,000 Yogic Flyers and performers of Vedic Yagyas in India. 

We mention below (for example) an announcement we made to the press two years ago that appeared on April 12, 1999 in the Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune of Europe and The Financial Times of London

Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace
World’s Wealthiest Called Upon

The horror or war being witnessed In Yugoslavia is creating fear in the hearts of everyone everywhere. This crisis is a challenge to the wealthy of the world to save their own wealth and the life of all peo­ple in their nation. Today the UN bas become a laughing-stock, failing everywhere, and is ignored. So NATO has attempted to control the Yugoslavian situation with violence. But its bom­bardment bas intensified the disaster, and created a new bloody history of the world. World peace is now in the hands of those with the power to destroy. The danger to the world posed by NATO's bombardment is terrifying. It has set an example to every nation in the world-if you don't like another country, and they won't obey you, then bomb them and destroy them . . .. Now bombardment can happen to any country in the world at any time. This is the reality - your city could be next. Therefore, can we wait even a single moment to establish world peace?

What is Happening In Yugoslavia Can Happen to 
Any Nation at Any Time

Can you Imagine if bombs began to fall on Washington D.C., and to destroy the high-rises of the money markets of New York? Will NATO be able to prevent this? When this happens it will be beyond the power ever of the wealthy to save the situation. When your house is in uncontrollable flames, it is too late to dig a well to get the water. Better to prevent the house from catching fire in the first place. A new approach to creating peace is urgently needed – one that prevent war. And if such an approach exists it must be tried. Persuasion does not create peace - the UN bas proven that. Violence does not create peace - NATO has proven that. In fact the whole human history has proven that nei­ther of these approaches works. So our choices are to accept war throughout the world as inevitable, or to do something new that really has been demonstrated to create indomitable world peace.

Peace Can Only Be Created by Taking Recourse to Natural Law

The way to do it is to take recourse to Natural Law. It is possible now to create a powerful influence of coherence inside and outside of any country with a group of experts in the technologies of Natural Law (such as Transcendental Meditation and Yogic flying). The effectiveness of this approach has been demonstrated throughout human history and by many scientific research studies in the past 20 years in different small areas of the world. This approach will create such an integrated and harmonious world consciousness that violent thoughts will simply not arise, and there will be permanent world peace. A German physicist, Albert Einstein, in 1939 proposed to President Roosevelt a weapon of mass destruction which was used to destroy Hiroshima, and has controlled the destiny of mankind ever since. Now a young German scientist of this generation, Professor Volker Schanbacher is proposing a new weapon of Natural Law, which is nourishing and peace creating-a technology of peace which every Head-of -State can use to make his country the Country of World Peace, and erase the memory of Hiroshima, and the present disaster of NATO. The choice now for our generation is whether to go for destruction, or rise above destructive power, and go for the nourishment of all life on earth through the technologies of Natural Law.

The Wealthy Should Wisely Protect Their Own Wealth
and the Life of the Nation

The wealthy leaders of society would be well advised to ensure that they do not become subject to the influence of destruction that their governments are creating in the world. Otherwise the destroyer will become the destroyed and the people of the nation, the wealth of the nation, and the life of the nation will be scattered to the winds. The wealthy would be wise -for their own sake- to take advantage of the existence of proven technologies of peace. They should create an Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace to prevent terrorism and eliminate the fear of destruction . . . This is not only charity -it is self-insurance.

The Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace

The time is now to establish the Endowment Fund for Perpetual World Peace in response to the global demand of people everywhere for the creation of world peace. The income from this Fund will be used by the donors for one purpose alone - the training and maintenance of a permanent force of experts in creating World Peace­ - who create peace not by talking or by bombing, but by radiating peace from the level of infinite peace in the unbounded ocean of consciousness within every human being. It is clear that for many years we have been calling for help to put an end to crime and terrorism through our knowledge of Natural Law from modem Science and ancient Vedic Science of consciousness, but the wise of our generation paid no attention to knowledge; and now the situation is the start of a global war. Choose your way. Everyone is free to choose his way. For years it has been our fond delight to inform the people we can stop crime and terrorism, but people must think from their own level what is good for them. We are repeating our offer to the world and we will continue to repeat until we have found our way to establish a platform of permanent world peace with a sufficiently large endowment, so that for all future times our efforts will not meet with disappointment due to scarcity of financing.


Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health Tour in Lebanon

Maharishi Health Education Center is organizing a tour for a Vaidya in Lebanon, The Vaidy will arrive by the end of October, and will stay for around 15 days only.

The Doctor will be giving health consultation and two short courses for all Meditators, Sidhas and Governors.

Good Health Through Prevention: This 16-hour course includes specific recommendations to help prevent ill health that include daily and seasonal routines, individualized diet, other health-promoting behavior, and development of higher states of consciousness -- all of which bring life increasingly into harmony with Natural Law, the basis of perfect health. The Good Health Through Prevention course includes specific recommendations to help prevent ill health that include daily and seasonal routines, individualized diet, other health-promoting behavior, and development of higher states of consciousness -- all of which bring life increasingly into harmony with Natural Law, the basis of perfect health.

Self-Pulse Reading Course for Prevention: This introductory course provides the theory and practical technique for detecting balance and imbalance in the body through Self-Pulse Reading. The course also describes measures to correct imbalances before disease arises. Course participants learn not only to detect states of physiological balance and imbalance; they also learn how the process of Self-Pulse Reading can create a balancing influence in any area of imbalance, spontaneously enhancing physiological integration. Participants gain a thorough understanding of how the intelligence within the physiology is reflected in the pulse. Other topics include feeling the influence of cosmic cycles in the pulse; feeling imbalances in the pulse; the stages of imbalance; causes and effects of imbalance; how the body's inner intelligence protects against imbalance; and restoring and maintaining balance through proper diet and through daily and seasonal routines.

For registration and information about these short courses 
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