Volume 2, Issue No. 1

September 2001

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One Year of Success

With this issue, the TM Bulletin entered into its second volume for the second year. We all wish the TM Bulletin continuous shining success and progress to bring to all of us glimpses of the wonderful knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technologies, along with beautiful photos and images.

The Story of Success

Mr. Salim HaddadThe idea of using the internet for publicity, came to me long time ago, Mr. Salim Haddad, the founder of the TM Bulletin, said, as a matter of fact we started the TM Bulletin on hard copies in the year 1991, it was issued on a quarterly basis. The purpose of the TM Bulletin was to give the member of our center a written material that they can read at their home, and that they can give to their friends who did not started meditation, and encourage them to become meditators. The TM Bulletin was always a good mean to promote the TM programs. Another publication we were publishing, it was "Achievements".

Achievement was an annual publication, it was a summary of all our activities done during the year. Those two publications were written, typed, printed and distributed by a small team of governors at our TM center in Beirut.

The first issue of the TM Bulletin was in English, as in Lebanon most of the population understand English, but soon we converted it to the Arabic language under the name of نشـرة التأمل التجاوزي 

In the year 1998, we established our first website for Lebanon, under the name of With the availability of the internet and the website, we started promoting our activities through the internet by sending emails to our members. This type of publicity gave us good results. To organize ourselves, we created our first mailing list, it was less than fifty subscriber, and we were sending them announcements about some activities that will take place at the center. The mailing list was increasing day after day till it reached within a very short period around 300 email addresses. This encouraged us to create a page on our website, we named it with the same old name of our first TM Bulletin, it was the issue number 1. 

After the broadcasting of the first issue, it seems that our members forwarded it to their friends, and it became like a snow ball. We start receiving Hundreds of emails of congratulation for the work done, for the quality and the beauty of the design. Our mailing list increased rapidly, until within few months, it multiplied ten times. Now we have a dedicated website under the name of 

We are proud to say that this TM Bulletin has given a major effect on the level of our international movement, and has created an awakening about the importance of the utilization of the internet to its maximum for spreading the pure knowledge of Maharishi to every computer in every home.

The TM Bulletin has been established with this idea in mind, to take the knowledge of Maharishi to every computer in every home.

All the best wishes to all 
Jai Guru Dev
Salim Haddad






























Maharishi Middle East Peace Project

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi wishes to send 500 pundits (Vedic experts) to Lebanon to practice yogic flying together in a group. In addition, they will be performing Yagyas, Vedic recitations, and other Vedic technologies for creating and stabilizing a permanent state of peace, prosperity and happiness in Lebanon and the Middle East.  Through their daily performances, they will be radiating a powerful influence of coherence and harmony that will neutralize the existing stresses and tensions in the collective consciousness, which are the principal cause of disharmony and conflicts prevailing in the Middle East region.  As a result, peace, prosperity and affluence will be re-established in the area, and Lebanon will become a lighthouse of enlightenment for the whole Middle East. 

The Middle East is Boiling

A destroyed house in the Palestinian-Israili warThe horrors of war and violence witnessed in the Middle East have created fear in the hearts of everyone everywhere. This crisis has presented a relentless and everlasting challenge to the influential people and leaders in the region and the world. In response to the urgent need of our time, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the world over forty years ago and opened the gateway of enlightenment to millions of people, has now given His blessing to launch the “Middle East Peace Project” to forever free our region and the world family from the fear of war and destruction. Transcendental Meditation has been taught for the last 40 years in the world. It is a well-established scientific fact, supported by the experience of millions of people all over the world, that Transcendental Meditation creates peace in the mind of the individual. Furthermore, scientific research has proven that when Transcendental Meditation and its advanced program, Yogic Flying, are practiced in groups, peace and harmony are created throughout society.  

Based on the most advanced knowledge of modern quantum physics, this scientific program utilizes the holistic, evolutionary power of Natural Law at the most fundamental level of nature's functioning -- the Unified Field of Natural Law -- to create coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation, and in the family of nations as a whole. This approach to world peace eliminates the root cause of conflicts and wars -- lack of coherence due to accumulation of stress in collective consciousness -- and thereby establishes a permanent state of peace and harmony for all nations. The knowledge to create perpetual  peace in the Middle East is available today. What is needed is to establish a permanent group of people practicing Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying in the region, and Lebanon was lucky enough to be chosen to host this group.  

Yogic Flying is the advanced practice of Transcendental Meditation, which has been found to optimize brain functioning and create perfect mind-body co-ordination. The bubbling bliss of Yogic flyers radiates a powerful influence of happiness and harmony into the environment, neutralizing stress and negativity, and increasing positivity and peace. This effect, known as the Maharishi Effect, has been confirmed in nearly 50 scientific studies. This group of Yogic Flyers will create an integrated, invincible national consciousness and enliven the support of the invincible power of Natural Law for the whole family of nations. A large group of Yogic Flyers directly accessing the Unified Field of Natural Law, the field of pure consciousness, will create a giant wave of coherence, which will spread through Lebanon, the region and whole world. The result will be a problem-free, conflict-free national life and a perpetually peaceful family of nations.

Therefore, an appeal is being made to the influential people in the Middle East and the World to support this Project to host 500 Yogic Flyers on a permanent basis in Lebanon

For more information and donations contact your TM center 
or send email to:































Maharishi’s Urgent Call for Peace

Heyam Dukham Anagatam – "Avert the danger that has not yet come."

Dear Yogic Flyers from the United States and Canada,

At this critical time when decisions are being made that will forever shape the future of America and the world, Maharishi has an important message for us. Please take it to heart and act on it immediately.

Maharishi asks every Yogic Flyer in North America to come to the Golden Domes immediately, and do three rounds a day to create a massive upsurge of coherence in national consciousness.

The following points are excerpts from the Sunday evening conference call with His Excellency Dr. Bevan Morris, Minister of Enlightenment of the Global Country of World Peace.

Maharishi has emphasized that the U.S. response to last week’s tragic events can either sow the seeds for further violence and result in a global chain of destruction, or it can lay a foundation for peace. It all depends on how much coherence we can create in America's collective consciousness at this very moment.

If President Bush decides to violently retaliate, it could set in train events that will lead to a coalition of many nations united against the U.S and its allies. The form of revenge the extremists amongst them would use—nuclear bombs, biological or chemical weapons—is impossible to know.

Therefore, there is nothing more important for us as individuals and as a nation than to use the only proven technology capable of dispelling these destructive trends—large groups of Yogic Flyers creating coherence for the world, and spreading waves of peace and harmony in world consciousness.

Maharishi is urging all Yogic Flyers in North America to immediately come to fly in the Golden Domes in Fairfield. Come for a few days, a week, two weeks, or anything you can do—but come now.

Maharishi has structured a unique program for everyone in the Golden Domes. He wants the Yogic Flying going on throughout the entire day. So, from early morning until the evening, coherence will be generated in the collective consciousness without a break. In addition to the full rounding program in the Golden Domes, a rich knowledge program will be offered.

There is a completely different feeling in the Domes now with 1200 people flying together already—there are waves and waves of bliss. In the past two days 650 more have applied and are heading to the Domes. We have the chance to have two or three times the National Super Radiance number of 1700 very quickly, and I am sure you will agree we need the absolute largest possible number at this dangerous moment.

The next five days are especially critical. Please come immediately and also inspire as many others as you can to come as soon as possible. Call all your friends and have them call and inspire their friends to join the group of Yogic Flyers in Fairfield.

Maharishi University of Management is preparing a plan to accommodate everyone coming to this historic event. The housing will be available on campus and in many private homes in Fairfield and Vedic City, Iowa. Delicious meals will be available at the University Dining Hall. Your only expense will be the minimum Room and Board charges, just to cover the cost. There are no course fees at this time.

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