Volume 10, Issue No. 10

June 2010

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Principle of Building in Accord with Natural Law

Aligning any Building with
The Evolutionary Power of Natural Law

The principle of building in accord with Natural Law—aligning any building with the evolutionary power of Natural Law—comes from the ancient Vedic Literature. This is the Science and Technology of Consciousness—the supreme structuring dynamics of creation—which maintains every particle of matter, everything in creation, in perfect harmony with everything else, and thereby maintains eternal order in the ever-expanding, ever-evolving universe.

This is because the inner intelligence of everything is Cosmic in such a way that it sustains every individual structure; at the same time, permeating everything in creation, it sustains the holistic value of the universe.

This omnipresent, all-pervading intelligence—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature—renders every single structure in the nature of itself, which is both individual and Cosmic. The reality is: the individual is Cosmic.

Individual intelligence and its connectedness with the Cosmic Intelligence of the galactic universe is the most precious feature of life. This makes it clear that on the level of intelligence, everything is well connected with everything else in the whole universe.

Sthapatya Veda is one of the forty areas of the Vedic Literature. It details the laws of structuring, or laws of building, any structure so that structurally and functionally man's creation is naturally in harmony with Nature's creation—the creation of Natural Law.

This Vedic Science of Structuring, or Vedic Science of Building, which is Nature's own system of structuring, or building, can be seen as the system of harmonizing individual life with Cosmic Life. Every humanly designed, man-made structure should conform to the Natural Laws of structuring if that structure is to be in harmony with the structure of the universe—the expression of Cosmic Intelligence.

Such a structure has that quiet influence of order and harmony in its environment which harmonizes individual life with Cosmic Life.


If there is some knowledge which can be helpful to harmonize human creation (man-made structures) with Nature's creation, it is wise to make use of this knowledge so that individual life may enjoy that supreme level of order and harmony of Natural Law which belongs to the universe, and to the essential nature of every individual.

Now is the time, in this scientific age, to reconstruct the world and free mankind from problems and suffering that have been continuing for a long time. The principles and programmes of Sthapatya Veda will eradicate the basis of the age-old suffering caused by the violation of Natural Law.

Sthapatya Veda will remove the obstacles to perfection in life by providing housing according to Natural Law, and by offering the knowledge and programmes through which every individual can always gain the full support of Natural Law for success and fulfilment in daily life:

  • People need homes built in accord with Natural Law to gain the support of Natural Law and promote harmonious family life;

  • Parents need schools, colleges, and universities built in accord with Natural Law to bring the support of Natural Law to their children;

  • Patients need hospitals built in accord with Natural Law to gain the support of Natural Law for fast and complete recovery;

  • Executives and employees need office buildings and factories built in accord with Natural Law to gain the support of Natural Law for unrestricted, fulfilling success (both for employers and employees);

  • (The effect of routine work is restrictive to the blossoming of creativity. But when life is lived in accord with Natural Law, under the influence of auspicious Vastu, the irresistible power of evolution neutralizes the negative effect of routine work, and individuals enjoy the theme of evolution—increasing health, happiness, and prosperity—all the time.)

  • Mayors need garden cities and communities built in accord with Natural Law (free from crime, congestion, pollution, and stress) to bring the support of Natural Law to the whole population;

  • Administrators need administrative buildings built in accord with Natural Law to bring the support of Natural Law to government—for conflict-free politics;

  • Heads of State, governors, and national leaders need to redesign and rebuild the whole country in accord with Natural Law, to bring the support of Natural Law—health, wealth, and happiness—to the whole nation, generation after generation.


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