Volume 10, Issue No. 3

November 2009

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Global Country of World Peace celebrates
Day of Awakening of All the Laws of Nature


Maharishi and Guru Dev

In a beautiful global web broadcast on 29 October 2009 from MERU, Holland and India, the Global Country of World Peace celebrated the Day of Awakening of All the Laws of Nature. Maharishi Vedic Pandits performed special traditional Vedic recitations in honour of this auspicious day in the Vedic Calendar.

A highlight of the celebration was the video replay of the historic address by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, on this occasion on 20 November 2007, as well as an excerpt from Maharishi's address during the 2006 celebration.

Please see 'Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's address on the Vedic Day of Awakening' for highlights of Maharishi's profound discourse in 2007. Maharishi said,


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'Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. I just want for all the shining leaders of our world Movement, all the Rajas, and all the National Leaders and all the Initiators [Teachers of Transcendental Meditation], I want to present them a secret, and that is to realize and to see how silence functions.

'All that we have been through today and yesterday is not from human endeavour. It is from human surrender from where silence operates. Our Movement, simple, sincere, silent for all these years, and I just want you all to see how silence functions.

'When silence functions, it is beyond any speech. It is beyond any action. It is spontaneous. It is the spontaneous function of silence. Everything comes to our lap. Everything comes to our lap in the waves of thought, in the waves of our understanding, in the waves of realization. This is how silence functions. And this gives us a real, real, real undoubtable proof that the silence, which we are engaging to administer the world affairs, is our right path. It is a pathless path to us.

'Just the thought of ours is good enough to get us what we desire—spontaneously it comes to our lap. This is how we have known today; we have got the proof today that the silence, which we are wanting to administer our scattered world and put it on an integrated state of invincibility, that is going to be truthfully realized by us without much doing because Guru Dev* has given us, again, the effortless technique to let our attention float in the transcendental field where we don't have even to desire.

'So, that is the gift of Guru Dev. He has given to us the awareness of that silence where we don't have even to desire. Spontaneously, all that we can ever desire from that silence will be on our lap, from now, from today, from tomorrow, from this week, from this month, from this year, for all the time of our human race.

'So having shown the insight into the reality of administration through silence, now I want to worship to Guru Dev. That has brought this day as the day of awakening of all levels of creativity at our disposal, which has given us the proof that the infinite creative of silence came at our disposal. Guru Dev has given us the entry into that area, where spontaneously we come in possession of that which can do everything as everything has been achieved. Everything will be achieved, day after day, as a wave, a fresh wave every day of our administration of silence.
'For this, again and again, we offer Puja to Guru Dev. Puja is that instrument with us. We perform the Puja, and all silence at our disposal. This will be the fruit of our Puja. It happened to be a day well marked in the Indian Calendar—the day of awakening of all the gods [Pravodhani Ekadashi], the day of awakening of all the silent level of administration of the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God, the Veda.

'With this understanding, that we are so blessed, with this great fulfilment, we are offering ourself to Guru Dev, our Puja to Guru Dev.'

(Maharishi performs Puja.)

'Having awakened the eternal silence and the ruler of the silence, Brahm, and his retinue, all the Devatas, having awakened them through this Puja, now we want to take Raja Raam-ji to see his universe, to see his domain, to see his world, with all the Rajas, representing the Devatas. This beautiful going around, all the Rajas taking Raja-ji around the trip, now this amounts to taking Raam Raja-ji to see his world, and see, this is the world that is being served, silently, through silent administration. This is the world that will be ruled by the forthcoming Rajas representing all the Devatas that have been awakened today.

'Prime Minister, take Raja-ji and all the Ministers take Raja-ji around the universe, as the universe has to be small, because the whole universe is starting to be served by the silent presence of Raja-ji. Let him witness, let him witness, his status lively now. Take him around the procession. And after the procession, just rest to resume the European Parliament from tomorrow.

'Jai Guru Dev.'

Buffering against stress
by enlivening the prefrontal cortex
'CEO of the brain'
through Transcendental Meditation

Dr. Fred Travis(8 November 2009) The 23 October business webinar—'How to Optimize Your Brain to Realize Your Full Leadership Potential'—at the Global Financial Capital of New York included a presentation by Dr Fred Travis, Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management.

Dr Travis is a world-renowned researcher in the field of brain development and the effects of Transcendental Meditation on brain functioning. During the webinar, which was hosted by the Center for Leadership Performance, he discussed research findings relating to key aspects of success in business management.

Dr Travis explained the activity of different parts of the brain, distinguishing between brain activity under challenges and under stress. He also presented a live demonstration showing how EEG brain wave activity is influenced by the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme.

He explained that the elements that make a leader great reside in the 'CEO of the brain', the prefrontal cortex.

Distinguishing between challenge and stress, Dr Travis also explained that under stress, the frontal areas become unavailable. Under challenge, the primitive part of the brain, the brain stem, activates the whole brain, and one experiences more clearly and thinks more quickly.

In the experience of stress the brain 'downshifts', Dr Travis said, and the higher cortical centres 'turn off the brain, leading to tunnel vision. The key is to prevent challenge from becoming stress,' Dr Travis said. 'This is one brain angle for understanding what happens during Transcendental Meditation, during which the frontal circuits become strengthened, so that you have a buffer against ongoing stress.'

Creating balance with VedAroma essential oils

VedAroma Essential Oils

(13 November 2009) A business venture that started several years ago in Algeria, under the inspiration of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has now blossomed into an award-winning enterprise: VedAroma essential oils company won the distinction, 'Primo Exporter of the Year—2008'.

Directed by the National Leader of the Global Country of World Peace in Algeria, Dr Atmane Kouider, the company manufactures and distributes pure organic essential oils—VedAroma essential oils.

Dr Kouider and his colleagues began by distilling several herbs and developing some aromatherapy products that could be distributed in the local market. With the help of expert advice from various sources, the project gained momentum. The result is a line of successful aroma products manufactured in their own state-of-the art distillation laboratory in Algeria.

Because essential oils are natural, organic substances, Dr Kouider explained, they are balancing and normalizing in their effect, unlike synthetic chemical substances. The effectiveness of essential oils used for therepeutic purposes depends on the purity of the oils. VedAroma offers an outstanding selection of certified organic oils, exceptional in their purity and high quality.

Dr Kouider and his team are now importing herbs of the highest quality from all over the world, as well as distilling some locally grown herbs to process at this manufacturing centre. VedAroma essential oils are distributed in the USA and Europe through Maharishi Ayur-Veda Products.

The proceeds from this enterprise help support the peace-creating groups of Maharishi Vedic Pandits in India, and also to help create national invincibility for Algeria. The projects in Algeria will involve support for groups of Yogic Flyers in two areas of life—education and agriculture.

Worldwide news media report:
Transcendental Meditation helped
heart disease patients reduce
risk of heart attack, stroke,
and death by nearly 50%

(30 November 2009) Reports about the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation Programme for people with heart disease have been featured by major US and world media such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, BBC News, and Daily India. Patients with coronary heart disease who practised the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation Technique had nearly 50 per cent lower rates of heart attack, stroke, and death compared to nonmeditating controls, according to the results of a first-ever study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 16 November 2009.

Global Good News has featured a News Release from the Medical College of Wisconsin, USA (see below) as well as reports on several news articles, including two from The New York Times.

Following is a selection of US and worldwide news media that have reported on the study:

The New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Wisconsin Public Radio - Superior Telegram
Cape Cod Times
Monterey County - The Herald
Medical Breakthroughs - Reported by Ivanhoe Newswire
Science Daily

Great Britain
BBC News
Daily Mail


MedIndia News

Thaindian News

Correio Braziliense

South Africa
Independent Online

Reprinted below is the Medical College of Wisconsin News Release published in Global Good News 18 November:

News Release:

Results of first-ever study to be presented at annual meeting of the American Heart Association in Orlando, November 16

Patients with coronary heart disease who practiced the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation® technique had nearly 50 percent lower rates of heart attack, stroke, and death compared to nonmeditating controls, according to the results of a first-ever study presented during the annual meeting of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Fla., on Nov. 16, 2009.

The trial was sponsored by a $3.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health—National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and was conducted at The Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in collaboration with the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

The nine-year, randomized control trial followed 201 African American men and women, average age 59 years, with narrowing of arteries in their hearts who were randomly assigned to either practice the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation technique or to participate in a control group which received health education classes in traditional risk factors, including dietary modification and exercise.

All participants continued standard medications and other usual medical care.

The study found:
- A 47 percent reduction in the combination of death, heart attacks, and strokes in the participants
- Clinically significant (5 mm Hg average) reduction in blood pressure associated with decrease in clinical events
- Significant reductions in psychological stress in the high-stress subgroup

According to Robert Schneider, M.D., FACC, lead author and director of the Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention, 'Previous research on Transcendental Meditation has shown reductions in blood pressure, psychological stress, and other risk factors for heart disease, irrespective of ethnicity. But this is the first controlled clinical trial to show that long-term practice of this particular stress reduction program reduces the incidence of clinical cardiovascular events, that is heart attacks, strokes and mortality.'

'This study is an example of the contribution of a lifestyle intervention—stress management—to the prevention of cardiovascular disease in high-risk patients,' said Theodore Kotchen, M.D., co-author of the study, professor of medicine, and associate dean for clinical research at the Medical College. Other investigators at the Milwaukee site included Drs. Jane Kotchen and Clarence Grim.

Dr. Schneider said that the effect of Transcendental Meditation in the trial was like adding a class of newly discovered medications for the prevention of heart disease. 'In this case, the new medications are derived from the body's own internal pharmacy stimulated by the Transcendental Meditation practice,' he said.

Fast Facts on Coronary Heart Disease
- Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death in the United States
- There are nearly 1.5 million heart attacks per year in the US, according to the American Heart Association
- An American will suffer a heart attack every 34 seconds
- Coronary heart disease is also the leading cause of health care costs. More than $475 billion is spent annually on treating CHD, including:
— $100,000 for each coronary bypass surgery
— $50,000 for each angioplasty
— $30,000 for each diagnostic cardiac catheterization
- There are nearly 500,000 coronary artery bypass grafts and 1.3 million angioplasties performed every year
- Stress is thought to contribute to the development of CHD

Medical College of Wisconsin
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