Volume 10, Issue No. 2

October 2009

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Address of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam
to the global celebration of the Festival of Lights

Mahalakshmi - Dipavali Day

(19 October 2009) Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, addressed the global celebration on 17 October 2009 of the Festival of Lights, the auspicious day of Dipavali in the Vedic Calendar celebrating Mahalakshmi, the administering intelligence of Natural Law for bestowing wealth, prosperity, and bliss on every individual and nation.

Speaking during the live global web broadcast from MERU, Holland, Maharaja explained that the treasure of Mahalakshmi is unbounded in promoting health, happiness, and peace for everyone. This is the blessing that Guru Dev,** the Vedic Tradition of knowledge, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are bringing to the world, he said.

Following the video of Maharishi's historic address during the Festival of Lights celebration in 2007, and the special live Vedic Recitations by Maharishi Vedic Pandits at the Brahma-Sthan [auspicious central point] of India and in MERU, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam began by quoting the Vedic expression Purnam adah purnam idam—'That [unmanifest] is full, and this [manifest] is full.'

'That is the gift of Mahalakshmi,' Maharaja said, 'and I wish to join everyone celebrating today in the whole world'—and even those who don't know of it, he said, but who enjoy the blessings of the celebration—'in seeing the path, the fulfilment of Mahalakshmi, the Supreme Mother; and to bring the level of reassurance, and security, and feeling at peace that . . . there is not only something for everyone—in a reassuring way, that the treasure of Mahalakshmi in health and happiness and peace is unbounded. But also to bring it to the level of total fulfilment, where everything can be owned by everyone.'


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Maharaja said that this is the blessing of Guru Dev, the eternal Vedic Tradition of knowledge, and Maharishi, bringing it to the world in this generation. He gave the examples that a child might want a toy; or an individual growing up at school; or in one's life one would have a desire for something—as an adult, a family, a nation. 'Different levels of desire happen in life, and the fulfilment of these desires is brought about by Mahalakshmi,' Maharaja said.

'Mahalakshmi brings the fulfilment of every desire, ultimately leading to the fulfilment of all desires, which is the field of Wholeness, of Totality, where one knows that not only can one own everything, but one knows that one is everything. That is the state of total enlightenment.'

In that state, true fullness, true Wholeness, Totality, is achieved, he said. 'That is the blessing of the Vedic Tradition, the blessing of Maharishi—that the enlivenment of the value of Mahalakshmi is brought to its total level of reality and fulfilment. That is what we have been set to do, to accomplish, and to bring to light for all humanity.'

Referring to the replay of Maharishi's address to the Dipavali celebration on 9 November 2007, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam said, 'Maharishi has blessed us in his expressions that we heard today, in laying out clearly the structure of his world administration [the Global Country of World Peace] and its ability to reach fulfilment.

'With all great honour and adoration to everyone participating in this structure, we would like to highlight today the importance of the ''key'', because there is a big treasure. People can sit on a huge treasure; the money can be unbounded in the bank, but if one doesn't know how to get it, or to open the treasure, or know of its existence and how to get to the bank and get the money, then that treasure will remain not fully available to the individual.

'Whereas we have that treasure, and we have the keys to that treasure, ultimately in our enlightenment; and the re-acceptance and understanding intellectually; and the direct experience of our own reality as being infinite, unbounded Totality, Wholeness, where we are the treasure', Maharaja said. He continued to explain that, 'on the path to becoming ourselves, [realizing] the treasure within ourselves, the path to achieving all these steps of evolution that are part of life, part of living, and which express themselves in desires that need to be fulfilled—hopes, expectations, desires to achieve, here and there small things, here and there big things—whatever they are, they are all steps towards reaching the ultimate goal.

'The generosity and the kindness, the compassion of Natural Law is that it also gives, on the path, the mechanism of achieving even the small goals, so that the small steps of whatever comes to us from Karma* [action and reaction], from whatever remains in our Samskaras [past impressions]—whatever comes to us, whatever we have inherited, at whatever position we are in life—we are desiring; and that desire gets fulfilled; and the fulfilment brings new desires; until in the enlightenment state we realize we are Wholeness and Totality.'

Vedic Pandits hold the key
to lighting the light of life for everyone

Maharishi Vedic Pandits

(20 October 2009) Continuing his address to the auspicious global celebration of Dipavali on 17 October, Maharaja Adhiraja Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, honoured the Maharishi Vedic Pandits of India, who have the key to removing all obstacles and lighting the light of life for everyone. He also explained an aspect of his discovery of Veda in Human Physiology—awakening the total value of Mahalakshmi, the total nourishing power of Natural Law structured in the heart.

Referring to the theme he began earlier in his address, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam explained that even the path to enlightenment itself, in which all desires are fulfilled, is made fulfilling. 'The steps themselves have mechanisms to allow them to be enjoyable, whole, and full,' he said, 'and these steps have their own mechanisms to be achieved—of course from the level of the Transcendent. But we have a key, a very special key that removes the obstacles, that opens the awareness, and that truly lights the light of Dipavali, the light of life—so that the darkness disappears, and every step is walked in knowledge and understanding, in light, in Wholeness; so that the steps are always towards the goal, and never are lost.

'This very special key that removes all obstacles, lights the light to progress, and allows the individual to ultimately reach the goal is in the hands of the Vedic Pandits, as Maharishi beautifully said today, and we honour that tradition.

'We pay our total respect and adoration to the performances of the Vedic Pandits that bless us in Yagyas, in performances that allow Natural Law, or act with Natural Law to create balance and wholeness, and bring fullness to life.'

Maharaja went on to explain one aspect of his discovery, under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, of Veda and Vedic Literature in Human Physiology. A beautiful and fulfilling aspect of our human life, Maharaja said, is exemplified in the physiology by the heart: 'the heart that at every beat—and it keeps beating all life long—spreads to the whole physiology all nourishment, and all that is needed for the achievement of every step, every goal, every desire.'

He said that whereas the nervous system digests information and allows this information to be expressed into thoughts, speech, action, achievement, and fulfilment, 'it cannot do anything without being sustained and upheld, nourished and maintained every single moment by the functioning of the heart, which generously and uninterruptedly continues to send nutrients, oxygen, information, and all that is needed, as it allows the circulation of different chemicals, hormones, and messengers.'

That general structure is compared to the structure of Mahalakshmi, Maharaja said, and 'here again is a new awakening of the value of the whole of Mahalakshmi, the Totality, in the finest level of the heart.

'The heart has been expressed as space, which actually has a physical structure, but has much more than that in its function, in its structure, in its fine organization. It has an aspect of feeling and sensing, detecting, being delicately alert to every aspect of one's needs and desires; and it adjusts itself to fulfil those needs and desires.

'Therefore, with the fullness of Mahalakshmi on the experiential and intellectual level, to the finest levels of Mahalakshmi on the feeling level, and all the light that Mahalakshmi gives in terms of nourishment, awakening, and information—we have today truly a supreme day, a supreme performance that will definitely spread to the whole world to remove all suffering, all lack, and bring prosperity, happiness, and fulfilment to all life.

'We have that knowledge and technology from the Vedic Tradition. We have the structure [the Global Country of World Peace]; we have the blessings of the Vedic Pandits. All is available, and life is definitely going to be healthy, happy, and prosperous, with peace and fullness experienced in every individual life and in all societies.

'Happy Dipavali to everyone. Jai Guru Dev.'



Role of the Festival of Lights,
to bless every home with abundance;
President Chissano's visit to
Maharishi Vedic City

Dr. Bevan Morris(20 October 2009) During the global celebration on 17 October 2009 of the auspicious day of Dipavali, the Festival of Lights, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, opened the live webcast with reflections on the significance of celebrating Mahalakshmi, the administering intelligence of Natural Law, to bestow wealth, prosperity, and bliss on every individual and nation. Dr Morris also commented on two special circumstances surrounding this year's celebration.

Please also see 'Global Country of World Peace celebrates affluence and prosperity for every individual and nation' for a summary of the 17 October 2009 broadcast.

Connected to the celebration via teleconference from Maharishi Vedic City, USA, Dr Morris began by reflecting on the great value which Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, always placed on the day of Dipavali.

'Our beloved Maharishi gave to us all the Vedic calendar to accelerate the evolution of individual and collective life, and this has been an incredible blessing to us all. Maharishi's blessed Vedic Pandits enliven throughout the year the great principles of the administration of the life of the universe from the level of Purushottama*; and today in that sequence, the Festival of Light, which brilliantly enlightens the whole year. Every year Maharishi would celebrate Mahalakshmi on this day—Mahalakshmi, which is to say the supreme principle of abundance in creation—which, under Maharishi's inspiration, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam found seated in the heart of every human being, for every household on earth to be filled with abundance—physical, mental and spiritual wealth.'

Continuing, Dr Morris noted the significance of a special visit by President Joaquim Alberto Chissano, former president of Mozambique, to Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, and Maharishi Vedic City, during the time of these auspicious celebrations. 'It is very fulfilling to us here in Maharishi Vedic City,' he said, 'with all the Rajas who are residing in this great city, that on this auspicious day, President Chissano has come and is celebrating the Festival of Light with us all.' Dr Morris described how President Chissano was warmly greeted in the traditional Vedic fashion by the 1,000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits residing in Maharishi Vedic City, and participated in the Pandits' traditional Vedic Recitations for the Mahalakshmi celebration.

'President Chissano is most certainly the most enlightened president in the modern history of world,' Dr Morris said, 'who with open heart took the blessings of Maharishi's teaching and applied it to his nation, through 13,000 soldiers learning the Transcendental Meditation Programme and 3,000 becoming practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme. This resulted in the end of a 17-year civil war, the end of drought, and growth of prosperity for the nation.** And that peace, balance of nature, and growing wealth has been continuing for 17 years since he introduced Maharishi's programmes into his own life, to his family, his cabinet, and to his whole military and to the nation. We all consider it highly auspicious that he is here at this moment, and that he was garlanded and greeted by Maharishi's Vedic Pandits today.'



Celebration of Dipavali by US President
signals rise in collective consciousness

Celebration of Dipavali by US president(21 October 2009) During the global celebration of the Festival of Lights on 17 October 2009, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, commented on the celebration of Dipavali in the White House by US President Barack Obama, who explained in detail the significance of the day in terms of the triumph of good over evil, freedom in life, and enlightenment.

The Festival of Lights, Dipavali, is the auspicious day in the Vedic Calendar celebrating Mahalakshmi, the administering intelligence of Natural Law to bestow wealth, prosperity, and bliss on every individual and nation in the world.

Dr Morris continued by commenting on the unprecedented observance of Dipavali by President Barack Obama. He said, 'We're . . . feeling very uplifted today that the President of the US, Barack Obama, has become the first US President to celebrate Dipavali, by lighting the light in the White House while the Vedic Pandits chanted Mantras. And he recorded a message for America and the world, celebrating Dipavali, explaining in quite great detail the significance of this day in terms of the triumph of good over evil, in terms of freedom in life, and in terms of enlightenment.

'It is quite moving to hear the President of the US speaking of enlightenment, and we can feel in this, that the world is becoming a truly Vedic world, a Vedic civilization, and with the Vedic calendar and Vedic Pandits celebrating with us, that the descent of Heaven on Earth is coming faster and faster. We are so happy that this has happened; and now we can also reflect that the YouTube video of President Obama's message was the second most viewed in India over the last two days.'

Concluding his opening remarks, Dr Morris introduced the next speaker in the live celebration webcast, Raja Harris Kaplan, Raja of Invincible India for the Global Country of World Peace. Dr Morris praised Raja Harris for his role in supporting the groups of Maharishi Vedic Pandits both in the United States and in the Brahma-Sthan (geographic centre) of India.

'It is now my great joy and fulfilment,' Dr Morris said, 'to ask the Raja of India to formally introduce from the Brahma-Sthan of India . . . from the Global Capital of Raam Raj, this day—this great Festival of Light, when Mahalakshmi is celebrated for every household on earth. We feel fulfilled that the Raja of India is there in India with the Maharishi Vedic Pandits, for this celebration' and also the two global celebrations on the previous two days, Dr Morris said. He expressed the appreciation and gratitude of everyone to Raja Harris and to Dr Girish Varma, Director-General of the Global Capital of Raam Raj,* 'and all other leaders of India, for organizing this great day for us'.

Maharishi Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge
'Particle accelerators of consciousness'


Maharishi Golden Domes at MUM

(28 October 2009) On Victory Day, 28 September, Maharishi University of Management (M.U.M.) in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, held its annual Founder's Day celebration, in honour of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who founded the university in 1971. Dr Bevan Morris, President of M.U.M. and Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, described an early visit to the campus by Maharishi in 1979, during construction of the Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge.

The two Golden Domes at M.U.M. were the first buildings in the world constructed specifically for large group practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme, including Yogic Flying, to create coherence in national and world consciousness.

In these Domes, large groups of Yogic Flyers have been practising the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme together twice daily for many years. These groups became part of the ongoing Invincible America Assembly, established in 2006 by Maharishi to ensure a permanent influence of harmony and peace in collective consciousness, sufficient to create invincibility for the nation and world peace.

At the Founder's Day celebration, which was replayed on the Maharishi Channel on 21 October, Dr Morris said that when he was appointed Chairman of the M.U.M. Board of Trustees in 1979, Maharishi's first request to them was to build two Golden Domes, which would be 'great particle accelerators of consciousness', in which 1,500 people—the number required at that time for national invincibility—would practise Yogic Flying together in an ideal environment.

Telling many anecdotes about unique circumstances that supported the construction of the first Dome, Dr Morris told of the rise in temperature in the usually extremely cold Midwestern US winter. The outside temperature rose by a remarkable 50 degrees for twenty-four hours, exactly the time needed to pour all the concrete for the floor.

Dr Morris related that during an unexpected two-day visit to the university in December that year, Maharishi met with many different groups, including university faculty and students, and all the entrepreneurs who were creating the first businesses that would support the coherence-creating programme at the university and in the greater Fairfield community.

Finally, before Maharishi left, he wanted to see the progress on the construction of the Domes, which, Dr Morris said, 'were Maharishi's own inspiration for the university, and which completely changed its nature and its role in the world'.

In the coming days, Global Good News will present Maharishi's address to everyone gathered in the framework of the Dome in December 1979.

Dr Morris's address on Founder's Day was replayed on the 21 October Maharishi Global Family Chat, which is broadcast daily via Internet webcast on the Maharishi Channel, Channel 3. Podcasts of the daily Global Family Chat (audio track) are also available for automatic download, via an RSS feed.

Historic role of the Golden Domes
at Maharishi University of Management:
Creating coherence in world consciousness

Yogic Flying for World Peace

(29 October 2009) During the Founder's Day celebration at Maharishi University of Management (M.U.M.) on 28 September, Dr Bevan Morris, President of M.U.M., told the story of the historic visit of university Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to the campus in Fairfield, Iowa, USA in December 1979. (The university was then known as Maharishi International University - MIU.)

At the end of his two-day visit, Maharishi addressed a gathering in the framework of the first Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge, then under construction. In his address, which was replayed at the recent Founder's Day celebration, Maharishi spoke about purifying world consciousness from the Golden Domes in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. He expressed his deep appreciation for all those who had been working so dedicatedly to build the Domes for group practice of the Transcendental Meditation programme, and especially Yogic Flying:

'Now you have this beautiful place to fly high,' he said, 'and take the influence of coherence very high in the atmosphere, so that this center of Pure Knowledge, in this most creative country in the world, radiates coherence and harmony to purify the whole world consciousness.'

Maharishi said that the progress this university has made in evolving the package of pure knowledge year after year is very fortunate, and 'now its physical expression of success is to fly high in this Golden Dome.

'I deeply appreciate the structure of this beautiful Dome raised by the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment [Teachers of Transcendental Meditation] with great love and dedication. The fruits of this tree planting—all their hard and devoted labour will bear great, great fruits for the whole of mankind to purify world consciousness. . . .

'And we will hear [of] the purifying influence,' Maharishi said. 'All the world over, we'll hear of this city of Fairfield. I congratulate the citizens of Fairfield, that they have successfully cooperated in this beautiful platform of worldwide coherence to come up in these cornfields of Fairfield.

'And we must feel obligated to whosoever is controlling the weather!' he said. 'This is what the collective desire of the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment creates—support from Nature—a very beautiful demonstration of the spontaneous support from Nature for what the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment desire to do.'**

'This is the first Dome that will create a very powerful influence of coherence in world consciousness,' Maharishi concluded. 'We will continue to purify world consciousness day after day, and week after week, and month after month, and year after year, generation after generation.*** It's going to prove a blessing for the whole mankind. This will be the pride of Fairfield.'

Lebanon: Renowned Gandharva Veda musician
to give concert in Beirut


(9 October 2009) The Global Mother Divine Organization in Lebanon expresses their great joy in welcoming Mrs Anita Roy, an expert in Maharishi Gandharva Veda Music, who will be conducting activities in Lebanon, including a concert.

The Organization also extends a cordial invitation to enjoy the following activities:

- A Vedic Recitation course for ladies, given 10 and 11 October 2009. The day-long course begins at 10:00a.m., continuing until 9:00p.m., with two breaks.

- A Vedic Recitation course for men, 17 and 18 October. The course follows a structure similar to the ladies' course.

- A Gandharva Veda Concert, 14 October at Monot Theater in Beirut. Tickets are available at Transcendental Meditation Centres.

For more information and reservations, please contact your local Transcendental Meditation Centre, or send an email to Maharishi Health Education Center in Beirut.

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