Volume 1, Issue No. 11

July 2001

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Guru Purnima 2001

Our Guiding Light

Our Guiding Light is the ever shining, never-setting Sun of the Divine Grace. Ever the same, constant as the northern star and bright as the mid-day sun, our Guiding Light is the Divine Grace of Shri Guru Deva, Maha Yogiraj, His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Ma­haraj, the most illustrious in the galaxy of the Jagad-Guru Shankaracharyas of India.

He was Maha Yogiraj (greatest of Yoga Teach­ers) in the family of the Yogis of India and was held by the “Gnanies” (Realized) as personified Brahmanandam (Universal Bliss or Cosmic Con­sciousness), the living expression of “Purnam adah, purnam idam” (That Unmanifested (Brahman) is perfect and This Manifested (Brahman) is (also) perfect.). The divine radiance blooming forth from His shining personality re­vealed the truth of “Purnam idam” and His Sahaja-Samadhi (all time natural state of cosmic consciousness) brought home the truth of both —“Purnam adah” and “Purnam idam.” It was the perfection of this great Spiritual Master, which innovated a spiritual renaissance in Northern India and wherever he traveled.

This Great Pride of India was “Rajaram” in his early days when he was the love of his great family and was cherished as the “rising sun” in the community of Mishra Brahmans of village Gana, near Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, North India. He was born on the 20th December 1868, but his hour of nativity claimed him for the re­cluse order and not for that of the secular.

At the tender age of nine, when the other children of the world were mostly busy in play­grounds, he had matured in the idea of renuncia­tion and by continuous and deep thinking was convinced of the futility and evanescence of worldly pleasures. He realized so early that real and lasting happiness cannot be had without the realization of the Divine. The joys and pleasures that are obtained from the phenomenal world are mere shadows and smudged images of the ideal happiness and bliss, that is not far from man but exists in his own heart, enveloped by the dark clouds of ignorance and illusion. When he was barely nine years old he left home and went to the Himalayas in search of God, the Light that dispels the great darkness in the hu­man mind, the darkness that stands between man and the inner Enlightenment.

On the path of the Divine a proper guide is necessary. During the search for a perfect spiri­tual guide, he came across many masters and good beginners but none of them came up to the ideal that he had set for himself. He desired his spiritual master to be not only well versed in philosophic learning but also to be a person of realization; and over and above these dual achievements, he should be a life celibate, per­haps the natural and legitimate desire of an aspirant who himself had decided to maintain that high ideal for life.

In the world as it is constituted today, to find a personality combining these three conditions and attributes is difficult, if not altogether im­possible, and so the young truth-seeker had to wander far and long before he arrived at the goal of his search. After about five years of wandering on the Himalayas, he reached the township of Uttar-Kashi. In that “Valley of the Saints,” at that small and distant Himalayan hermitage there resided in those days a great spiritual master, Swami Krishanand Saraswati, a sage deeply versed in philosophical lore, repre­senting a rare and perfect blend of theory and practice, of learning and realization. 

To that realized soul, the young ascetic surrendered himself for being initiated into the mysterious realms of the spirit, whose real key practices are attainable not from books and trea­tises, but only from perfect spiritual masters, who silently pass these top secret practices from heart to heart.

After some time, with the permission and order of his master he entered a cave at Uttar­Kashi with a resolve not to come out before he had realized the Light Supreme. His desire to attain the Highest knowledge was not merely an ideal wish or intention; it was a mighty, overpowering determination that burned like fire in his heart. It permeated every particle of his being and bade him not to rest or stop before the complete realization of the Bliss Eternal. 

Soon he arrived at the Heatless Smokeless Effulgence of the Self and realized the Divine Truth, the Cosmic Consciousness, the Ultimate Supreme Reality, Sat Chit Anandam, the Nirvana.

The greatest attainment of a saint is his life itself, the high edifice of a realized Upanishadic Living that develops under the stress of direct experience of the Reality. To understand that inner personality one must approach such real­ized souls with an open and receptive mind and try to visualize the great internal life that is the basis of their actual and real form of living.

At the age of 34 he was initiated into the order of “Sanyas” by his Master at the greatest world fair, “Kumbha Mela,” that is held once in twelve years at the junction of the two holy rivers, Ganges and Jumna at Allahabad City. Then he again proceeded to blessed solitude, the only blessedness. This time he did not go to the Himalayas, but went to the Amarkantakas, the source of the holy river Narbada in Central India.

For the greater part of his life he lived in quiet, lonely places, the habitats of lions and leopards, in hidden caves and thick forests, where even the mid-day sun frets and fumes in vain to dispel the darkness that may be said to have made a permanent abode in those solitary and distant regions of Vindhyagiris and Amar­kantakas (mountain ranges).

He was out of sight of man but was well marked in the eyes of the destiny of the country. For more than one and a half centuries the light of Jyotir Math (The principal monastery of Shankaracharya ) was extinct, and North India had no Shankaracharya to guide the spiritual destiny of the people. Here was a bright light of spiritual glory well adorned by the perfect disci­pline of Sanatana Dharma, but it was hidden in the caves and valleys, in the thick forests and mountains of central India, as though the blessed solitude was giving a proper shape and polish to a personality which was to enlighten the dark­ness that had overtaken the spiritual destiny of the country, by the Flash of His mere presence. 

It took a long time, twenty years, to persuade Him to come out of loneliness and accept the holy throne of Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math in Badariashramam, Himalayas. At the age of 72, in the year 1941, a well marked time in the political and religious history of India, He was installed as Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, and that was a turning point in the destiny of the nation. The political freedom of the country dawned under His Divine Grace and He was worshipped by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the Indian Union. At the conference of the eminent philosophers of the world during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Institute of Indian Philosophers held at Calcutta in De­cember 1950, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the famous philosopher and the successor of Dr. Prasad as president of the Indian Union, addressed Shri Guru Deva as “Vedanta Incarnate” (Truth Embodiment).

Taken from Maharishi's book LOVE and GOD

اقرأ المحبة والله باللغة العربية











Excerpts From Maharishi's Talk
in Guru Purnima Celebration

It is really a very fortunate time for us all on earth today, Guru Purnima day, the day of Purnima of Guru Dev, fullness of the grace of Guru Dev, fullness of the light of Guru Dev, fullness of the blessings of Guru Dev. We are celebrating Guru Purnima offering to Guru Dev. We are dedicated to Guru Dev today the fruit of his blessings the Global Country of World Peace which is the English translation of global country of Ram Raj, Vishwashanti Rastra. In the fullness a very great blessings of Guru Dev we have celebrated Puja to Guru Dev, whose blessings have showered total knowledge on earth, has been showering total knowledge on earth year after year, year after year, for about half century now. And today we have the delightful burden of administrating the most ideal system of administration on earth. On the global level, Global Country of World Peace. This fortunate, this most fortunate blissful global burden on earth to enjoy the infinite grace of Guru Dev. To open the gate of all future a new gate, to open a new gate of all fortune, all peace, all affluence, all bliss to all mankind for all the future of the world. Very fortunate time for us to express our infinite gratitude to Guru Dev, the great eternal tradition of Vedic masters who have held complete knowledge of life and who have been revive it from time to time as the knowledge become shadowed by ignorance and mankind begins to suffer. That the blossoming of this new knowledge is available to all mankind from the holy tradition. Wherever from human consciousness from human awareness the total light of God, the total light of natural law. Because shadowed by the crowds of ignorance.
This promise have been with us and now in the light of Guru Dev’s blessings a very systematic unfoldment of total field of knowledge came and waves of knowledge around the world month after month, year after year. For all these long years and now today we have a direct responsibility the most delightful responsibility with the blessings of Guru Dev to continuously spread the light of knowledge, to all mankind in a way that suffering belongs to no one, problem belongs to no one. That preventive quality of administration have been our joy in the light of total knowledge of Guru Dev. It have been our joy to establish that ideal system of administration which will prevent problems. This is our most delightful responsibility today when w have offered to Guru Dev all that have been achieved by us in the world.  






























































Main Points of the Maharishiji's Talk

on the Guru Purnima Day


The Global Country of World Peace is a delightful burden. We open a new gate of all fortune, all peace for all mankind. We have offered to Guru Dev today all that we have achieved in the world.


Total knowledge came from Guru Dev like a seed. It has sprouted. It has been our fortunate fortune that we have guarded the tender growth of the seed. And now we have the sprout growing into branches and leaves. Fruit is still to come. We now have a sort of fully grown tree. I say "a sort of" because the majority of population still has to be reached, but today we have in our hands that total knowledge.

It is not that we have created this. The time has brought it. The time shadowed it with the clouds, the time has removed the clouds. Now we see the clouds withering away.


The teachers of TM are the gardeners who watered the trees all over the world. People who saw us watering the root asked: "Why are you watering the root? It's the tree you want." They have been laughing on us and we have been laughing at them. These are the waves of laughter through which our movement has grown.


First there was some "twinkle, twinkle, little star" of knowledge, the darkness began to give points of light. Now today the time has come to tend to the collective consciousness of the whole world. Today we are faced with this mass of half-enlightened people.


Raj means administration, Ram means total knowledge, pure knowledge. Ram is the expression of Brahm, the totality. Ram Raj means preventive administration, not failure like today's governments. Listen to me a thousand times: Administration should be able to prevent problems! If the people are not able to achieve what they wish to achieve, it is the fault of the government's wrong education. I am not for putting people into jail, I am for preventing them from doing wrong.


The sanctions of America and Germany are a shame. I tell the leaders: Be wiser or abdicate!


Where are the Yoga Sutras taught to the youngsters? Nowhere in the world, nowhere at the great universities.


Before Hitler we heard of Alexander the Great. Now Great Britain tries to be the Alexander the Great, they are all going to drown in the Channel.


Time demands change. His Majesty Nader Ram has said he wants change through education.


The  philosophers  say: "As you sow so shall you reap". I am fully  aware  of  that,  I  know  that  I  have  to bear the consequences  of  what I do. But this does not mean that you are  a  slave  of  what  you  do,  you  are a master of your destiny.  You  are  the first responsible person for doing a thing. Don't leave responsibility to anyone else.


People are so convinced: We are Christians, we are Christians, we are Muslims, we are Muslims, we are Buddhists, we are Buddhists. It is true, you are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists . But see your situation, religion is corrupt. Your Gods are not able to save you. Do not misunderstand me, I am a believer in God, but God is a thing to be lived.


That man-made constitution, that system of self rule called democracy, damn the democracy. They say the Minister is in the cabinet, he has no time to meditate. What does he do in the cabinet? He does opposition.


How can the police, the military or anything prevent people from doing mistakes?


There are 2 aspects in the world today: a big filth and a wave of purification. Just a phase the world is going through.


Every man, whether he believes in God or not, knows that the universe is governed by laws that do not create problems. Listen to these words, you may never have the chance to listen to them again: Problems are only solved in the name of Vedic education. Nader Ram has given out big volumes and it is not philosophical gossip.


I am very happy to announce just now that there are many countries in the world who are interested in taking knowledge from Nader Ram. Now I tell you how the coup happens: Nature cannot take any more of this inadequate administration. A wave of good sense is sweeping the globe, those who are fortunate come to us and we are greeting them with great respect and cordiality. We have very great plans of improving the economy of poor countries through Vedic education. Vedic means pertaining to Natural Law. The Vedic Literature has been widely disrupted. (Comparison of knowledge and electricity:) Electricity came, those who did not take it at first, had to take it in the end.


If your religion tells you to be a devil, then I would advise you to be a devil, but enjoy life, enjoy life.


Listen to what I say: there will be no end of problems until man is able to engage total Natural Law for what he wants to do.


Life is yours, continue to fight, continue to kill, continue to bomb each other, but remember: in these 5, 10 years you may be a Prime Minister or a government, but what will come after that? Look to the President of America, what has happened to him.


The Global Country of World Peace is rising. Those politicians who want to enjoy life, take this knowledge and enjoy life on your own. Don't go by the glamour of fame, all the articles in the papers and all that, they are not your friend. We have dealt with individuals, now we have to step up to handle nations. Thousands  of  letters  have  reached  me asking how is your Global  Country recognized by other countries etc. I want to tell  them:  we  do  not  want recognition! Nader Ram is not seeking  recognition. Listen: we are not seeking recognition of  any government. We are opening our doors, any government is welcome.


Those days are over for me when I was going from door to door telling "try out". I am saying it today after Puja to Guru Dev: no more, no more, no more. I stand today with the knowledge inviting governments. I am ready to give them aid, the knowledge being promoted by Nader Ram-ji. I open the gate to any government. But don't come to support the Global Country of World Peace, Nader Ram does not need any support from anyone. It is not recognition we are seeking! Don't remain in false notions of your great powers. Don't forget that we are a country that cannot be supported by anyone. How can the blind support those who see?


Our education wants to engage - I emphasize the word engage - total Natural Law to work for us. And the whole Vedic Literature is a witness to this.

Man's heritage is divine. These are not empty words and gossip about empty philosophy, this is a reality. Save yourself and by saving yourself, save your environment. It is very, very obvious that no nation can save itself today.


All those countries who are earning their livelihood by selling arms, Natural Law will take care of all that. Time is different now, they will not be able to save themselves from the fury about the sin they are committing. On one side they come with free trade on the other side they come with sanctions, it is stupidity. I had to say all this to make clear the policy of the Global Country of World Peace.


I am not against religion. I am a firm believer in God. But not in a religion that will make you suffer. Religion is not bad, but the path to religion is. The hallucinations, the wrong interpretations are simply unwanted. Finished.


Religion and science are no more 2 different things today. The brain physiology of people today has functional holes. This inadequate education has been proudly eliminated.


Now  I am going to tell you one extreme thing. It is so good that  it  is hard for you to believe: Human brain you should understand  as  cosmic  switchboard.  By pressing the proper switches  you  can  create  any  influence  you  want in the universe. You can create from within yourselves  any influence  in  the  ever  expanding  universe. This is Vedic Science.  This is the human potential. People today are like ants (limited value of life). Continue to lead an ant's life or be the master of the universe.


Nader Ram will give you the secret of pressing the buttons. This is Vedic education. The basis of this is purity of life. You can't go on bombing and killing like Hitlers. People like him have their own imaginary world. The German culture is a labor culture i.e. labor intelligence. This will not work anymore.


There is a proverb saying "You can't fool all the people all the time". Listen, all those war-monger nations: "You can't fool all the people all the time!"


We have done Puja to Guru Dev with a new light. Without total Natural Law there will not be peace. The world is going to survive. This is a return of Vedic principles in all the different fields. Whatever time it takes for the government of Nader Ram. It does not matter who governs a country. What matters is: the people are happy, they have no problems, they don't make mistakes. Be an honorable member of the Global Country of World Peace, not to win recognition. The Global Country is prepared to give support to any country and if you oppose this you will see your day after tonight.


We are surrendering today all our knowledge, all our achievements, all the future of the world to the feet of Guru Dev.

Jai Guru Dev

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