Volume 1, Issue No. 9

May 2001

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TM Activities in Egypt

Egypt is one of the largest countries in the Middle East, it is located in the northeastern corner of Africa and covers an area of 386,000 square miles. Only about 5% of the country is inhabited along the banks of the Nile whose course stretches over 900 miles from the Mediterranean in the North to the Sudan in the South. To the West lies Libya and to the East are the desert plateau, Red Sea and Sinai. Egypt's most fertile area is the Nile Delta. Cairo, Egypt's capital, has 16 million inhabitants, and Alexandria, the country's second largest city, has a population of 5.5 million. The total population in Egypt is around 70 million.  Arabic is Egypt's official language. However, most Egyptians understand and speak English and French. 

The Maharishi TM Movement started in Egypt in early sixties when Maharishi has visited Egypt for the first time and lighted the light of consciousness, and those who met him are still following his teaching. Among them Dr. Aziza Hussein, a very renowned lady in Egypt and abroad, was appointed by Maharishi to be the National Leader of the TM Movement in Egypt, naming her when they met for the first time "the Mother of Egypt". Dr. Aziza who devoted her life for the social work as a volunteer, has been lately awarded by the United Nations for her successful social work. She held several leading positions in her country and she participated and supported the establishment of many Non Governmental Organizations. 



The TM activities have been started in Egypt long time ago. Many TM teachers visited the country and introduced TM and initiated large numbers. These teachers came from America, Europe and from Lebanon. Since the year 1990, many Lebanese governors are traveling regularly to Egypt to support the Egyptian TM movement in its growth and expansion. The TM movement in Egypt has developed rapidly, especially in the last few years with the support of Miss Nada Haider a Senior Governor from Lebanon, who played an important role to create the integrity in the TM movement in Egypt, she has initiated around 185 people in her regular yearly visits.

After her last visit to Egypt, Miss Nada Haider said to the TM Bulletin, when interviewing her: "I really don't know from where to start since in every moment there, I have a valuable experience. Going from Lebanon to Egypt, is a wonderful experience in a sister Arab country of Lebanon. I feel lucky to have the the chance to teach in Egypt all these years. In my relation and interaction with the Egyptian people, I feel always with waves and love and joy. It is really one of the most exciting teaching experience in my life.

Miss Nada added: "The TM movement in Egypt is becoming more lively day after day through the participation and contribution of Dr. Aziza Hussein and all the mediators who are working with her, they are creating a coherent working team to spread the most precious Vedic knowledge of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. When I went there for the first time, I was unable to expect what will be there. But now I am feeling as if going to my home. From the first day, when I reach there, the meditators start coming to meet with me, and then we start organizing the introductory lectures for the new interested people, and the weekly advanced lectures for the meditators, we call it Group Meditation, sometimes more then 50 meditators is attending, then we usually organize a residence course, and the majority participate. My annual visit to Egypt is really becoming a long celebration for me and for all the meditators.    

In this last visit to Egypt something more we did. The Maharishi Health Education Center in Lebanon granted Dr. Aziza Hussein, during her visit to Lebanon in March 2001, the "Maharishi Award" and I have been requested by the Board of Governors to present the Maharishi Award to Dr. Aziza Hussein in Egypt. This award has been presented to express to her the gratitude and appreciation for the good relation between the movement in Lebanon and Egypt.

Egypt is really a great land where knowledge can find its ultimate expression, and the movement is in its developing stage and this development is irreversible, and soon two Egyptian sidhas are preparing themselves to become TM teacher. Blessed are those who become teacher of the TM in Egypt. The TM teachers in Egypt will quickly feel the great happiness in the flow of knowledge through them to the eager souls who really are aspiring for enlightenment. 

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