Volume 1, Issue No. 8

April 2001

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Message of His Excellency Professor John Hagelin

The whole word rejoices today in joining in this delightful celebration of perfection dawning in life today. It is always a tremendous joy each year and a great blessing to the world for Maharishi to come from his silence, supreme silence, and reverberating in his self-referral quality of Brahmi Chetena, unity consciousness, that Maharishi described today, to emerge and bless the world with this grand vision for the destiny of life on earth. And, year-by-year we have seen the unfolding evolution of civilization as Maharishi’s theme for the world in perfection is realized in sequential fashion, but it is extremely delightful today and a source of global joy to hear Maharishi claim that after 50 years of activity in a sequential fashion, today really Maharishi sees the target achieved, and Maharishi described that target as the creation of peace perpetual on earth.

Discovery of the Field of Consciousness

It might seem too good to be true as we look around to see, to conceive of the goal, the target having been achieved, but in fact the target has been achieved because this world is a world of knowledge, it is a phenomena of knowledge. Indeed every action of every individual has inevitably stamped upon it the imprint of the level of knowledge of the actor. Even, I would say, that the actions of individuals are nothing but the expression of the level of knowledge of the actor. So, if we look around in the world today we will see the fruits of incomplete knowledge such that any child in any future generation who goes to the museum and look to the map of the world of today, that child will say this was the scientific age before Maharishi Mahesh yogi, because when you look at the world today you see a world that is randomly fragmented in the artificial boundaries of nations that divide people from themselves. But, this is not the scientific reality anymore. Maharishi casts his enlightened glance on the different sciences and the level of knowledge of this scientific age, and has raised each and every discipline to the level of perfection in unity and in wholeness. And, looking at the mother of all sciences, the science of physics for example, Maharishi looked at the scientific knowledge of the unified field that exists today, and saw on the basis of his enlightened vision that modern science had achieved through its own objective approach the discovery of the field of consciousness.





The Field of Intelligence

Maharishi discussed this today very beautifully when he said: "The unified field is no more just the self-referral field, it is all that there is in creation." Earlier we talked about the field, but then we realized that it is a quantum field, and the discovery of quantum mechanics, the quantum principle, is just the discovery of the discriminative aspect of existence, or the intelligence aspect of existence. So that the quantum field is a field of intelligence, and as such, a field of self-discrimination sets up within itself this three-in-one structure of Hilbert Space, operators, and states corresponding directly to the field of the knower, Hilbert Space, process of knowing, the operators, which are the generators of change, and the states, which correspond to the known, the so-called stable particle states that represent the emergence of material creation. But, with this discovery comes two things, firstly, as Maharishi said today, the entire universe is nothing but the unified field in motion, all the elementary particles and forces that comprise the universe are just the various reverberating states, the various states of vibration of unity. Secondly, it shows that the unified field is consciousness; the unified field is that three-in-one structure of the self-knowledge, and having, therefore, arrived at the field of consciousness, modern science yields to Maharishi’s Vedic science, which is the fully developed science of consciousness and all of its theories, and of its application.

The Window of Science

So, in this way Maharishi has raised the field of physics, the field of chemistry, the field of mathematics, all the different fields of knowledge to the state of unity, to the state of perfection. And, because the universe is, and the world is, a phenomenon of knowledge, now that the knowledge has changed, now that the science and technology of today is no longer the science and technology of yesterday, the world will inevitably change, it is irreversible, it is inevitable. And, that is why I think Maharishi today, through the window of science, has proclaimed perfection on earth. Modern science yields to the Vedic science of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a timeless eternal science of life, which not only raises every field to a state of fulfillment, but through the remarkable world transforming discovery of His Majesty King Nader Ram, the former scientist of our generation, has located this self-same unity, the totality of natural law, the constitution of the universe, in the human physiology, making totality, making the totality of natural law that governs the universe practically available and concretely available to every individual on earth on the basis of their own human physiology.

So, with the field of knowledge transformed by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who has raised every field of knowledge now to unity and to perfection, and under Maharishi’s guidance the discovery of His Majesty King Nader Ram of that totality, the totality of natural law inscribed in each and every brain physiology in the world. With this new foundation in knowledge, the continuing transformation of the world in the direction of perfection is inevitable, and that is why today, I believe, and over these months Maharishi has proclaimed this dawning of the Global Country of World Peace giving that recognition to the emerging reality of life, the timeless reality of unity. So that peace-loving people all over the world, who fortunately outnumber those monsters and dragons of destruction that Maharishi referred to today, that every individual on earth now belongs to the reality of the unity of humanity which is a scientific fact today, and this dawning of the Global Country of World Peace is not a threat to the sovereignty of any country, but in fact it ties every country back to its roots in natural law, by raising individual life to a level of perfection, and bringing individual thought and behavior into full alignment with natural law. So, every country will rise in a natural state of invincibility in peace, and as Maharishi said today the power of peace will overwhelm and replace the power of force, so peace will become power in this dawning new age.

A Unified World of Peace

So, it is tremendously fulfilling as a scientist and as the Minister of Science and Technology of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace to share with the world in this celebration of Maharishi’s remarkable proclamation, the proclamation that the target has achieved, and it really has been achieved because the foundation of the building of global harmony and unity has been laid with the perfection of knowledge that Maharishi has bestowed upon every discipline through his revitalization of total knowledge under the guidance and inspiration of his Master, Shri Guru Dev. So, knowledge has always led and transformed the world. Total knowledge brought to us by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is now going to totally transform the world into a unified world of peace on earth rejoicing now in this emergence of this glorious Global Country of World Peace inspired and founded by his Holiness maharishi Mahesh Yogi and led by its first sovereign ruler, his Majesty King Nader Ram. 

Jai Guru Dev


Maharishi Open University
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Total Knowledge Course: Be totally up to date with the complete range and application of all aspects of Maharishi's Vedic Science. Participants around the world called this course "transforming" and said, "It pulled together everything I'd ever learned on any other course, and the experience of all my years meditating." Participants in the Total Knowledge course grow in the ability to understand and experience Total Knowledge — total Natural Law. They are able to verify and apply Total Knowledge for the realization of all possibilities in their lives. Experience of Total Knowledge, the field of unbounded intelligence within one's own consciousness, is gained through twice-daily practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Program, a required part of the course. The course also gives an introduction to Maharishi Nadi-Vigyan, Self-Pulse Reading, for promoting balance in the physiology.

**2 lessons a week @ 2 hours per lesson over 6 months


Creating a Perfect Man Course 1: Everyone has heard about the profound discovery of Veda and Vedic Literature in the human physiology. In this course you'll dive deeply to really understand and experience how the impulses of Natural Law that structure the entire universe also structure your brain and entire physiology. Realize within yourself that you truly are cosmic--this is the experience of the thousands around the world who took this course last year. This course substantiates all that students have learned in the Total Knowledge course, and builds on the foundation of their understanding of Veda and the Vedic Literature. A central theme of the course is 'The Individual Is Cosmic.' In this course you will explore the nature of the intelligence of Natural Law which structures the ever-expanding universe, and learn more about the one-to-one correspondence between the impulses of Natural Law and the structures and function of human physiology. The direct connection between human life and the cosmic counterparts is an important component of the course, especially for Creating a Perfect Man, course 1. This course is based on the historic discovery of Professor Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., President of Maharishi Open University, and now the First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, that the intelligence of Natural Law that structures the universe—Veda and the Vedic Literature—is also found in the human physiology. This course prepares the individual for gaining mastery over Natural Law, enabling one to enjoy full support of Nature for fulfillment of one's desires. The course includes traditional recitation of the Vedic Literature by Vedic Pandits, and advanced knowledge of Maharishi Nadi-Vigyan, self-pulse reading. This knowledge will be the materialization of the course title — Creating a Perfect Man. The course is taken part-time over seven months. There are two lessons each week; each lesson is 1 1/2 hours in length. Completion of the Total Knowledge course is a requirement for enrolling in the Creating a Perfect Man, course 1.

**2 lessons a week @ 1.5 hours per lesson over 7 months
**Total Knowledge Course is a pre-requisite

Creating a Perfect Man Course 2. Continue to unfold the fascinating depths of knowledge and profound experience of your cosmic status. This course continues the investigation of the historic discovery of Professor Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., President of Maharishi Open University, and now the First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, that the intelligence of Natural Law, which structures the entire universe, is also found in human physiology. Discussion of each aspect of the Vedic Literature is followed by the traditional Vedic recitation, and the knowledge of Maharishi Nadi-Vigyan, self-pulse reading is reviewed. Completion of Creating a Perfect Man course 1 is required for enrolment. The course is taken part-time over six months, 2 lessons per week. Each lesson is 1 1/2 hours in length.

** 2 lessons a week @ 1.5 hours per lesson over 6 months
**Creating a Perfect Man 1 is a pre-requisite

Maharishi Stahapatya Veda--Vastu Vidya. Go deeply with Maharishi into the foundations of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda--the structural engineering of the universe. Understand why living and working buildings constructed according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda create powerful harmony between individual life and cosmic life and promote bliss, good health, and success. Sthapatya Veda, one of the 40 areas of the Vedic Literature, is the Vedic Science of Building in harmony with Natural Law. This course presents an understanding of the Laws of Nature that underlie any structure or building so that every humanly designed, man-made structure can be in harmony with the structure of the universe — the expression of Cosmic Intelligence. Such a structure has that quiet influence of order and harmony in its environment which harmonizes individual life with Cosmic Life. The course gives a profound understanding of the fundamental principles of Natural Law that underlie Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, and the application of this for city planning, country planning, and design of homes, offices, and factories according to Natural Law, so that the orderly evolution that prevails in the ever-expanding universe can always be spontaneously maintained in individual life and society.

** 1 lesson per week. 1.5 hours per lesson over 4 months
**Instruction in Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation program required

Starting date to be announced

For more information on the courses and to enroll contact your local MOU Coordinator. 
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A TM-Sidhi Course Soon in Lebanon

It is with great joy to announce about the preparation for a new TM-Sidhi course to be done this summer, for all the TM centers in Lebanon. 
The TM-Sidhi program is a natural extension of the TM technique and may be learned after two months of regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation. Practice of the TM-Sidhi program accelerates the progress of the individual towards realizing his full potential - the state of enlightenment.
The Transcendental Meditation technique gives direct experience of the least excited state of consciousness, the pure consciousness, the unified field which is the total potential of Natural Law. The TM-Sidhi program trains the individual to operate from the least excited state of consciousness, to think from the level of the unified field of all the laws of nature. By learning to function from this self referral state of pure consciousness, the mind gains increasing support of nature for the fulfillment of desires. With the TM-Sidhi program, thought and action spontaneously become more in accord with the evolutionary power of Natural Law. This results in greater skill in action - the ability to fulfill one’s desires naturally while effortlessly promoting the evolution of everyone and everything.
One aspect of the TM-Sidhi program is called Yogic Flying. During the first stage of Yogic flying, the body lifts up and moves forward in short hops. Subjectively one experience exhilaration, lightness and bliss. Scientific studies show that during this practice, at the moment the body lifts up, coherence is maximum in brain wave activity. This means that brain functioning is optimum and creates the perfect condition for the frictionless flow of awareness towards the fulfillment of its desire, in this case “flying”. When Yogic flying is practiced in groups, this influence of coherence spreads throughout the environment, reducing negative tendencies and promoting positive and harmonious trends in the whole society.

For more information on the course and to enroll contact your local TM Center or send Email to:


The Advanced Techniques

Developing Bliss Consciousness
to Create Heaven on Earth

Advanced Techniques enhance and enrich the benefits of one's daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation program. Through regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind becomes familiar with finer levels of the thinking process and with the source of thought -- Transcendental Consciousness -- the home of all the Laws of Nature. Through the Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program, the totality of Natural Law is more quickly and profoundly integrated in the awareness. As the conscious mind becomes more and more infused with pure consciousness, a powerful influence of integration and bliss is created. Every phase of thought and action spontaneously becomes more supported by the evolutionary power of Natural Law, resulting in greater fulfillment of desires in daily life.

Advanced Techniques Every Eighteen Months

All those who have been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique or an Advanced Technique regularly for a minimum of 18 months may apply for instruction in an Advanced Technique. It is recommended that one continues to receive Advanced Techniques regularly every 18 months. There must be at least six months between learning the Advanced Technique and learning the TM-Sidhi ® program. The Advanced Techniques course includes three meetings: orientation, personal instruction, and verification and validation of experiences. Each meeting lasts one to two hours.

For more information on the course and to enroll contact your local TM Center or send Email to:

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