Volume 1, Issue No.7

March 2001

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Maharishi's Year for the Global Country of World Peace 12th January 2001 - Annual Celebration


Here is the second and the last part of the Maharishi's talk on 12th Janyary 2001, Annual Celebration. You can read the first part in the previous issue of the TMBulletin. Click Here.

University of Peace

This perfect knowledge is Vedic knowledge, and that is going to be the guiding light of everyone’s life in the world. Reality, time for reality is coming up. I would like to see at this stage, that map which presents the Global Country of World Peace, so people said where is your country. Then our artist here, just as we have great scientists, we have very great artists, some artist presented to me that evening, that are the people to put their finger anywhere, and there is the Global Country of World Peace, put your finger anywhere and that is the Global Country of World Peace. So, we have to inform the people to change their concept. Basic concept is individual separate, cosmic separate, and now unity consciousness unifies the individuality and cosmic reality. Put them together, and this is the level of life worth living for which our very great scientist, Dr. Schanbacher, is going to establish the university of peace in the world. Even these destructive nations tried to have a university of peace, but they have no knowledge about it, so all these names are scattered here and there and there. That United Nations also has a world peace, peace. They are all good intentions, but the knowledge is not there. That rising sun, the light of rising sun, is not there, so the darkness prevails, and what the ordinary man can do, what the schools teach, he send his sons and then they learn something here and there, but it’s a waste of a very precious life. To the religious people I want to remind that phrase from wherever it is, that man is made in the image of God. Now where is God in killing a man? All this killing, which has been supported by the religious fanaticism of Christianity. Those days should be over. Every day we hear the great proclamation of the great injustice being done to people in the last centuries. But still conversion is going on, because they bring food to the people and put the cross in their neck, but doesn’t matter; in the time of darkness everyone is tossing about and breaking knees and head. But, when the time of change comes, it comes on the basis of collective consciousness of the world. So, the world has had power, which was destructive, and now the world is going to have power, which is peaceful.



Dhanpathy of Rk Ved

All these ministries that Nader Ram, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, has been formulating all these years with all these great scientists and artists of our time, they will be announced all these days, but it is a very great satisfaction for me to just ring the bell of invincibility and show that the Vedic anthem is the real lively song of life, it is not a ceremonial something which one reads sometime and forgets about it. I would like you to listen to this minister of law of the Global Country of World Peace, the minister of law is, the greatest I would say, I have no hesitation to say, the greatest Vedic scholar. He is categorized as the Dhanpathy of Rk Ved, that whole thing, people have been listening for the last months and years, ever since Professor Nader Ram when he was the professor and the President of this management university, and now he is the first ruler of this scientific age to give to the world an ideal of administration, the constitution of the universe whose total intelligence is present in every grain of creation, within the self-referral level of intelligence and is guiding the destiny and activity of the whole galactic universe, and smoothly and silently and peacefully, with enormous affluence of power, but power of peace, power of affluence. 

Administration of Unity Consciousness

When I think of affluence, what is this world economy! It is in the hands of very, very inadequate thinkers; they may think themselves great men, but it’s a pity that a sovereign country takes pride in saying he has no money, there is no money, every country is in debt, they borrow money from here and there, what is this sovereignty? That the government feels lack of money; they can’t provide even housing to there people, they can’t provide good sumptuous meals to their people, and they are sovereign power, great sovereign power. Shame to this sovereign power. I am using the word shame in order to excite these governments to feel awake and alert, that they had been under the mirage of ignorance. Wake up to this, wake up to this, and if you don’t do wake up tomorrow is your fate in coup, this coup, that coup, we can put up a coup making man to jail, but he has destroyed the administration. So there is something very, very weak in these words of sovereignty and all that. The whole thing has to be redone, has to be washed off. Global Country of World Peace will take care of the global status of every government and will give to every government that much-needed invincibility, which will secure for a long period the administrative skills of the countries, administrative skills of the countries. Let no country feels that he has to grab on to the power, no, the power has to be the power of peace, the power of supporting life, the power of enriching life, the power of affluence that the government will never say they don’t have this, and they don’t have this, so they can’t supply this, and they can’t supply this. The whole thing is a misnomer, to bring the world from this misnomer to the reality of existence and intelligence. We are opening this administration of the supremely evolved state of consciousness, unity consciousness, a world of unity consciousness, a global world of world peace. Where is the constitution? The constitution is there in Rk Ved and in all its elaborated versions available in all the forty values of Vedic literature and available in the forty values of human physiology. And, I am giving to the world the first ruler of this country of world peace; take, the presidents of the national governments, take lessons from Nader Ram. He is the first ruler of the supreme state of life in unity consciousness. 

Eternal Administrator

Take lesson from him, get your intelligent administrators take lesson from this, they have a ministry; Professor Schanbacher is the head of that ministry, all these names of different ministries and their works and all that, all will be explained in the coming days, I have only to open the door of a new possibility for mankind forever, not only for this generation, but for all generations to come, where the government will enjoy invincibility, where the governments will enjoy affluence, where the governments will enjoy fearless power of peace, fearless power of peace. No country has to run to America to get the blessings of a labor leader there. And, he will say, ”Yes, yes, you are a sovereign and all that.” That whole thing, the time of fraud, is over, should be over, and if it is not over anywhere then it is for those leaders of different countries to wake up or give up, either to wake up to the present supreme level of authority, invincibility, and affluence and freedom, or walk out. You have no right to remain a leader of the nation if you are not endowed with the knowledge of natural law, which is the scientific knowledge of natural law. Either you go out or someone will put you out. The world cannot go on like this in this very deceptive mood of administration. The time has come that the world has an ideal of administration, an ideal of perpetual administration. The world is not a new world, the sun is not a new sun, the moon is not a new moon, and Jupiter is not a new thing, it is an eternally going on administrator, for which the Vedic literature, all the four Vedas, they sing the glory in one word, druvam, druvam. 

A Country of Knowledge

So, I am asking the Vedic pandits to recite in their own traditional melody, which they have received from their tradition, the anthem, and listen to that. I am going to make this anthem a field of knowledge, which will connect the self-referral internal transcendental field of life to the surface value of diversity, and all that. This is going to be peace, university of world peace, and all the great scientists, and all the great artists are now busy, presenting the knowledge in as many different ways of visual presentation, they call it audio-visual presentation, and for that all these things are there, and all our scientists and artists will explain to you every day, only I have to express my delight today that I was waiting for the day when I would declare a country, and a system of administration, from the supreme level of evolution of life, from the unity level of consciousness, from the unity level of consciousness. And, it is done effort doing this, to let down any thing that we took, because any man who has a green glass will continue to see green, and man who has red glass will continue. We have all these Rajas, Tamas, and Satva values and the fourth value, the transcendental consciousness values, all these field of knowledge. So, we are opening a country of knowledge where knowledge will dominate, where ignorance will not have to be faced, where ignorance will find itself extinct. It is a very great joy to give to the world an ideal, a practical ideal, not only practical but practical in principle and in procedure, that means science and technology, science and technology of life in perfection. This is the time that everyone will get. And, Professor Schanbacher is going to open all these universities of world peace, everywhere. But, I keep forgetting bringing different values, but I would emphasize, very deeply I would emphasize, very deeply I would emphasize, to every man in the world for all times that the anthem, that the Vedic Raj Trageed, the Vedic anthem of the Global Country of World Peace is something that is administering peacefully, affluently without the pinch of any lack of any thing in this global administration of the ever expanding universe. Perfect administration, and the purpose of this administration means the purpose of the Global Country of World Peace and its administering intelligence. 

Believe On Own Treasury

That is a highly specialized thing; let the people of all times know that administration should not a matter of popular vote, given to the labor leaders; a labor man can only create havoc instead of create heaven. It is a matter of knowledge, it is a matter of total knowledge, it is a matter of that administrative intelligence, which administers the innumerable. You heard the expression of Dr. Hagelin, the other day, when he was describing natural law and the extent of natural law. He beautifully expressed it, he will tell you again and again, because all this very systematized total knowledge of natural law is already available, made into lessons by these very enlightened professors of modern science and these Vedic science professors. So, time is there that the administration will be the administration of knowledge, the administration of natural law, the administration of affluence. No administrator, no head of state of any country should be able to say these humiliating words, I don’t have money, I don’t have money, give me money, money. Why they should run to America or to England for money; they have their own treasury, why not believe on their own treasury; why they believe on treasury thousands of miles away.  The whole is a mirage. Blind leading the blind. There is no intelligence in the administration in the world, and that has compelled us to step on to this field of administration in the world, and create the administration ideal, because administration depends upon education; if you educate the man to be fully developed brain, then he will not make mistakes, or he will make less mistakes, like that. Develop a fully developed man who would at least uses total brain functioning, total brain functioning, and today’s education is a misnomer, it wastes the precious time of life. The cosmic value of knowledge is not brought to light; some shades of ignorance are brought to light by the present system of education. 

A Perfect Man

Let the people of the world listen to this knowledge for their own sake, for their own sake. Rise to be a total man, a perfect man, a man who would not make mistakes, a man who would not go begging arms. How many countries are there in the world begging arms; the work of the President is to go to that country and get some aid, they call it aid, it is not an aid; it is living on alms, it is living on begging. All those countries should know that getting aid is resigning their responsibility. If they don’t have money then they have the power vested in them to do any thing to get money. Depend on your own treasury, and if you don’t know how to do it then learn it from Nader Ram. He will give you the master key to create abundance in the field of economy, live life of honor, of dignity, of real freedom; don’t let your people, don’t let your followers, I am telling this to the governments, don’t tell your people that you are the leader, and you don’t want to leave the chair, but still you have no money and all that. Don’t come out as inadequate administrators of your country; it is your duty to bring graceful living and head high in the family of nations. So, a time, time is very valuable. Time is for the fulfillment of my age-long desire to give to the world an ideal administration, which is the administration of natural law, administration of Natural law. Try to understand it, in this scientific age; no government, whether labor government or whatever, damn all this system of democracy, which puts such a precious field in the hands of ignorant. You vote, two-three people who know how to write best, they write good English, and then all others are asked to raise the point, that they are compelled to. What is this democracy, which has a whip; in every parliament there is a whip. Whip is issued; nobody can give vote to this or to this, or to this. That whole thing is a humbug in the name of order. Let there be a real, sincere, effective, and powerful theme of administration. It is not those who think they are patriotic, either they change their modes in terms of natural law, or they get themselves out; don’t waste the time of millions of people, because you don’t have money so you cannot help them. Why remain in the chair if you cannot help them. It is for the people to get them all out, all these basic of all mischief mongers, who have no intelligence. It is for the leader to work. Government has a parental role, to nourish life of everyone, and if someone who does not have those guts, who does not have those techniques, they should have no right, the people of the world should resent against them. Not that I am asking them to revolt, but I am asking them to get out of this field of ignorance. 

Listen to This Anthem

Take the example of an ideal administration with all these so many ministries of the Global Country of World Peace, so here is something that will bring Vedic education, Vedic health care, Vedic agriculture, Vedic defense, Vedic everything. It is a very good time. Now, I would ask you to listen, listen each word that the pandits are melodiously singing, even the melody, even the words, even the sequence, they got it traditionally through the oral tradition of the Vedic literature, and it is so meaningful on the level of the actual, practical dynamism of peace. Listen, listen to this anthem, very big anthem, and don’t just let it remain a ceremonial song to be done at the beginning of a ceremony, no. It is a thing to be practiced, and it is a thing to get so familiar that one doesn’t have to try to practice, it must be spontaneous. During these ten-twenty years of students life, every government should organize that the consciousness of the growing young boys, it becomes so familiar with every detail of the functioning of the natural law that will spontaneously do right things, only right things. So this anthem is not a ceremonial thing, this anthem of the administration of Nader Ram is not, it is ceremonial because it uplifts and all that, but it is not only ceremonial, it’s a practical field guiding all thoughts, feelings, and experience and speech and behavior and all that. So, it has to be made practical, and very great, beautiful exaltation of Vedic expressions to bring home to everyone in short time and in long time both ways, in short time in one world the Vedic constitution of the universe, in one word, the first word of Rk Ved; “Ak,” and then elaborated in the first richa, in the first line, and then in the first sukta, sequentially developing, sequentially developing from point to infinity, the total natural law is available everywhere.

Time for Enlightenment

So, as long as science has not discovered this most basic precious principles and the practicality of life, so long whatever life was drifting here and there and there, and there. But, now is the time for enlightenment, let administration be enlightened administration everywhere. And, learn from all these studies, those basic principles, which are the guiding light of every ministry of Nader Ram, the first ruler of the cosmic constitution. We have been talking about this (…) create heaven on earth, now is the time that a global organization has been created to, as soon as possible, to redress the weaknesses of administration everywhere, to redress, and let the people who are working in these loose threats, let them not think that this is not possible, invincibility is not possible, affluence is not possible, peace is not possible, and all, let them There will be for sometime, maybe sometime, but all that will change as the world consciousness rises to unity values more and more, and more and more, and more and more. So, I could go on more and more all the time, but listen to the practical message of the administration, ideal administration, perfect administration through natural law, just mark each word that the pandits are chanting, this is the anthem from each of the four Vedas. 

 Diversification and Unification

This is national anthem of the Global Country of World Peace, Global Country of World Peace. Global Country of World Peace is like a country, which has many provinces in it, so many governors are there and then for each governor so many mayors are there. So, like that the whole world is there, which has so many countries; more and more countries are been created all the time. There was one country, Russia, it became so big, they could not cater for the well-being of all the people, it became too big, then the people declared themselves to be sovereign, sovereign. So many countries came out of one country, like that, like that. So many countries came out of one country; this is diversification of the unified. Now opposite to that is unification of the diversified. When there is a trend in the world, a trend of peace rising in the world because of inadequate principles of administration, which are not able to satisfy different sections of society in any country, so there is a growing trend for freedom, growing trend for freedom. This growing trend for freedom is like the expansion of the unified state, the country been expanded. Now it was necessary to create one country, we have one world, we have one world, we have one world, and it is wiser for everyone to realize, to realize one God of one world. So, what was lacking was this unifying influence when the world trends are rising to be more and more separated, more and more separated, more and more separated. It was necessary to have a unified world so the concept, the requirement of the world has been now fulfilled with this one global country rising to be displaying its parental role for all the countries. A government is to be recognized in terms of parental role, the parental role of the government.  Government has a parental role, and parental role means the parents wants to give all facilities to their children, all facilities. They are not the parents who teach their descendents to work hard and become rich, to work hard and become rich. This theme of work hard and grow richer has to be transformed into the Vedic theme of work less and accomplish more, Vedic theme of work less and accomplish more. Why we are so found of the Vedic theme of action, because, it gives us in one simple formula, do less and accomplish more, remain peaceful and have the ability to do anything you like.

Government Has A Parental Role

This theme of administration, this theme of administration to be undertaken by lively peace, and lively peace will have a unifying influence, and the result will be any amount of diversification, any amount of multiplication—that means any amount of evolution—will be within control. Control of whom? Control of the individual and also control of the groups of individuals, because a nation is not any one kind of person, so many different values in the nation, different languages in the nation, different mother tongues in the nation, and all that, all that. All that has to be satisfied, otherwise there is no sign of a parental role of the manager, of the administrator. So, government has a parental role, government has a parental role and therefore by requirement, all countries of the world, with all their differences of language, of all kinds of difference, all the differences of different cultures, languages, and all that, all that, they require a unifying influence, so that the diversification does not go out-of-hand. If it goes out-of-hand, then the result will be some monster who has the power to kill everyone becomes the governor, becomes the administrator, becomes the dragon of destruction. But time has changed, the world has known more than ever before that destruction is not the way one would like to go. Because who would like to destroy himself? There are so many things, there are so many things, and all these principles and programs will be put forward to everyone. And, those who have been grouping in darkness, and breaking their heads and knees in darkness trying to function, all that will see the light of life, where the individual will function as a cosmic reality, individual will function as a cosmic reality.

A Better World

Nader Ram and all his scientists, colleagues, and artists and all that, they are putting this beautiful ideal of administration, principles of it, and the programs of it, and the practice of it, all that will be made available to the people, to all the global satellite network, that the Movement has, in order to create a better world, in order to create a better world, in order to create a better world from the level of individual consciousness, unity consciousness. I have opened unity consciousness, right from the beginning of the Movement, when I started to say seven states of consciousness and unity consciousness. Now, after fifty years I am saying, now we have a right to display a system of administration, which will ideally take everyone to this supremely evolved state of unity consciousness. Time is different, administration through knowledge, administration through education. Now I will give one little logic—a man fights on the street. Who is to be put to jail? The education minister has to be put to jail, because he has failed to educate the man on the street to not fight anyone. The government’s failure for right education, the government’s failure to develop higher state of consciousness through education, is the basis of the problem. So, if anything, it is the government, which has to be charged. If a man goes for corruption, the history of administration is full of corruption, today they are prime minister, they are this and this and this, and tomorrow they are put to jail, because they did this wrong, they did this wrong. That means the education, that means the administration who conducts education is ignorant of reality. Blind leading the blind. That is the world we are setting forth; anywhere there is crime, it is the government which has to be blamed for not educating the people. Either see it from the psychological point of view or physiological point of view, all the researches are there, so this is not the time to continue thousand-year-old system of education, which is so faulty that it creates corrupt people, not only corrupt people, it creates corrupt administrators, corrupt presidents, corrupt prime ministers, corrupt this, corruption everywhere.

The Time of Light Has Come

So, the thing has to be amended, and now Nader Ram and his illustrious ministers, 40 ministers, each having total knowledge of natural law with reference to one aspect of natural law. It’s a great science of perfection of administration that total natural law is being displayed by every ministry with reference to one particular field out of the forty fields of knowledge. Now we know what was lacking in the field of administration and why problems continue to exist and corruption continues to exist, and today’s president is tomorrow a man in the jail and this is thought to be justice, justice. Prevention should be the ideal of justice, wherever there is a law how to punish a man when he does this wrong, or this wrong, or this wrong, how to punish him, how to punish him, that government is to be put to shame. Because he is now a man of thirty years, but there was a time when he was five years, ten years, fifteen years, he did not get that total knowledge. Now, this Global Country of World Peace through its total education of natural law, through this university of world peace, it is not just a name, it is not just a name as the world peace is named, this fraudulent organization of this United Nations. I don’t want to dwell on darkness; we only say the time of light has come, the dawn, the first ray of the rising sun has dawned, and we have celebrated today, and we have declared it to be in the hands of the expert scientists, expert artists, expert administrators, those who have insight into themselves, into their own self-referral identity of atma, their own self and the collective atma of a nation, a nation, a nation. So, it is a very good time for the world that a new light of perfection is dawning, and we are laying out a perfect system of administration for collectively handling education. One thing is a very popular in our Movement; “administration through education,” “administration through education,” “administration through education.” And, every government, I am inviting, openly inviting, every government to a member of this family of this sovereign nations, give significance to the word “sovereign,” otherwise sovereign means American. Don’t let that brand go out of hand. 

Here Is an Example

Sovereign means sovereign, with the ability to prevent problems, that is sovereignty, invincibility; that is sovereignty. Don’t take pride in big warships or military large number of people or that, understand that no military can save any country today. American military cannot save America, British ministry cannot save Britain, German ministry cannot prevent problems; howsoever Hitlers they may create. History is full of example, and the result is, “as you sow, so shall you reap,” “as you sow, so shall you reap,” don’t go the path of destruction, wind up NATO, tomorrow, today, this hour, now, because tomorrow never comes. Be wise men of unity so that individually you realize the supreme value of opportunity that life will give you, but know it that your present education is not competent to lead you to that blissful level of life, singly and collectively as a nation, as a nation you should rise as a boat floating on blissful waters, blissful waves. Here is an example now, in the domain of Nader Ram, and his 40 ministers having all the 40 values of knowledge to put to practice. The ministries are not those authentic assemblage of people to destroy them, no, it is a very good, it gives me the great satisfaction for having found a day, even if it has taken fifty years of time, half a century, it is half a century now. 

Freedom Is Rising

Every government should become the member of the Global Country of World Peace, the economy; the ministry of economy of Nader Ram will proclaim that abundance of treasury to everyone, like that, very great geniuses to transform the value of economy, to transform the value of politics, to transform the value of trade and business, and take it high above the reach of problems and corruption. Today, let this spirit of freedom that is rising continue to rise, but in that, the growing multiplicity will now be supported by growing unification principles, growing yoga, the karma will be through yoga, yogastah kuru karmani, and all those, one could recite these Vedic phrases endlessly, as endlessly as the ever-expanding universe, because all the knowledge is there expressed in the yoga sutras, in the Sankhya sutras, in all these Vedanta sutras, all these Bhakti sutras. The enormous field of perfection awaits man, in all these expressions of Vedic wisdom, Vedic wisdom. It is not a matter of take it or lose it, no. It is the quality of world consciousness rising to high level of coherence in the world, high level of satva in the world, high level of invincibility, real invincibility of the world, real sovereignty of the world, just not in name, just not in name. You will not be allowed to live in the foul’s paradise any more, this is the time of knowledge, this is the time of enlightenment, this is the time of perfection in life, for everyone, for everyone, be it an individual, or a family, or a society, or a nation, or the family of nations. 

Science of Consciousness

On every level, administration through education, remember these words, “administration through education,” and education is total education, not just a degree on paper; he is a Ph.D., he is a Ph.D., no, no, all that does not mean anything. What matters is spontaneity of right action, spontaneity of right speech, spontaneity of right feeling, spontaneity of right behavior, and right behavior means utilizing the individual potential along with cosmic potential. So, this whole Global Country of World Peace, through its education—perfect education, perfect scientific education. Science have been very, very isolated, but now the objective science and subjective science of consciousness, not only the science of physiology but science of consciousness also. So, now is the time for the development of science that science is complete now; before that it was fragmented, fragmented through only the objective approach, whatever the glory of objective approach, I am aware of it and I endorse all that, but that alone has been a fragmented science, it was not a complete science. Now with the onset of science of consciousness, now science is complete; science is complete from both aspects of approaches, objective approach and subjective approach. Doesn’t matter, there may be still scientists who are groping in darkness. I heard of a scientist in New York who said, “No, I cannot practice Transcendental Meditation because I am a physicist.” So, he had to remain on the gross all the time, but there will be some people like that. So, we don’t waste our time on them. I have convinced the people singly, singly, for fifty years, and now, I have created a global situation on the level of administration, on the level of politics. 

Persuasion Does Not Work

Four, five, six years ago I told the people, “Yes, you could create this Natural Law Party and fight election and take over.” They have done in so many countries, Natural Law, Natural Law, but I found that this persuasive method does not work, persuasion does not work, so I have asked them to just don’t waste any more time in this fraudulent system of administration, give me vote, give me power to rule you, and I will administer your affairs, and all that. So, the whole thing has come out to a fraud, fraudulent, so now the voice is, “Wise people don’t participate in these elections.” Damn the democracy, which is on the basis of popular will, vote. It is not based on knowledge, it is based on number. When it is based on number, one can create a hell, they are creating hell. See what hell have been created in America and England and Germany. On one side they follow a religion, which says, “Don’t do sin and sin and sin,” and the very policy of administration is sinful. Now it is time for wisdom, now it is for awakening of a new civilization and get out of those old values, inadequate, completely inadequate leading everyone to miserable state of life. Power, time is for power to be peaceful, and any power that is still destructive will be destroyed. It will happen on the basis of the transformation of the quality of world consciousness. The quality of world consciousness is going to be unifying with diversifying values, unity in diversity, diversity in unity, and this is the ideal that the administration of Nader Ram is going to present to the world through proper education, through proper health care system. I don’t want to talk about health care because it so deceptive. The whole thing is not very proper, so there are so many things, we don’t want to waste time on negativity.

The Bell of Invincibility

I would ask the prime minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr. Schiffkins, to ring the bell of invincibility seven times. This is the bell of invincibility for every nation, the bell of invincibility of every nation. And, the logic is for any nation to be invincible, all the nations have to be invincible. The example is—one little thorn throws the whole body out of balance, one little country, one little small country, who is not in tune with the holistic value of all the nations, that could become a thorn, a prick in the family of nations. That is why, not one country, not my country, or your country, or this one’s country, or this man’s country, but every country has to evolve to that unity consciousness. That is the only worthwhile level to live life practically. That is the only worthwhile level of consciousness to which the Vedic education will lead the people. Vedic health care, all those beautiful things, will take the people out of all these inadequacies of the past ages, inadequacies of the past ages. Either a man or a nation comes to this family of peaceful nations, today or tomorrow, or next month, or next year, otherwise is going to perish. The same way, the nations will perish as the darkness perishes with the first ray of the rising sun. Now the first ray of the rising sun I have declared to be seen on the horizon. The first ray of the rising sun is seen on the horizon. With all these discovery of the constitution of the universe and formations of the different ministries, each ministry to handle total natural law through education, so administration we are going to handle through education, life we are going through education, individual life we are going to handle through education, collective life, national life. Time is different, ring the bell of invincibility and this is the day of my satisfaction. I brought the message to individuals, individuals, individuals, and now I will leave the world on the level of enlightenment, with politics and with economics and with law that will be totally good for every individual and for every nation. We ring the bell of invincibility and our dedication, our devotion, our appreciation, and our love and dedication to the tradition of our masters. 

 I Will Leave The World in Very Good Hands

We are celebrating today swarn jayanti, I want to here that song in Hindi, which summarizes the total knowledge in the structure of Guru Dev and the Tradition of Masters, Vedic tradition, and we just have been singing Jai Guru Dev, and we have been achieving, steps, steps, steps after steps, higher steps, and always higher steps. Now we have reached a level where we have created the plateau of the supreme quality of life in unity consciousness. Great day of fulfillment for us, and I will leave the world on the level of enlightenment in very good hands of this great administrator, scientist, and all his colleagues as ministers and all, it is a very beautiful time to the world, a new time, a new time.

Jai Guru Dev 


21 February 2001
Station 24, 6063 NP Vlodrop

The Netherlands, Tel: +31-475-539-569


King Nader Raam Blasts U.N. Security Council
Offers Every Nation Key to Sovereignty and Invincibility

In a rare public statement today, His Majesty King Nader Raam, the recently crowned king of the Global Country of World Peace, blasted the United Nations and its 15-member Security Council, in response to the U.S. air strikes against Iraq.

 “The Security Council has, once again, proved itself utterly ineffectual and powerless to provide security to any nation. It is time we depose this inept bureaucracy, and replace it with a new alliance that can provide true security, and safeguard the sovereignty of every nation. The Global Country of World Peace is that global alliance,” His Majesty said.

 The Global Country of World Peace, a nation without borders, was conceived and founded by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi “to provide a global home for peace-loving people everywhere.” Its purpose is, in part, to reduce the divisive influence of nationalism and national borders, which “arbitrarily separate humanity from humanity.”

Today, King Nader Raam declared the Security Council “an international disgrace and an abject failure.”

“Since the UN was founded after World War II to prevent the outbreak of further conflicts, there have been more than 120 wars. Today, no nation can defend itself against acts of terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, and the Security Council is powerless to help. Security and sovereignty have lost all meaning,” King Nader Raam said.

“What does ‘sovereignty’ mean when the life-breath of a nation can be extinguished at any time by NATO aggression, or when, at any moment in this turbulent world, any leader can be deposed by coup?

“A new approach to administration is needed to restore sovereignty and security within the family of nations.  This approach must be based on the complete science of Natural Law—the vast organizing intelligence that governs the universe.

“Every nation must rise to invincibility—not on the basis of military weaponry, nor on the basis of paper treaties, which have no lasting substance, but by harnessing the invincible power of Natural Law, and creating indomitable coherence in the collective consciousness of every nation.”

King Nader Raam said that the Global Country of World Peace is offering every country “knowledge and technologies to rise to invincibility, and to enjoy true sovereignty in the life of the nation.”

These technologies include training groups of experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose collective practice has been shown to create coherence in national consciousness, reduce violence and conflict, and promote peace and stability throughout society.

King Nader Raam urged every head of state to contact the Ministry of Defense of the Global Country of World Peace in Vlodrop, Holland at +31-47553-9569, to implement these and other Natural-Law based programs immediately, and thereby ensure the security and sovereignty of their nation.



Contact: Robert Roth
February 19, 2001
Washington, D.C.
Tel: + 202-251-7014

Hagelin Offers Peaceful Solution to Iraqi Crisis
Blasts Bush for Reckless Military Strike

World-renowned physicist and U.S. third-party coalition leader, John Hagelin, today charged President George W. Bush with perpetuating a “flawed and dangerous Iraqi policy that is galvanizing world leaders against the United States,” and offered a “proven, peaceful solution to the crisis.” 

Dr. Hagelin said that ten years after America’s military offensive against Iraq and subsequent hard-line policies, Saddam Hussein remains in power, and enjoys growing sympathy throughout the world. 

“President Bush’s new offensive reveals a bankruptcy of leadership and ideas in his new administration. We deserve better. We urgently need a new solution that goes beyond the conventional, failed approaches of military and economic pressure—one that addresses the underlying cause of tensions in Iraq and rising negativity throughout the world,” Dr. Hagelin said. 

“Fortunately, extensive scientific research confirms the efficacy of a new approach to reducing societal stress and conflict—an approach that takes recourse to a more powerful level of Natural Law than the chemical, biological and nuclear technologies that hold a Damocles sword over mankind. 

“Forty-three studies published in leading peer reviewed scientific journals show that by harnessing the Unified Field—the deepest level of Nature’s functioning—through “technologies of consciousness,” societal stress can be alleviated, and a powerful influence of coherence and harmony can be generated throughout society,” Dr. Hagelin said. 

Dr. Hagelin cited research published in Yale University’s Journal of Conflict Resolution showing that, during seven consecutive interventions, groups of experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi reduced violence and war deaths in the Middle East by more than 70 percent.  

Dr. Hagelin’s solution to the Iraqi crisis includes training a group of 7,000 experts collectively practicing these technologies of consciousness in the U.S. and on every continent to maintain a powerful influence of coherence in collective consciousness during these precarious times. 

“In a world torn by regional conflicts,” Dr. Hagelin said, “every nation should have a ‘prevention wing’ in their military—a cadre of troops trained in these true peace-keeping technologies, to prevent the outbreak of conflict. 

“A whole generation has passed since former President Bush embarked upon his risky military invasion. And now, a decade later, his son George Jr. is following the same outdated and destructive approach.  

“This is not the Stone Age. This is not the age of barbarianism. It’s time for government to enter the 21st Century—to employ the most up-to-date, scientifically proven strategies for resolving conflict and promoting peace.  

“There is no reasonable alternative.” Dr. Hagelin said. “Bush’s current tact will only reap more devastation, loss of life, and humiliation of America in the family of nations.”


Offers “True Missile Defense Shield”

Schanbacher Charges Bush with
 Nuclear Brinkmanship

Today, Dr. Volker Schanbacher, renowned physicist and President of the new University of World Peace, presented a “practical and peaceful alternative to America’s dangerous and highly controversial National Missile Defense [NMD] shield.” 

“This $60 billion NMD is exactly what the world doesn’t need. It is costly, ineffective, destabilizing, and is certain to trigger a new arms race that will increase the threat of nuclear conflagration,” Dr. Schanbacher said. “I understand the desire of a government to protect its citizens, but the NMD is a path to destruction.”  

The University of World Peace, conceived and founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is the first university in the world dedicated solely to the prevention of war and to advancing the science of peace. “Our University provides a much-needed counterbalance to the proliferation of military academies and graduate war colleges, dedicated to advancing the science of war,” Dr. Schanbacher said. 

“We will create a new generation of leadership trained in the most up-to-date, powerful peacekeeping technologies, and rescue the world from warmongers and leaders who are in the pocket of weapons manufacturers. 

“This University comes at a critical time. Scientific advances have made it possible for even small countries or small groups of individuals to threaten the security of entire nations,” Dr. Schanbacher said. “Conventional means of defense, including the high-tech missile defense shield, are increasingly irrelevant. With the rise in terrorism, and biological and chemical weapons, it is more crucial than ever that we do everything in our power to prevent the outbreak of war. 

“The only way to prevent war is to prevent the birth of an enemy. To prevent the birth of an enemy, we must neutralize the high levels of racial, ethnic and religions tensions that underlie social conflict,” Dr. Schanbacher said. “For this, the University of World Peace is creating a new profession in the world: that of professional ‘peacemaker’—individuals with the responsibility and capability resolve these underlying tensions and promote peace throughout the world. 

“Military interventions and negotiated treaties have proven utterly ineffective,” Dr. Schanbacher said. “They fail to address the underlying cause of violence.” 

Dr. Schanbacher called for the creation of groups of experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose collective practice has proven highly effective in reducing societal stress and conflict. 

“Extensive research published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals has shown that even a small proportion of a population practicing these programs dramatically reduces violent conflict. For example, this approach was used on seven consecutive occasions during the Lebanon war, where it produced an average 80% drop in war deaths and war-related injuries.” 

Drawing upon the latest understanding of physics, Dr. Schanbacher explained how such groups create the equivalent of a “Meissner Effect”—an indomitable influence of coherence and positivity which neutralizes negative influences from within or outside the nation, preventing the birth of an enemy. 

“These groups will create a true defense shield—a invincible defense against any threat of military aggression,” Dr. Schanbacher said.

Global in scope, the University of World Peace will create campuses in key population centers around the world. These campuses themselves will serve as “centers of coherence,” in which
thousands of students, faculty and staff will practice these powerful technologies of consciousness, and generate an indomitable influence of coherence and harmony throughout the world.

Dr. Schanbacher concluded with strong words for President Bush. “Pushing for a national missile defense system that jeopardizes global security is nationalism at its worst—the sort of blind nationalism that once swallowed my country, Germany. The world can ill-afford to see the rise of another Hitler.”

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