Volume 1, Issue No.6

February 2001

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Maharishi's Year for the Global Country of World Peace 12th January 2001 - Annual Celebration

Maharishiji Performing Puja to Guru Dev

The 12th of January day is the birthday of Maharishiji, the founder our Movement all over the world. Every year, on this day, celebrations are made everywhere at all location of our great family of the Movement, on all levels, international, national and local. The international celebration held simultaneously in Vlodrop, Holland and at the Heavenly Mountains, USA, has been broadcast by the Maharishi Open University channels and reached all the corners of the world through eight satellites network

The International celebration started as usual with the global Puja to Guru Dev and the Holy Tradition of Masters was performed by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, but this year, His Majesty King Nader Rama joined Maharishiji, for the first time, in the performance of the global Puja. The performance of the Puja was followed by a special Vedic recitation by Maharishiji and the recitations of the four main aspects of the Veda by the specialized Vedic Pandits. After hearing these beautiful Vedic sounds; the anthem of the Global Country of World Peace, Maharishiji started his talk, which is full of valuable knowledge, and important instructions for the establishment of the Global Country of World Peace. The Maharishi's talk is around 2:30 hours long, for this it is divided into two parts. The second part will be published in the next issue. Maharishi started his talk as follows:

King Nader Rama performing PujaToday, I have found the day to achieve which all these half a century pursuit of my global Movement is achieving. Today, I feel so fulfilled that the target has been achieved. We have been celebrating every year for the last fifty years in the world Movement, year after year a day to sum up, to visualize, to actualize all that has been achieved during the year. Now today, I have found a day, towards which all the days of these fifty years have been proceeding on and on, and on, and on. Today I have performed Puja to Guru Dev as usual, all the time as usual, in order to feel overwhelmingly fulfilled that the target has been brought to vision. What was the target? The target of the worldwide Movement was to create, in one word, peace perpetual in this beautiful planet. Whatever the days up and down throughout the ages, I am counting the ages; the world has been up and down in waves of problems also, in the waves of success also, in the wave of peace also, in the wave of destruction also, throughout the world. History has recorded, and it will continue to record; days and nights in the progressive waves of time, that there will be time in the highways of achievement; less and less problems, more and more freedom, more and more happiness, more and more peace on earth. I would remind the world, right from the Movement, the beginning of the Movement fifty years ago, something like that, fifty years ago, the message has been given, the message of Transcendental Meditation, in Vedic words a perpetual time for transcendental consciousness, the time of Parame Vyoman, in terms of Vedic terminology, that world of unity consciousness, right from the first day we have been telling the people, you practice Transcendental Meditation, and the day will come for you that you will become increasingly familiar with that supreme level of evolution of life, which we say in Sanskrit words, in Vedic words, Brahmi Chetana the world of unity consciousness. I am ringing the bell of invincibility today releasing the hope of a problem-free world.




The Vedic Anthem

RK Ved PanditsThe bell of invincibility, today that the Vedic pandits have recited in this, what you call in English, the anthem of the world of unity, the anthem. The anthem is a song, fondly sung by a nation, a nation. Now today we heard from the pandits, our feeling so fulfilled that I would like to hear the anthem, the Vedic anthem, which defines every fiber of the Vedic administration, which is the administration of a country in unity consciousness. Supreme level of achievement, supreme level of achievement, I would wish that every man, even with slightest intelligence, on our planet earth, should hear the Vedic anthem, which is the voice of that golden age, the voice of that time where problems belong to no one, unhappiness belongs to no one, any negativity belongs to no one. What prevails is, in one word, I was enjoying when the Vedic pandits were chanting the anthem; druvam, druvam, druvam, druvam, druvam, druvam, druvam. Druvam is invincible, invincible. Invincible power of Akasha, of Vayu, of Agni, of Jal, and Prithiv. Invincibility enlivened through this Vedic chanting which we enjoyed today as the anthem of the Global Country of World Peace. We have established a Global Country of World Peace, and today as usual in the yearly calendar of our worldwide Movement, we are ringing the bell of invincibility; druvam, druvam, druvam. I would ask the Vedic pandits to chant again this anthem, for that this anthem is the voice of time, that time, which is the time of unity consciousness. It is not yet time for me to sing the glory of all these seven states of consciousness and the knowledge of that. People have had heard thousands of times that there are seven states of consciousness, and today is the time of the fulfillment of my global aspiration to ring the bell of invincibility; druvam, druvam, druvam. I am asking the Vedic pandits to chant again, and chant again, and chant again, because in these Vedic words are the golden light of eternal peace on earth.

The Vedic World

We have established a country of perpetual peace on earth, a Global Country of World Peace. The character of the country is the character indicated by these words: world peace, world peace. Peace is the basis in which blossoms dynamism. All these values of peace and dynamism both are lively in the field of the Veda, in the Vedic literature, in the Vedic hymns, in the Vedic mantras, in the Vedic songs, in the Vedic melodies. All that we have been speaking all these years, and now the day has come for me to ring the bell of that invincibility that belongs to the level of the Veda in the transcendental field. All fields of science—objective approach or subjective approach, Vedic science or modern science—they have all come to ring the bell of invincibility today, and our greatest scientists are here upholding that platform in which the constitution of the universe is being sung today in its original form, in the original form. Original form means that form, that reverberation of that invincibility, that immortality, that infinity, which is the real value of life at the basis of all these changing phases of time and space in the infinite diversity of the universe. I would like the world to listen to this Vedic anthem. In this Vedic anthem is not only the description of that Vedic world, but the lively intelligence that structures that Vedic world, distinguishes it from other states of consciousness. Everyone experiences there is a world of waking state, there is a world of dreaming state, they are different worlds. So far, I have no hesitation to say that the time of ignorance for life on earth, the time of ignorance, the dark ages, where man was only live in waking state of consciousness, in dreaming and sleep states of consciousness, waking, dreaming, and sleeping; with the grace of Guru Dev, with grace of the eternal Vedic tradition of knowledge, with the grace of the great enlightened teachers of the Vedic tradition who have reserved for all time, for every day and for every night, and according to the Indian calendar, all the character of time, Indian calendar gives the name of the year, specifies the quality of that name, specifies the devatas, the creative intelligence, and the world has been living in dark ages without the knowledge of this. And today, we are presenting to this world of ignorance, we are presenting, we are unfolding, we are uncovering the lid of ignorance, and laying open that field of enlightenment for the world. Where supreme level of evolution will be a living reality for everyone, a world of enlightenment, a world of enlightenment. A world that is characterized by these single, single words and in innumerable songs, in innumerable melodies of the Vedic waves of knowledge, the world is contained in the Yoga Sutras, it is a different world, the world which is contained in the Karma Sutras, the field of action in that world belongs to the transcendental field of intelligence, where there is all enlightenment; it is not a matter of change, it’s a matter of non-changing infinity, immortality, invincibility, purity, peace, affluence, that world we are opening for every man on earth today.

The Seventh State of Consciousness

The Light of Guru DevIt is very great fulfillment for me to say that the climax of the blessing of our Vedic tradition of masters, the climax is now at the dawn. The first ray of the dawn puts off the darkness of the night, puts off all darkness of the night, the first ray of the sun, the first ray of the sun. I am completely aware that even now, when I am ringing the bell of invincibility for every nation, there are nations which are openly designing the destruction of the world, these Americans, that Britishers, these Germans, with all the bombs they are ready, making plans, openly making planes, adding to their number of membership, and they are doing all this in the name of peace, shamed the peace. When I am honoring the daylight, the dawn, when I am opening the time for seven states of consciousness, seventh state of consciousness, and I have laid out in all these fifty years steps to achieve that for every single individual, and today I have laid out the steps, not today, for the last two-three years we have been doing all these things, that the nation at large, each nation, even America the destructive power, because we know that the darkness can only exist as long as there is not enough light. Today we are inaugurating a time in the world, an age in the world where unity consciousness, administration of unity consciousness, education of unity consciousness, health care system of unity consciousness, which is perfect health, perfect agriculture, not the American agriculture or the British agriculture which is giving poison to the people, poisoning the people, poisoning the people. Those days should be over, because, even with the first ray of the rising sun, the darkness of the night cannot continue very far. I have still to see when NATO is going to wind up all its policies, and when poor countries with these offering of the purses of dollars from these destructive countries, selling the arms, all this is going to vanish from the earth, either that is going to vanish, defense of destruction, making arms, and earning their livelihood by selling arms, either those trends will disappear or those races will disappear. It is a different time now. I am declaring openly after fifty years of preparation, I find we have been proceeding on to unfold the lid, which was hiding the reality: seventh state of consciousness.

The World of Peace Is Created

Listen Americans! Listen Britishers! Listen Germans! Time is for change, and that is the change which everyone is familiar, every day, every morning, the night is set out, and the night is put out, and the day sets in, so this is the time for the world now, we are inaugurating the administration, the perfect administration of the world. World is, I don’t have to describe the infinite diversity of cultures, of tendencies, trends, languages, and all those different religions and all. Look at the Christianity; it is winding up, it is only winding. The Pope is very fortunate to keep on declaring all these apologies. It is the time that is making recognized what hell they have been creating in every generation for the last few centuries, in the name of God, suffering in the name of God! When we proceed towards light, intensity of light alone increases. You cannot move towards light and see that you have to face the darkness, you have face the darkness. Religions in the world have thrived on this intense darkness of human race, and now when I am opening the curtain and exposing the seventh state of consciousness for human life on earth, the world of peace has been created, administration, ideal administration, perfect administration is being laid out. This Global Country of World Peace that has been established is not a fanciful melodious singing of the ignorant, it is the eternal song of a perpetual life, eternal song of eternal life, invincibility, affluence. Governments! Look to the world governments, sovereign governments, these little things, sovereign governments, sovereign governments, anyone can run them out at any moment of a day or night, and they are great sovereign nations, and in their sovereignty the system of administration, today one man and tomorrow that man makes a coup. Coup and the whole sovereignty is over, finished, this is the sovereignty, these are all the measures of destruction created by these powers.

The Power of Peace

Board of Ministers of the Global Country of World PeaceNow the measure of power is going to be different. Power will be for peace. Peace will be the power in the coming time. Now we are opening the highway today for power to be peaceful, for peace to be power, and not the bombs of NATO to destroy this and destroy this, and put this embargo or whatever they say, put this on this, and put this on this. One judge, this is sometime back, a judge of a supreme court told me that whatever is American, that is international law, any other should forget. Time has changes! Millions of people practicing Transcendental Meditation have changed the quality of life on earth, have changed the quality time on earth. I have heard when they were bombing Yugoslavia. I sent messages here and there; from Germany they came, saying there is no alternative to peace, we have to destroy. Germans you forget. All these power mongers, their days are over, their time is over. Hitler is gone long back, and the world is not going to hear from any German or any American or any Britisher that there is no alternative to peace except to destroy and bomb. We are rejoicing on the dawn of invincibility to every nation where the word “sovereignty” will be meaningful sovereignty, meaningful sovereignty. For sovereignty, the people don’t have to run to United Nations and be bewildered. I am a member of the United Nations; I am sovereign, anytime you could be run out. Wake up to reality! The world consciousness is different now after fifty years of Transcendental Meditation movement in the world. The time has come now for the world to sing the national anthem, to sing the national anthem of the Vedic Vishwa Prashasak, that anthem, I would like to listen to this; anthem has been a ceremonial thing, no! This Vedic anthem is going to be the light of every moment in everyone’s life; it is something to be practiced, it is not a ceremonial something, and it is not a ceremonial singing. What is this anthem of a country? One man takes ten military people and put them out and that is the coup for the country. Coups are happening everywhere; coups, coups, coups. Those days of barbarianism, if we call it, should be over. Time is now dawning for peace. I have never wanted to speak about these negative things today, because in the seventh state of consciousness, in the unity consciousness, what prevails is peace, what prevails is power of peace. Peace is going to be the power. All those Britishers and Americans and Germans creating bombs and earning their livelihood through selling the destructive weapons in the world. They create artificial wars and sell them arms.

The Life-Giving Sun

The Flag of the Global Country of World PeaceTTime is different, people of the world; particularly I am addressing to those who are in-charge of administering the people. Millions of people in all these big, big countries, they have been demoralized by saying, “If you don’t buy these arms you will be overtaken, this and this.” Forget about it, time has changed, NATO should wind up, NATO must wind up, and we will see that it winds up, that is because the darkness winds up with the first onset of the rising sun, the rising sun. the rising sun is in the flag of the Global Country of World Peace. The rising sun in the Vedic language is the time of rule of the life-giving sun Surya Mansheys. The heritage of ruling power belongs to the sun. Sun is the life-giving sun; that is why all power all might has been attributed to the sun. Time has changed. It will be very, very fortunate, for any man who has any little intelligence, to sing the song of the constitution of the universe, ring the bell of invincibility, and sing the anthem of the Global Country of World Peace. And, this is the melody that has to guide every step of evolution of every man everywhere. If some people are born in that little island of England or this country of 200 years ago, America was formed, like that, like that, those were the days when man was learning to find himself, but this is the scientific age where all science, whether it is objective approach or it is subjective approach, whether it is modern science or it is ancient science of consciousness, which has declared a world in the transcendental field, a world in the transcendental field. And, we have the constitution. Constitution means all the laws that are put together which reign life, which administer life. That is the constitution, and that is Rk Ved. Every man, not for the sake of ceremonial occasions, but as a matter of every moment of life, has to put that anthem to practice in behavior, practice in thought, in thinking process and that on the level of Being, Atma, the self, the self-referral field of intelligence. That is the country we are opening the whole world, all these fifty years we have been talking of step by step, seven steps of consciousness. But, when I heard these monsters, destroys of the world that there is no peaceful alternative to create peace and the world must be destroyed, then I got really alerted from this exhortation of this German sentiment, German Government. We will see how the German are able to keep on to this, because there is life also in Germany, there is life also in America, there is life also in England.

Individual Is Cosmic

The Individual is CosmicSo, those few monsters who are earning their livelihood by selling arms or by creating arms in the factory, the time is coming to realize that the whole thing was nothing intelligent, nothing worthy of inheriting to any one. All those inheritance of those religions who teach suffering, and those administrative systems in the government, whatever the name they call it, whether they call it democracy or dictatorship or coup, all those things like children playing with the little homes on the beach, I have second story build, I have third story build, children play like that. So this children play must come to end because it has come out to be destructive for the world. And, we are opening a way of life, from that supreme level of evolution of life, seventh state of consciousness, unity consciousness. I am aware of the organizations who have been teaching unity consciousness, whatever understanding they have, now they have a chance to fulfill their aspirations for supreme quality of life. Doesn’t matter, when the night comes it overtakes the whole field, but everyone in his own home lights up little candle and lives in light, so let there be darkness all around but the individual life, individual as an individual, we have been talking, we have been explaining, we have been giving to the people how to unfold their cosmic potential, individual is cosmic. So, when I am damning these destructive forces in the world, I welcome and heartily have beautiful praises from my side, for all those organizations who have had the ideal of unity, whatever they have known unity today or for all these years, very well-meaning organizations, whatever. But now, is the time for them to enjoy fullness of bright light, fullness of bright light. The step of reaching higher levels of intelligence through the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, and now the Vedic law, the constitution of the universe has come to be established on the scientific level of modern science and Vedic science. We have in this government of the Global Country of World Peace top scientists in the world. I don’t want to say all these, which are called scientific magazines, in America and in Germany and in England, they refuse to print the scientific researches, and when we inquire why don’t you do it, they say, “We don’t want to discourage our clients who buy arms from us, because that is our livelihood, we earn our living by selling arms.” This is science! Science in America, science in England, and science in Germany, it is a deceptive field. They have a big façade of so many editors, this and this, they make such a big huge fuss, and very best minds in the world, who do the scientific research and their papers for years they are held up, they are not printed, because they are supportive to life.

Physiology Is the Expression of Vedic Words

Phuman PhysiologyBut all that is, just that thing which was informed to me by some sincere man in the world, that any thing that suited to America, that is international law, and that is human rights; shame to all this. From this level of light, from this level where the time is stepping on to the seventh state of consciousness, supreme. I don’t say that the world has become enlightened, but some few have certainly become enlightened, and due to their presence in the world today, due their in- and out-going breath, the world consciousness had gained a character, which is like the first ray of light of the rising sun, which has taken these fifty years, but now the anthem which sings the eternal song of the life, the constitution of the universe, Rk Ved. Where even the first word has the total natural law in it, and sequentially expanding, it is expanding the sense of law in the practicality in everyone’s life. It is expanding from the transcendental field to more and more grosser field of life. And, we have in charge of this Global Country of World Peace a scientist who declared few years ago and who was weighed in gold for his discovery, that the whole physiology is the expression of the vibrations of the Vedic words. It is the field of knowledge expressed in the Vedic words that transforms itself from its own self-referral level and becomes the physiology of the world. That great scientist, that great physiologist who sees the physiology in terms of consciousness, I ring the bell of invincibility on the basis of his research, which had been an all-time record in the Vedic literature, all-time record in the Vedic literature, and I invite the world to make understanding of each syllable, each word, each phrase of this constitution of the universe. The constitution that has all the laws of nature very well defined in their unified state, and in their diversifying values and in their diversified state, eternally diversified is the ever expanding universe and eternally unified is the ever expanding universe, this is the joy of life, this is the joy of science.

The Seat of Invincibility

Maharishiji during his talkLet these Generals of NATO’s in England and Germany and America understand—you are still alive today, you can still aspire to live your daily life in terms of peace, which will be power, resign from your sinful performance—all these generals, take lesson from General Singh today, who is in charge of defense of the world, who is ready to give the knowledge of invincibility to every nation, invincibility to every nation. And, all the generals and colonels of every army in the world, learn from General Singh, where is the seat of invincibility, and he will tell you, within every individual is the totality of cosmic life, and in the cosmic life there is that feature of invincibility, and there is royalty. Otherwise, this royal country, this sovereign country, the whole thing is a mirage. Anyone who goes to United Nations, he gets a sovereign nation. A sovereign nation is not on the paper, which can be torn in half a minute, even in half a second. So, the world has been greatly misguided by those who knew how to destroy. Out of fear, each country in the world today, only out of fear, they are submitting to the American dictations or to the British arms. Time has come, time has long gone for change, and it is changing. Either they change or they get out of sight from the world. The world is going to be worthy of those who have higher intelligence. We are setting up on the administration level, the administration level means those laws, those systems of administration which govern the character of the people, all that is there in great detail, and the whole thing is beautifully summarized in what these Vedic pandits call Raj Trageed. It is not a ceremonial thing, anthem, national anthem is not to remain a ceremonial thing, Vedic anthem which is going to be a common light to bring the cosmic value of life within the individual speech, within the individual behavior, within the individual education and health and defense and all that, all that. People of the world awake! Today I am declaring fulfillment of my aspiration to spiritually regenerate the world, and this is when I am advancing a practical administrative skill that from the governmental level. From the level that regulates life, this supreme level of intelligence will be the reality.  Every country has to be on this if the country is going to survive. Otherwise this is a mirage; today I am a sovereign, tomorrow I am on the street, third day I am in the jail. What is this? It is this thing in the world existing that has alerted us to create a new world.

The Constitution of the Unity Consciousness

The recitation of the constitution of the universeFrom where to bring a new world? The new world has already existed but it was underground in the field of Parame Vyoman, in the field of transcendental consciousness, in the field of self-referral. But, in the scientific age, the self-referral has come out to be, now listen, in the scientific age the self-referral which was transcendental reality, has come to be appreciated as no more transcendental, no more only self referral, but the self-referral in terms of object-referral. There was a time in the field of science a few years ago, when the quantum field was found, and by now this quantum field is the field of diversity, the field of change. The quantum field is no more transcendental; it has become the basis of all the changes, it has become the changing mode of the non-changing reality. Purnat purnam udachyate, Vedic Pandits when they sing, Purnat purnam udachyate, then they sing in their anthem, in their Vedic anthem, druvam, druvam. Now, I am asking the Vedic pandits to say this national anthem, which is the song of life, it is natural song of life, it is not humanly structured poetry, no, it is the poetry of infinity, infinity sings it, and now the time for every one to understand what the Vedic anthem is. But now, but just now when we are opening the dignity of the constitution of the unity consciousness I want to show where it is inscribed, this Vedic constitution, where it is inscribed, let me use one phrase, Vedic phrase in the anoraniyan and mahato-mahiyan, in the smaller than the smallest in creation and the bigger than the biggest in creation. So, the whole creation is lively in the presence of this constitution of the universe. I am asking the pandits to have this constitution of the universe from each of the four Vedas. We have very great pandits, just as we have very great scientists, the top scientists in the world, we have top Vedic pandits to recite the music of nature, the music of natural law, the music, that silently puts everything to higher states of evolution and now the global life as a whole is coming up in terms of a Global Country of World Peace. Just two months ago when the first voice was raised, Global Country of World Peace, so many letters came and telegrams asking, “Where is your land? Where is your land?” People have told me, one very beautiful saint, I liked him very much for his words; he said, “Wander, in the land of nowhere.” This was talked about the situation of administrator in the world, he wanders on the land of nowhere. It is all-abstract, it is all self-referral, and it is not available to the object-referral.

Continuity in the Administration

Members of the Movement attending the International CelebrationBut now, in the scientific age, the ancient, the most ancient field of total knowledge is there to say that Rk Ved is the constitution of the universe, and all the other Veds, and all the forty values of the Vedic literature, which have been brought to light by our greatest scientist of the world. Now, he has a position as an administrator of the Global Country of World Peace; Nader Ram, he inherits the name of the ideal ruler Ram, who hails from the solar dynasty, and the whole literature. Itihas, one the forty values of the Vedic literature, sings the glory of this ideal reign; time is there, not for these human race, humanly manipulated, when people ask me about that, I said if there is a labor government you can expect such an idiot performance only by the labor. Labor is someone who has to be guided; now the labor becomes the President, he creates a havoc in the whole world. That is why the voice is there, damn the democracy. There has to be continuity in the administration, administration has to be a continued administration; why the administration of the ever-changing universe is steady? And, why it is ideal? And, why it is supportive to life of everyone? Why? Because of its presence, of its intelligence within every grain of creation, as far as the individual grain is concerned and the totality of natural law is concerned— so anoraniyan and mahato-mahiyan—and this fact of unity of life has been recognized by a scientist who has around him the top world scientists, top world scientists. And, those who are familiar with all our values, they all know them, they will be introduced properly in these coming days, and the coming months, and the coming years. And, the whole field of education will be the education of a perfect man. Vedic education is education to develop a perfect man everywhere. All these stupid concepts of universities, thousand years ago, or whenever this university system started, it took it for granted that all knowledge cannot be gained by anyone. This is only a misunderstanding. All knowledge is always present within the self-referral consciousness of everyone. So, those old systems of hanging on to a university education are a waste of individual’s time. Such a system of education has been appalling, so much scientific researches has gone into that, that even those who are declared to be the best physicists of the year, the best chemistry man of the year, the best mathematician of the year, their brain does not function fully. This is the scientific research about what the life is. One subject gained, he may become, in whatever degree he may become expert in that, but as far as total knowledge is concerned he is a big zero, cipher. Vedic education is that education which has infinity lively in it and how the infinity in this unified state diversified itself from within its self-referral character of activity.


Continuation of Maharishi's talk and King Nader Rama on the 7th issue


The Summary of Maharishi's Talk in Professor Bevan’s Words

At the end of his talk, Maharishi said: "I would like all this message to go as a capsule in the words of Professor Bevan Morris, the president of International Universities, he is a great genius, he is a very great genius. Listen to these scientists and make your way worthwhile to be an enlightened way, to make perfection in life. Now, we will hear the summary of the whole things in professor Bevan’s words.

Professor Bevan MorrisToday, in the expression of Maharishi's devotion to his master; Guru Dev, and the whole Vedic Tradition of Masters, in this time of Swarn Jayanti or cosmic golden jubilee of Guru Dev, Maharishiji has proclaimed a new time dawning on earth. He has said that he is feeling great satisfaction, great fulfillment; the first ray of light on the horizon that is going to dispel all of the darkness that exists in every corner of the world. This, after 50 years since Maharishi received the inspiration from his Master to restore Vedic civilization to the entire world, perpetual peace and heaven on earth, and from this day Maharishiji's said life is going to get better and better for the whole human race, problems will be less and less, day-by-day and month-by-month and year-by-year. And, this has come at the time when Maharishi has inaugurated, in the swinging bliss of the Swarn Jayanti, the Global Country of World Peace, to unite the whole family of nations; one sovereign alliance of sovereign nations, and Maharishi has crowned His Majesty Raja Nader Ram as the first sovereign ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

The Great Change

So, this is Maharishi's great fulfillment; the great vision that he has today, that when performing Puja to Guru Dev, as usual, he felt this great fulfillment that the target has been brought to vision, the target of the achievements of perpetual peace for the whole world family. The special character, Maharishi said, of this moment is that now peace is going to be the dominant power on earth, rather then the power of destruction. This is the great change that is going on at this moment in the long history of the world of ups and downs. Now, peace is going to become the power that dominates life on earth, and not that quality of destruction that is present in those nations, particularly that they both actively selling arms and threatening other nations with armed attack. The way in which this time of peace now comes on earth is just through the knowledge, Maharishi said, of the seventh states of consciousness. The age of ignorance, when governments and individuals knew only waking, sleeping, and dreaming states of consciousness, that time is over and now is the dawn of Brahmi Chetana; of unity consciousness, of the rise of every individual to unity consciousness, where they live infinite peace, and live the cosmic potentiality, which is their birthright.

The Vedic Anthem

Pandits Reciting the Vedic AnthemSo this is the basis of the reality of peace, now becoming the dominant power on earth, and Maharishi, in his address, laid a great emphasis on the reality of this, in the Vedic anthem of the Global Country of World Peace. The Vedic anthem of the Global Country of World Peace is RK Ved, Sama Ved, Yajur Ved, and Atharva Ved, and we have heard the minister of natural law the greatest Vedic scholar of this age lead the pandits in the recitation of this Vedic anthem, and Maharishi made a very powerful point about this Vedic anthem that it is not ceremonial, like other anthems you play when there is a parade, or you play on special event, and then you forget what it says and forget it's reality. The Vedic anthem of the Global Country of World Peace; the four aspects of the Ved, is the reality that should be heard everyday to motivate all thought and speech and action to be on the basis of the totality of natural law. Always in the evolutionary direction of natural law, in the direction of peace, in the direction of harmony, and in the direction of prosperity and the fulfillment of desires, through the support of the totality of natural law. So, the Vedic anthem of the Global Country of World Peace as recited, as sung by the Vedic pandits, is the song of infinity, the music of nature. The sound is to be heard by all the citizens of the Global Country of World Peace to motivate their life to be all supported by that supreme intelligence of natural law, which is the administrator of the entire universe. Maharishi found in this anthem; the word "invincibility", and in this Vedic anthem he saw the reality that every individual, on the level of their transcendental consciousness, their Parame Vyoman, every individual is invincible reality, every individual is secured in the field of infinite peace and bliss and organizing power. This is the reality of unity consciousness, Brahmi Chetana, the basis for the reality of the Global Country of World Peace, the offering of the Global Country of World Peace, and the basis for peace now becoming the greatest power on earth.

The Ocean of Peace

Ocean of PeaceThe reality is that this whole universe is an ocean of peace, is infinite peace. This whole universe is the self-referral expression of the unified field of natural law, and that is the field of infinite peace, so there is nothing in the universe, even the billions of galaxies at the farthest distant point of the universe, are all the vibrant expressions of the ocean of peace, the ocean of consciousness; Atma, which is the self of every individual. So, every nation cannot really be considered to be disconnected from the infinite peace at the beginning, at the source of creation. Every nation and every individual in every nation is the exact expression of this field of infinite peace. So the Global Country of World Peace really already exists on the Parame Vyoman level, on the transcendental level as an abstract reality, the whole creation is the field of eternal peace, and now, through the creation of the Global Country of World Peace, through its programs to raise unity consciousness in the population, under the leadership of his majesty Nader Ram. So, “the actual reality of life is infinite peace” will become a concrete reality for every nation on earth, and all darkness will disappear as light, the onset of light always just brings that end of all darkness, even one ray of dawning sun, Maharishi said, brings the end of darkness, and this is what he proclaims today, and this is going to grow more and more, day by day.

The Greatest Scientist of our Age

King Nader RamaWhen we consider Rk Ved, Sama Ved, Yajur Ved, and Atharva Ved and all the thirty-six aspects of Vedic literature, what we are speaking of, Maharishi said, is the constitution of the universe. The total knowledge of natural law that is the administrator of everything in creation, and this of course, not only the Vedic anthem of the Global Country of World Peace, the constitution of the universe is the constitution of the Global Country of World Peace, and this gives us the very clear understanding of why Maharishi crowned the greatest scientist of the world, Professor Tony Nader MD PhD, to be Raja Nader Ram, bearing the name of Shri Ram; the name of that Raja Ram, whose kingdom was perpetually peaceful for thousands of years, and enjoyed heaven on earth. Maharishi has chosen the greatest scientist of our age and of any age as the king of the Global Country of World Peace, because of his scientific achievement that he was weighed in gold, for his discovery that every human physiology of every person on earth, is just the expression of the vibrating Vedic impulses in Atma; the transcendental field of existence. Every human being therefore, is a vibrating form expression of the constitution of the universe; Rk Ved and the total Vedic literature. Everyone is Ved, and everyone is the totality of natural law. Everyone's physiology is made of pure consciousness vibrating in the impulses of Ved, in the impulses of nature's intelligence, and thus, every individual in the world is cosmic. Everyone equally, whatever nation or religion or culture they have born into, whatever language they speak, every person is cosmic, everyone has cosmic potentiality of infinite peace, and infinite bliss, and infinite organizing power, at the basis of their physiology, and vibrant in their self-referral consciousness. So, naturally this great scientist who has shown that our physiology is consciousness, he is the one who has that knowledge embodied in his existence, from both modern science and its objective perspective, and Maharishi's Vedic science, which has objective and subjective both together. Nader Ram has this knowledge deeply ingrained, embodied in his existence, so, he is in a position, with his 40 ministers, representing the 40 aspects of Ved and Vedic literature; the 40 qualities of nature's intelligence, applied to 40 aspects of human existence. Nader Ram and his cabinet, they have the ability, the power given to them by Maharishi, to create this world were peace is predominant for all of life on earth.

Generals of NATO Should Resign

Dr Bevan Morris during his talkMaharishi contrast that this reality of what has gone with what is coming and with what has gone before. He strongly recommended to the generals of NATO that they should resign. NATO is an organization that openly threatens destruction against other nations, either time when Maharishi has provided a complete Vedic technology of peace that can prevent any war before it arises. At this time when Maharishi has given such precious knowledge of how to achieve peace without any violence or destruction, then it is an outrage against the human race that people continue to build up arms and sell arms and threaten destruction and fight wars, when right in front of them, from Maharishi and from Nader Ram, is the Maharishi Vedic technology of peace to prevent war and let the world live perpetually in peace. Maharishi asked these generals of NATO to take a lesson from general Singh, who is the minister of defense in Nader Ram's government of the Global Country of World Peace, and not listen anymore to those voices in governments who say: "Oh! There is no alternative to destruction; we had to destroy all those people in order to achieve peace." This is the complete nonsense in this age and is confirmed as such, both by scientific principles and by scientific research. Maharishi also contrasted the coming world of perpetual peace with the sorry failure of governments in the world, and he damned all the systems of governments in the world, their sovereignty is imaginary; a fraud, they can be overthrown at any time by invasion or by coup d'état, the president of one day, Maharishi said, is overthrown the next day, and in-jailed the third day. They also are fraud in the sense that they never prevent the problems of the people, and, generation after generation, it has been going on like that. So, people have continued to suffer, and they say: "I don't have any money, so I cannot solve any problems in the nations." when the cosmic treasury of nature is lively within the heart of every citizen of their nations, should then only be awakened by proper education in national life. So, they allow the nation to continue in poverty and weakness. So, this is the sorry situation of governments with their sovereignty as a mirage. But, with millions of people transcending in the world, with the foundation of the Global Country of World Peace, and the coronation of its king, sovereignty and invincibility can now be enjoyed by every nation, and a new world order of affluence and peace, created for all of this world, of our world, of all our billions of people, and for generation after generation, for all the thousands of years to come. 

Vedic Education

Vedic EducationVery powerful, in helping to create this situation, is Maharishi's foundation of his university of world peace under the leadership of Professor Volker Schanbacher. Professor Schanbacher by creating campuses all over the world of the Maharishi University of World Peace, offering Vedic education, will secure the peace that the Global Country of World Peace has been established to create and sustain on earth. Vedic education, Maharishi emphasized, is absolutely vital to the perpetuation of peace on earth, to its creation and perpetuation. Present education, present science, develops only parts of the brain, fragments of the brain, leaves people devoid of the ability to live in harmony with natural law. Violation of natural law by the citizens of the world, building up stress and strain creates perpetual tension and conflict and warfare in the world. Only education that develops the total brain potential, and that is Vedic education based upon the experience and knowledge of Atma; transcendental consciousness that alone will develop a peaceful world for the whole human race. And, this is what Professor Schanbacher is doing, and with him Professor Hagelin, who is unfolding with professor Schanbacher the detailed knowledge of Atma, from the perspective of modern science, and Maharishi's Vedic science, the detailed knowledge of the unified field of natural law; the field of infinite peace and harmony, and the application of that, to the life of every nation on earth. And, with this we will also see and end to that kind of religion that held suffering as an ideal, suffering as a valuable thing, and with supporting the activities of their government in killing. We have seen throughout history the blessing of the pope and other religious leaders on invasion and colonization and destruction of life, and this fanatical approach Maharishi said, is now going to come to the end. What we are going to have, he said, is administration through education , a very interesting theme; "Administration through education" Vedic education, developing the total potential of the brain, allowing every child to rise to unity consciousness, where living spontaneously in harmony with natural law, supported by the totality of natural law for every thought, speech and action. And, all citizens of the nation together living like that; administration of the nation will spontaneously be through natural law; the same natural law, the same constitution of the universe that administers the whole creation, will be the administrator of human life on earth, and raise every government to be on a pas with the government of the universe, enjoying that simple, natural, spontaneous, perfectly orderly administration that prevents problems before they arise, and ensures that the whole population lives in prosperity and peace throughout time.

The Vedic Civilization

Board of Ministers of the Global Country of World PeaceSo, this is what we’ll do, it is the rise of unifying principles through education, this will motivate the creation of leaders in each country, of an ideal character and quality, not like the monsters or dragons of destruction, as Maharishi called them, who dominate in nations today, rather with the unifying principals, ideal character and quality of government, where the self-referral will no longer just be on the transcendental level, but where the governments and President, every leader of every nation, and all the citizens of every nation will experience the whole objective reality, the whole creation, as self-referral, as the wave of their own unity consciousness. So, this is the time that Maharishi saw coming today, in his celebrating of the dawn of the new year. A great joy to the world that Maharishi is proclaiming, such a great time that is now dawning on this earth. And, how fortunate are we that there is such a sage who was born into this world and who, through his beautiful interactions with his master, who is inspired first for Brahmi Chetana, for the supreme intelligence, supreme state of knowledge, supreme state of consciousness in his life, and motivated by the greatness of his master, to restore total Vedic knowledge in his Vedic science and technology, and to restore Vedic civilization that is a civilization based upon the complete knowledge of natural law, that will create perpetual peace on the basis of unity consciousness, lived by all the citizens of the world. So, Maharishi has called for the people of the world to awake, and for the governments to realize that now is the time, to either come to Nader Ram and all this great knowledge of administration through education, through administration that will be through natural law, to come to Nader Ram for that knowledge, or to go out of office, and let someone come into office, who will bring quickly, not after long time but immediately, this perpetual peace to their nation, affluence to their nation and to the world. A very good time for the world, Maharishi said, has now dawned from today. It is the light of perfection dawning, he has seen the raise of that dawning sun of perfection on earth, and with that, darkness can no more exist in this world, and all nations equally, no nation will be a thorn to any other nation, all nations equally will have full and true sovereignty in invincibility and a lasting administration, not something that changes with every coup or every wind of national life, but a lasting administration, like the administration of the universe by natural law.

Let the Power of Peace Dominate on Earth

Dr Bevan Morris closing his talkSo, with all of this, Maharishi has rung the bell of invincibility through the prime minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr. Emmanuel Shifkens, and he has again celebrated his swinging bliss of devotion to his Master Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, in this Swarn Jayanti song, celebrating the cosmic golden jubilee of Guru Dev, of this giant of the Vedic tradition, who designed in Maharishi a life, capable of transforming the deepest age of ignorance the kali yoga into a golden age of perpetual peace on earth. So, we thank Maharishi for having done supreme justice to the knowledge that he received from Guru Dev, and blessing the whole world, not only in our generation, but also for all generations to come, with knowledge that creates perpetual peace and heave on earth. And, he has handed with great confidence the world to Raja Nader Ram, and his cabinets of forty aspects of Vedic literature, forty qualities of nature's intelligence, of forty ministers, to implement all of this, that Maharishi has designed with Guru Dev's inspiration, and let the power of peace dominate on earth and the power of destruction and all that is negative dissolve away. Let the first ray of this dawning sun of this new time on earth, rise quickly to the full sunshine of perpetual peace and heaven on earth. So all glory to Maharishiji and to Guru Dev and the Vedic Tradition of Masters, for the supreme gift and the supreme achievement that could be there at anytime at any cycle of creation, which we celebrate joyfully and blissfully with Maharshji today.

Jai Guru Dev


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