Volume 1, Issue No.5

January 2001

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Maharishi's Talk About The Achievements of 
The First Month of Rule of 
The First Sovereign Ruler of 
Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace.
Part II  

This is the second and the last part of the Maharishi's talk about the achievements of the First Month of Rule of the First Sovereign Ruler of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace. Maharishi said, "Listen to what I have said thousand times" You can read the first part in the previous issue of the TMBulletin. Click Here. - The TMBulletin Team

This talk was broadcast on the Maharishi channel, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi started with a Vedic recitation thanking the Holy Tradition of Masters and then He gave his  message, and here is the continuation:

Echoes Of Invincibility

Dr. Emmanuel ShifkenThe Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace is now ready to ring the bell of invincibility of affluence and peace. Dr. Emmanuel Shifken is the Chief Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, rings the bell of Eureka for all mankind, Eureka for peace and affluence. These are the echoes of invincibility, the bells of invincibility in order to announce that we are celebrating invincibility, real, real invincibility for all the sovereign nations in the world. Otherwise invincibility is a dream, a few people sit around to say yes, you are sovereign, they make all those laws. Itís like children sitting on the seashore, I make one-story house, I make two-story house, and the wind comes and blow off. So, from this announcement today, the world is stepping on to a new order of affluence and peace. Those old days of faith, and faith on what, faith on all the trash. All these philosophies of practices, programs of NATO, programs of America, Germany and England to destroy the world, how many arms you make. The whole thing is a shame. Shame to human civilization.




Barbarianism Should End

Dr. Emmanuel Shifken Ringing the Bell of InvincibilityThose countries should amend their principles. They should see where they are; they should see that they have been grouping in darkness. Blind leading the blind. Look to life in America, look to life in Germany, in England. Had they created an ideal nation? No. If anything they have annoyed natural law, so much sickness, so much suffering in all these countries, and still there is an aspiration that you come to my fold, otherwise I will destroy you. Those days of barbarianism should end, and it will end. When the light comes darkness naturally ends. So, when we are celebrating the dawn of a new world order of affluence and peace, so it naturally goes to say the end of the dark ages. In the name of science is this, the scientific magazines of America and England and all that, they make a big fuss, there are so many referees to say that yes, your article will be published or will not be published. The whole thing is a fraud. When the light comes, then we know how much we have been suffering in darkness, our new world order is dawning with affluence. The picture of Mother Divine with all her affluence! This is the brilliance of the destiny of mankind, the destiny of all government. I do not know in how many emphatic words I should invite the governments to take the gift of the finance ministry of the Global Country of World Peace. Dr. Benjamin Feldman has that competence to eliminate this very shameful expression of every government that have been heard for hundreds of years, ďI have no money; I want to built so many housing for my people but I have no money.Ē Forget about your days of poverty, government. Government of the world, including China government, India government, Russia government, America government, small governments and big governments, take affluence from Dr. Benjamin Feldman, the Finance Minister of the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. It is the same kind of offer, that have came out in the world, you are cosmic inside, enjoy this and this, and those who believe, they began to enjoy.

Time of Darkness is Over

So, I am giving note, a very pious, a very holy call to all the governments in the world, doesnít matter to what religion they belong, so many governments belong to Islam, so many governments belong to Christianity, so many governments belong to Buddhism, but each government had been proclaiming to his people that they have no money. Forget these incapacities and governments, come to feel affluence. Time of darkness is over, the time of the bright light of the dawn is now at hand. Todayís proclamation is the same proclamation that I had made about the life of the individual forty-fifty years ago, the same thing. I am asking every government to really give meaningfulness to its sovereignties. Otherwise its sovereignties is a trashóit has no meaning, absolutely no meaning, till America comes and bombs your country and takes away your sovereignty, thatís all your sovereignty is. Your sovereignty depends on your membership at the United Nation; I have been enquiring these days what is this sovereignty. The sovereignty is confirmed to the people by being alliance of NATO or being alliance of UNO, all these monetary funds, all these great charitable organizations who have created chaos in the world everywhere.

The Power of Invincible Knowledge

Now, it is very good that there is an awakening in the field of governments in the world that they have come to know what great mess the intelligence of the World Bank is creating in the world. But, nevertheless they go ahead because that is their policy, by any hook and crook, by any good words, or words to create fear or bomb. Very shame for human race that had been struggling all these years.


But, now the first king comes with the power of invincible knowledge of natural law. Governments of the world, Finance Ministers, Presidents, Prime Ministers of all different countries are being invited cordially. I am using the word cordially today, and tomorrow their own people will condemn them that there is a wealth, and you say you donít have money, why not take the wealth from here. Today I am inviting them in cordial words, tomorrow the people will throw you out, and your own opposition parties in your countries will show you the way. Please go out. And others may come and bring the affluence from this Global Country of World Peace.

Use this Knowledge

Mahalakshmi with the Endless Pot of GoldIt is a very great thing, just look to the vision of Mother Divine. See the coins falling from a pot, which is endlessly full. This is Vedic wisdom. This is the wisdom of natural law. There is a field where affluence is available in plenty. Use this knowledge. Dr. Benjamin Feldman, the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, will take you out of your ignorance, and you will not repeat these shameful words from the level of the government, because government means; you can hang a man; you have your social justice in your country, if a man does something wrong, he is given imprisonment or put him to hang. When you can hang a man, but you cannot make a poor man wealthy, then you are a fraud; you are useless, you are a waste for the country. This is the situation of every government now. As long as there is no endless treasury available to you, so long, you have all right saying you do not have money. You depend on dollar, but you donít depend on your own treasury. Great ignorance. Now look to your intelligence, that some papers printed far away, you believe in that; you donít believe in your own national currency, you have no faith in your own treasury, you are a useless government, you are a shame to the governmental organization, you donít deserve to call yourself government.

Either Come or Leave The Chair

Ministers of the Global Country of World PeaceEither come with time and eliminate all the weaknesses of your people. I have taken only economics just now, I have taken just the economic achievements of King Nader Ram during this first month of his coronation, and like that, he has forty ministries, each bring the light of forty values of the Vedic literature and bringing enrichment to the forty values of the physiology of man and physiology of the whole universe. So, take lesson from this new light of science, or if you have any respect to your country, any patriotism, leave the chair. Let some other people come, let the youngsters come, and they will hold the reign, they will hold the national Constitution of your country, which is very shameful, fake. Ten, twenty or hundred people sit around and they draft a constitution, and on that basis, you are hanging the people to this thing, and you are administering the country with words that you have no money; you go to other countries, borrow their money, live on arms, be beggars and still call yourself to be sovereign nation. What a shame. The whole thing was a very fraudulent structure of society.

Endless Treasury

Today is the day when we are opening an endless treasury for any government, any government. If you donít believe, you donít deserve to be a government. Government is a shadow, it is just a shell, a hollow shell, if it says I donít have money, I donít have this, I cannot provide more education, I donít have money, I must take all agriculture to be poison, all that. The whole performance of every government today is very poisonous to life. They must abundant all those old habits whatever your great ministers are. Look to your organization, Prime Ministers, Presidents of the countries, look to your institution, how much you are able to satisfy your people. Donít think that your party can any longer sustain the false pretensions with the public. If there is a government and the people are suffering, if they donít have enough food, and they donít have enough education, if they donít have enough security; that structure of administration is to be damned. Whatever it is. If it is democracy, damn it; if it is anything, damn it. We want peace, affluence, prosperity, perfect education, good healthy food and invincible security. An invincible security, our Defense Minister will explain you.

The World Will Enjoy For Ever  

Each of these ministries is competent to justify the word of the ministry, the name of the ministry. Finance Ministry of the Global Country of World Peace mean endless affluence, any amount; you do it, you go through the process, and you will see that what I have said is absolutely correct, true and pious. Whether you do it today or allow you successor to do it tomorrow, doesnít matter, but the world have had, in this proclamation, in this review of one-month reign of the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, something that the world will enjoy forever, every generation of the world will enjoy. And, all these false pretext, such a big fuss of that election, great election, for months together, whosoever give money to the media, media publishes articles for him and media comes everyday; itís all misguided by misconceptions of moneyed people, which, I am told, comes from selling weapon, selling the tobacco. Look to the history of America, billions they spent on their elections. American intelligentsia is absolutely amazed, to see that the whole thing is a fraud. There is no sincerity. Whosoever gives money to the media, his name will be published often and often. In India we have also heard that sometimes the Prime Minister gave so much money, then he get so much articles written for him; if some other minister gave money then he gets articles written for him. This is deceiving the people. It is a great unfairness to life.

The Constitution Of The Universe

Now is the example of a government. What is the example of a government? Government governs by total of natural law, the Constitution of the Universe. RK Ved is the Constitution of the Universe, whether is India or China or Russia or America, it doesnít matter what. Whenever they would realize that the Constitution of the Universe is available in the Vedic literature, whether they will do it today or after bombing the world ten times, or whatever. In whatever generation, when the people of the world will realize that there is a Constitution of the Universe, there is the rule of the natural law, and there is on earth a pattern of administration on the basis of this Constitution of the Universe. It is very enjoyable time to see that the Spiritual Regeneration Movement has not only succeeded in spiritually regenerating the individual consciousness, but has now covered the whole field of collective consciousness. Those who donít understand the field of collective consciousness, let them not understand, let them continue to suffer. Many people are still not practicing Transcendental Meditation, but many are practicing, for those who are practicing they are enjoying, and who are not practicing let them continue to suffer. But, we have done our work by having all these centers everywhere, and now an example of a government; an ideal example of a government is being put before the world. An ideal setup of administration, which is floating in affluence and peace and total knowledge and all these beautiful things that belong to the forty values of the Vedic literature.

The Writing in the Physiology  

All the Laws of Nature in Human PhysiologyAll these ministers will endlessly describe to you. But, take it from this new example of an ideal administration. Take the example, whether Muslim countries or Christian countries or Buddhist or Hindus whatever, avoid suffering in your life. If you are a government, you have no right to say that you donít have this or this or this. If you can hang a man you should have the ability to make a man happy. You should have the ability to prevent a man from problems. If the government doesnít have the education to the people to prevent them from doing wrong, that government should have no right to punish them. Right to punish comes from the failure of government. Donít go that way because destroyer will be destroyed, to whatever religion you belong, to Islam or Christianity or what or what. Donít bind yourself as Islamic countries. See how much you are suffering. What is your government doing for you? Here is a call that you can become an affluent man, and there is a practice that you can remain in the name of Islam, and Islamic law. Very good Islamic law, but for what reason making the people suffer! And continuously suffer! And, hold on Islamic law, whatever your law, a Christian law, or Buddhist law or whatever. Some book of yours which you are following, whether it is two thousand years ago, fifteen hundred years ago, one thousand years ago, ten thousand years, take the writing which is eternally there in the physiology of your body, in the physiology of your society, in the physiology of your nation, and bang those useless people who pose on you, like saying we are elected, we have the right to make the law to hang you. Human race had been under this fraudulent theme of administration for very long time, and today I am calling them to wake up to their responsibilities, and I am offering them a structure, which they could try and get out of their weakness.

Donít Live Under False Pretexts

Professor Benjamin Feldman will give you what your government had failed to give you, and if your government said no, we are Christian, thatís fine, if it keeps you held by poverty and suffering, what is the use of that thing? What is the use of religion? If the merciful God that you pray, conveys on you continued poverty, continued pain, continued diseases, suffering. What is the use of your prayer? Where is the effect of prayer? Donít live under false pretexts. And, I am making an appeal to those who have mind to think, to those who have mind to thinkÖit doesnít matter; those who donít think now, their sons will think tomorrow, and they will soon be outer. No government will be able to last longer, if it continues with poverty and if continues to  suffering the people in all kinds of inadequacies.

Vedic Architecture

Housing is a great field of life, which can make you very happy or can make you very unhappy. People do not know that lots of their sickness, lots of the quarrels, lots of their problems come from their living according to wrong layout of housing. Wrong layout of housing. Here is a call for all the construction companies in the world to just go for the Vedic architecture. Vedic architecture will tell you. What should be the orientation of your house? Where should be the kitchen? That means fire, where should the water? Where should be the bedrooms? Your study rooms? These have very great significance in life. Life has to be on the basis of the knowledge of natural law. If you have not been following, begin to do it now, or do it from that time when you want to enjoy life. As long as you want to continue to suffer, continue to suffer with your present intellect, with your present religion or God or whatever you may think. That whole thing is a fraud if it keeps you under the threshold of suffering.

The First Ruler Of The World

So, here is the call from the fulfillment of my Spiritual Regeneration Movement in this one month of the achievements of the physical structure of the administration of Nader Ram. The first ruler of the world. The first ruler of the world. His Majesty Nader Ram. The first majesty. The first His Majesty, which has a real meaning in the world. Otherwise there may be two hundred majesties, very great majesty and everything. But, what it means? Majesty in suffering! Majesty in weakness. All these great majesties, the royal majesty and all that. The whole thing is hollow. Make it substantial, the governments of the world, you have it. A message, you have it, you have a practical program, and take advice from the Finance Minister, and then make your reign, make your administration meaningful, make your administration meaningful. Administration is meaningful when the government is able to protect the people of doing wrong. If the government is not able to protect the people of doing wrong, then that government is incompetent, and that government should not have the right to punish the people when they do wrong. Wrongdoing is just the result of bad education, and there is no reason why you are giving education, but not good education, or complete education. You are giving them religious education, fine. Put cross on their neck and say, ďBecause Christ had a cross you should have a crossĒ. All these superficial thing of religions. Religions I value, I honor, I adore, but superficiality of any religion, if any religious man is suffering, look at Buddhist religion in Thailand, thousands of young men are being taught Buddhism, but what? They are suffering, they are poor, they are sick, they are confused, and all these great hierarchy of religion, the king of Thailand and all those things, meaningless, absolutely meaningless. I am proclaiming all them to be meaningless now today, when I am offering them an alternative. Here is an alternative of the ideal administration from this new structure of administration of the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

Listen...Thousand Times

I am very happy to give you a vision of all possibilities in the renaissance of the world economy. I would like to just have you another vision of Mother Divine, Mahalakshmi, which is there seated in the heart of everyone, which is there seated in the heart of the whole universe. And, practically, I am not talking faith, I am not talking anything other than actuality of life. You come to professor Benjamin Feldman, and he will give entry into this unlimited source of wealth, Mahalakshmi. Specifically, to this glorious system of administration through natural law. I could go on and on, but itís my joy to express all these great waves of fulfillment of my forty years of resolution, but just my message ends in a vision of affluence, the pot of affluence from where all the wealth could come, and on this basis of unfolding wealth, all the governments can share affluence and peace. This is the establishment of a new order of affluence and peace. Listen to what I have said thousand times, and practice on it, and if you are part of any government, tell the government people, tell the great President of your ruling party, and all that, that the whole thing is based on trash. Now base your life on some realistic principles, and some realistic programs and enjoy, and I would like you to have the blessing from Nader Ram the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

Jai Guru Dev


Introduction On The TM Technique With A Gift

Members of our active committeeSanta close, Guess who is he?On the occasion of Christmas and New Year and Fitr Holidays, the committee at Maharishi Health Education Center organized a distinguish event for the purpose of introducing TM to a large number of people. 

Maharishi Said: " Life is Bliss. Man is born to enjoy the grace of God. Just float in bliss and nature will take care of everything else." 

But if we look at the world around us we found it full of many people who feel that life is a struggle, life is full of problems, and life is no longer worth even to live. From here, it was the idea to take the opportunity of the holidays and to enter to those places where happiness is needed. The target was those associations that are usually forgotten, when everybody else is enjoying the holidays' celebration. 

A group of Children waiting for Santa closeIn Lebanon and especially after the war, there are many charitable associations who are caring of children who lost their parents, and usually these children are not living in good conditions. The idea was to provide them a taste of happiness. A Holiday Gift, and the project started. 

A group of Children waiting for Santa close Six hundred fifty gifts have been collected from the members of the centers and have been packed, one of the members of the committee converted himself into Santa Clause ringing his bell and knocking the doors to distribute the Holiday Gifts from Maharishi Health Education Center to those children who were waiting for him with full astonishment and enjoyment.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Fitr   

Natural Law Party 
to Support the First Government of 
the Global Country of World Peace

The following is an important message from Dr Reinhard Borowitz, Secretary General of the Maharishi International Council of Natural Law Parties:

Dear leaders, candidates and supporters of 
the Natural Law Parties around the world,

Dr Reinhard BorowitzIn the light of recent election results and the election results of the Natural Law Parties during the past eight years, Maharishi has advised all our party leaders, candidates and supporters around the world to not participate in elections any more. Instead, Maharishi has invited all party supporters to become Ministers of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace and to focus on teaching of Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhi program and Yogic Flying, and to work on their own individual enlightenment.

Maharishi has said that it would be a waste of time to continue to participate in elections and in any political activity. Being asked whether he would therefore advise to close down the Natural Law Parties he responded: "Don't even waste time on closing it down."

Maharishi has asked me to congratulate all the Natural Law Party leaders everywhere for the work they have done for the party during these years. No one should be disappointed. We will continue as before in bringing enlightenment and the total value of Natural Law to everyone in society. From now on we will do it through the 40 Ministries of the Global Country of World Peace. So, we will continue on a parallel highway. As Maharishi saisd: "We have tried one path. Now, we have come to a crossing. Now, we will take a turn for the dawn of a new time of affluence and peace on earth. We have tried one angle. Now we'll be gloriously advancing on the cosmic level." 

Below you will find quotes from Maharishi taken from two messages of the last few days to the European Summit of Natural Law Party Leaders held in Nice, France ((7-10 December 2000).

If you have any questions in regard to this message please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would like to take this opportunity to deeply thank you from the bottom
of my heart for all that you have done for the party during these years.
With best wishes for your new inspiring activity in the 40 Ministries of
Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace,

Jai Guru Dev
Dr Reinhard Borowitz
Secretary General,
Maharishi International Council of Natural Law Parties


When I said so many years ago to participate in politics, I thought that our principles are so great, if you have a political party, you will some day rule the world. But, so many years have gone and election results have been less and less.

We went into politics and political parties because we thought that our ideals were so good and pure, and useful for the development of life everywhere - this quality of life of peace, happiness, and so on. With this we went into politics.

But, having had the experience of five or six elections during these years, we found that the negativity and inertia of the people of the world was so great. Even though we have been teaching Transcendental Meditation in the world for these 40 or 50 years, there was not enough purity in world consciousness.

The world consciousness has to be more pure for purity to rule the world. And this Global Alliance, this Global Country and all this, is a very, very pure concept. Yogic Flyers more and more in the world will actualize this ideal of administration.

We were wasting our time in imaginary illusions of political sovereignty. This has confirmed the idea that we feel now, that we should not waste the precious time of our life.

From the experience of these years, elections means going on the opinions of the people. Why should we waste our time going on the opinions of the people? The whole thing is absurd.

In politics, the idea is: "you give me the power to rule", and when elected I'll make the law.

Now, we don't ask anyone for their consent. We just make our life through Vedic Education - using our full brain potential, using all the Laws of Nature. We will live spontaneously according to the Constitution of the Universe. This means Natural Law according to science, and the Will of God according to religion. We cater for the Will of God from the standpoint of religion, and Natural Law from the objective viewpoint of modern science and the subjective viewpoint of Vedic Science.

So, we will stand to enrich the life of everyone, and not waste our time and the precious time of our leaders on politics and the opinions of the people. We don't want to be tossed about by the opinions of the people, and waste our time on that.

We will use our time in setting up models of ideal education and the best of every known system of administration. History has seen many systems of administration: monarchy, democracy, dictatorship, communism, capitalism. The world has rejected all these.

Monarchy has been rejected; democracy is bankrupt, it divides the nation; dictatorship can be one man's fanaticism; communism has failed; and as for capitalism, look at the USA, see the state of democracy. Democracy is damned - they end up in the courts.

The ways of the world have been very inadequate for the dignity of life on earth. Now, the dignity of man is going to be raised to the cosmic level. This is our program for the whole future; we are aiming at that sovereignty, that divinity that is the Will of God.

Don't waste time on gathering the opinions of the people. 

It is a fresh step for the Leaders of the Natural Law Party to become the Ministers of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace. The administration of the Global Country of World Peace is bringing the best of democracy, capitalism, communism, dictatorship, and monarchy - total Natural Law.

This is because total Natural Law is scientifically and religiously of value to life. Whatever is our life, it will be rising to cosmic status. For this we have Vedic Education, Vedic Health, Vedic Defense, Vedic everything. Vedic means pertaining to knowledge, pertaining to Natural Law.

The ideal is found in Rik Veda, where we find Yatinam Brahma Bhavati Sarathih - total cosmic intelligence governs life. This is when we are in our own self-referral state - Purusha - ideally. Even if engaged in work, we are in self-referral consciousness. As administrators we are self-referral.

Remaining in our self-referral state, we will constantly - day and night - be able to help ourselves to evolve. Under the influence of total Natural Law, our life will be significant and not wasted on imaginary help for the world.

For these five or six years, we have tested the ways of the world. We have learnt a lesson by wasting five or six years. All our faithful and well-meaning Governors, all the well-wishers of life on earth, have wasted their time. Now, fortunately we are awake. The dawn has come - otherwise life would be over. We are no more going to waste our time in the illusory world.

It's good we have made this decision. So, go ahead on these 40 values. It is being developed. Very soon we will have the definition and structure of this administration, and the activities of the 40 Ministries. 

Congratulate everyone for all their world-wide experience in these five or six years. We have tried one angle. Now we'll be gloriously advancing on the cosmic level.

Tell our leaders, soon we'll be having conventions of ideal administration for world peace. Make the meetings four times a year. It is very good to meet all together. We are going to be so universally enriching for everyone.

We can hold conventions every three months in different parts of the world, so that it is not too expensive traveling. There will be a yearly calendar for all peace-loving leaders of the world.

The setting up of all 40 Ministries may take some time. Tell all the Natural Law Party Leaders that very soon we'll have very good developments - it will be announced.

We will establish Capitals of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace - Capitals of World Peace. We have the set up in every country. Already we are functioning according to the national laws in each country. We are celebrated as a wise organization promoting peace, health, and so on, with all the benefits known from the scientific research.

Very soon we'll have the structure and function of the 40 Ministries. It is a great delight defining the 40 Ministries in terms of the 40 areas of Vedic Literature. Soon, we'll come out with a calendar. Very soon we'll have conferences for all 40 Ministries all over the world.

Congratulate the Natural Law Party Leaders everywhere. We have tried one path. Now we have come to a crossing. Now, we will take a turn for the dawn of a new time of affluence and peace on earth.

The whole thing is the same as before, but now, with the experience of politics, we will create world peace on this level. We will establish Capitals, from where we'll establish peace in the world. Within one week, we'll make this total plan, for ideal administration for peace on earth. 

Congratulations to everyone. There should be no disappointment when we are changing the direction of our activity. This is not moving backwards in any sense; it's just taking a slight turn, and we are on a parallel highway, and continue with our peaceful intent for a more rapid advance towards perpetual peace on earth. 

Jai Guru Dev.

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