Volume 1, Issue No.4

December 2000

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Maharishi's Talk About The Achievements of 
The First Month of Rule of 
The First Sovereign Ruler of 
Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace.  

In this issue it was our intention to publish some parts of the Maharishi's talk about the achievements of the First Month of Rule of the First Sovereign Ruler of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace. But due to importance of every phrase, and because Maharishi said, "Listen to what I have said thousand times" It was decided to publish the whole talk as it is. But due to the length of the talk, it is divided in two parts, the first part is now published in this issue and the second part will be published in the next issue. - The TMBulletin Team

In His talk that was broadcast on the Maharishi channel, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi started with a Vedic recitation thanking the Holy Tradition of Masters and then He gave the following message:

Holistic Revival Of Life

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh YogiIt is a very delightful day for me to reflect on the achievements of the one-month of the rule of His Majesty the King of the Global Country of World Peace, His Majesty Nader Rama, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. When I see this one-month since the coronation ceremony of His Majesty, last month, I feel so fulfilled; my fulfillment is very real, now today, because what I see is the fulfillment of the purpose of my global activity that started 40-50 years ago in India. I remember today when I proclaimed launching of the global Movement, world Movement to spiritually regenerate the world from the blessings of Transcendental Meditation from Guru Dev. Today what I find is that the resolution with which that Movement was launched to spiritually regenerate the world is fulfilled today, and I will indicate only one point of it; spiritual regeneration means holistic revival of life, and in practical terms it should mean that life according to total evolutionary power of Natural Law. Spiritual regeneration of the world means the world should begin to live the total creative potential of natural law, which administers the world with perfect order, peace, affluence, happiness, health and all these beautiful things to life. I feel I have achieved the objectives, and today I want to proclaim that achievement of the spiritual regeneration of the world, the spiritual regeneration of the world. I was waiting to see, I was waiting to say about it, I was waiting to proclaim the fulfillment of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement, and today I feel very, very satisfied, I feel actually fulfilled in proclaiming that the Spiritual Regeneration Movement has been achieved in one month of achievement of the, I would say, order of affluence and peace, a new world order of affluence and peace on earth.

A New World Order

I am inaugurating today the fulfillment of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement that was started so many years ago, and I am inaugurating today a new world order of affluence and peace on earth. I am only taking two words; affluence and peace, dozens and hundreds of words to qualify all this; but, just affluence and peace, because affluence is the only basis for real peace; experience of peace is not. If there is a lack of something, the peace only abides on the level of affluence. So we are inaugurating today a new world order of affluence and peace, and these are not just vane words. It’s a reality, which is now open to every man. I remember those beginning days of the Movement of Transcendental Meditation, when I was going from country to country, from country to country, from city to city, these, these, these, these, these, telling the people that something is within you, and if you can close your eyes and look within, just learn Transcendental Meditation you will find that great treasure of life within you; and, some people relaxingly started to close their eyes, and they found it was real, what I have (been) saying is something nice about them. So, this is how it grew from individual to individual to individual. Many people said, “Oh, we are practical people, how can we close our eyes for twenty minutes?” Doesn’t matter, those who have closed the eyes, they felt that there was really something inside, which transforms all life outside. The example is: the gardener waters the roots and gives nourishment to all aspects to thousands of leaves, and flowers and fruits. “Water the roots to enjoy the fruit,” that saying became popular in the world. Those who did not take to it, they are still (I’ll use the word, even though I don’t want to use it) suffering, they are still suffering, for whatever reason; they think that suffering is their religion; fine suffer, no harm your life is yours. You can either live in light of life, in semi-light of life in dark or life in extreme darkness. Light is available to you— either use it or don’t use it.

The Message Is Transcendental

Ram RajSo today, as a fulfillment of my Spiritual Regeneration Movement, what I am offering to the world is absolutely beyond words. Even the first message of mine, so many years ago, the whole theme, all the principles and programs of Transcendental Meditation, it was transcendental; still the message is transcendental, but nevertheless, I was saying it, I was saying it, I was saying it, and the result is now that a new world order of world affluence and peace is being proclaimed today, and being open for all the people. And, when I am saying all the people I mean both levels of life, individual people and people in their family, in their society, in their nations, in their international world. All people individually and collectively have the availability of two words now. Not the availability of the words, but the meaning these two words carry, affluence and peace, new world order of affluence and peace. The old world order has been lack of affluence and lack of peace; this is the old world order. How old is it? Ages old. Ages old struggle and strife for life. Today, I am declaring to the countries, to the nations, to the governments, some new approach to life, and what’s that new approach to life, it is the cumulative effect of millions of people practicing Transcendental Meditation during the last forty-fifty years in the world. It is the cumulative effect emerging from the practice of Transcendental Meditation, which I offered to the people as a means of spiritually regenerating the world.

A Gift To Mankind

King Raja RamaAffluence and Peace, I don’t find enough words to describe now this achievement, this achievement, this is what? A gift to mankind, a gift to mankind; it is not a new gift, it is an old gift, very old gift, science has discovered this. I am in the company of the greatest scientists of the world in His Majesty the King of the Global Country of World Peace, and what I am describing is; the effect for all mankind that this one-months of reign of His Majesty the King Nader Ram has offered to the world. And, what I am saying is; words have not in my vocabulary to really lay open the total dignity of affluence and peace, order, new order of affluence and peace on earth; and when I want really to convey to you that what I am saying is very real, but still I say that it is beyond words. I will give the vision of an illustration, and I then I will explain to you what does it mean.


Mahalakshmi with God PotThis is the vision of what I want to tell you. Here is Mother Divine seated in the heart of everyone, on the basis of the scientific research of physiology of professor Nader Ram, now, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. This is Mahalakshmi, Mahalakshmi, Mother Divine, the custodian of the treasury of the Global Country of World Peace. Just as in every home the mother keeps the purse to give to the children. If you want anything, go to mother, and she will give you. Like that Mother Divine, in-charge of the treasury of eternal affluence in the self-referral intelligence of everyone. I am using the scientific expression, the self-referral intelligence of everyone. Professor Paul Volker will be explaining to you, what I am saying will be elaborated by the great minds of the ministries of Nader Ram. Different ministries of Nader Ram they will explain to you in great details; I am giving you a summary, and I am giving a vision, because the gift is beyond the words to remunerate. This is the gift of our Vedic Tradition of Masters; Vedic means pertaining the knowledge, the tradition of total knowledge, and the tradition of total knowledge is the Vedic tradition. Constitution of the Universe is the Veda, RK Veda and all the forty values of the Veda in expanded version of the Veda. This is the Vedic Knowledge that tells the story of eternal (mind the word), eternal affluence and peace. Eternal affluence and peace abide in the heart of everyone, and here is a picture of Mother Divine, which portrays, and what it portrays, I am pouring out the affluence, wealth, which will give you peace, peace. Dr. Paul VolkerNow you created the Country of World Peace, have the blessing of Mother Divine, she is there ready with the bowl of coins. Coins are falling, take it, take it, take it, whatever you want, how much you want, like the ocean is full there, take a pot, small pot will bring some small water, big pot will bring big water. There are illustrations in the Vedic literature, “He drank the whole ocean.” Unbelievable, this is just the unbelievable story, of that enormous possibility in the creative intelligence within the self-referral quality of consciousness of the individual, which is now being open to you, because your administrator is the administrator of the Global Country of World Peace. Your ruler is competent to eliminate your poverty in every sense; he is competent to fill your purse, whether it is—a small purse or a big purse, or a big purse.

Globalization Of All National Currencies

Generally, we have been hearing all these years, every government has no money, I cannot do this, I cannot do this, people are suffering; government exists everywhere, and always the expression I have no money. Now in the Kingdom of Raja Ram, in the Kingdom of Nader Ram, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, the Finance Minister of Nader Ram, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, I am repeating these words in order that you understand, repeatedly understand what I am telling you; and, what I am telling to all your future generation in your country and your world, that is why I am repeating these words; His Majesty the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace Raja Ram, Nader Ram, he has a Finance Minister, Professor Benjamin Feldman he is the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, he has announced his entire ministerial policy in one word. He said globalization of all national currencies of the world; this is the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Professor Benjamin Feldman; he defines the entire philosophy and the entire practical program of his finance ministry of Global Country of World Peace in one word: globalization of national currencies, not one, two, three, four, currency, no, no, no. All currencies of the world, and all currencies belong to the sovereign country, every country is proud of its sovereignty, small countries, big countries, India, China, Russia, each country is a sovereign country, but sovereignty was an empty word till now.

A New Character To Sovereignty

The rule of Nader Ram has brought substance to the word sovereignty. He is the first ruler who is competent as a ruler to bring fulfillment to every nation, whatever, whether it is a communist nation, a capitalist nation, whether it is America, or Germany, or England; among them themselves they will be competing, but Professor Nader Ram has competence in his ministerial creative intelligence. I am taking just the example of the economy, every country, on one side, very great sovereign country, shut up, you can’t come in my country, all these things, ancient barbarianism, like a tiger doesn’t allow any other tiger to enter his cave, otherwise he will bounce on him; like that, beastly behavior has now been superseded by something more sublime, more civilized. Not on the basis of any persuasion because persuasion is a useless method of system. There are countries that even believe on persuasion, make a committee, make a committee, persuade. The whole thing is an empty shell. The real authority of a government should be to bring to the people what they cannot bring by themselves; what is that thing, that is the unfoldment of the inner potential, inner affluence, inner peace of everyone, like that. So the ministries of the first ruler of the Country of World Peace, Nader Ram, is going to bring a new character to sovereignty of the world, otherwise for sovereignty is a fake word. It has been a fake word, doesn’t mean any thing.

Government Is Invited

King Nader RamThese little countries, some people sit together, and they give to them this certificate: you are sovereign, next day that sovereign is eaten up by some little things here and there. So the world has had some false footing, and now the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace gives a substance to royalty, every government now is invited, every government is invited to take advantage of the infinite capacity of Mother Divine to pour out wealth, to take the wealth; the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace invites all the countries, and the invitation as real as what the invitation of Transcendental Meditation was, fifty years ago in the world, something real. Now your country has a chance or ability to say I have no money. Every government is fake. Housing is not satisfactory in every country, there are big skyscrapers on one side, and hardly there are cottages for the poor to sleep on. So, the situation in the world has been very, very pathetic and very, very unsatisfactory; it had been very unkind to the population. Now here comes the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace inviting every government to take as much money as they want. I am speaking very plain words, because I belong to something which is affluential peace; transcendental consciousness. I stand for transcendental consciousness; I am very happy to explain it in term of its invincibility. Transcendental consciousness being self-referral, it cannot be harmed by anyone; it can be reached by everyone, and everyone in the transcendental consciousness enjoys what? He enjoys the total evolutionary creativity of natural law; he enjoys order, peace, and affluence.

The Science

Maharishi During His talkThe whole Vedic literature is the literature of the evolutionary power of natural law. If you understand or you don’t, but repeat it with me and try to follow; otherwise this evolutionary power of natural law has no meaning; in evolutionary power of natural law, it has no meaning in America, in Germany, in England, in France, it has no meaning. Science has no meaning in these countries. I am inviting the scientists from India, the land of the Veda, and I am practically inviting them in these words that don’t waste your time in researching the values of physics and chemistry and all that. All the ultimate values of physics have been sorted out for you by Professor Volker, and now get on to the field of consciousness, which is your own heritage of India, and don’t waste your life on these western scientists; western scientists are just to destroy the world. Dr. John Hagelin, who is now the Minister of Science and Technology of this Global Country of World Peace, he is fed up with American attitude; there is no value, there is not respect, there is no recognition of science in America which is thought to be the country of science and all that. The whole thing is a fraud; there is nothing valuable in the field science, whatever science is. That science, which NATO uses to bomb the countries here and there. All these NATO alliance countries, ten-twenties whatever they are, they will now find their way out. Because NATO thrives on dissatisfaction, on stress, on strain, and now is the time for fulfillment, now is the time for affluence and peace.

Continuation on the Next Issue


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Panacia LogoThe PANACEA Health Club adapted the Stress Management Program as a part of its activities. Panacea Health Club is one of the famous high society health clubs in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. As the name Panacea indicates, PANACEA Health Club was establish few years ago, with the purpose to offer the ultimate remedy for all individual ills and difficulties through a diversified sports activities, relaxing amenities, sophisticated business services, healthy food, aesthetic and cosmetic treatment and other luxuries, Panacea Health Club has an out of this world environment all year long. Panacea promises and delivers the Ultimate Well-Being. In order to fulfill this promise, the management of the club decided to integrate our Stress Management Program as a part of its activities.

Governor Wadie HaiderMr. Wadie Haider a senior Governor at Maharishi Health Education Center is the Governor who introduced the Stress Management Program at the Panacea Health Club. In an interview with the TM Bulletin, Mr. Haider said: "Our introduction was very fruitful, and our expectation are very high. A group of 16 people have been instructed in the TM Technique, and an other group of a similar number is now under preparation. It is highly expected that we will teach a group every month. At Panacea health Club we will implement gradually all the sections of our Stress Management Program. Now we started with the Transcendental Mediatation technique and Advanced Lectures, and soon we might give a Residence course, and so on, gradually we will give all the TM movement activities including MOU courses. At Panacea Health Club we will be offering to the members, all the activities of an ordinary TM center.  

The Stress Management Program was developed by Maharishi Health Education Center in Lebanon in 1993. It is simply a package of the major courses and programs of our TM movement and can be given in whole or in part has been introduced to several health clubs, starting from the Buddha Health Club in 1993, The Heliopolis Health Club in 1995, the Lotus Center in 1997, and now at the Panacea Health Club. 

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Maharishi's spoke about the achievements of the First Month of Rule of the First Sovereign Ruler of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace.

11 min

Celebration the Coronation of the First Ruler of Maharishi Global Country of World Peace at the Maharishi Spiritual Center

14 min

Vision of Ram Raj throughout the World

20 min

Recitation of the 40 aspects of the Ved and Vedic literature and their counterparts in the physiology

30 min

Dr Bevan Morris commenting on Maharishi's talk

17 min

Dr Paul Potter speaking about Maharishi's  Program of eliminating Poverty in the world

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Swarn Jayante Songs

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Group Photo at Maharishi European SidhalandThe Maharishi European Sidhaland offers all of Maharishi's Program to Create Heaven on Earth, and includes a nationally renowned Maharishi School, a Maharishi Vedic Health Center, a Maharishi Golden Dome, and several Maharishi Vastu public and private buildings.

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