Volume 1, Issue No.1

September 2000

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Welcome to first issue of the TM Bulletin

It is our great joy to start this new internet publication, The TM Bulletin. This publication was issued with the purpose to spread the knowledge of Maharishi in Lebanon, the Middle East, and world wide. It is to bring to our members the recent news of our movement, on Local, Regional and International levels.

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The First Arabic TM-Sidhi Course

Group Photo


It is with great joy to complete successful the 32nd TM-Sidhi course conducted in Lebanon in July 2000, It is also our joy to name this course as "the First Arabic TM-Sidhi Course". 

TM-Sidhi courses in Lebanon started to be organized since the year 1979, and now this year we conducted the 32nd course, the total number of the Sidhas who completed the courses over these year is now around 700. In this 32nd course the total number of course participants is 37 people, constituted of two groups in two locations where the course was given simultaneously. 

Moreover, it is the first time that it happened, that the course participants who attended this course came from Eight Arabic Countries; Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, that is why this course deserve the name of the First Arabic TM-Sidhi Course.

Professor Tony Nader MD, Ph.D.During the course, Professor Tony Nader MD, Ph.D., who has a place in the heart of all of us, and in a conference call with the course participants, explained about the importance of raising the collective consciousness in the home countries of the course participants, he explains about the natural laws, the Veda, and their existence in our own physiology and at the same time in the whole cosmos. What is the difference between an individual and another, Professor Tony Nader said; they all are the embodiment of the Veda, they all are the expression of the Veda. And in order to allow the Veda to be fully expressed through our physiology we have to bring our awareness to the home of the Veda within us, to the home of all the natural laws, and enliven these laws through the practice of the TM-Sidhi program and become a real exponent of reality. 

Mr. Ajeet Kumar and his wife Mrs. Nisha YadavThe TM-Sidhi Administrators, Mr. Ajeet Kumar and his wife Mrs. Nisha Yadav, expressed about their happiness in conducting the course, and passed to us the blessing of Maharishiji and his person care for the course and for Lebanon as a whole. Mr. and Mrs. Kumar wishes the course participants a blissful life full with the joy of the pure knowledge, and Mrs. Nisha song a recitation to Guru Dev as an expression of gratitude and devotion. 

Mr. Salim Haddad Mr. Salim Haddad, National Coordinator at Maharishi Health Education Center, said: " The course participants when going back to their homes, they will be like the seeds who will be sawed in the lands of their countries to raise big trees full of the fruits of knowledge, so that the whole population of their countries will enjoy these fruits. Lebanon is proud to be the farmer who is spreading the seeds of knowledge in the sister Arab countries" Mr. Haddad invited the course participants, especially those who came from other countries, to participate soon in Teacher Training Course, to become the first teachers of Transcendental Meditation technique in their countries.

Miss Nada HaiderMiss Nada Haider, Governor at the Maharishi Health Education Center, and who played a big role in the preparation of this TM-Sidhi course, expressed her joy and happiness for the success of the course. She said, talking to the course participants: "Our happiness is because you are happy with the knowledge that it is, again and again, proofing its completeness, so be regular in your programs, and join the daily super radiance program at the center".  

In the year 1989, Maharishi said: "Lebanon will soon be the lighthouse of the Middle East", and from that time our movement started working in this direction. Our work was to spread the knowledge of Maharishi, the knowledge of the Veda to the Arab sister countries. 

Since the year 1990, many Lebanese governors are traveling regularly to Egypt to support the Egyptian TM movement in its growth and expansion. Under the guidance of Mrs. Aziza Hussein, the National Leader, a great devoted lady, the TM movement in Egypt has developed rapidly, especially in the last few years with the support of Miss Nada Haider a Governor from Lebanon, who played an important role to create the integrity in the TM movement in Egypt.

In the year 1991 and 1992, a Lebanese governor traveled to Damascus the capital of Syria, and teach the TM technique to 24 people, and another governor traveled to Aleppo north of Syria, and teach the TM technique to 12 people. Those meditators has been encouraged to establish a TM movement in Syria. 

Since the year 1995, a Lebanese Governor, Mr. Wadie Haider, is also traveling frequently to Kuwait, and many groups have been learn the TM technique. 

Moreover, the TM centers in Lebanon have in their records many meditators from different nationalities from other Arab countries like Jordan, Iraq, Gulf area, Saudi Arabia, etc. And with the availability of the Internet, our sister company CCExpert, a company specialize in computer and internet services, which was established to support the TM movement in Lebanon, has made several publicity campaigns for the TM techniques and other movement's activities, and as a result a large number of internet users (more than 25000) have visited the Maharishi Health Education Center's Web Site, and thereby these visitors have been introduced to our movement and our activities, and to the knowledge of Maharishi, and as a general result many inquiries have been received  from many countries, and many people have learned the TM Techniques, and many old Meditators and Sidhas who have been away for a long period of time, find the way to return back to participate in the centers' activities.

Now with the completion of the First Arabic TM-Sidhi course, the saying of Maharishi in 1989 became true, and Lebanon now is really  the lighthouse of the Middle East who is taking the role of spreading the light of pure knowledge to the Arab World. 

Jai Guru Dev


News about the Presidential Election in the USA

John Hagelin, Nat Goldhaber Win Reform Party Presidential Ticket

Dr. John HagelinIn a dramatic and historic week in Long Beach, California, John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber won the Reform Party presidential and vice presidential nominations and vowed to take their coalition campaign to every home in America.

"I accept with humility and with pride the mantle of Ross Perot," Hagelin said in his acceptance speech to the Reform Party convention.

"We will reclaim our democracy. We will win the White House," he continued, "not through a message of exclusivity and intolerance, but through an inclusive message, and a broad-based platform of commonsense reforms that the overwhelming majority of Americans support."

Nat Goldhaber likewise expressed his appreciation to the delegates and his deep commitment to Reform Party ideals, adding, "It may be difficult for some to believe, but we have a real chance to win the White House this November!"

Hagelin and Goldhaber are virtually assured of also winning the Natural Law Party nomination at the NLP's upcoming National Convention on August 31-September 2 in Alexandria, Virginia. The dual nomination will fulfill Hagelin's quest for a coalition candidacy that can "credibly challenge the two-party stranglehold on our political process."

Maharishi University of Management News
Cosmic Power of the New Dreier Building

the New Dreier Building

"Vastu is just a cosmic power to bring the individual to cosmic potential. Now with this knowledge of Vastu building, we have designed safety for the world. Congratulate Mrs. Dreier for all this. And inspire all the scientists, the professors, and artists in Maharishi University of Management there. And extend a very, very great hope of more and more ideal life as the days will go by, thanks to rebuilding according to Vastu Vidya. All glory to Guru Dev."

Maharishi relayed this message by telephone to members of the gala celebration opening the new Dreier Building at Maharishi University of Management in March. A delighted audience also heard from University president, Dr. Bevan Morris, the architect Jonathan Lipman, and many others who shared their inspirational stories about the construction of the University’s first building designed according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda principles.

As well as honoring all those who had contributed to making the building possible, special thanks went to the University’s International Board of Trustees who traveled to Fairfield for the opening ceremonies. Dr. Morris also explained the importance of the new building for the future progress of the University and expanded on Maharishi’s use of the term "cosmic power."

"The Dreier Building—the first perfect Vastu building in the life of our University—is profoundly important to us all, because, as Maharishi repeatedly emphasizes, Vastu is the organizing power of the entire universe. Vastu means the power at the basis of the architecture of the universe itself—the power which unites all the infinite diversity of the galaxies and the ever-expanding universe. Bringing the support of this power of Vastu to accelerate the growth and success of our University is the great achievement that we are celebrating today. Today the Dreier building comes to enhance the greatness of this institution and its enlightened community, and to promote the health, happiness and good fortune of all the faculty, students and staff of Maharishi University of Management."

Mathematics professor, Dr. Anne Dow agreed. "I have total support of Nature when teaching in this building, and the students are focused and happy in their new environment." The $2 million, 20,000 sq. ft. building houses three levels of classrooms, administrative offices, the Transcendental Meditation Program Center, and meditation halls.

Students appreciate the greater convenience of the location of the new Enrollment Center and classrooms. "The building is centrally located, close to the dorms," said Ananda Walker. "The administrative offices are more accessible, and it looks so refined." Adds fellow student, Helen Han, "The spacious lounge in the lobby area creates a nice place for a break."

In honor and recognition of Dr. Ted Dreier, a long-time Trustee and supporter of the University, Dr. Dreier’s wife and daughter, Bobbie and Barbara Dreier, led the ceremonial procession around the new building with Dr. Morris. "We are so grateful and happy," commented Mrs. Dreier after the celebration. "Ted would love everything about this building—that it so beautifully embodies and enhances Maharishi’s teachings, that so many people participated in creating it, and that it will surely inspire and empower us all to swiftly complete the new Maharishi Sthapatya Veda campus for the University."

Vedic Medicine
Meditation Receive Federal Funds

BETHESDA, MD.-One of the most consistent federally funded programs on alternative medicine can be found at the Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention (CNMP) in the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine within Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

CNMP first began receiving funds from the National Institutes of Health (from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) in late 1988, four years before NIH even had an Office of Alternative Medicine. CNMP completed a successful study on transcendental meditation in March and recently was awarded a five-year, $8 million grant from NIH's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

CNMP has now received nearly $18 million from NIH and private research foundations over the years. "Our group has been funded for the past 12 years by NIH," said Dr. Robert H. Schneider, CNMP's director. "It signifies that our center is one of the
leaders in exploring traditional medicine approaches."

Dr. Schneider said the use of natural medicines is increasing dramatically, and more physicians are recommending them. He said 100 million people have chronic disorders in the U.S. and 180,000 die from adverse drug events each year, which led to greater demand for natural therapies. "There has been no change in cancer mortality, and heart disease still kills almost half of all Americans," he said. "People want something that works."

Acceptance of natural healing methods by mainstream medicine also is growing. Dr. Nancy K. Lonsdorf, medical director of the Maharishi Vedic Medical Center in Bethesda, pointed out that medical students can now receive category 1 continuing medical education credit for attending lectures about transcendental meditation (TM) and learning about its treatment applications.

The March study results, co-authored by Dr. Schneider, were published in the American Heart Association journal Stroke and showed that hypertensive patients practicing TM experienced a significant reduction in fatty deposits in the carotid artery
that leads to the brain. The results suggested a decrease in risk of heart attack and stroke.

The study was conducted among 60 elderly African Americans with high blood pressure who were assigned to either a TM or health education program. The lining in the patients' necks was measured after about six months, and the TM group showed a
reversal of thickness while the health education group showed an increase. "This was really quite a remarkable finding," said Dr. Lonsdorf.


The new $8 million NIH grant will be used to further the study of TM and other approaches of Maharishi Vedic medicine-an ancient Indian system composed of 40 different traditional healing aspects and over 6,000 herbs.

The grant will be divided between CNMP and several collaborating institutions, including the Maharishi Vedic Medical Center in Bethesda, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles and the University of Iowa
College of Medicine in Iowa City. Dr. Schneider said the grant work will encompass three large trials training post-doctoral fellows and graduate students in natural medicine research, another project on the cost-effectiveness of Vedic medicine modalities and a pilot study that uses multiple Vedic medicine approaches.

The latter study will be conducted at the Bethesda site and will begin with six study subjects, which may increase to 50 later in the year. Dr. Lonsdorf will co-lead the study of patients who are at least 50 years old, have at least a 50 per cent coronary artery blockage and don't want surgery. She said patients will be taught highly individualized behavioral programs that use TM and other Vedic medicine approaches such as diet, exercise, physiologic cleansing purifications and herbs that help reduce stress and cholesterol.

"NIH has said they want to test multiple modalities," Dr. Lonsdorf said. "The idea is, the person got sick due to multiple factors and in order to try to reverse it, we'll address all the things at the same time. I think we really need to do this kind of study. If people are having angina and if they can reverse it without drugs and side effects, it would be a great thing."

Dr. Lonsdorf said NIH is also directing researchers to study natural medicine in the traditional way it's practiced. Instead of isolating one extract of an herb, for example, they're studying the effect of the whole herb. "That's how they're traditionally used," said Dr. Schneider, adding that some herbal preparations contain antioxidants 1,000 times more powerful than vitamin C and appear to prevent heart disease and cancer in aboratory animals.

Transcendental Meditation

"Preliminary data on transcendental meditation is about a 50 per cent reduction in health care utilization on patients who practice it for heart disease and other major diseases over five years," said Dr. Schneider. "When you look at it from a traditional way, it's working at a deep level to revive the body's self-repair mechanisms, its inner intelligence. We've also done some studies on the cost of hypertension treatment. It is significantly less expensive over a lifetime to practice transcendental meditation for high blood pressure [than to use drugs]."

Dr. Lonsdorf said TM takes just 20 minutes twice a day, and study outcomes of 500 patients have shown to reduce stroke, heart attack and cancer by 46 per cent. "Studies have shown that serotonin goes up and cortisol goes down," she said. "The level of cortisol seems to be related to hypertension, cardiovascular disease and probably even cancer. I think this is really relevant, because there are so many different kinds of
meditation being offered on the marketplace right now. This research gives evidence that they are not all alike.

"TM is a simple, effortless mental technique which allows the mind to settle down and experience a state of inner peacefulness and quiet to [achieve] restful alertness. TM creates changes in physiology related to the stress response. We strengthen that inner healing ability. Things start to bother people less."

The Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention also is doing a pilot study on cancer patients, which Dr. Schneider said has shown the use of TM to reduce death rates in patients over eight years. "The fact that the government is supporting research on
complementary and alternative medicine is good news for millions of Americans who are looking for a scientifically-verified alternative to drug-related therapies," said Dr. Lonsdorf.
"Drugs can bring undesirable side effects. In addition, they can be demoralizing and disempowering for the patient who realizes that he or she may have to take the drug for the rest of their life."

Dr. Lonsdorf said Maharishi Vedic Medicine empowers the patient with the ability to take control of their own health. "Veda means total knowledge, the complete knowledge of life," she said.

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