Thy Luban of Cedars and waves on thy shore
What scattered in the air on thy threshing grounds
Laurels singing triumph in the grip of the creator
Ready to crown the king like snow on thy peak

Crown his forehead with purity in faith and devotion
Turn his soil into blossoms like the blossoms of Lebanon
May the age be granted long life filled with joy and peace
Throughout the ages, throughout the times

Maharishi chose him for the age of the roses
And perfumed his remembrance, Sannine was the cot
Lebanon great honor to thee, from thee the king of glory
The Ojas guards him. Grants him the glow of cheek

The myrtle on the hills uttered in rhymes
The breeze wavered to Baskinta's charms
A message sent offering to India
A pure son in the guards of God

The Blessedness of the worlds is spreading flowers
For the assemblage of nations in oneness of abode
Here is the Rule of time when Enlightenment shows
Peace and Invincibility title the age of light


This is the English translation of an Arabic song offered to
His Majesty King Nader Raam
From the TM Movement in Lebanon


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