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Learn Your Own Body Type & Improve Your Health and Happiness

Human beings come in a remarkable variety of shapes and sizes! Such differences are familiar to all of us and may seem random, but they are actually part of an intelligent pattern. Understanding this pattern is the key to creating and maintaining health happiness and is the basis of world’s most ancient and complete science of health – Maharisahi Ayur-Ved.


Body Types

According to Maharishi Ayur-Ved, all the differences in human physiological characteristics can be reduced to three fundamental principles, which are present in the mind, the body, the foods we eat, and the environment as a whole. The Names for these three principles are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. At any given time, one or two of these principles are usually dominant, and this accounts for varying characteristics or body types for different people.

Body Type Characteristics
Vata is responsible for all movement. The proper balance of Vata creates more energy, alertness, quickness, and creativity. When Vata is out of balance, it can cause anxiety, constipation, high blood pressure, and insomnia.
Pitta is responsible for heat and metabolism. When Pitta is in balance we enjoy good digestion and contentment. Too much Pitta may cause anger, impatience, skin rashes, and ulcers.
Kapha is responsible for structure and solidity. When Kapha is balanced, we have strength, stamina, good immunity, stability, and an even temperament. A Kapha imbalance can cause dullness, depression, excess weight, high cholesterol, and allergies.

Maharishi Ayur-Ved
Body Type Questionnaire

Instructions: If 2 or 3 answers apply for a question, place an X by the one answer which describes you best.

  Vata   Pitta   Kapha  
Type of hair Dry   Medium   Oily 
Color of hair Light brown   Red/Auburn   Dark brown/black 

Dry, Rough

  Soft, Medium oily   Oily, moist 
Eyes Small   Medium   Large 
Size of teeth

Very large or very small

  Small to medium  

Medium to large


Mental activity

Quick mind, restless


Sharp intellect, aggressive


Calm, steady, stable



Short term is best   Good general memory   Long term is best 
Dreams Fearful, flying, running, jumping   Anger, fiery, violent   Water, clouds, relationships, romance 
Sleep Interrupted, light   Sound, medium length   Sound, heavy long 
React to stress Excite very quickly   Anger easily, quick temper   Slow to get irritated 

Body size

Small frame   Medium frame   Large frame 

Thin, hard to gain

  Medium weight   Heavy, easy to gain 



Sharp, needs food

  Can easily miss meals 
Food & Drink Prefer warm   Prefer cold   Prefer dry & warm 


Quickly   Medium speed   Slowly  
Walk Fast, quickly   Average   Slow and steady 
Moods Changes quickly   Slow changing   Steady non changing 







This is a preliminary indication: for a comprehensive evaluation please contact the TM Center