Volume 9, Issue No. 10

June 2009

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Prime Minister recounts highlights of
Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam's visit
to the United States

Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam

(30 May 2009) The historic visit of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, to the United States last month expressed his deep appreciation for the Maharishi Vedic Pandits and other peace-creating experts participating in the Invincible America Assembly in Maharishi Vedic City and Fairfield, Iowa—and also for everyone who helped make the Paul McCartney benefit concert* in New York City that same weekend such a tremendous success.

Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, recounted highlights of Maharaja's visit at a meeting in New York on 5 April, in the presence of Maharaja, Rajas, Raj Rajeshwaris, many other leaders and generous well-wishers of the Global Country, and Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme. The meeting was held at the Global Financial Capital of New York at 70 Broad Street.

Upon his arrival in Maharishi Vedic City, Maharaja went to his Capital in America, where he received a beautiful and grand welcome by 100 members of the Maharishi Purusha Programme, as well as a group of Vedic Pandits, who performed a traditional ceremony in honour of his arrival. 'It was a very beautiful feeling. The whole Capital was just glowing with that feeling of the Vedic Pandits welcoming Maharaja with the Purusha,' Dr Morris said.


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Maharaja met with Purusha, Dr Morris said, and 'was very impressed by the powerful glow of silence that they had. It was very strong—very very impressive power of Purusha and their self-referral quality of life.'

The following day Maharaja went to Maha Rudrabhishek (peace-creating performance) at the Vedic Pandit campus in Maharishi Vedic City. He had lunch with the Vedic Pandits, and then gave a beautiful address about Veda and Vedic Literature in human physiology, explaining to them why their traditional Vedic performances create such powerful and beneficial results, Dr Morris continued.

Maharaja also visited other groups of peace-creating experts whose collective practice of Yogic Flying is creating a powerful positive transformation in America and the world. Dr Morris described how, when he entered the Golden Dome—grand Yogic Flying facility in Fairfield, Iowa—to address the Invincible America Assembly and Maharishi University of Management (M.U.M.) community, all 1,200 people gathered there were meditating. 'The silence was incredible,' Dr Morris said. Maharaja commented that his words just flowed, drawn out by their deep silence.

Another highlight of his time in Fairfield was a tour of the new Argiro Student Center at M.U.M.—which was constructed utilizing both Maharishi Vedic Architecture and advanced green building elements that will qualify it for LEED certification [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design].

Maharaja then travelled to New York 'to appreciate Dr David Lynch and Sir Paul McCartney, and all of the artists and all those who are going to create a new world, through support of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying groups for all the children in the schools,' Dr Morris concluded.

Reflecting on Maharishi's goals for the world

(31 May 2009) The Maharishi Channel recently rebroadcast the address of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, at the Global Financial Capital of New York.

On 5 April 2009, the day following the David Lynch Foundation benefit concert 'Change Begins Within' at Radio City Music Hall, Maharaja was addressing a special assembly of leaders and generous well-wishers of the Global Country in the United States, including many Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme across the nation connected via conference call.

Maharaja's visit to New York City was the second phase of his recent historic visit to the United States.

At the Global Financial Capital of New York at 70 Broad Street, after eloquent introductions by Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, and Raja John Hagelin, Raja of Invincible America, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam addressed the gathering.

He began by referring to the Vedic expression, Yatinam Brahma bhavati sarathih*, '—which all of us as knowers of the teaching of reality, have experienced and are giving to the world. That is the secret of everything that takes place anywhere in the direction of evolution—the ability of the all-knowingness of Natural Law to be available at every point in creation, and in harmony and coordination with every other point, leading to the steps of progress and evolution that allow every individual to live and experience Totality on the level of consciousness and on the practical level in their daily living.

'That is why we see any phenomenon of success, and growth, and evolution, as the action of wholeness, Totality, which in other expressions might be called the hand of God, or the Almighty hand of total Natural Law, acting in the field of the relative.

Maharaja reflected on the life and mission of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: his time spent with his Master, Guru Dev, his years of silence in the Himalayas, and his impulse to offer to everyone in the world the precious Vedic wisdom he had gained.

As at M.U.M. several days earlier, Maharaja explained that, as Maharishi came to the United States and Canada, and toured the world, he started to wonder how he could make this knowledge quickly available to everyone, and he decided he would 'multiply himself . . . so he created Transcendental Meditation Teachers to fulfil his goal'. Originally Maharishi put this goal 'in terms of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement—to spiritually regenerate the world—which really means to bring back the understanding that any action, performance, any result of good activity ultimately is not an expression of the outer doing, but the expression of the inner reality of life. That you pull the arrow and then shoot it, you dive deep into the Self and then go into action; go into Totality, wholeness—Be Totality, wholeness—and then your action is in tune with total Natural Law. Every activity of yours then accomplishes the purpose of creation. . . . That is the spiritual aspect of the reality of life.'

Throughout his address, Maharaja explained in depth the meaning and significance of spirituality as presented by Maharishi in his teaching. When Maharishi founded the Spiritual Regeneration Movement, 'we understood as time went by that the spirituality Maharishi was talking about is something very practical, systematically applicable, something very near everyone, and something that doesn't require anyone to actually leave or change in any way, one's life and one's behaviour from the surface level. And then we understood that spirituality in its full value, if we want to look at it from the perspective of today's understanding, as a scientific reality of life, a scientific aspect of an offering, in terms of its practical values and its understanding of Natural Law.

'Maharishi went on to bring out many values of the Veda; and then, after feeling that transcendence was anchored in people's awareness and priority in his Movement, he started to bring out different aspects of the Veda, in terms of Sthapatya Veda, Ayur-Veda, and Jyotish—and different values to help complete the knowledge.'

Maharaja also explained that Maharishi wanted to bring forward quickly most of the knowledge that is needed, 'and he started to bring out all other aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature, all other complete aspects of knowledge—to fulfil his goal of coming to the world and being in the world.'

Maharaja explained that in the last few years, Maharishi was very focused on going very fast, to implement all of his programmes. 'Then he left us this Total Knowledge, and it's now for us together to take it to its full value as he brought it to light; and use that knowledge in its most complete and perfect way, as he has brought it to light.' Maharishi said many times, 'My work is done,' Maharaja said.

Today, in this gathering, Maharaja expressed his intention 'to think together in practical terms to harness all this success that we've seen in the past two days, and all the success in these 40-50 years Maharishi has been teaching us—all this perfect knowledge that he gave us, and how to make it available to everyone in the world.'

Greatness and responsibility of the United States

(1 June 2009) During his address at the Global Financial Capital of New York, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, described his reasons for coming to the United States for his first major public visit. He reflected on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's appreciation for 'the greatness of this people and this nation, and its ability to achieve all that is good and all that is great'—bestowing a special responsibility on the US to help realize Maharishi's goals of global peace and invincibility.

The Maharishi Channel recently rebroadcast Maharaja's address from 5 April 2009, the day following the David Lynch Foundation benefit concert 'Change Begins Within' at Radio City Music Hall. He was addressing a special assembly of leaders and generous well-wishers of the Global Country in the United States, including Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme across the nation connected via conference call.

Maharaja explained why he chose to come to the United States for his first public trip. As Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of Word Peace, noted during a similar assembly a few days earlier at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, this was 'the first great visit of Maharaja anywhere in the world, since Maharishi has bestowed upon him the full responsibility for the leadership of this Movement, the bringing of Raam Raj (administration through total Natural Law) into the world.'

Maharaja commented on the significance of coming to the United States at the time of the Vedic celebration of Raam Navami. 'Raam Navami is a great occasion, for what Raam represents for all of us, as Maharishi has put his Global Country of World Peace under the symbol of the solar dynasty of Raam, and Raam as being Brahm, Totality, wholeness. . . . So when it's Raam Navami, it's great to come to the most creative county of the world.'

He also wanted to give his support to the great endeavours organized by the administration of Raja Hagelin in New York (the benefit concert for Transcendental Meditation the previous evening). 'When Raja Hagelin told me that everyone is coming together for this beautiful event, I felt that must be the time to come, to share together our thoughts and planning; and enjoy the celebration of success here in one of greatest cities of the world—if not the greatest, in terms of today's creativity, the financial world, the centre of minds and intellects in New York.'

Maharaja also discussed his visit to the United States in terms of Maharishi's having placed great focus of attention there, to help spread his knowledge in the world.

'I know how Maharishi appreciated the United States,' Maharaja said, 'certainly because of the ability of the US and its people to do everything in a big way, in a complete way—in a fabulous way. Even on a scientific level, just forward, and first: technology, going to the moon, computers, communications—the United States. Everything you can see: creating the first Maharishi Vedic City—the United States. Creating the first Invincibility course—the United States. . . . Over and over again, we've had the experience of the greatness of this people and this nation, and its ability to achieve all that is good and all that is great.

'In this powerful ability to achieve, the United States also has a huge responsibility. . . . It is because in its greatness, this country is able, when it focuses on something—even with a little shift, it can go into a direction which can be very, very scary sometimes. For example, you want an atomic bomb, the United States can create it. You want a huge financial crisis . . . .

'And therefore this is truly where Maharishi . . . brings to all the point values, whatever they are, and no matter how big a point can be, the sense of Totality and wholeness.'

Uniting the values of spirituality and science

(2 June 2009) During his address at the Global Financial Capital of New York*, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, elaborated on the scientific, practical nature of the programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharaja explained how Maharishi's intention, coming out from the Himalayas over 50 years ago, to spiritually regenerate the world has become a scientific reality of today's world.

Continuing his address, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam said, 'Heaven is the absolute reality of pure Being—unshaking, nonchanging, infinite, unbounded pure existence. So if we come back to the spirituality of the message of Maharishi, the most spiritual value of any aspect of life is pure Being, the Self—because that is the most abstract, most non-relative, non-changing field. That, as we know, is true spirituality.

Invincibility at the level of the Unified Field

'That field Maharishi has brought to light, with Raja Hagelin's great scientific achievements. . . . [His] great contributions, really working with Maharishi, to show that the Constitution of the Universe—the universe is Totality, wholeness on a physical level—from a physical perspective of understanding, is the Unified Field of Natural Law; and that the dynamics of the Unified Field, with all these [complex scientific] terms that Dr Hagelin brings out, are actually the structure of Natural Law that is available in Veda and Vedic Literature.

'Therefore we know from a scientific level, this contribution of the understanding that the spiritual value of life—the most abstract value of life—its own dynamics within it are the dynamics of the so-called non-spiritual aspect of life, which is the expression of that reality in the physical world—which is our body, our universe.

'So our physiology—which has always been perceived from the perspective of spirituality as being of lesser value, which drags us away from wholeness and spirituality—Maharishi bridged [that] and said, No: even the physical, in its structure, function, and Constitution is based on the structure of Natural Law—is an exact replica of Natural Law. It is itself Natural Law in physical form, it is spirituality.

'The body is pure spirituality, the universe is pure spirituality—and that is the spiritual regeneration of the world. That spiritual regeneration of the world becomes a scientific reality for us today.'

The most creative country in the world
can create Heaven on Earth

Global Financial Capital(3 June 2009) During his address at the Global Financial Capital of New York, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, explored in great depth how the knowledge and programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi encompass the full range of spirituality, from enlivening the most abstract, unbounded field of pure Being in the physiology to the most objective, practical, scientific understanding, to create Heaven on Earth.

Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam went on to discuss the nature of the Maharishi Yagya Programme. 'The simple explanation of this that Maharishi has given is in terms of Natural Law—total Natural Law. The Unified Field becomes vibration, vibration becomes sound, sound becomes matter, matter builds up on itself, and becomes the physiology, becomes the universe.'

In the language of modern science, a Yagya is a procedure that can be understood on the level of physical sound vibrations. Maharaja said that when a Maharishi Yagya is performed (by Maharishi Vedic Pandits in India), the performance is simply on the level of sound. The recitation of specific sounds takes place in a very specific way—sounds that enhance certain levels of Natural Law—that nourish, strengthen, and awaken those qualities of Natural Law so as to remove any obstacles or negativity that may have arisen.

'Therefore it is totally on the level of sound, of vibration, of direct action that produces direct results. It is not something happening between one person or another, between one entity or another—it is all happening in one field, one unbounded pure field of Being—that is why it can have effects beyond space and time,' and create specific effects.

Maharaja also explained that there are different ways of approaching spiritual growth, enlightenment—though the senses, the mind, the intellect, the emotions, the ego. But one of the great benefits of Maharishi's knowledge and programmes is that when one transcends**, one enlivens all those levels simultaneously.

Maharaja then considered the infinite and finite aspects of existence—the Absolute and relative—and how these two aspects were revealed in their completeness and unified by Maharishi in his teachings. 'What Maharishi did in his spiritual regeneration is two things,' Maharaja said. 'One, of course, is to give importance to the Absolute value, the spirituality that was missing in the world; and, by its being missed, could take the world into directions that are dangerous—poking into aspects of Natural Law that are very powerful, but if mishandled can create catastrophes. Therefore infuse wholeness in the relative.

'But he also took that relative from the level of whatever it understands in terms of science, knowledge of the physical world, of physiology, chemistry, and physics, and said: Look, spirituality itself is also scientific. Spirituality itself can be understood by a rational person, a reasonable person, a logical person. You don't have to just believe in it. . . .

'So spiritual regeneration means to regenerate spirituality, as well as to bring spirituality to the physical aspect. By regenerating spirituality, this means that Maharishi has called upon these great minds of the world: You great scientists, great thinkers, great rational people, achievers and creative people—come and examine my spirituality. That's how the United States again came forward—with Dr Keith Wallace, whom we like to honour as the first scientist who did the first research in this country—to say: Yes, spirituality is something we can fathom, we can understand as something that has an actual physical counterpart. Raja Hagelin says, spirituality is the Unified Field, it has a structure, it has a logic, it's a reasonable thing—it's not something you have to just believe in.

'So this is where the bridge has come: from total unmanifest, abstract, far in the Himalayas, to most objective, practical—and then we put them together, and what we have is Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth: not heaven somewhere and earth somewhere [else]. . . .

'When we come to the US—particularly on this occasion that is most spiritual to us, Raam Navami, and the celebration of spirituality in the most exalted physical aspect of its expressions, in the senses, feelings, and togetherness in this great achievement, this concert. . . . It is so beautiful, so fulfilling, such a joy, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the most creative country in the world, with the most complete knowledge of infinity, spirituality, the Absolute, heaven, and earth, together will create the fulfilment of Maharishi's goal. And when he said, "I feel my work is done," really we can say, "Yes, your work is done," and here we offer back to you what you've given to us.'

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