Volume 9, Issue No. 5

January 2009

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Address of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam
Inaugurating 12 January 2009
as Maharishi's Second Year of Invincibility -
Global Raam Raj

During the Global Celebration of 12 January 2009, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, gave a beautiful address inaugurating Maharishi's Second Year of Invincibility—Global Raam Raj, and honouring the unparalleled gifts to the world of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharaja inaugurated the new year in the Global Assembly of Rajas, Ministers and leaders of the Global Country of World Peace gathered in MERU, Holland and around the world enjoying the celebration via Internet on the Maharishi Channel.

His address followed the performance of Puja to Guru Dev and special Vedic recitations by Maharishi Vedic Pandits in MERU and at the Global Capital of Raam Raj in the Brahma-Sthan of India.


Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, introduced Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam's address, describing him as 'both the greatest scientist of world history, and a man of deeply melted heart, flooding with devotion, who is that individual who has shown, by his extroardinary work with Maharishi in the field of Total Knowledge, that human physiology is the expression of Veda and Vedic Literature; that therefore the individual is Cosmic; that physiology is consciousness; and that every human being is made in the image of God and is the field of infinite possibilities to be lived in daily life, now and for all the generations to come.'

In the first part of his address, Maharaja presented with great clarity and completeness the supreme understanding from Maharishi's Vedic Science that human physiology and everything in the physical universe is the expression of Totality—the Unified Field of infinite silence and infinite dynamism of total Natural Law, Brahm, which is also a field of infinite bliss.

Maharaja began with an expression from the Vedic Literature:
'Anandad dhy eva khalv imani bhutani jayante
Anandena jatani jivanti
Anandam prayanty abhisamvishanti.



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'In bliss Maharishi came to us,' Maharaja said, 'and to share his bliss he moved in the world. The roots of our Movement, the roots of the Global Country of World Peace are in bliss. The first thought of Maharishi that made him come to the world is to bring the understanding that life is to be lived in happiness, in joy, in bliss. He had his Guru Brahmanand Saraswati*—perfect knowledge, total Ananda, total bliss. That is his message, that is the legacy that he left us, and the joy that he gave us to be able to share his bliss with the whole world.

'Bliss is quite an all-encompassing aspect of life. It is happiness and fulfilment. To truly experience happiness in a fulfilled way, one has to be healthy, one has to have fulfilled one's goals, one's desires, one has to be happy with his surroundings, with his expectations, with his vision of the future.

Therefore, to live bliss truly is to live perfection of life—to live total peace and harmony in accordance with Natural Law; to know no sense of duality, yet experience duality, know that it exists on the surface level, but see it as part of that one unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion. For bliss is not just the experience of infinite silence, it is infinite silence with some bubbling in it that allows the self-referral reflection to know itself to be Ananda, Sat Chit Ananda***—that pure level of consciousness in Pure Being, in total harmony.

'Shiva said: Shivam shantam advaitam—''Shiva is that infinite peace without duality.'' We experience that in transcending, but Transcendental Consciousness is not the only gift of Maharishi. His gift takes Transcendental Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness, and from Cosmic Consciousness to God Consciousness and to Unity Consciousness.****

'Indeed he points out that there is a very special quality about a human being which even the angels in heaven admire, adore, and look at with great honour and appreciation. Because a human being can live in a physical aspect of his existence, that which is known on an abstract level in the heavens. The heavens, or we can say that field of infinite Pure Being, lively field of infinite Pure Being, is that reality.

'But the human being, the infinite value in the human being, the infinite value of pure existence, pure sense of unboundedness and fullness, is experienced as a living reality even in the gross and in so many different infinite waves and ways. And that is that quality of bliss, where true bliss ultimately is in God Consciousness, it's in Unity Consciousness.

'That is the realization of the unbounded Pure Being existing in every point of its manifestation, and as if multiplying itself to infinity. One infinity unbounded and suddenly, even though it's an illusion, but it's a joyful illusion—I am in so many points, infinite number of points, and infinity is an infinite amount.

'That is the dignity and the glory of human life and that is the importance of taking care of one's existence and being careful in every aspect of one's thoughts and activities and planning, not to damage that truly unique gift of Natural Law—to allow the point even on the point level, because an individual is a point in creation, to experience itself in that unboundedness.'

Giving the world the knowledge and experience of Totality

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued his address, saying, 'Maharishi did not only give that experience—because for this experience to be able to be obtained, one has to want it, one has to know it exists, one has to believe in it, and it usually would take the individual in his phases of growth and evolution and birth and change and rebirth, lifetime after lifetime, to wake up to the Wholeness and go seek a Master in the remote, pure areas of the Himalayas—because he has known the importance of life, reached those final few steps and now ready to go.

'Guru Dev went, Maharishi went to Guru Dev, like that. They were naturally ready, naturally they came, just this one more step. They had to leave some Laishavidya**, some little bit, the memory of some stress to be able to come to this earth. But then they went to the teacher, to the Master, and enjoyed that.

'Maharishi wanted everyone to have that; the whole world to have that. So he knew it was not enough to say that it exists, to speak about it—because people with so many types of glasses with so many colours, so many shadows of perception, they would see everything from so many angles; and some of them, can say totally blind to that possibility, would never even come to it.

'So he had to go through all these beautiful phases that we have had the joy to experience throughout the years from the Unified Field of Natural Law—explaining that actually all this matter that looks so great to you, so beautiful, so full of wealth and beautiful things, and Nature's incredible expressions of beauty and wealth and all the possibilities on the gross level, one wanting more and more and more and more—he talked to the intellect of everyone and said: Look, there is That also, you can understand is the Unified Field in fact. It's the Unified Field of Natural Law which expresses itself in this multiplicity. And that Unified Field of Natural Law which is that physical world that you experience, which you are so attached to, so proud of, so much wanting—you can have it in its Totality, in its Wholeness.

'Nobody would have dreamt to even have a significant portion of any aspect of the physical reality of life; and Maharishi offered it all in one packaged Unified Field of Natural Law. And of course we honour all the great scientists sitting with us today: Raja Hagelin and Dr Schanbacher, and all the great scientists who worked on that and presented it to Maharishi as his vision, substantiated with equations and specific mathematical values, the true reality that indeed one can get Totality on that level of consciousness, on the level of Being.

'A question can arise here—that if this is really on the level of consciousness, after people tried it and experienced it and wanted it, then one might think remotely that one can live it, experiencing it in consciousness. But is it not the human body, the physical body, even though it is the product of the Unified Field, is the product of Consciousness—yet in what many ways it must have been modeled and remodeled and therefore becomes a weight, a load on that experience.

'And in fact this brings [us] to the concept of that separation between matter and consciousness as being two realities. And the fact that in the modern world we have many people who rejected totally the spiritual aspect and wanted the physical aspect. And Maharishi addressed to them, [it] was the Unified Field, and all these aspects like that.

'But those who are on the spiritual side, feeling so strongly that matter is a weight on the body, it's not something we want to carry. And that indeed living heavenly life, living that bliss truly is not available except when you leave the body, and then you go really, you don't have that load on you, and then you go to heaven and experience that. Even some religions think that this is the way to do it, you just have to go and there you will live heaven. Some others would say when you come to heaven depends on how much your soul has been trained or developed. You have to experience some purgatory phase, [it] can be a longer or shorter period, until you get to that point.

'How does Maharishi see this?—Maharishi who has declared Heaven on Earth. How did he bring this to us, how do we reconcile Heaven on Earth. We have had that experience, and we have had that knowledge, so we know it. For the world which has not followed the teaching of Maharishi, he has laid down all principles and all expressions of intellectual values, experimental values, to show that there is a continuity between the unmanifest and the manifest. And it's just different points of view, different angles of perception, different ability to perceive that makes the difference.

'In fact ultimately there is nothing but the Unified Field, but the mechanisms with which we look at it allow us to experience it in different angles and different ways. One way is a waking state; the other way is a dreaming state; the other way is a sleep state; Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Brahman Consciousness.'These are the different angles of experience of that reality.'

Human physiology is a replica of the Constitution of the Universe

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued his address, saying, 'For the human physiology to be able to experience that reality, it has indeed to be in tune with that reality. And that's how Maharishi pushed the experience and the understanding further, from just the Unified Field manifesting into matter, into showing that matter actually indeed is an image of the Unified Field.

'Even on the surface level of the physical, material construction of the physiology—or of any matter for that purpose, but now the physiology is our focus—the human physiology is indeed a replica of the Constitution of the Universe: the Laws of Nature that, inherent within the Unified Field in an unmanifest way, have a silent reality which is itself an unmanifest structure. Because when we say laws and different aspects of laws that are emerging from that Unified Field, we speak of interactions, we speak of correlations, we speak of relations, and that means structure immediately. That structure available in Veda and Vedic Literature itself exactly has become the human physiology, has become the human body.

'Therefore, now we can say to those who think we should leave that body in order to get to heaven, that in that body you can experience the qualities of heaven. What is heaven? Heaven, as we can imagine, is Natural Law in a perfectly balanced state. We think of heaven as omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, perfect harmony, absolute purity, absolute perfection.

'But we think of heaven not as a flat, unbounded Unified Field, but as a dynamic aspect. You can say, what is in heaven? Well, there is God, one God, one unbounded God. Then one says, what is the difference between that God and the Unified Field? It's a lively God, it has qualities. What do you mean, ''qualities''? He is the maintainer, he is the creator, he is the sustainer; he is also the changer, the destroyer, the adjuster, the compassionate. So many qualities of that one reality. And these qualities actually express themselves in these qualities.

'So when you say ''quality'' you can say the one unbounded, pure, unified, one single, none other than him—only one, nothing else—now has an action or an effect in terms of a maintainer—maintains, ensures things are in proper order. Though we can say in different language, ''Shiva''—or in this case, ''Vishnu''. Or we can say that maintainer or that dynamism quality that is present, that is Vishnu. We can say that quality of silence, unbounded pure silence, Totality—makes sure everything goes back to the least excited state, everything goes back to itself, everything goes back to annihilation actually—that's why they call Shiva Destroyer. But if there were nothing but Shiva in the universe, if God had only that one quality of Shiva, nothing else, then you'll have total annihilation, everything goes back into a black hole and into total unmanifest one, unbounded Pure Being, silence.

'But there is a quality of dynamism—that quality of dynamism, that quality of energy, that quality of power, of allowing creation to exist in a dynamic state—it is has a name, we say Vishnu. And that principle of law and order that allows Natural Law to interact together in a specific way and create phases of its own manifestation based on its own internal order, that we call Brahman. In that way, that unbounded reality of pure existence, heaven, is actually also reflected exactly in our human physiology.

'So the Laws of Nature in their simplest form, unmanifest form, are available in Veda and Vedic Literature as the Constitution of the Universe, they become the human physiology. Those Laws of Nature packaged, compactified in certain qualities, the quality of a Natural Law—like the principle of everything goes back to its ground state, everything tends to go back to its simplest state of least excitation. We can say that is a packaged kind of quality that allows so many laws to in fact interact in such a way that they bring a state of silence, bring the state of least excitation. These packaged laws we can call Shiva. Those laws that interact dynamically to create energy and force, etc., they can be called Vishnu.

'And like this, as we go on, expressions after expressions of Natural Law, we see that all the inhabitants of heaven, which are only one aspect of one reality—so those who are worried we are saying many gods, they would understand that we are talking about Laws of Nature and different aspects of the same one, unbounded reality.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued his address, saying, 'Those also are in our human physiology, and that was the second focus of Maharishi in making the individual realize his own consciousness to be pure Being, as being the unbounded Unified Field; and his physiology as being all the Laws of Nature, the entire Constitution of the Universe, as well as the abode of heaven.

'God created man in his own image. Yatha pinde tatha Brahmande—''As is the atom, so is the universe.'' As is the small, so is the big. As is the big, so is the small. Tat tvam asi—''Thou art That.'' Thou are that infinite reality. And therefore the individual has that incredible chance and ability to live—because he is physically exactly like the Constitution of the Universe—in accordance with the Constitution of the Universe. Because the individual has the totality of heaven and all its ''inhabitants'', then the individual can live a heavenly life. Heaven can be experienced on the level of the physical world.

'So when we say to those who are interested in the physical world, we are bringing heaven to you, they should not be worried that we are bringing something abstract, spiritual, far from the physical, not realistic, not true. We are actually truly scientific, that is true science.

'And when we say to those who look on the other side, that you are also as a physical existence the glory and the joy of the Creator, they should not feel we are diminishing the value of the Creator. We are not diminishing the value of the Devata* or the deity or aspects of Natural Law by saying that they are Natural Law, because Dr Hagelin** will immediately tell you, a Natural Law is omnipresent—wherever you look in the universe, it will be there.

There is no point in the universe which is outside Natural Law. There is no point in the universe which doesn't have the invincible nature of Natural Law available everywhere, so it's omnipotent, it's totally always omnipotent. You cannot defeat a Law of Nature. In fact, if you were to say, ''Now we have this Law of Nature, but it violates another law''—then immediately the scientist will say, ''Stop here, that means either your other law is wrong or this law is wrong, because the Laws of Nature cannot be violated.''

'Therefore we're talking about omnipotence, we're talking about omnipresence, we are talking about Total Knowledge, because Natural Law knows the entire universe. Everything that happens and anywhere in the galaxy, and the law here will know that that is what is happening there, and keep in tune with it and in harmony. Therefore there is that all-knowingness.

'So when we say deity or Devata is Natural Law, we are really honouring the Devata more than the modern understanding of what the Devata is, we are saying omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. And therefore we have reconciled heaven and earth. We have reconciled Heaven on Earth.

'Maharishi has given us that reconciliation, has also told us that heaven is to be lived and can be lived here. If one thinks that going out with some kind of a package of vibration in this life, having run around in different ways, and arrives in heaven, and suddenly is going to merge with heaven and become a heavenly being—one is a scientific impossibility. Because if you have not lived heaven here, heaven will not accept to take you. Heaven likes to come to visit the earth, but is not so happy if the earth, as it is, goes to heaven.

'So Maharishi's bringing Heaven on Earth, we're not trying to take earth to heaven, it will be a catastrophe. It's a good idea to go to the circus, but we don't want the circus to come to you. This circus of earth, heaven can visit and enjoy and uplift it to make it organized and orderly, and bring it to a heavenly level of life—and that is the only way to go and to experience heaven and to be in tune with heaven.

'And this is the beauty of the totality of knowledge from the most spiritual level. Are we a spiritual Movement? Are we a spiritual Global Country of World Peace? Yes, absolutely, and to the maximum extent of whatever spirituality can be. We are purely, totally, completely spiritual.

'Are we a scientific Movement? Absolutely and completely and totally scientific. We are more scientific than what science knows today, than what science has the ability to manage and experience today. We understand life from its unmanifest value to all of its manifestations, and we can infuse that unmanifest into the manifest, and we can tell the world, ''Your birthright is to be heaven and rise up to that reality.''

'When Maharishi was teaching and bringing that bliss consciousness, that Wholeness of life to the world, he felt it was going very slowly and that is the nature of time. But he decided, ''I should multiply myself.'' With all the disadvantages and the problems of this slowness, which of course we would have hoped it wasn't there, there is one advantage for us today, and that is to be able to be sitting with all of you, and truly know that he multiplied himself. Jai Guru Dev.'

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