Volume 9, Issue No. 2

October 2008

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Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam Addresses
he global celebration of Victory Day

On 9 October 2008, during the grand, daylong celebration by the Global Country of World Peace of Victory Day, the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashmi in the Vedic Calendar, Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, gave a beautiful, inspiring address to the assembly of Rajas, Raj Rajeshwaris, and Ministers of the Global Country in MERU, Holland, and to viewers around the world enjoying the global live broadcast via satellite and over the Internet on the Maharishi Channel.

Victory Day is one of 12 yearly global festivals, inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, to declare the invincibility of every nation.

Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam spoke following special Vedic recitations by Vedic Pandits at the Brahma-Sthan of India, marking the culmination of the Coronation ceremony of four new Raj Rajeshwaris—Mothers of the World from the Sovereign Domain of Consciousness. Following is the text of Maharaja's address:

'Jai Guru Dev and congratulations to all of us and to the whole world for the blessings of Mother Divine, giving us on the practical administrative level today more Raj Rajeshwaris to bless everyone with Total Knowledge and enlightenment. It's such a great joy that our family can pride itself in having growth of individual consciousness, knowledge, experience, and enlightenment, to be crowning today the Raj Rajeshwaris as leaders in our world in a parental role, motherly role—to ensure that all generations to come grow and evolve in the knowledge of Totality, Unity Consciousness, and will be able to live enlightenment for their individual life and Heaven on Earth for society.


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'Ours is a great responsibility, a responsibility bestowed upon us by Maharishi under the inspiration, knowledge, and guidance of Guru Dev and the entire Holy Tradition. Our constitution is the Constitution of the Universe. And when we think of having a country whose constitution is practically chanting of Vedic sounds on some level—on the individual level of consideration, one would wonder what are the laws, what are the manners, what are the enforcements that are needed or that are guiding this Global Country? Because ultimately our constitution is Vedic sounds and of course we know that Vedic sounds are Natural Law.

'But Veda, when we hear the sounds, doesn't tell us do's and don'ts, it doesn't give us directions of action on the level of its expressions. Of course if we translate some of the Vedic literature, we know that there are rituals, there are celebrations, there are times for everything. We know that there are prescriptions of how to live, how to build one's house; we know there are prescriptions of how to eat, et cetera, how to correct any imbalance that has risen. So there are these actual guidances and, what we can say, Laws of Nature guiding our Constitution, guiding our activities.

'But the guiding principles that we are giving to the world are based on total Natural Law. That is Veda, Rk Veda is the entire Veda in a concentrated form. The first Sukta [stanza] is the entire Rk Veda in a very concentrated form. And the first Richa [verse] and the first syllable, the first Akshara, are the total Veda. Therefore we come to our reference of law in one sound—and ultimately, really no sound, total silence, Pure Being.

'How is this to guide our country of world peace, our Global Country of World Peace, which is to cater for the well-being of all individuals of all walks of life in every society, in every type of activity, in every type of aspect of Natural Law? That is by awakening total Natural Law in the consciousness of every individual. That is why we don't have a constitution of law in terms of man-made law. We don't have a constitution of law in terms of necessity to have law enforcement.

'If we even look at societies throughout the ages, we see that when enlightenment diminishes, when awakening diminishes, when morality if you like, diminishes in every field, be it finance or business or relations between people, then the tendency is to create laws—laws and laws and laws, and enforce those laws. Laws of behaviour, laws of everything, laws on every very little detail of things—that require law enforcement and that require reassessment all the time, and that never can cater to the true wholeness of life.

'That is why our Country of World Peace is based on no law—and at the same time, Total Law. No law is in silence, silence doesn't have law; in a sense it is just pure unbounded oneness. There is no sense of duality, no sense of relationship within it, therefore no sense of defining how the relation should be. That is pure silence. That is the concentrated Total Law. As sound expresses itself and becomes the Veda, and becomes the entire universe, then these laws that emerge naturally from the field of Pure Being, these laws are not in requirement for anyone to enforce them. They are invincible, unchangeable, they are present in every point of total creation, they are part of the principle of creation.

'We hold onto that value of oneness, to that value of Totality, to that value of Pure Being, to that value of total Natural Law in our constitution—which means our individuals, leaders, administrators, the administration itself, and everyone in it and all that participate in it, and ultimately the entire world population. If we raise the individual consciousness to that level of enlightenment and awakening, then law is self-enforced, invincible, and perfectly happening without any strain.'

We have one responsibility:
'Bring the light to remove darkness'

Maharaja continued his address, describing the responsibility of the Global Country to 'bring the light to remove darkness'—present the solution to the current global crises and all future problems: enlivening total Natural Law in world consciousness:

'The blessings of Mother Divine for us today are to remind us of this reality of Totality and wholeness. And I would like, on this Vijaya Dashami day, to have a gift for the world in honour of the Raj Rajeshwaris being crowned and in honour of the day and all the Rajas.

'Of course we are living in a reality situation where we have had hurricanes in the United States, we've had a financial crisis that is truly happening. We could try to analyze the reasoning for what is happening—as maybe many so-called pundits are trying to analyze—and try to go into the liquidity flow, and the psychology aspect, and the subprime, and this and that and other things. Or even go to a more abstract level of Karma (action and reaction) and relation of Karma and transition period, and why it's happening and why not.

'But fortunately, we have a simple formula that's been taught to us by Maharishi, and that is: Don't try to analyze what's happening in the darkness—bring the light. Trying to analyze, even trying to understand intellectually what Karmic reasons—what this, what that, what is happening, why is it at this time, what is going on, who is responsible, why not, et cetera—is analyzing the events that happened in darkness. It's analyzing why somebody fell in the darkness, and why this leg was broken, and what needs to be done. And as the analysis of the events of darkness advances, it becomes justified on its surface level of reality.

'But we have a responsibility. We have a knowledge, and that is: Let those levels of analysis go on, we don't interfere. But we have to remember our responsibility. Today wherever we are, whatever the evolution of any situation is, we have a responsibility which renews itself every minute and every moment. And that is bring the light to remove the darkness. Bring the knowledge of Natural Law, the Total Knowledge of infinite silence, Pure Being, without distinction, without division, without focus on anything other than bring the result, bring the light, and the darkness disappears. We have the technology.

'This is where it is my hope that Prime Minister (Dr Bevan Morris) and all the Rajas and all the Ministers will think it's a good idea and the Raj Rajeshwaris also, that we go out in the world today and offer a solution to all this upcoming situation. Make press conferences, focus on telling those investors and moneymakers, and those who are afraid about their finances—that they have a solution, guaranteed solution, to solve not only this passing crisis, but any crisis that can come up in any future.

'And make them realize the responsibility that falls on them, and realize that whatever loss has occurred is only a percentage of what we had required and we had asked for, and we have proclaimed as solutions to the world, to all the world's problems.

That is the gift of Mother Divine, that is the gift of Victory Day, that is the gift of Raam winning over Ravana (in the Ramayana). Ravana had 10 heads and the physiology has a place there, and every head has a meaning. But in a sense it's just the Unity versus diversity. Isolation versus oneness. Silence versus scattered noise—I wouldn't say dynamism because silence is dynamism. That is the call today of Victory, also the victory of Durga over negativity and that which is not in accordance with Natural Law—the victory of Raam that has been challenged by Ravana.

'And in fact, the challenge of Ravana is by itself something positive—because this is a situation when there was a lack of proper total Natural Law, and then Raam had to do everything, go through the forest, and gradually take away ignorance, take away ignorance, take away ignorance, take away ignorance. And ultimately take away total ignorance, which means take away isolation, separation, division, sense of separateness, sense of you and me—and bring together oneness and wholeness and Totality.

'Of course in the field of the relative, everything happens with separate aspects, separate aspects of Natural Law. There are different angles to approach different issues. But we have one focus, we have one responsibility, we have one goal, and that is to enliven total Natural Law in the consciousness of the world. The world today has clearly been demonstrated, and always gets demonstrated over and over again—it is no more isolated groups of individuals. One country has a problem and the whole world feels the problem.

'That is what Maharishi has been saying over and over again—no country can be invincible unless all countries are invincible. This is due to growth of world consciousness, that the relationship is becoming so intimate and so profound that everyone is realizing the connectedness even on the surface level of reality.

'But what we have to do is nourish that connectedness from the level of Natural Law so that the action of any individual in any part of the world takes into consideration any other one acting, any other part of the world—China, or India, or Japan, or America, or Europe, or Africa, or anywhere—an action of an individual, of a leader, of a person responsible for finance has an impact on the entire world activity. How can he in any way, by any kind of laws or law enforcement systems, manage what is needed, what is required to make the right decisions at the right time? No one can do it. No government can do it.

'We can do it. We have to wake up again and again, as we are, and as everyone of you is.'

A gift of awakening for the entire world consciousness

Maharaja continued by asking how individual leaders in finance and other fields, whose actions impact the whole world, can currently make right decisions at the right time? 'No one can do it. No government can do it,' he said.

'We can do it. We have to wake up again and again, as we are, and as everyone of you is.'

'But today brings us that inspiration to do it, and proclaim it, and take that responsibility very seriously—and also be simple enough to look into our own programmes, make sure we are doing the programmes properly, make sure our Yagyas are performed properly, make sure our Vedic Pandits are in the proper training and the proper programme as they should be. We also take responsibility that if we have been doing other things or we have been thinking of other things, more than this one focussed principle, one focussed goal that Maharishi has given us, then we are wasting our time.

'We do have to take care of realities of every day. We do have to take care of ways to function, to pay our bills, to do everything. That's the reality of our world, that's the reality of daily living. There are also different approaches, that's completely fine to have one approach from this angle, one approach from that angle—every approach has to be nourished.

'But all approaches, all our thought and our heart and our mind is with one goal: How am I enlightening the world? How am I bringing Pure Being in the consciousness of every individual in the world? How am I awakening collective consciousness to be a collective consciousness that is balanced, that is in accordance with total Natural Law—or how am I awakening the self-referral nature of life everywhere? And the mechanisms of doing it are fine—how do I do it, I like to do it this way, you do it this way.

'There are the practical levels, but always awake in our consciousness personally, always referring back to the teachings, the profundity of the complete teaching that Maharishi has given us, remember this goal.

'And today on Vijaya Dashmi, offer it to the world and proclaim that we'll have a campaign to promise and guarantee to every government in the world, and to every individual in the world, that they don't need to have any fears. They don't need to have any sense of uncertainty for the future—because we have the infinite resources of total Natural Law available to us and the perfect knowledge that we have given, that has been scientifically proven, that we can guarantee to produce the results.

'This is the gift of Mother Divine and the blessings of the Raj Rajeshwaris today, and all the Rajas and Ministers, together, to truly thank Maharishi for the enlightenment he has given us on a personal level. And the way to thank him is of course by living it ourselves, by ensuring that the programmes that he has given are properly administered, properly done, and by giving those programmes to the world that would create an effect, and that would guarantee for all future to come, a heavenly life on earth.

'Sometimes it takes Nature to shake things for people to wake up. Nature is always loving, that is the principle. There is no principle of punishment in Nature. Of course there is punishment in a sense, but what is the purpose of that? Maharishi often repeated this beautiful example: If you're driving on the highway and you are not alert, and you're making mistakes—and suddenly you go off the road, and let's say there is a big cliff or valley, then there are what they call road blocks, road barriers to prevent you from falling into the valley. So you hit the barrier, you get hurt, but it saved you from a much bigger disaster.

'So this barrier there is a wake up call, it's a reminder. You can still want to jump over the barrier and then get a bigger problem, but Nature will always try to save you. And in this crisis—I think whatever it is, it can be seen in a negative way by many people; and it does have a very negative aspect to it, we cannot hide from it, and again we don't want to analyze it.

'But for us it's an awakening, for ourselves and for the entire world consciousness. Maybe this crisis will awaken so many people to come along, and to help Howard Settle and Raja Harris [Kaplan, Raja of Invincible India] and those people who are wealthy and have given their money and their time and their programmes, and they're doing it alone—but now is the time to tell them we can do it, together we can do it.

'It's a world responsibility, and we see this shaking from Nature as a gift of awakening and also as a gift from Maharishi, from the Holy Tradition—take this responsibility at heart, we and all those who have the wealth to support us, and let's create Heaven on Earth. Maybe we can offer this to Maharishi by 12 January, and even by the one-year anniversary.

'These are my thoughts today, which are thoughts of celebration and joy, great joy of the rise of enlightenment, and the enlightenment lived within our family. And also at the same time the sense of responsibility that leadership gives. And since we are crowning leaders, it's time also that we awaken ourselves to our responsibility of giving to the world the knowledge with which we have so generously been bestowed. All glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.'

Following the conclusion of Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam's address, the first session of the Victory Day celebration concluded with his raising the Flag of Invincibility in MERU, during a procession including the Raj Rajeshwaris, the Rajas, and Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace, led by royal bagpipers.

New TM-Sidhi Course in Lebanon

New TM Sidhi Group in Lebanon - 2008

The Vedic Experts; Mr. Ajeet Kumar and his wife, Mrs. Nisha Kumari completed successfully the TM Sidhi Course in Lebanon. Forty new sidhas have been completed the TM-Sidhi course in the wonderful mountains in Lebanon.  

What is the TM-Sidhi Course?

The TM-Sidhi program is a natural extension of the TM technique and may be learned after two months of regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation. Practice of the TM-Sidhi program accelerates the progress of the individual towards realizing his full potential - the state of enlightenment.

The Transcendental Meditation technique gives direct experience of the least excited state of consciousness, the pure consciousness, the unified field which is the total potential of Natural Law. The TM-Sidhi program trains the individual to operate from the least excited state of consciousness, to think from the level of the unified field of all the laws of nature. By learning to function from this self referral state of pure consciousness, the mind gains increasing support of nature for the fulfillment of desires. With the TM-Sidhi program, thought and action spontaneously become more in accord with the evolutionary power of Natural Law. This results in greater skill in action - the ability to fulfill one’s desires naturally while effortlessly promoting the evolution of everyone and everything.

One aspect of the TM-Sidhi program is called Yogic Flying. During the first stage of Yogic flying, the body lifts up and moves forward in short hops. Subjectively one experience exhilaration, lightness and bliss. Scientific studies show that during this practice, at the moment the body lifts up, coherence is maximum in brain wave activity. This means that brain functioning is optimum and creates the perfect condition for the frictionless flow of awareness towards the fulfillment of its desire, in this case “flying”. When Yogic flying is practiced in groups, this influence of coherence spreads throughout the environment, reducing negative tendencies and promoting positive and harmonious trends in the whole society.

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