A wonderful bonus from the National Yagyas is the
beautiful experiences that our supporters are reporting:

“My body, emotions and daily activities seem more fluid and easy during the Yagyas. Even the most challenging situations, whether personal or with work or family, seemed to sort themselves out effortlessly. This is life as it was meant to be.”—M.H., Richmond, MA

“We had not expected the Yagya to affect us directly, but the impact was obvious. It reminded me of the impact of a long rounding course. Difficult to describe, but impossible to miss.”—J.S., Portland, OR

“We both felt anchored in the Absolute the entire time: a sense that we were immovable—really. Needless to say, we're looking forward to this next one.”
—M.K., Fairfield, IA

“We have enjoyed greater success in our business and a real connectedness with Natural Law. This is another great gift and opportunity from Maharishi that we now consider to be an essential part of our business.”—D.G., Vero Beach, FL

“After six years on the IAA course, my friends and I didn’t think our experiences
could get much better. Yet each time we sponsor a National Yagya, we have
experienced great luck and even more support of nature, spontaneous fulfillment
of our desires, good improvements in physical, mental and spiritual health—and a
lot of bliss!”—D.K., Fairfield, IA

“The National Yagya program is changing my life. There is so much ease in activity now. God bless all the Maharishi Vedic Pandits. I am now a member of the Monthly Giving Circle. It is well worth every penny!”—M.E., Ojo Calliente, NM

“My contributions to the first National Yagyas were modest, yet I noticed more support of Nature every month. Problems and setbacks began to resolve in my favor. New opportunities arose. My income slowly started rising and for the past three months has doubled each month. Last month I could donate $1,250—and what a difference with my name in the Yagya. It’s a different life.”
—T.M., Cleveland, OH

“The effect of the Yagyas is amazing—many I have talked to have noticed the same quality of experience as I have since they started. Life flows so much more softly, support of Nature is constant in small and big ways, barriers are lifting. I can feel at peace with everything.”—C.M., Davenport, IA